Date: 24th May 08. ( This coming Sat )

Time: 1 pm Sharp

Place:Annalakshmi at Chinatown Point Shp Ctr ( Basement )

Meet : Inside the Restaurant at 1 pm sharp.
PriceMin $15 or you may DONATE GENEROUSLY.  emoticon

Price per pax:–  Thanks
for the feedback from members. Both Tim Liu and Wong KT have their
points too because they may be some who abuse the system. 

To have a glimpse of their beautiful  "artistic" restaurant  pls. click at  Pls click here to see the hidden “BEAUTY” inside the Annalakshmi Restaurant at
to view  or
click at

picture shown in the web page is from another outlet while the one you
will be attending is shown on the above photobucket link. The text of
Anna’s Home still applies here.

Maximun (20 pax )

Reconfirmed Attendance Guest List :-

1.   Steven Chan

2.   Terence Seah

3.   Caroline Gee

4.   Karen Thio

5.   Oi Cheng

6.   Alice Seah

7.   Catherine Ho

8.   Lee King Seng

9.   Sally  

10. Grace Wong

11. Catherine Chong  

12. Esther

13. Robert 

14. Kristy

15. Joan ( Perth )

16. Dan Huang

17. Susan Chan

18. Janet Heng

19. Liu

20. Tian Soo

 Pls. check to ensure your name has been listed . If you can’ t  attend pls. inform me through  the comment so as not to deprive others of a chance to join us but NOT at the last minute. Thanks for your kind understanding. 

Event Organiser : Steven Chan



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  1. Hi Steven

    I am agreeable to the ew arrangement including the charges.

    King Seng

  2. Steven

    I’m fine with the charges. I’m sure there is no objection from Annas if anyone wants to give more than $15 either.

  3. Hi Steven,

    I go along with the charges. Its fine with me. Thanks for organizing this healthy event.


  4. Steven,

    Can we for a “sampling” at Anna’s for the booking and menu selection. Don’t tell others how much we pay or they will kill us.

    I’ll be in Marcao so can’t join you on the 24.

    Hee- hee

  5. Hi Steven

    TOTALLY NOT FAIR as far as “A” is concerned. To honour the words of “A”, BOLDLY emblazon with the writing on the “wall”, should be pay as you wish (i.e. charity motto), n not otherwise.

    I will go on other day, and don’t mind to pay any amount, may be even over $15 (IS AN IRONY that is amount come about) , to insist a fixed amount by so called CHARITY is absolutely not in a good sense.


  6. Yes Steven,

    On principle, I totally agree with Ron Lai.

    The banner/motto they have out in the restaurant belie their so-called good intentions and faith in humankind.



    { Btw, doesn’t more people mean more contributions…no matter what each donation is. Where’s the logic.??? }

    I would like to withdraw from this lunch

    Sorry Steven, I know you worked very hard on this.

    Thank you……………….Jie

  7. Steven,


    Don’t reserve. Just go early at 11.30 am before the office lunch crowd.

    Relax. Let the late stragglers squat on the sidewalk. We are all old enough to be responsible for ourselves.

    Then you are free to pay as you like. But still try to agree as a group.

    A motto for a principle
    “Free is our right, not privilage”

    Don’t worry. I’ve been there, burned there. Tomorrow when the sun shines again, it shines brighter.

  8. Hi Steven

    I do believe they are an honest charity and you are a kind soul supporting them.
    The last time I ate there when they were in Peninsula Plaza, I thought the meal and ambient was worth at least $25 at todays price.

    I just had a meal in a posh restaurant and paid $90 for rubbish. The owner drives a Mercedese and have a very pleasant smile.

  9. Steven

    Sorry forgot to ask. So lunch is 11.30am or 1pm. We still meet at Chinatown Point Basement and what time now.

    Many thanks for your efforts.

    Caroline Gee

  10. Hi Steven,

    I agree with Ron and Jie’s comments.

    Maybe the restaurant have had bad experiences with people who go in a group. They enjoyed themselves so much that they forgot that are noisy, rowdy and eating too much. Other customers are deprived of a quiet and relaxing ambience.

    No worries, I’ll be there. What time please.


