13 has signed up at this moment , the Ecofarm visit will be CANCELLED indefinitely due to poor response.  There is less than 30 participants, ( Minimun  requirement is 30 )

Thank you to those who had shown great interest in this visit. 

For those who had paid me thru IBG or cash , your money will be  RETURNED to you during the next SHC Gathering on 16/8 at Burger King or at this coming Sat Cycling Event at  ECPMac Donald  on 19/7/08  at 4 – 4.30pm.




 Date: 26th July ‘ 08  ( Saturday ) 

Time: 2.00 PM sharp at Choa Chu Kang MRT Stn. Control gate.

Transport:(Pls. meet just outside Choa Chu Kang MRT stn 
control gate).I will lead SHC grp to the farm by taking bus 975 which
will save us a lot of $ than by chartering a bus to and fro from the farm or by
car pooling.( Max:5 cars, limited space for parking at the farm.)

Assemble at 3 PM sharp at Eco Green Circle FarmFor details on location and more information about the farm
pls. go  to www.greencircle.com.sg   and


Minimun: 30 members ,  Maximun: 80 members and   ( Exclusive to registered SHC members only. )

Cost: $10 per pax include  guided tour, sauces , utensils and organic and mixed veggies will
be provided.

3.00 – 4.00 pm  Brief talk
by Tian Soo (SHC member) and his wife Evelyn ( Spore’s Nature Society volunteer ) and an interesting guided
of the farm by both of them.

4.00 – 5.00 pm  Innovative Salad Making competion by eg. 6
different  teams.

team will have 5 members and an appointed leader.The judges
are Tian Soo and wife, Evelyn. To “spice” up your presentation,you may bring along edible
and clean non-edible items. Prize presentation
to the 3 winning teams.   

5. 00- 6.00
  Eating the prepared salad by own team members and chit chat.

6.00 pm  Dismissal.

Payment mode: Pls. transfer by POSB/DBS ATMs only $10 per pax into  POSB Savings Account No: 086-15021-2.  After transferring pls.quote your ref.no and date of transaction in the comment.

FINAL dateline for payment: 20th July ’08.

Registered members:-

1.  Steven Chan ( Paid )

2.  Jie

3. Charles Wee

4. King Seng Lee ( Paid )

5. Alice Seah

6. Grace Wong ( Paid )

7. Ronald Koh

8. Ros Chan 

9. Veronique Lee

10. Lina Ng 

11. Susan Chang

12. Ah Nee

13. Mei Foo ( Paid )


83 thoughts on “URGENT ! SHC Farm Visit ( CANCELLED )

  1. Hi gardening enthusiasts / others,

    If you have NOT been to an ORGANIC cum Eco farm ,it is a real eye opener better than reading from books.

  2. Hi all,

    At this educational visit,you will find out more :-

    i) why the need for ORGANIC farming ?

    ii)why are organic veggies much more expensive than non-organic ones ?

    iii) how to distinguish an ORGANIC vegetable from a non-organic one?

    iv) although both plants look very similar, how to distinguish between a Citronella plant and a Lemon grass plant?

    v) what is Citronella plant used for ?

    iv) about a LIVE dragon fruit cactus ?

    v) on how to prepare an innovative dish of organic salad ?

  3. Hi Steven,


    Sorry to borrow this thread to get to you. You seem to ignore all my emails in our Yahoo Group. Kindly respond one way or the other. It is so energy sapping trying to contact you. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  4. Hi Jie, Mike, Alicia ,Pauline and Tian Soo ,

    Thanks Jie for your support to visit the Eco Organic farm.
    It was GREAT to have a chit chat and supper together after our Yoga lessons at the Kopitiam.

    I almost die laughing when our instructor told us to perform the ” anal lock ” exercise.

  5. Hi Robert,

    I reach you loud and clear.

    Pls.refer to my emails sent out tonight. Now I am busily working as a Care Assistant with RSVP from Mon to Fri from 12noon to 6 pm at SJI Junior and Evergreen Primary School.

    I do NOT have so much of my free time now and as such I cannot join you in so many activities as much as I wanted to.

