Sushi Making Class – March 7,2015 (Saturday)

This is an opportunity for those who want to try their hands at making sushi.

Venue: Sushi King KSL City ,  Johore Bahru.

Cost: $20.00 for Bento Lunch and Class fees.

Please make payment to Susan Tan’s account: 102-15222-0 Posb Savings.

Closing date: February 22nd, 2015.


9.00am      Meet at Kranji MRT Station.

10.00am       Sushi Making Class – A competition will be held and prizes to be given.       Attendance certificate will be presented to you. All will receive a goodies bag.

12.00pm       Bento Lunch (Free)

2.00pm       Shopping/Massage at your own cost

4.00pm       Back to Singapore or overnight trip to Desaru.

EO,  Dan.

Those coming:

  1. Dan (Going overnight trip to Desaru)
  2. Alice Yap (paid)
  3. Susan Tan (paid)
  4. Susan SW Tan (paid)
  5. Cat Yeo (not coming)
  6. Yew Kwong?
  7. Grace Kang (paid)
  8. Shawn Soh?
  9. Jane Ong (paid)
  10. Daisy Phua (not coming)
  11. LK Ong (Driver for Desaru trip) – paid.
  12. Tan Poh Heng (joining Desaru trip) -paid.
  13. Ivy Low (paid)
  14. Karen Phoo (paid)
  15. Winnie Tan (paid)



60 thoughts on “Sushi Making Class – March 7,2015 (Saturday)”

  1. Hi Dan
    The above trip is interesting. I would appreciate your advice on the following:
    – whether two-way transport is provided or are we going by public bus
    – where is the meeting point if transport is provided.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Gabrielle,
    2 way transfer included as I have chartered a 40 seaters coach. 1st pickup point at Lavender Mrt (ICA Building) 2nd pickup point at Jurong East Mrt.

  3. Hi Dan
    Tks for organising this trip to JB. Pl include me. My pick up point will be at Lavendar mrt.


  4. Dear Gabrielle,
    Thanks for being the first to sign up.
    I need at least 20 pax for the class to start. Those attending the sushi class will be presented with Certificate of Attendance.
    If the response is slow, I shall make this an EC event.

  5. Good to have you Susan.
    Bear in mind this should be a fun and interesting class. Sushi King is spread all over Malaysia with about 88 branches as of now.

  6. Hi Bee Gek, Lam HT, Susan SW Tan and Judy, great to have your participation.
    This education program will give us an introduction to the Japanese language and Rice Mixing. Sushi Making Demo and hands-on-practice will be shown to us.

  7. I am trying to adjust the schedule to fix all your requirements. Venue change to Sushi King City Square, which mean that we do away with chartering a coach.
    Cost is reduced to $25.00 per pax. Will include karaoke session and give you option to stay for seafood dinner?
    New meeting point at Kranjii MRT at 9.00am, how dat?
    Now where do I find the knocking on head icon?

  8. Please note changes to the itinerary. No coach transfer, meet at Kranji MRT and no seafood dinner. Back to Singapore at 5.00pm.

  9. Due to popular request the venue is back to KSL City as I understand that shopping at City Square is more costly. The setback is we have to catch a taxi to KSL City.
    The deadline given is end February and if we cannot get 20 pax, this trip will be cancelled.

  10. Hi Dan
    Sori, I’m unable to join in your JB trip. Pl delete my name.

    Enjoy yourselves, have FUN !


  11. Heehee, Hi Dan!

    Is it sushi eating class?

    Do you know that you can take a local bus to KSL from the midpoint between the JB CIQ and City Square? Take the escalator down and look for the bus destination from the many Johore state buses departing there.

    I cannot join, much as I like to, as I’ll be in Thailand… Hey, there’s a Hainan temple in Phuket as well as Penang…so Dan, you may want to take your cooking classes there!

  12. Hi Alice, glad that you can join us.
    Gabrielle, no worries, perhaps after I learn the craft I shall conduct a class here.
    Dun anyone want to know why the Japanese rice is sticky? I have a great interest here because my daily diet is strictly rice and some toppings.
    Kenneth, thanks for the info. Will check the bus but we may decide on taking the taxi as it will be cheap with 4 pax sharing. It’ a great idea on the cooking class, let me chew on it.

  13. Yew Kwong,
    Great that you can join us in making sushi. It a good time to travel now as the exchange rate is getting better.
    After the class, those of you who are not staying for shopping/massage may return home.

  14. Hi Dan,
    Sounds fun and interesting to learn how to make sushi.Please include Shawn Soh n myself Grace Kang for the JB trip.

