Reflection on 2014, Ushering in 2015

Has 2014 been kind to you? Which will bring about the famous quote ” Dont ask what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for the country ?
2014 has seen the spillover of the crisis from 2013 eg like Euorpean stagnant economy, maritime dispute in South China Sea and a host of
unsolvable or yet to be solved geo-political issue. 2014 has also seen the emergence of new global and regional issues, like the Ukraine, ISIS, Ebola, MH17 and MH370. Truly will the early the year attention grabbing missing MH370 ever be found or goes down as a greatest mystery in Aviation history.
What new issues or threat 2015 will surface.
On an individual level, how have you achieve your individual goals if you have set one for 2014. I have written off the remaining months
for 2014 and plan for 2015. .

Among my various goals, financial, social and health, the good life I am having have caused me to fail my health target relative to 2013.
Total Cholestrol is high, Triglycerides, BMI are off though marginally. A Fail is still a Fail. The various dinner outing by SHC, and various other communities is not helping with my diet
The month of Dec has heavy schedule of feasting. Thus got to excuse from being discpline for a while before I abstain from ”
Eating the wrong food for the wrong reason, especially paid for or free.

Noted that it is always the same few who air their opinions. Why are people afraid to share ?
Among the various way to prevent dementia which currently have no cure is to stay socially active.
It does not matter whether your opinion reveal you to be naive , biased, shallow or wise. It is more important to be heard.
That is how you learn

One important lesson I learned in my early working career is “it is not critical to know everything before starting on something”

Among the great quotes on leadership, a recent one by a Chinese political leader is
” If is not you, then who” It remind me of my MBA class day when the USA main professor tell the administration confidentially that we students
are better off not pursuing the degree when he cannot even get a volunteer to be the class monitor for weeks. MBA is meant to produce leader, he said
I volunteered and thus organized the trip to USA campus studies and also the grand convocation ceremony in Singapore.
I am still fond of those memories.

So for those introvert which I was before, start the 2015 with a resolution to be a more extrovert personality.
Live life with conviction, confidence and compassion.

I am looking forwards to 2015 where I embark on new projects and seeing my other project reaching maturity or closing. Especially to bring my health target back on track. For those who didnt do health check or screening because retired already, make it a 2015 resolution too.


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