    Sats are reserved for either cycling or walking.Sunday would like to play badminton or go for bowling. This Sunday computer class and every Wed yoga class.

    You see I am now overwhelm with too many activities and as such would like to scale down some activities wherever possible.

  6. Hi all,

    At our yoggies chit chat, I realise that some of phrases used in my post will subject to different interpretation.

    To make things clear, I had set a limit 1 child per family OR you can come alone as long as you are a registered SHC member.

    The cost for each Adult or Child will still be $10 each which includes guided tour of the farm and free organic and mixed non organic varieties for our TEAMS innovative salad making.

    For more details, pls, refer to my post on 2 in 1 Pkg.

  7. Hi all,

    You may register 1st. and defer payment as long as you pay within the dead line of 20 /7 /08.

    I would also like to THANK Tian Soo and Evelyn for sharing with me so much of their knowledge at their Eco farm and the role and responsibility expected of a tour guide.

    This is indeed an “eye opener” that we should NOT take nature for granted.

    The ice at the N and S Poles are melting at an alarming rate and the effects of global warming are being felt world wide.

  8. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for extending this educational visit to my daughter. Your kind gesture is much appreciated.

    Pending my indefinite travel plans, I am unable to commit my participation now, but will do so nearer the date.

    Your untiring efforts in organizing farm visits is admirable, and am sure you will get good response & support from fellow SHCians.

  9. Hi all,

    Unusually QUIET this morning???

    Hey! Some of you had requested me to go ahead to conduct the Eco FArm visit( Ad Hoc ) .

    This visit has been CONFIRMED and is NOW EXCLUSIVE for SHC Registered members to participate
    (V.Sorry. Children or non-members are NOT allowed.)

    Strange leh! Only Jie and Susan Chan have responded so far, so what happens to the rest of the interested members?

    Hope all of you can join us for this exclusive farm tour and learn more abt.the benefits of organic farming.

    Patrick Khoo, join us? Ok?

  10. Hi Steven

    I won’t be joining this interesting /educational/healthy 2-in-1 activity, but want to remind you that I hope to visit your corridor garden one Sunday afternoon(as you are occupied week-days) SOON. I want to start on my own ‘garden’ soon.

    Kristin has expressed interest, so brace yourself for two/three hens descending on your ‘garden’. I also have some photos for you.

    Njoy the farm visit – hope there’s another one.

  11. Hi Norlinda,

    Jangan LUPA, Lu tahu saya nak chakap apa ?

    Kita minta our banyak SUPPORT .

    Tolong block awak punya appointment date , 26 July 08.Ok?

    Sekarang dengar lagu 881 dan menari. Ha! Ha! .

  12. Hi Steven

    I am interested to join in. Not sure I can bring along a former college of mine if she agree to join.

    Cheers and regards

  13. Hi Mr. King SL,

    Thanks for yr support to join us.

    Pls.ask your former colleague to register 1st. with SHC as this event is meant EXCLUSIVELY for SHCians.

    Otherwise, the ” boomerang” will fly at me. Ha! Ha!

  14. Hi Grace Wong /King SL

    1) It was nice to meet Alice,KING,Peng Peng, BBCat, Boon Liang and you at the IT workshop yesterday.Thanks for your support to join us for this interesting farm visit and hands on activity as well.

    As BBCat, Boon Liang and Peng Peng are unconfirmed becos of work schedule, I will register both yr names under pending
    ( p ). Pls. let me know when both of you can finalise yr plans. Thanks.

    2) King,has yr colleague sign up as a SHC member , pls. confirm. Thanks.

  15. Hi Jassmine,

    V. Sorry for the late reply. I had been busy lately when sch term reopens and also my own house work. No part time maid as before to do ironing and cleaning my home. I am gardener and maid now.

    …..remind you that I hope to visit your corridor garden one Sunday afternoon(as you are occupied week-days)SOON. I want to start on my own ‘garden’ soon.

    I am glad to hear you want to get started.

    ….Kristin has expressed interest, so brace yourself for two/three hens descending on your ‘garden’.
    I also have some photos for you.Thanks.