  15. Hi Grace and Shawn, welcome to the fun and learning trip.
    Good news, the cost is reduced to $20.00 per pax for the Bento lunch and lesson.

  16. Dan,

    City Square shopping price is no different from Singapore. I notice that the further away from Causeway, the cheaper the shopping. In Ipoh when I was there last December, we dined at Sushi Teh for 2 persons for S$28.00 only and it was a feast! And the standard of the dishes are very good – just like Singapore’s.

    I like the idea of going to KSL by bus just to get a learning experience. I think it’s not too difficult to go there by bus nowadays as services are getting better, from my recent experience when I went to Sutera Mall by bus too.

    Since we finish early at 5.00 pm, there’s plenty of time to get to the bus stop at KSL to find our way back – no need to worry whether can catch a bus or not. Last time, many years ago when I was there, I remember distinctly there was a shuttle bus at KSL doorstep. Think it should still be the same.

    Thanks to Kenneth Tan for his tips how to get there by bus.


  17. Good morning Dan,

    I have to give a miss the gathering due to work commitment.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.



  18. Hi Dan

    I love sushi. A healthy alternative.
    Yes please count me in
    Daisy Phua

  19. Jane Ong and Daisy are coming too. We are still short of having 20 pax to start the class.

  20. I managed to get two mini buses to ferry us and the cost is increased to $35.00 for 2way transfer. Hope to get better response.
    An overnight trip to Desaru is planned for those interested. Please register early.

  21. We will closed registration at 15 pax, cost now increased to $38.00. A 15- seater combi bus is booked. Only one pickup point at Newton Hawker Centre at 8.30am.
    Please make payment to POSB Sav at : 170-426800 and inform if transfer is done, appreciate.
    Anyone else keen to go to Desaru?

  22. Hi Dan
    Bee Gek’s relatives from perlis visiting n she has to cancel her plans. Therefore both of us are not able to join you this time. Our apology.

    Lam H T and Bee Gek

  23. Lam and Bee Gek, okay la cannot help. Aiyoh now short of 3 pax and I paid deposit for the coach. Now got to dig deep into my pocket.

  24. Dan, transferred $114 today ref 2064 for Susan SW Tan, Jane Ong and Susan CH Tan. Thanks for organizing.

  25. Thank you for the 4 of you that paid up. Wonderful that Ivy could join us. 2 more to go otherwise poor me have to bear the cost.
    The deadline to pay up is February 24.

  26. We desperately need all payments to be in asap as I have to firm up confirmation on booking of the coach.
    Appreciate greatly that Susan is assisting me and please make payment to her account on the post.
    There may be concern on whether we should go in ourselves or book the coach. Please let me know and let the majority decide.
    Initially 20 pax was required but I managed to convince them to accept 15 pax and we have yet to achieve that.
    We seek your kind understanding in your commitment.
    I need all your email to better communicate with all of you.
    Desperate Dan.

  27. Dear Daisy, sorry to hear that and hope you recover soon.
    Payments are not coming in and I am having sleepless nights.

  28. As the payment are yet to come in. I have decided to do away with the 2 way transfer. We will stick to the Sushi class at $20 per head and meet at 8.30am at Kranji MRT. If 15 pax is still not achieved we will cancel the Sushi class and go on free and easy. So far five have indicated to go on the overnight trip to Desaru. Closing date brought forward to February 22, 2015.
    Look like I need to start a new post on “Woes of an EO”.


  29. Hi Dan,

    Have transferred $38 to your POSB Ac for myself on 18 Feb afternoon with no receipt so no ref no. Shawn not sure yet because of work schedule. Please check your a/c, the with no ref no is mine.


  30. Thanks Grace for the payment.
    We still cannot meet the 15 pax required and now I am checking whether Sushi King would accept just 10 pax? Those who put your name here kindly respond whether you are confirmed joining us, I need to do a lot of groundwork.
    If Sushi King not okay we just go for makan, shopping and massage. Desaru overnight trip still open if anyone interested.
    I will still plan another date for Sushi class if we can join an ongoing class. Never give up!
    Desperate Dan.

  31. Sorry Dan

    I’m joining u on 7 March 2015. I was
    busy moving to new place at Sengkang before CNY,
    So now transfer to you $38.00 or $20.00?

  32. Hi Alice,
    Please transfer $20 to Susan’s account as reflected on the post. To those who paid you will be refunded on the difference.

  33. Dan

    May I have your hp number just in case I can’t find you on 7 March 2015 at Kranji MRT.


