Airline Safety Rankings -2015

…according to Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC)

I was dismayed to find that SQ is not among the top 12 safe airlines!  SQ has got one of the world’s youngest fleet and yet…even little-heard-of airlines like Hainan and JetBlue made it to the top 12.

Here are the rankings of the top 12 airliners out of 60 for the safest airline for 2015 according to JACDEC.

1stplace – Cathay Pacific             6th – Air New Zealand        11th – All Nippon

2nd – Emirates                                  7th – Qantas                         12th – Lufthansa

3rd – Eva Airlines                           8th – Hainan

4th – Air Canada                             9th – JetBlue

5th – KLM                                       10th – Etihad

Malaysia Airlines fell to 57th (From 34th last year) because of its two major air disasters.

*Just sharing info and reflecting on SQ…



Author: Jassmine Teo

I came to know about the SHC from eNN (Seng Kang). My interests are varied. I write on the forum regularly to improve my writing. In my autumn years, my priority is voluntary service. Hope to meet like-minded people and help initiate a programme/project for the disabled like the hearing impaired.

4 thoughts on “Airline Safety Rankings -2015”

  1. Hello Jassmine,
    According to this website, Singapore Airlines is one of the safest airlines in the World and falls in the top ten airlines ranking. See the rankings at this website.
    Quote: “ has announced along with its Airline Excellence Awards its Top Ten airlines for 2015. Heading the list is Air New Zealand followed by Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Qantas Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, EVA Air, Lufthansa, All Nippon Airways and British Airways” unquote.
    See more at:
    Regards, winnie

  2. There are reasons for SIA not ranked among the top 12th in terms of safety and there are reasons for Cathay Pacific to occupy the 1st position.
    When the MH17 was shot over Ukraine, SIA also flew the same route but not
    Cathay Pacific.
    Of course there are other reasons for the ranking.
    The Tiger Airs Australia, an offshoot of SIA until it was sold, was suspended by the authority for safety reasons.

  3. Hee hee…at my age safety rankings do not make much difference…
    Anyway, it’s safer to fly than drive a car or cross the road…
    And, we live in the safest country in the world!
    So what more could we ask for?

  4. Hi Winnie
    Thanks for sharing your info. Am relieved that SQ is rated among the top 10 good airlines by I skimmed the website of AirlineRatings and I think they consider several aspects of air travel besides the safety aspect. Eg service, comfort level, management etc. whereas I think JACDEC evaluates on just one aspect – safety in relation to plane crash.
    2014 was a fortunate year for SQ – a near miss over Ukraine.

    Hi Robert, Kenneth
    Thanks for your comments. We respond differently to the same piece of info. :)

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