    Pls.check details of my email re visit to my garden by tonight or latest tomorrow for the appointed date. Has to check with my Centre Manager the latest update of her duty roster for us as there were some last minute changes.

  16. 22.

    Hi Robert,

    To teach IT ,tai wan siow ,it is so tedious and energy sapping for a dumb dumb IT beginner for me.

    At the workshop, we are learning a few softwares at one time and my poor silverhair head is slow in digesting so many steps at 1 time.

    Hi all,
    Outside, the Kovan CC courtyard is a V. Conducive area for SHC gathering in July complete with a restaurant,drinks corner and even a pool table.

    Yes. Ah Nee , ” Lea Yau Arn Kong” in Canto to choose Kovan CC for our next gathering.The area is very SPACIOUS and OPEN and so NO noise trap as in Hans but still an APPEAL to all fellow SHCians to lower their volumes.

    Pls. remember we are here to have a good chat and good time together.

    NOT the LOUDEST VOICE wins.

    Surely,we do NOT want the neighbours at Kovan to get an impression that SHCs as being a “loud” community of ah sohs and ah peks .

    Any comments ?

  17. Hi all,

    FYI, Kovan CC is so V. EASY to find even being new to this place.

    Take a MRT train to Kovan Stn. Walk outside to Hougang Mall. Walk straight ahead to the wet market less than 3 mins.

    Cross the road and the Kovan CC is right in front of you.
    No need to bring your global positioning device.

  18. Hi Robert Quek / others,

    …..Oh good. After learning perhaps you could demonstrate to us the skills that you have learned so that we can learn from you.

    The best form of learning and improving yourself is to teach, don’t you agree? How about it?

    OK. STILL learning and testing the format.
    Pls. click link and view at

    Remember to ON your speakers too,pls. and

    look for OZQKqju2Trg.mp3 and click download now.
    When fully downloaded will play automatically on Windows Media Player.

    Enjoy the HAPPIEST MOMENTS of your lives.

  19. Hi Steven ,
    I think you have got the wrong GRACE.I wasnt at the IT workshop with the rest of the grp of names you have mentioned.I am GRACE WONG.Please register me as u have not done so in the registrants’list .Thank you.

  20. Hi Grace Wong,

    Must have been drinking a beer too many that I mixed up with Grace Kang.

    Not to worry, I had fixed it at the post.
    Thanks for informing me.

  21. Hi all,

    Whose SHcians ANG MOH child that is attracting so much attention in the banner?

    MC ? Getting married so soon. Congrats.
    Not even 9 months so fast leh. Shot gun marriage or
    is it DHL express child service. Ha! Ha!

  22. Hi Steven,

    I’m puzzled to see my name on your registered list.
    I haven’t decided yet to go. Will let you if I want to join you.

    Regards, Peng Peng

  23. Following the melody tune of “My Fair Lady”

    MC is getting MARRIED in the morning.
    Ding Dong the bells are going to chime….
    …Who is the “LUCKY” groom ?
    Roll up the red carpet, the dawn is breaking…

    So get me to the church ,for Gd sake get me to the church
    on TIME…

  24. Steven,
    You siow or what? Who’s getting married?
    Catherine Ho and I were just joking and having some fun lah. My daughter is the one getting married.

  25. Hi KING at #35,

    Confirmed yr $10 from UOB to POSB received on 010708.
    Thanks for your payment and looking forward to see you at Choa Chu Kang MRT or Ecofarm ?

  26. Ref #11 thanks for your personal invitation .Did not notice until today.Can’t commit at this time …will advise closer to the date.

    By the way Tian Soo…you did not reply to the Vietnam post addressed to u under “TS”.Will u be interested to sell you Vietnam photos for a nominal fee.Appreciate a reply(after I see the photos)can you bring it to monthly gathering?

    Attn Steven Can you return my brochures esp the one on Reunification Palace(my only copy). Any new brochures for me from HCMC trip?

  27. Hi Parick @# 45

    The book ‘Vietnam Tourist Guide Book’ was not available at the post office next to the N Dame Cathedral nor at the Reunif. Palace. I asked our guide where I could get a free copy and he said he didn’t know. I guess they had withdrawn the freeby since your last visit there.