  34. Dan
    As spoken to Susan,. I have transferred $20.00 into your account No. 170426800 instead of Susan’s Account No. 102-152220.

    Please check your account under transaction number 14187762170.

  35. Thanks Alice for the payment, will email you soon.
    We have 9 pax confirmed coming, need one more. Yew Kwong and Shawn, where are you?

  36. Sushi King okay to proceed with just the 10 of us but we are still short of I pax.
    Meeting time at 9.00am at Kranji Mrt Station. Only 3 pax confirmed going for overnight trip to Desaru.
    See you soon.

  37. Dan, congrats you’ve got your 10th member, Karen Phoo who signed up at yesterday’s Lohei. Thanks to Grace Kang who introduced her to us. She’s paid $20.

  38. We welcome Karen Phoo to a session of fun and learning at Sushi King.
    Just a reminder, meet at Kranji MRT Station at 9.00am this Saturday.

  39. Hi Dan, I’ve transferred $20 to your bank account on behalf of Karen Phoo, transaction reference: 14234495521.

  40. Hello Dan,
    As spoken, I am pleased to join you and the other members to the Sushi Class this coming Saturday. Will meet you all at Kranji MRT Station at 8.30am.

    Hello Susan,
    I have transferred $20 to your account this evening at 10.45pm. Transaction Ref: 7311. Please acknowledge receipt, so I know payment has been received.
    Thank you.
    Regards, winnie

  41. Hi Winnie,
    Glad you can join us for a day of learning and adventure which includes shopping, makaning and massage.
    Take note that we meet at 9.00am this Saturday at Kranji MRT Station.

  42. Hi Winnie,

    $20 received. TQ! Glad you’re joining us. I think it’s not too late for more “late-comers”, right Dan?


  43. Yes, never too late. After this session I will continue to form more group keen to learn sushi making. It would be joining an ongoing class so as not to worry about having a minimum pax to start the class. Ideally it should be conducted in Singapore but there is no Sushi King outlet here.
    Having said all this the thought did appear that I will personally conduct a class here. It would depend how I master the skill and maybe with a Certicate to prove my excellent skill.

  44. Gentle reminder, meet at Kranji MRT at 9.00am tomolo!
    Three of us setting set for overnight trip to Desaru.
    See you folks!

  45. Hi Dan,
    Thank you for organising this sushi making event. I had a terrific day and great bonding with everyone. Additional bonus was the shopping and massage.
    Cheers, winnie

  46. Dear EO Dan,

    Just want to say, on behalf of the whole group, thank you for taking your precious business time off to bring us to KSL.

    We started straightaway with the sushi demo and our hands-on lesson doing the sushi.  After that we had the sushis that we created for our lunch and it wasn’t too bad yum yum – delicious.  On top of that, Sushi King da bao for each one of us a salmon bento set cos we were too full to have that after our sushi lunch.  So we kept that for our dinner.  What a treat.

    The ladies had a field day and what a blessing to have Karen Phoo who assisted you as she’s very familiar navigating her way around from Immigration to KSL and arranging for taxis to bring us there and back. Thanks so much Karen. Your helpfulness made everything run smoothly. And we shopped till we dropped at a massage centre for our foot and shoulder massage.   Had a nice long coffee chat too sharing our information about a lot of things and learning from each other.  How we enjoyed ourselves and we said that we must do this kind of trip more often.

    So Dan, though it’s a smaller group than you expected, we all had a fantastic time. Just as well we have such a nice group size cos we gelled very well together and Everybody didn’t want to leave so early until we’re satisfied with our bargain hunting!

    This kind of shopping and makan trip is never enough!

  47. Our last picture manager was King Seng. He retired two years ago. Since then, we had not been able to display event photos.

    I have asked Susan CH Tan, and she has agreed to accepting this role. Many EOS and ECs have asked to display their events’ photos. Adhoc photos can be accepted. However, we were not able to keep pictures indefinitely due to space reasons.

    Susan has been testing how to use Dropbox for our needs. I think she has been successful. I am sure members will enjoy seeing all the photos of future events by EOs and ECs.

    Thank you Susan for giving in this effort and time to make our events pleasant and memorable, after the event. Please contact Susan once your photos are ready.

    Terence Seah

  48. Lovely photos Susan! I see all the food and happy faces! Appreciate your hands-up for the photo manager role. Looking forward to viewing more photos.

  49. Yes we do have a great time together, learning new thing, shopping, massage and sharing.
    I am planning another class soon. Once the date fixed I will post it here. Hoping this time round the cost will be $12 or lower.

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