Relaxation Techniques and Exercises

I wrote this post in respond to Daniel Chan’s Gout Attack. As SHCians, we are SUSCEPTIBLE to all kinds of diseases and it is a matter of time that we too will feel its effects. Slowly but Surely! emoticon

Pls. share with us any  techniques or any kinds of exercises that you have done which proves  BENEFICIAL to your well being.



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  1. Hi all,

    OMG! It is 12:00 Midnight
    Time passes so FAST!.Time to DETOXIFY but a bit too late.

    I will SHARE more abt this self discovered ” BREATHING ” Technique performed in the swimming pool tomorrow morning.

    Good Night. ZZzzzzzzzz.
    Sweet Dreams .

  2. Hi all,

    While swimming at the Clementi Swimming Pool for many years, I suddenly discovered this RELAXATION technique.

    1) I would like to SHARE with you and hope after reading this take it seriously and do it to CONVINCE yourself.

    a) Take a DEEP breath and hold while standing erect with back straight in the shallowest end of the pool water.

    b) Slowly,give a push on both legs from the bottom of the pool. CURL and “plunge” your whole body into the water and use your hands to grasp your two feet.

    c) Imagine yourself like a rubber ball slowly floating on the water and gradually released a few air(bubbles)at a little at a time from your MOUTH. As you released the air,you MUST continue to hold the rest of the air in your lungs and you will feel your entire body SINKING donwards.

    d) Continue to do this until almost all the air bubbles has been released through the mouth and by then your body would have almost sink to the bottom of the pool.

    e) Once your legs feel the bottom,quickly use your legs to give a swift “push” and you will “shoot” up to the surface.
    When your head is above the surface of the water , take in a deep breath and slowly breathe out. Do it 3x.

    Repeat the same technique for 5X. How do you feel now? Try it out it is FUN.

    2a) Strongly NOT recommended for those who had suffered from ASTHMATIC or HEART CONDITIONS before and those who have PHOBIA in water.

    b) Ensure the place where you wanted to practice this technique has NO one swimming around or they may accidentally collide with you.

    c) Lastly,for those who FEAR DROWNING,DON’T you ever try .


  3. Hi all,

    I had a tinnitus problem ie a persistent “ringing” sound in my ears since the age of 46. This was because when I was a teenager,I used to listen and dance to the “UNDERGROUND” music by Led Zeppelin ,Deep Purple and Heavy Metal Bands. And to make it worse,I was the OC of NPCC for more than 10yrs and I had to practice LIVE firings and also to accompany my students to the firing range. The boom boom sound even with ear mufflers wasn’t good enough.
    I am SENSITIVE to LOUD noises. The ringing sound is like a sound made by insects in a jungle 24/7.I spoke and wrote to my ASP abt my problem every yr. and each time I get a written reply from NPCC Hqrs that they are too short of OCs and I cannot prematurely resigned from NPCC.

    It was my KIND , HELPFUL and UNDERSTANDING Principal from BTSS that understands my plight and he wrote in to NP Hqr requesting an early termination of NPCC duties.

    To RELAX and have a GOOD sleep at night I play my PIANO music “The Enchanted Garden” almost every night and after 3 or 4 songs, I was in dreamland.

    Sometimes,I play the other PIANO music by Richard Clayderman and sometimes substituted by Aromatherapy music that has sounds of Nature. Like sea waves rolling to shore,sound of falling rain on my window and birds chirping in the air….

    It is best if possible to sleep at 10 -11 am or earlier for the body to DETOX. The problem is I am a “NIGHT BIRD” and will sleep at 12:00 or later . This has affected my sleeping pattern and doctor has told me to sleep early or suffer sleeping while seeing a TV movie esp after lunch or worse still hearing your boss or HODs contiually talking at a sch staff meeting . Or while at the computer typing some comments in SHC forum,I can just doze off that easily.

    To me sleeping is NOT a problem,I can sleep even by lying my head on the table or in the MRT train where I overshot my destination by a few MRT stations.And then I realise I am at Boon Lay Stn instead of alighting at Clementi Stn.
    Amboi Salah Stn!

    Worse still after 12:00 midnight after being “addicted” to the computer checking emails and following the LATEST EXCITING and HUMOROUS comments in the SHC forum and replying , I sleep at late hrs sometimes even at 2.30 AM and wake up V. EARLY at 5 AM or sometimes 4AM and I cannot continue sleeping .

    And so I start to iron my clothes – now NO more part time maid,I had “appointed” myself as a house maid.

    After Vietnam trip I MUST make a change in my lifestyle to regulate my sleeping habits or suffer the consequences.By NOT sleeping early regularly ,it affects our “ BIOLOGICAL ” clock and that causes our own ” body alarm clock” to wake you up at the wrong time. And worse still if you are those who often ENJOY clubbing and discos and returned home v.late , you will wake up next morning still yawning for lack of sleep.