    I have a publicity brochure on the water puppet show. It includes a map of HCMC (the city centre). I also bought some post cards from a disabled man. I can give these to you if you want them.

    S. Vietnam is a good place to go to for a short break.


  28. Hi Mookuas and Du Lians,

    ….Further to my APPEAL to THe 5 HOKKIEN PAPAYA songs have some of these brief lyrics translated with English subtitles .

    I need to know 5 titles of these songs so that when I want to buy the DVD version I can print out the titles in Mandarin

    I wanted to buy the DVD Soundtrack Version incorporating all the songs from the Papayas 881 movie which is Crystal clear and have the oomph BEATS.

  29. Sorry forget to mention that the comment was from

    From How to look for another SHCian with similar interests?,
    comments 59 and 60.

    Pls. help!

  30. Thanks for your kind support Lina Ng, Ah Nee and Susan to visit the Ecofarm and will update the name list soon .

    Norlinda apa macham?

  31. Hi Steven

    I’ve sent you a note (a few days earlier) to say that I’m interested but can only confirm at a later date.

    How is it that the message has been removed??

  32. Thanks Karen and hope you are able to help with the rest of the 881 Hokkien songs.

    I did not know Mandarin and so going into U tube will NOT be a solution.

    Can you pls. comment later once u r able to figure the 5 titles ?

    Btw, why is my name spell sTEVN cHAn so unusual ?
    Just curious to know.

  33. Steven

    Sorry, I lock the Upper key (capital letter) so if I will to hold the “shift Key” I will get small letter instead of capital letter – the reverse

    SOrry for the wrong spelling of Stevn … just finished watching the 881 , that why still blur blur.

    I sent this dvd to my sister in Sydney & brother in Shanghai – both enjoyed it so much and my niece who don even understand chinese , like u, read the sub-title… haha – she still enjoyed the show.


  34. Hi Karen,

    I borrow the DVD of 881 from a friend. And that was how I was able to get the Eng. subtitles.

    Nothing funny though,but as what I heard and write it down when the subtitles of the lyrics are shown.

    It is the melodious catchy and oomp oomp TECHNO beat tunes that “fire” me into a trance. Ha ! Ha!

  35. Hi Steven n Karen

    Its quite simple n ez 2 translate the songs found on Movie 881. Here is the way –

    U use a Chinese program, b it NJStar, Chinese Wordstar, Hansvision n type out e Chinese (??) words. When done, open up ur internet browser, internet explorer or firefox, search for “babel fish”, a translation free software. Once done, copy n paste ur Chinese words onto e text bx, select a translation language, example simple chinese 2 english, n click on “translate” button 2 get e translated results.

    I hv e Movie 881 dvd as well as its song CD. E 1st song, ?????, is translated as “the wild flower does not pass looks”.

    Accuracy is between 60 to 70% n not 100%.

  36. YKwong

    Sound so easy to u , mentioned to u b4 , i am more on practical then theory…

    Steven need the name of the song to buy the original CD.

    I know the one u mentioned , the other is “Ban Choon Hong” and another one is “Mummy no 3” the other 2 I can figure out what the name even tot I know the song.

    Maybe u can msg all the chinese word for Steven… I got problem with Han Yi Pi Yin ….

    Thanks for your info. Will try out what u mentioned above.


  37. Hi Yew Kwong /others,

    It may sound v.simple for you because you know how to type the Chinese characters in NJ Chinese Wordstar.

    I had NOT learn Chinese nor write Chinese b4, I had my educatn in Msia and Chinese was not compulsory unlike Bahasa M’sia.

    And I felt sometimes quite “lost” in Mandarin speaking Spore. Luckily, spore official language was English and I was able to work here for 26 yrs before I decided to seek for retirement.

    I am more interested in all the complete Hokkien songs of 881 movie ( Soundtrack) recorded in DVD format.

    I would like to buy the ( Soundtrack ) but recorded in DVD format for its CRYSTAL clear clarity of the music. I had heard the CD vesion of 881 pop songs and the bonus DVD of 881 recorded at Dragon fly by other non-original singers but I felt it is NOT as lively as those songs in the DVD 881 movie sung by the original singers with full of EMOTIONS.