  11. WHY ($15)? Cos with inflation, cost is high, if everyone eats and leaves 10 cents behind, they’ll start to sigh, soon they’ll die with no time to say goodbye and so if you love food & support charity, it has still to be a “wa ai” and everythg else is nevermind……………

  12. Hi Catherine Chong,

    Ron Lai, Alice and Jie has withdraw from ANNA.

    And so you can replace one of them. Thanks for your support.

    The lunch is at 1.00 pm sharp.

  13. Hi Ron Lai, Alice and Jie ,

    I am indeed VERY SORRY it is BEYOND my control.

    And that is why I place this URGENT POST to explain their rationale behind the min $15 charge if ALL of us would like to have a GOOD TIME and FUN at ANNAS and at the same time we are doing our bit for a CHARITABLE CAUSE.

  14. HI ANNAS,

    2 more VACANT SEATS. Anyone interested pls. reply at my URGENT ANNAS post. Thanks.

    The rest of you pls. reply to this URGENT post whether you are in favour to continue to join or withdraw by THIS SUNDAY.

    Pls. COMPLY as it makes my job EASIER with a firm answer. If NOT object and want to join us.

    I had to RECONFIRM my adv. booking of no of pax turning up on 24/5 ( NEXT SAT ) at 1.00 pm by next Mon.


  15. Hi Alice Seah,

    FYI, 1 pm SHARP at ANNAS on 24 MAy ( Next Sat )

    2 MORE VACANCIES left.

  16. Hi Caroline Gee,

    ….FYI, 1 pm SHARP at ANNAS on 24 MAy
    ( Next Sat )

    2 MORE VACANCIES left.

  17. Hi Tian Soo at 12.

    Thanks for your feedback on ANNAS.

    2 more VACANCIES left.

  18. Thanks Robert n Kristy for your reply.

    SEE you at ANNA at 1 pm sharp.Go early and CHEOP your best seats.

  19. Hi ANNAS,]

    Will the following pls reply by this Sunday whether you would like to join us or withdraw from Annas lunch now that there is a min $15 charge ?

    I need to RECONFIRM final no of pax by next Mon.

    Pls. CO-OPERATE to make my job easier by giving me a FIRM answer by this Sunday. If you keep silent , I will assume you would NOT object.

    1) Karen Thio,

    2) Lee Ah Nee,

    3) Sally,

    4) Peng Peng,

    5) Amy Kor,

    6) Dan Huang,

    7) Janet Heng,

    8) Liu

    I need your URGENT FIRM reply by this Sunday.

  20. Hi Dan Huang,

    So FAR yet so NEAR at heart.

    Thanks for your sms from Ipoh, Msia to confirm that you are joining us. That’s made me easier for me than to guess whether members are coming in or not.

    THANKS for your PROMPT FIRM sms reply.

    Steven Chan

  21. Hi ANNAS,]

    Will the following pls reply by this Sunday whether you would like to join us or withdraw from Annas lunch now that there is a min $15 charge ?

    I need to RECONFIRM final no of pax by next Mon.

    Pls. CO-OPERATE to make my job easier by giving me a FIRM answer by this Sunday. If you keep silent , I will assume you would NOT object.

    1) Karen Thio,

    2) Lee Ah Nee,

    3) Sally,

    4) Peng Peng,

    5) Amy Kor,

    6) Janet Heng,

    7) Liu

    Thanks Dan Huang for your PROMPT FIRM reply.

    I need your URGENT FIRM reply by this Sunday.pls. co-operate, thanks.

  22. Sally & myself in. SOrry for late reply as i cant get Sally for the past few day.


  23. Hi ANANAs,

    Some of you ask for direction to Anna.

    How to go to Annalakshmi restaurant at Chinatown Point Shopping Centre ?

    (i) Take the MRT to Outram / Dhoby Ghaut Interchange Stn and change to NE line and stops at Chinatown MRT stn. Walk in the direction of Exit E (if I am not mistaken ) that points to Chinatown and go up the escalator and you are right at Chinatown Point Shopping Centre.

    Will the following pls reply by latest tomorrow whether you would like to join us or withdraw from Annas lunch now that there is a min $15 charge ?

