Learn how to create and use an Email Account

In 1971, the first email was sent. Before that, we write on a piece of paper, put in an envelope with an address, go to the Post Office to buy the stamps and post it. It may take about 2 weeks to reach our friends or love ones.

Though the above is still available, we now has a better and more efficient way to communicate. We call this “E-Communication”.

With E-Communication, we can communicate through emails (and other means) and your friends or love ones will receive your “letter” almost instantly.

If you have never done this before and are interested to learn, continue to read the following …

Topic for the month: E-Communication
Date: 11th April 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library (Level 3)
Admission is Free

Hewlee (EC)


2 thoughts on “Learn how to create and use an Email Account

  1. Hi Hew Lee,

    You are likely the best person to help me with my email problems.

    I have a Singnet email account. But, my mobile data plan is from Starhub. At home, I have Singnet wifi.

    When I am at home, I can send my Singnet emails via the home Wifi. When, I am outside the house, and no wifi, the singnet emails get stucked, refused to budge. I have to depend on the Starhub data plan. But, I can receive all emails via my home Wifi or via the Starhub data plan. i am told that one telco is blocking the other; but am not able to confirm.

    Do you have any advice? Anybody has the same problem?

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence,
    I can only explain as follows:
    All emails are send/receive through the Internet.
    You only need one Internet provider to provide you the traffic to connect through the Internet.

    When you are outside and if only can depend on your data plan to connect to the Internet, then you must ensure all the “switches” are turn ON on Apps related to the Internet and the email accounts. In other words, you must give permission that all emails (including Singnet emails) sent through your mobile are chargeable by StarHub under the said data plan.

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