  4. Stevn

    I have been sending u msg but no repsonse from u. DId I get the correct email address. Please drop me a line


    I remind u to pay for the IT course b4 u go for your holiday

  5. Hi Steven,

    I can relate to your ringing in the ear problem. I’ve had it since 5 years ago. I had it so suddenly it was frightening. I kept wanting to shake the ringing off but couldn’t. It was so bad in the beginning that I had trouble going to sleep. I resorted to listening to music with the earplugs in my ears to fudge the ringing sounds. I visited a recommended ENT specialist and did the hearing test (which I failed as I kept hearing the ringing sounds and pressed the buzzer even when the technician didn’t do anything!) Anyway, the specialist didn’t say I have tinitus but instead told me it’s my body’s way of telling me that I’m losing my hearing!! Imagine that! I’ve tried and still am taking Ginkgo Biloba because that was what the ENT specialist prescribed for me. I was told this would help. It’s very irritating to have this ringing sound perpetually in your head (or is it ears). It’s especially worst when you’re alone and there are no other sounds. On the other hand, sometimes I tell myself, it’s better that I can hear sounds than not being able to hear at all.


  6. Hi all,

    I would like to THANK Alicia Soh and Mike for putting a comment on Free Yoga classes in this forum. And also for both their KIND and HELP as Yoga Instructors to our group sessions.

    I was about to sign on for True Yoga at Raffles Place after 2 weeks of their Complimentary Yoga sessions but the start of these free 1l lessons at BLCC was perfect timing and I was able to continue for the Yoga lessons.

    Although these Yoga lessons are taught to members by volunteer instructors, they taught us with “passion” and also explain in detail why we are sitting in the Lotus positon etc….

    There,I met Pauline,Jie and Tian Soo and we ENJOY our yoga lessons every Wed and after it ended we would continue with the chit chatting and supper @ Kopitiam.

    There will be another free yoga session for beginners next yr.I will continue to carried on for the intermediate class because after 2 weeks I realise how it is able to improve my health.

    Initially, I thought Yoga means twisting your legs and bodies but I was wrong. Yoga is for the Overall Wellness of the person. Despite,my slipped disc problem 15 yrs.ago when I lifted heavy and huge dragon pts in ex-condo. One day while about leaving for work to school,I had an INTENSE SHARP PAIN as though a wrestler is squeezing v.hard on to my lower back muscles. I was sent by ambulance and was warded for 2 weeks at the General Hospital. Luckily,mine was not a severe slip disc otherwise it can cause
    ” paralysis “And now has to be v. careful when I go for massage and SQUAT down to gently lift up my luggage.

    However, this Yoga lesson caters to those selected grp with back problems as well and we are taught different Yoga techniques specially catered for us. And so it is safe to continue to Yoga.

    I would like to HILIGHT one technique here that AFFECTS ALL of us by sitting for LONG HRS staring at the computer screen and this will cause STRAINED EYE FATIGUE.

    The technique has been extracted and edited from a booklet on Basic Hatha Yoga Course for beginners. The technique is detailed below.

    Netra Snaan (Eye-Wash) (Netra=eyes Snaan=bath)

    Introduction : As suggested by its name, Netra-Snaan is a technique meant for the cleansing of the eyes.

    Benefits and Positive effects: It cleanses the eyes and helps to get rid of the lethargy. It helps to RELAX the fatigued eyes. It has a cooling effect on the cranial region.

    Caution ! Not recommended for conditions of: Cataract, Glaucoma and recent LASIK surgery of the eye.

    Recommended for conditions of:
    Insomnia,(FATIGUE of the EYES due to EXCESSIVE staring at computer monitors for LONG periods , excess secretions from eyes, burning of eyes, TV, late night readings etc.

    Recommended sequence in the practice: It should ideally be practiced early in the morning while we take a wash immediately after waking-up. Alternatively, it can be practiced in the afternoon or in the night.


    Initial position : Stand in front of the tap in your bath-room. Keep the legs apart and bend at your waist. Keep the tap running with moderate flow.

    Step 1) Fill up your mouth full with the tap water until the cheeks bulge out.

    Step 2) Collect the tap water in one of your hands and splash the water over left eye while the eyes are wide open.

    Step 3) Again, collect the water in the hand and splash it over the right eye. Continue splashing the water alternatively on the left and right eye for few times. (you may feel a bit breathless after this.)

    Step 4) Spit out the water from your mouth into the sink or into your hand,you are able to feel its warmthness.

    Step 5) Breathe normally for few times until you feel relaxed.

    Step 6) Repeat steps 1 to 5 for two more times.

    In the beginning of practice Step 3 should be started with 3 splashes on each eye and very gradually increase up-to 10 splashes.