    I need to RECONFIRM the final no of pax by next Mon. Pls. check to ensure your name is on the list.

    RECONFIRMED attending :-

    1. Steven Chan

    2.Terence Seah

    3. Caroline Gee

    4. Karen Thio ( ? )

    5. Oi Cheng

    6. Alice Seah

    7. Lee Ah Nee ( ? )

    8. Lee King Seng

    9. Sally ( ? )

    10. Grace Wong

    11. Catherine Chong

    12. Peng Peng ( ? )

    13. Robert

    14. Kristy

    15. Catherine Ho


    17. Amy Kor ( ? )

    18. Dan Huang

    19. Susan Chan

    20. Janet Heng ( ? )

    21. Liu ( ? )

    22. Tian Soo

    1 more VACANCY.
    Pls. REGISTER and NOT thru email.

  24. Hi Catherine Ho,

    Thanks for your support. Pls. type ANNA in search box and you will direct you to arrive at 2 Annas post. click the URGENT Announcement at ANNAS.The place and how to get there by MRT is explained in details here.

  25. Hi ANNAS,

    To date,

    RECONFIRMED attending :-

    1. Steven Chan

    2. Terence Seah

    3. Caroline Gee

    4. Karen Thio

    5. Oi Cheng

    6. Alice Seah


    8. Lee King Seng

    9. Sally

    10. Grace Wong

    11. Catherine Chong

    12. Peng Peng ( ? )

    13. Robert

    14. Kristy

    15. Catherine Ho


    17. Amy Kor ( ? )

    18. Dan Huang

    19. Susan Chan

    20. Janet Heng ( ? )

    21. Liu ( ? )

    22. Tian Soo

  26. Hi all,

    There is still 2 more vacancies for Annalaksmi Veg buffet.

    Hi Peng Peng, Janet, Liu and Amy Kor,

    Pls. reply by tomorrow, Sunday .

    Thanks for your kind understanding.

  27. Steven, I m not going but I can help 2 provide sum info on xport..

    There r lots of buses plying North/South Bridge Road which will reach Chinatown Point either in front or by the side. Bus# 190, 147, 181, 197, 851, 174, 124, 51, CSS8. BTW, Chinatown is directly opp People’s Park Centre. Hope tis info is useful 2 sum of u.. Dolly

  28. Hi Dolly ,

    Thanks for your “walking’ bus nos directory. It would be useful for those who decide to travel by bus.

  29. Hi Dolly,

    …Thanks for your “walking” bus nos directory.

    To share, when I was working,I drove my Mitsu Lancer as a means of transport for work cum pleasure.

    However,before I almost “retired” I sold it off together with my condo as I realise Spore has world class 1st. transprt system and to down grade to HDB

    as the profit made from sale of condo together with savings and still waiting to smell my CPF can ensure myself of a “good” retirement time
    Now, I need not worry much abt the escalating price of petrol,
    maintenance and parking and accidents , traffic fines, problems of parking esp. in the CBD during peak hrs and points and charges.

    I can even reach my destination COOLED and RELAXED in our efficient MRT system , bus and taxi transpt.

    To share, Whenever, I visited my hometown in M’sia I often complain why the bus is so slow,sometimes waiting for the bus to fill up and then jalan.

  30. Hi Peng Peng, Janet, Liu and Amy Kor,

    Pls. reply by tomorrow, Sunday .

    Thanks for your kind understanding.

  31. Steven

    Why don’t you write to them? Not everyone logs into the website everyday and might have missed your calling.

  32. Hi Steven!
    Comfirmed I’ll be coming but a little confused. What time lunch? Y at 1st said it’s 11.30 -1 p.m. Is it @ 11.30 or is it @ 1p.m.? Do we meet @ resta or basement. Pls help, blurr la..
    Sori & Tku. e-mail pls.
    Terima Kaseh. CHo.

  33. Hi Steven

    My apology for the late reply. Yes, please include Liu and I. Thank you for yr patience and hard work.

    Have a pleasant day, JanetH.

  34. Thanks Janet and Liu for reconfirming .

    Look forward to see both of you at Annas on 24th May (Sat ) 1 pm.