    WWhat r the names of these original GETAI 881 singers ?

    R these songs composed by our local singers or r there adapted versions from Taiwan / HK ?

    They are so full of meanings and surge with emotions.

    If not for those Eng subtitles, I would nOT have enjoyed the movie so much.

    YK, could those songs used in the movie being edited and recorded to perfection that is why it asppears so “NICE” to listen ?

    Could you pls. enlightened me ?

    The DVD 881 movie has only some segments of these pop Hkien songs.

    I would like to have the FULL version esp. the one that has something to do with the ” Selling Coffee” and the “Mamasan and Robert Lee “

  38. Hi all,


    12 has signed up for the 2 in 1 Ecofarm guided tour and innovative salad making comptn.

    18 more to go.

    CALLING for Norlinda,
    Have you make up your mind to join the Golden Spice Girls ,
    Ah Nee, Susan and Lina and NOT forgetting yrself too ?

  39. Hi Steven

    U can still get crystal clear listing pleasure listing 2 e CD ver. Tat provided u play it on a gd hi fi set. Alternatively u can convert them into MP3 format n play them on ur MP3 player which will oso gv u crystal clear quality.

  40. Hi Karen,

    My friend lent me an original 881 vol 2 soundtrack CD and inside there is a bonus DVD of 881 songs sung at the dragofly BUT notby the original singers of 881.

    Although,it is in DVD format,the recording was NOT as good as the songs in the movies and I am using my same Pioneer 5.1 DTS sound system to play.

    I strongly believe the original singers have the “FEEL”

    Yew Kwong,

    Thanks for the 10 songs listed in yr email.
    I used these 10 titles to show them twhat I want.

  41. Steven

    All these 881 hokkien song was originally sang by Taiwanese singer, but in this movie , the background singers for Papaya is by Min Choo SIster, u test the Ming Choo sister track and see if u like it.

    I don know if Ykwong disc is sing by the sisters.


    ** Just watch the movie over and over again la

  42. Hi all,

    To date, 12 has signed up for the guided Ecofarm tour .

    18 more to go. This EVent will be Ad Hoc and NOT repeated.
    And so if you want to know more abt ORGANIC FOOD,why not join us ?

    Next 2 Sats from today. 26/6 for details pls. Look for search box and type Tian Soo , do NOT type Ecofarm will produce no search nor 2 in 1 either.

    Dateline 20/7/08.

  43. Hi Karen,

    ….from Karen….** Just watch the movie over and over again la.

    I did. And now the Hokkien sad and happy songs by the Min Choo sisters are “singing” in my head.

    Hope I will not go Nutty. Ha! Ha!

  44. HiMei Foo and Grace Wong,

    Thanks for your showing your interest in joining our Ecofarm and Salad competn at the farm with prizes awarded by Tian Soo and his wife Evelyn.

    And also for your kind payment during our Horti Park Walk to Vivocity yesterday.Will up date the name and payment list.

    Thanks to Christina and Charles Wee etc for organising this HOT and COOL refreshing walk cutting thru the Mt. Faber Hills and overlooking the harbour.

    Wow! What a beautiful panoramic view~

    The plants in the horti park are still infant in its early stages. Not much flowers yet.

    Wait until next yr when we had a walk again and the plants had fully mature ,the floral park will be “transformed.”

  45. Hi Johnny walkers,

    It was so nice to meet and chat with some of you. Our apetite was so good after the long and winding walk that we head str, to Vivocity Food republic for our dinner.

    As if NOT enough, we went agead to have our desserts at Harbour front and left abt. 10.00PM.

    When the company was having FUN and ENJOYMENT , time seems pretty SHORT.

    As Nike puts it ” Life is Short, Play Hard.

  46. Hi all,

    To update, 13 has registered for this Ecofarm visit cum salad making ( Ad Hoc ) may NOT be repeated anually

    4 has paid. 9 still unpaid.

    Gentle Reminder to those who have NOT pay up, pls. do so .
    The last date of collection is this coming Sunday, 20/7/08.