    Attention points:-

    1) While splashing the water over the eyes, ensure that the eyes are WIDE OPEN .

    2) Do NOT use shower etc. to spray water over the eyes.

    3) Splash the water over to the EYES only with a
    moderate force.

  7. Hi Norhayati,

    Although,it is 24/7 bombarded with “ringing” sound, just IGNORE these irritating sounds.And after some time, the sound seems to DISAPPEAR. Do NOT keep reminding yourself that the sound exists there and it will made it worse. At night,it even worse when the nights are quiet,you can hear it ringing louder in your ears.

    Taking GINGKO Biloba does NOT help much. I had been taking it over 1/2 yr. Nothing so different,I still continue to hear these IRRITATING MUSIC in my ears. Ha ! Ha !
    It is even worse when I had a cold and my nose is blocked.Sometimes,I had to block 1 ear while sneezing.

    And so don’t WASTE your money on Gingko anymore.
    Want to take Gingko for to make you more ALERT, buy the fresh ones and cooked it with dried longan flesh available at Chinese medicinal shop with “peng tong” a kind of big block sugar.Ask the seller for peng tong.

    Apa nak jadi ? TAHAN lah!
    Yours is NOT as bad. I met one abt to retire teacher at the tinnitus dept who complain that her problem has become so BAD that she CANNOT sleep because it seems to her that an ALARM CLOCK is continually ringing in her head.

    Lastly, pls. read my technique at #3 on how to get a good sleep.


  8. Steven, I tried out yr relaxation technique @ #2 viz “take a DEEP breath and hold while standing erect…..Slowly,give a push on both legs from the bottom……and gradually released a few air bubbles………at a little at a time ………..and you will feel your entire body SINKING donwards……..quickly use your legs to give a swift “push” and you will “shoot” up to the surface……”

    Sure enough, I got the air bubbles out, not released gradually (how to?) but in a gush. Swimmers around me started to scurry away in all directions holding their noses. I did “quickly use my legs to give a swift push”, shot up and voluntarilry ejected myself from the pool.

    No, it was stressful. While I might give it my thumbs up as a technique to do the inaudible fart, I vote it down as a relaxation exercise.

    And you still want me to “Repeat the same technique for 5X” and ask me “How do you feel now?” when doing it once had almost killed me with embarrassment.

    “Try it out it is FUN”. No, thank you. More fun watching you than farting myself.

  9. Hi Tim,

    …Sure enough, I got the air bubbles out, not released gradually (how to?) but in a gush. You have to CONTROL your breathing.If you let it out in a gush, you will NOT feel relaxed.

    ….I did “quickly use my legs to give a swift push”, shot up and voluntarily ejected myself from the pool.

    No one asked you to eject but to keep your body erect.
    No wonder you are causing a scene here by spilling your white cream all over the pool. Swimmers started to scurry away in all directions holding their noses tak boleh tahan your “fishy” smell.

    ….Repeat the same technique for 5X” and ask me “How do you feel now?” when doing it once had almost killed me with embarrassment……. I think you must be FULLY EXHAUSTED by now. Ha! Ha!.. I couldn’t stop laughing over your joke.

    Tim, you are full of surprises and cunning ideas.
    It is a waste being a lawyer.I think you are better being a famous ” Talk Show Comedian like Micheal Hui who performed in the Hong Kong Concert Hall to a large audience and making more $$$ than a lawyer.

    Aren’t you having too much of ORGY NIGHTS lately ?

  10. Hi Steven

    Now, I understand why sometimes you just keep quiet when I was talking to you. Initially, I thought that because of our height differences…. thanks for sharing, at least I don’t feel so paiseh when you do not answer.


  11. Steven, it was worse when I regulated my breath even stopped breathing. Yes I did feel that a part of me started to erect which unfortunately was seen when its tip surfaced at that shallow end of the pool you have stipulated. Thanks Steven, you got the gals in the pool calling me “pien tai”.

  12. Hi Tim,

    ..I did “quickly use my legs to give a swift push”, shot up and voluntarilry ejected myself from the pool. And
    ….Steven, it was worse when I regulated my breath even stopped breathing. Yes I did feel that a part of me started to erect which unfortunately was seen when its tip surfaced at that shallow end of the pool

    Repeat the same technique for 5X” and ask me “How do you feel now?” when doing it once had almost killed me with embarrassment…

    ALAMAK Tim ! The way you are doing sure cause another environmental “oily” spillage in the pool. Next time, when you swim,let shi fu teach the toe dai the CORRECT way to perform this technique. Ok and you will be convinced.

  13. Hi all,
    Suffering from Gout? Find out the cause/s. Then get to the source of the problem. I don’t know what Daniel’s diet was before he got the problem. How long has he been suffering?
    There are literatures written on the subject or surf the Web for help. Avoid protein-rich food.
    Take care.

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