  35. Hi Catherine Ho at 46.

    Good quetions,

    Hi Steven!
    Comfirmed I’ll be coming but a little confused.

    What time lunch? ( 1 pm )

    Do we meet @ resta or basement. Pls help, blurr la..

    Ok. ( Meet inside the Annas REstaurant and 1st come 1st.served.
    Sori & Tku. e-mail pls.

  36. Hi Terence / others,

    What has happen to my favourite
    LATEST COMMENTS and LATEST POSTS found on the banner.

    Strange! Just DISAPPEARED in Thin Air ? ? ?

  37. Hi Dolly /Oi Cheng,

    Went to search for Peng Peng and Amy Kor’s email address. Couldn’t find ,pls. help as to date, there is still NO response from them.

    Terima Kasut.

  38. Hi ANNAS Buffeters,

    To clarify some questions from interested guests,pls. type in search box, ANNA and click at LATEST UPDATE at ANNALAKSHMI. HEALTHY VEGETATRIAN BUFFET for more details.

    To date, Peng Peng and Amy Kor STILL has NOT responded. Couldn’t find both your email addresses too.

    Pls. let me know ASAP. Thanks

  39. Hi Terence/others,

    V. Good to incorporate this feature.
    Type and send a comment, INSTANT comment seen just on top of
    “Leave a Reply” that SAVES a lot of time than before.

  40. Hi Oi Cheng /Catherine Ho, others ,

    It is NOT possible to set the time at 11.30 AM for Annalakshmi Lunch Buffet on this coming Sat 24 May 08 at 1 pm. because they are some members who needs to work on Sats too unlike others enjoying a 5 days week.

    for Peng Peng and Amy Kor for ANNAS,
    or I too will go BANANAS waiting for both of you in spite of giving you about a week’s grace to reconfirm yr commitment.

    Expired by Tuesday , 12:00 noon today, 20/5/08.If still no reply from both of you,I assume both are NO longer interested in joining us.

    To replace,we had 2 SHC members on my waiting list,

    (i) Esther Leong (Som Tam )R u Thai ?

    (ii) Joan(Perth)

    Thanks to Terence Seah and Catherine Ho for sending me from both your emails.

  42. Hi Joan(Perth)and Esther Leong,

    Pls.ensure your name are listed in my latest updated post on ANNAS by 12:01 pm.

    Welcome to join us.

  43. Hi Joan(Perth)and Esther Leong,

    Both of you are now register under my guest list.
    Thanks for showing your support and we look forward to meet and have an ENJOYABLE and FUN time at Annas.

    Pls.ensure your name are listed in my updated post.

    Thanks again,
    Steven Chan

  44. Hi Terence,

    What has happened ?

    Is it due to system upgrade ?
    Pls. clarify.

  45. Hi Terence,

    What has happened ? I CANNOT find my EDIT button.

    Is it due to system upgrade ?
    Pls. clarify.

  46. Hi Annas,

    OK. Joan ( Perth)and Esther are confirmed to join us. Still cannot update my ANANAS post.

    Goodnight, ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,snoring…

  47. Hi all ANNAS,

    A Gentle reminder.

    Today’s Appointment:-Northern Indian Vegetarian Buffet Lunch

    Date : 24 th May 08 ( Saturday )

    Time : 1 pm.- 3pm ( Tentative )
    Place: Annalakshmi Restaurant at China Town Shopping Centre
    ( Basement). Meet INSIDE Restaurant at 1 pm. sharp.

    Price: Minimun $15 per pax or donate generously for a good cause.

    Looking forward to see all of you at Anna at 1 pm. sharp.

  48. Hi all ANNAS,

    1) You may go at 12.30 pm and had a yoghurt drink and able to chit chat before the lunch buffet.I be there around 12.30pm.

    2) For those who are intereted to see the FREE WATER FOOLS Ilotopie ( France) at the Esplanade water front you may want to meet together as a grp with me at 6.45 pm at Thai Express restaurant at the Esplanade.

    Be there EARLY or there is NOT even enough standing room.

    I saw in the newspps and and had heard from friends that it I was a VERY SPECTACULAR EVENT and 10 000 came to see the festival yesterday night.