    It will be an EXCITING Chit chatting tour farm visit and salad making competn. ( Exclusive to SHC members only. )

  47. 1) Thanks Veronique and I will confirm with you later.

    2) Seok Cheng, ….should you not get 30 pax, will this event still be on? Good question.

    I will speak directly to Tian Soo, the owner of the farm on Monday morning 21/7/08.

    Shd the event be cancelled, all your money collected thru IBG will be returned to you at the next SHC gathering /cycling or walking event.I will ENSURE that the money will be returned to you.

    And so NO fear. Seok Cheng.

  48. Hi all,

    V. URGENT ! SHC Eco-Organic Farm Visit ( CANCELLED )
    by Steven Chan in Activities outdoors, Cooking, food and potluck, Forum General, Health, My residential area (Edit)

    As there is less than 30 participants,(Minimun requirement) only 13 has signed up at this moment , the Ecofarm visit will be CANCELLED indefinitely.

    Thank you to those who had shown great interest in this visit.

    For those who had paid me thru IBG or cash , your money will be RETURNED to you during the next SHC Gathering or at this coming Sat Cycling Event at ECP Mac Donald on 19/7/08 at 4 -4.30pm.

    I will be sitting inside waiting for your collection until 4.30 pm and thence to my cycling spree

  49. Hi all,

    I would APPRECIATE v. much if the 4 who have PAID up $10 for the Ecofarm Cancelled Visit to give me your POSB/DBS Accnt
    (pls. state Savings/current) Num ASAP so that I can RETURN the cash to all of you by Inter Bank transfer.

    I do NOT wish to keep yr money any longer becos some of you may not be free to turn up at the next gathering and so I found the solution by returning yr money instantly by electronic transfer.

    They are
    1) Lee KING Seng
    2) GRACE Wong
    3) MEI Foo
    4) VERONique

    The 4 pls. respond in this post comment.
    Thanks and looking forward to yr reply.
    Pls. ACCEDE to my request.

  50. Hi all,

    So far only Veronique has replied thru email.

    what about the rest?

    Can you pls. forward yr accnt no to my email address sfc0007@yahoo.com.sg ?

    …They are
    1) Lee KING Seng
    2) GRACE Wong
    3) MEI Foo
    4) VERONique

    The 4 pls. respond to my email.
    Thanks and looking forward to yr reply.
    Pls. ACCEDE to my request.

  51. Hi Veronique,

    Thanks for your email.
    The $10 had been transferred back to your account today at 12 noon.

    Pls. check and reply ASAP to me.

  52. Hi King, Grace and Mei Foo,
    I am STILL waiting for your bank accnts nos thru emails BUT to date, none of you had done so.

    Pls. co-operate and reply ASAP.

  53. Hi Steven,

    I do not feel safe to give you my account through the web.

    Understand that your email accpunt has problem.

    Maybe you can give me the money at the next Saturday walk.

    Alternatively, I can remind you when I join the event your organise next.


    King Seng

  54. So far Veronique and Grace Wong have been paid.

    As requested, KING L.S. I will pay you during our RAMBO walk this Sat.

    MEI FOO what about you ? How to settle with you ?

    Are you for joining us for the walk ?

  55. “So far Veronique and Grace Wong have been paid…….KING L.S. I will pay you during our RAMBO ………MEI FOO what about you ? How to settle with you ?”

    Walau eh, Steven, you’re into human trading so soon after human training (as a teacher)?o did you seel Veronique & Grace in the open market (in which case you must hv open them completely to show?) or in the black martket (then you must blackened them). Did you manage to sell their derivatives thru Scorebot which offers guaranted yield?

    And now you involve King ina Rambo….a kind of gayly romp or what?

    Finally, what abt Mei Foo and how to settle with her? Sine you ask, I’ll tell you : decide first what you want to do with her? Trade her? or get her to partner you in the trade. Either, I can work out the agreement for you. But pls dont trade me. Or romp me……………

  56. Hi KING and MEI FOO,

    V. good . At last, I can return the $10 cash to both of you on this coming Sat walk. See both of you soon.

    Steven C

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