Chicken Bryani The Easy Way

I was reading one of Steven Chan Posting on "The Joy of Eating & Cooking" and wanted to share this Simple & Easy way of cooking Nasi Bryani/Chicken Bryani .

I am a very lousy cook by nature and do not enjoy cooking at all but this "dish" is very easy to cook and is very "Yummy"

Pauline Khoo & Sally Kang had been my guests for this dish and enjoyed it very much. I used to cook for my church gathering as well.

I will type the receipt in the comments column.


Author: Karen THIO


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  1. Easy Bryani

    Mutton or Chicken drumstick – 2kgs ) marinate for 2 hours
    4-6 tbs curry powder )

    15 stalks Green Chilli (cut half and wash away seeds)
    10 stalks Chilli Padi (optional)
    6 pcs big onions
    3 pcs tomatoes
    150gm galic (chopped)
    200 gm Ginger (chopped)
    3-5 stick Cinnamon
    2-3 pcs star Anise
    10 pcs cardamoms (break open)
    4 tbs Tomato Puree

    3/4 can Evaporated Milk ) mixed to form yoghurt
    1 no Lemon Juice ) replace the coconut milk

    2tbs/150gm Ghee
    100gm Cooking Oil
    50 cents corriander Leave
    1 cup fried shallots

    Salt to taste
    Pandan leave , curry leaves and lemon grass


    Heat oil & ghee and add in cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamoms and star anise. Add in the green chilli, chilli padi , onion, ginger , garlic and tomato puree and fresh tomatoes. Stir well, add in evaporated milk (with lemon added earlier). Pandan leave, curry leave to follow , then last the chicken. Add salt to taste.

    Slow fire to cook for about 15min for chicken but for mutton it need about 45min.

    Spread the fried shallots on top of the chicken when serving.

    Bryani Rice

    8 mugs Basmati Rice (use your own measuring cup)
    12 mugs water (use the same measuring cup as the
    rice 1rice = 1half water)

    2 tbs ghee
    salt to taste
    curry leave
    Pandan Leave
    2 Lemon glass
    1/4 evaporated Milk (bal from the chicken bryani)
    Pinch of yellow colouring (those indian yellow)
    1-2 teaspoon rose flavouring
    Light yellow raisin (optional)


    Wash rice aside. Pour water into rice cooker to cook , when
    water boiled, add in cinnamon stick, clove, star anise and cardamon. Add in ghee, salt , Pandan Leave , Lemon Grass.

    When rice is cook, scoop up the oily gravy from the chicken bryani and mixed into the cooked rice. Mixed 1tbs of water to a pinch of yellow colouring and spread out evenly on rice. Lastly add in Corriander leave, raisin on top of the rice.

    Serve with fried shallot.

    It looked confusing but get all ingredient ready and u just have to throw everything in (haha)

    hope u like this “Dish” I can smell the aroma of the curry already

  2. Hi Karen Thio/others,

    V. Sorry busy lately with Vietnam HCMC 5D tour quotes and so did not reply but I KIV your comment. I am glad to hear that you like cooking too.

    Ma Ma Mia! over 20 types of ingredients and elaborate cooking techniques. I will definitely try it out 1 day with your attached recipe and experiment cooking Chicken Bryani, the Karen Thio way.I can smell the fragrant curry that you are cooking now. Hymm taste delicious too!

  3. As I say – it look complicated – but it really simple. Just get all ingredient ready and it will only take 20 min for the chicken and 10 min for the rice.

    I will cook this for your gathering at West Coast ok


  4. Bira

    Thanks for your support on this receipe. My youngest son said after tasting the first time – Mummy , it is so nice – u can open resturant already (haha)

    I am by nature very lousy cook. Sons get so sick of my cooking , so now I try to learn a new dish if I can.


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