    Today is a continuation of the water Series. And hope some of you can make it today.

  49. Steven,

    Thanks for organising the lunch at Annalakshmi. Enjoyed the food very much. Had second helping of the chapati and curries.

    It was good food with good company. It was nice meeting some old friends and getting to know some new ones.

    Thanks Janet and Liu for the lift home.

    Now I am looking forward to the swimming cum picnic tomorrow at CBC. More fun time and hoping to catch the submarine. Still wondering if Terence is pulling my leg (about the submarine lah!)

    Warmest Regards

  50. Steven

    Thank you for organising this event.

    I have enjoyed the food and the company of al the friendly SHCians.

    Looking foraward to the next such event.


  51. Hi Steven

    Thank you so much for this fine time together with u all lovely and wonderful people. The food is good and I really enjoyed talking to u all. So lively and interesting!

    U are welcome, Caroline. Yes, my brother’s unit is still there. Have a good time tomorrow.

    Wishing everyone a good rest, JanetH.

  52. Steven

    Thanks for organising this lunch. I enjoyed the food and the company. Got to know a number of new members like Karen, Sally, Esther, King Seng, Tian Soon, Catherine and certainly glad to meet up with Janet n Liu (it’s many moons since we last met). Joan, very happy you could join us although didn’t get a chance to speak with you. BBC, glad you still made it though late.
    Carly, Terence, have a good time tomorrow at Changi Beach Club. You can join Lily, Danz for tea dance after that.

  53. Hi all Annas/others,
    Welcome new members Karen Thio, Sally, Esther, King Seng, Tian Soon, Catherine Ho and Joan( Perth )

    Thank you so much to ALL of you for your kind SUPPORT and generous DONATION to Annas.

    Terence, despite your hectic work schedule ie 1 day in Bangkok ,the next week in Taipeh,the next in HCMC you are able to make some time to join us- very appreciated for your effort and time.

    I am very HAPPY to see that all of you were busily chit chatting among yourselves and also that you love eating Indian Healthy Vegetarian buffet.

    Caroline Gee,I am v.glad to hear you had a 2nd.helping to the chapatis and curries and myself to the papadam and mango lasse yoghurt drink.

    Btw, how was the yoghurt drink that I had recommended
    Mango Lasse to some of you?

  54. Hi Oi Cheng

    Yes, we are very glad that we went and have such a wonderful time. Everyone is so nice. We hope to participate more in the SHC activities.

    Goodnight, JanetH.

  55. Hi Annas/others,

    I look forward to have your WONDERFUL company again in my next SHC Family Day “Pot Luck” Gathering event at West Coast Park.

    The date will be set later probably in July or August.
    I had to reccee the place twice before posting it on the forum.

    We had a pot luck gathering at East Coast Park last year. Now it is timely that the Westerlies will initiate this interesting SHC family gathering.

    I need more volunteers to help me to
    (i) plan various interesting games
    (ii) co-ordinate the games.
    (iii) distribute the food.

    Any Westerlies who wants to volunteer,
    ” Pls.raise your hands ” – Terence’s famous quote.

  56. Hi Steven

    The mango lasse yoghurt drink was really delicious. You are a very good organiser and very attentive to everyone. Thanks so much for the 2nd order for us and Caroline. Really good!

    Goodnight, JanetH

  57. Hi Janet Heng,

    You are most welcome and am glad that Carly,Liu and yourself like the taste of the mango lasse. Next time round, Janet pls. try their orange lasse. It tastes v.good too.

    Good night and sweet dreams,
    Steven Chan

  58. Hi Steven,Terence & others members!
    I really enjoyed the co & the food at the restaurant.The mango lasse yoghurt drink & the food were indeed delicious!
    Glad to meet up new frenz like Caroline, Joan,Grace & Alice.
    I’m not really that new. Been to yr gathering in SGCC & CBC gatherings since last yr.
    Tks to Steven for well organised lunch. I’ll be going to Perth to meet up wif Mary this school holis soon.
    Bye! Terima Kaseh for the e-mails 2!
    Cat Ho…Ho.. (since there’re a few cats in SHC)Black cat.

  59. Steven

    Thanks for your hard works for bringing the members together for such a nice lunch. Even though the food is too spicy for me but I get a good chance to meet so many members yesterday.

    COunt me in for the WestCoat Potluck – I will help with the food.


  60. Hi Steven Chan,

    Just drop you a line to say a big ‘Thank You’ in organizing such a healthy lunch yesterday. Your special recommendation of Mango & Orange Lassi are superb, and you’re indeed very attentive by ensuring that each one of us are well introduced.

    Not forgetting to add that a sip of the ‘Spinelli’s coffee with fellow SHCians after lunch were absolute quality time spent.

    Thumbs up for being a wonderful host!


  61. Hi Steven,
    Just to let u know that I had enjoyed a refreshing time with the SHCians chit chatting with them while savouring the healthy Annanas food then adjourning for coffee .It was a day well-spent.Catherine ,wishing you a safe n enjoyable trip to Perth n Joan hope to see sometime in the near future .May visit Perth again.Who nows?Take care.
    Steven,count me in for yr.pot luck venture.Anything I can do to help you, please let me know.Thanks
    grace w.

  62. Steven

    You are such a good organiser, making sure everyone enjoy the food, making sure we have enough to eat and that everyone is happy with the arrangements.

    Thanks again.

  63. Hi Terence, to select the coloured photos of Annalakshmi Veg Buffet Event ( ZIP files) which I had just sent to you by email and attachment of Anna’s low res for attaching to your SHC Album.

    Goodnight and sweet dreams.

  64. Hi Karen Thio,Grace Wong, Susan Chan ,King Seng,Caroline Gee,
    Catherine Ho( BC = Black Cat-Lucky Omen ),
    Catherine Chong( BBC = Bare Back Cat – Sexy )
    Thank u to all for your notes of appreciation and thanks.

    And thanks BBC, it was v.good of you to come and you enjoyed the company of SHCians despite being late.
    However, at 3.30 pm after the veg.buffet as if not enough , some of us proceeded to Spinelli at China Square to have our cups of coffee and continue our quality time chit chatting.

    Suddenly, we realise that we had so much things to talk abt in common,it seemed endless! ” Are we in LOVE ? ” Ha! Ha!

  65. At #78, sorry to have left out Janet Heng’s and Oi Cheng’s name inadvertently.

    Btw, Susan Chan , the beautiful coloured photos of our ANNAs buffet gathering has already been emailed to Terence last night. I guess he is busy with work and will post it in his SHC album soon otherwise, can you “chase” after him for the photo link pls. OK? Thanks in advance.

  66. Hi Coffee Connoiseurs, others,

    i ) I had tried the TCC,Coffee Bean,Gloria Jeans but I still love the coffee at Starbucks Best. Psychological ? ? ?

    Any comments ?

    At Starbucks , the Venti sized Frappicino ice blended coffee with lots of whipped fresh cream and thick caramel – my favourite yummy coffee concotion.

    For those who had NOT sample the taste of Mango and Orange lasse yoghurt drink that we had been talking about , be free to visit ANNAlakshmi restaurant . I believe the chefs at Anna use fresh Indian mangoes while at other restaurants,they use “flavored” mango yoghurt. That’s explain the goodness and tasty drink in Anna’s yoghurt drink.

  67. Hi TerenceS,

    Many participants are enquiring and are anxious to see their photos to be posted in SHC Album re our AH NA NA affair.

    Pls. do ASAP. I had sent my low res photos of ANNA thru an attachment 2 weeks ago. Have you received it ?
    If NOT, pls.let me know and
    pls. be v. PATIENT it takes abt 4 to 6 mins to download all the photos in the meantime u can do multitasking with other windows.

  68. Hi Terence,

    THANK you so much.

    I am indeed VERY IMPRESS with your DHL service.I NEVER expected that the ANNA Buffet photos which I had sent to you just a minute ago can be put into the SHC album almost instantaneously.

    EXCELLENT! Keep it up! :>)

    Steven Chan

  69. Hi ANNAS Buffet Diners,

    Thanks once again for your kind support and donating so generously for a good cause.

    The beautiful colour pictures of ANNAS Buffet on 24th May 08 is posted in the SHC Album by Terence and can be viewed at

    It is indeed very HEARTENING to see all of you enjoying chit chatting among yourselves. It was a memorable day and as if not enough,some of us went over to Spinelli @ China Square to have another of round of coffee/ice blended tea and continue chit chatting until abt 4.30 pm before we decided to call it a day leaving our wonderful memories with us.

    Any comments abt the Northern Indian Vegetarian Buffet ?
    Pls. be FREE to speak your mind.

  70. Hi Susan Chan /others

    Remember you were asking me a few times when the posting of ANNA album will be up ?

    Finally,the moment has come you may view these photos. You look so young and photogenic with a sweet smile and voice.

    Are you sure you are 45 or above?
    Most important of all, you are “warmth” at heart and gets along fine with almost everybody.

    MUST apologise for missing your birthday which you all had celebrated with Terence and co at Scorebots.

    Did it turn out to be a “wild” Kahlua party? Ha! Ha! and I could sense that some of you will be walking around in circles after so many rounds of the boozzy drinks.

  71. Hi Steven Chan~Tai Kor!

    Thanks for your kind compliments…’re indeed very humourous and extremely meticulous in using your choice of words eh…

    You are right that we should always maintain our warmth, poise & confidence, to enhance genuine friendship among all SHCians & friends.

    Anyway, we had only a few rounds of Kahlua drinks and everyone was as sober as a Judge!

    Look forward to your next wise suggestion for another healthy lunch/dinner.


  72. Hi Susan Chan / Tim Liu ,

    Wah liao! Chan~Tai Kor! Umm Kam Tong. NO one has ever called me by that name.

    You r the No wonder your nickname is onlysue because you are UNIQUE!

    ….extremely meticulous in using your choice of words eh…
    I learn it the hard way from my working experience. Some teachers esp.the married ones are extremely sensitive. Sometimes meant something to be a joke can actually trigger a backlash. And so must be careful whom u r dealing with.

    …you’re indeed very humourous. NOT really,when I was working as a teacher,I was TOO SERIOUS. Even my students often told me to RELAX lah! and most of my colleagues had hardly have much time to talk with. Most of the time, we talk a little abt students’ behaviour ,respect and attitude towards teacher and follow by Mark,Mark,Mark….like siao. There seems no end to our marking except at the end of the yr.

    I learn to be more relaxed after my retirement and also be humourous when I first join SHC a yr. ago. I often “admire” Tim’s style of humourous writing and I play along with him in writing. I was gradually influenced by his humourous style of writing jokes. And then I learn to let go and be more humourous in my writing.

    And sometimes pai seh, pai seh ,I would search for my Oxford dictionary to find the new but seldom used words in everyday conversatn used by Tim.

    One in particular was ” nin com poop”, sounds like a foreign word.Sometimes Tim’s uses phrases or words that is
    “YAU HO TOR KUAT ,HO KARN LAN TON LOT HUI ” literally means in Cantonese ” had prickly bones that had to digest”.

    ….Next TIMELY suggestion will be a Happy Family SHC
    POT LUCKY Day at West Coast Park BBQ Park. Members are kindly invited to bring along their families to join us.

    The once SORE EYED metal boardings along the perimeter of the beach has FINALLY been taken off. In place,you see luxury cruise boats and big ships and you feel so invigorating fanned by the cool windy sea breezes.
    You are also being surrounded by luxuriant greenery of “Bird Ferns Paradise” garden in the vicinity.

    After the pot luck party, other OPTIONAL activities includes: –
    a) Cycling:- Rental bikes/tricycles for children are available here.

    b) Ron Wie , Dolly, Susan Chang, Ah Nee , Lina Ng , Norly etc…. this place is a good change from ECP to do your skate boarding.

    c) A refreshing walk inside the gardens and dog run park.

    d) NOT ENOUGH food -A Mac Donald restaurant nearby to fulfil
    your needs.

    Will start to reccee the place after our Viet tour .
    I need more VOLUNTEERS esp.from the Westerly region /others
    (i) Set up the food and drinks table.

    (ii) 3 game planners

    (iii)1 game co-ordinator.

    (iv) 1 prize organiser for the games

    Pls. raise your hands.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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