Singapore Garden Festival on Mon, 28 July 2008

Garden enthusiasts / nature lovers / others  who are interested to join me for this Garden Festival Show :-

  • Date: 28 July 08. ( Mon )  Why Mon ?  The plants are STILL very FRESH  as the 1st day of the display is on the  25th July 08.
  • Meet at SunTec City Convention Ticketing Counter, Lobby
  • Time: 7.00 – 10.00 PM ( Flexible hrs , if you want to leave earlier ) 
  • Place : Suntec Convention Centre.  

for more info , pls .click and view photos at 

Pls. click and view
the Garden Festival Show 2008 at Suntec City. Enjoy.



Ron Lai would like to add here a few of the photographs taken at the Garden Festival, please click here:


Garden Festival Show 2008 , pls. click and view


  • Weekday price $6.00 ( with *** entitled to 20% discount )
  • Week end price is $12.00 ( with *** entitled to 20% discount )
  •  *** If you have NTUC Union Card/ Passion Card / IKEA Friends / VISA Card, you may book on site at SunTec City Convention Ticketing Counter, Lobby during the Festival period. You will enjoy the 20% discount. On line booking are normal rates.
  • Registered

    1. Steven Chan
    2. Lydia Chin
    3. Mega Abdullah
    4. Alfred Ang
    5. Alice Seah
    6. Catherine Yeo

54 thoughts on “Singapore Garden Festival on Mon, 28 July 2008

  1. Calling Jassmine , Kristine, Veronique, Annie Loh , Janet Heng ,Liu , Gingko, Ron Lai n Alice , Alice Seah, Cat Yeo ,Cat BBQ and Cat Ho / others,

    Joining this garden festival?

  2. Hi all,

    Some of the hilights of the show are listed below:-

    LEVEL 6 Landscape and Fantasy Gardens

    Featuring creations by local designers and top award-winning garden designers from around the world including Australia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States of America.

    Floral Windows to the World

    Featuring colourful and vibrant cut-flower displays and floral masterpieces with stunning set design and lighting by floral designers from Belgium, France, India, Norway, Macau and more.

    LEVEL 4 Singapore Orchid Show

    Showcasing Southeast Asia’s rich and diverse heritage of orchids. A dazzling display of the most diverse botanical family and the most important plant group in the international floriculture industry.

    Garden Fiesta
    Offering educational, recreational and entertainment activities catering to the public, families, serious gardeners as well as hobbyists.

    Vibrant MarketPlace

    Offering a wide array of plants, gardening and landscape products and services, and arts & craft – all under one roof.

  3. “…..Cat Yeo ,Cat BBQ and Cat Ho….”, yes Steven they are our SHC cats but what do they really stand for?

    1. Cat Yeo………..this cat shakes all the time.

    2. Cat BBQ……… guessing what Steven wants to do with her.

    3. Cat Ho…………? No, she is not a cat but a caterpillar.

  4. Hi all ,

    There is a lot of good CREATIVE ideas from the landscape/gardening professionals /experts whch one can can LEARN and customised to start his/her own “dream garden”

    Hey, Jassmine T , you chose the right time to start and by coming to this Garden Festival,it will help you tremendously.

    Btw, at this garden festival fair, at the “Market Place” you can buy the necessary gardening tools spades,forks and squatting knee pads etc.and accessories like organic/chemical fertilisers, bug sprays and finally orchids and other ornamental plants at a much cheaper price than those from the nurseries at behind the Kovan Heartland Mall (8 nurseries clustering together)or at Bkt. Timah /Bedok /Seaview Road , Clementi , Upper Changi Rd or Ang Mo Kio nurseries. Pls. check it out!

  5. Hi Jassmine Teo,

    I know you are already SUM YOK YOK to start your garden, Jess.

    All you need is just ONE spark that enlightens your “dream garden”

    Beware Hor. Once started and everything blooms well, one may eventually be ADDICTED to gardening like me.

    Every morning, when I wake up ,I will walk along my entire corridor and no man’s land to admire how my little “babies” plants are growing and see to their needs.

    At the same time, when you see them growing healthily and “happily” it would help to elevate our moods too.
    Ha! Ha! no need for opium / MauBurrow cigarettes.

  6. Hi Jassmine/others,

    1) Some gardeners are resorting to using recorded music or talking to the plants for them to grow better.

    I strongly believe in just admiring my “babies” and sending them telepathic “SMS positive stroke messages” . Ha! Ha!
    May sound silly / foolish but it works.

    2) And by visiting Tian Soo’s Eco organic farm a few times had helped me to appreciate more in depth abt gardening.
    And so if you are into gardening, do join us for Next Sat, 26/7/08 for the Ecofarm and Innovative Salad Making Comptn. Prizes will be awarded by Tian Soo and Evelyn.

    My 8 cts. compost worth

  7. Hi Steven & All

    On top of what you mentioned in respect of NTUC union members’s discount of 20%, let me inform you and all NTUC Card members are entitled to enjoy a special rate of $2.50 per entrance for those of 55 yrs and above on specific date only on 3lst July,2008, IF INTERESTED MAY HAVE TO REGISTER WITH NTUC CLUB.


  8. Hi MEGA Abdullah,

    Perhaps, this time you may be able to join us in this Garden Festival. Esp your “passion” lies in growing ORCHIDS.
    Heard from Alice that you had a beautiful garden and home full of orchids.

    Malu to ask you .
    Is it OK ? for you to invite some of us,gardening enthusiasts to visit your home and garden too to SHARE with us your joy of growing orchids.

  9. Hi Tim Kor,

    Your work has been V. STRESSFUL lately.

    Why NOT take a good break and join us at this Garden Festival on 28/7 (Mon) to unwind ?

    Take in some fresh clean “oxgenated” air from the surrounding indoor plants to detox.

  10. Hi Steven,

    I was there last year, 2007 Singapore Garden Festival. It was really an eye-opener for Garden enthusiasts and nature lovers. I love Orchids & flowers and was very impressed on this CREATIVE ideas on landscaping and gardening. So many to see, I may go again if time permits. Btw last year a friend gave me 6 tickets free. This year, I notice the pricing for the Garden Festival is so much cheaper. :)

    Ah Nee

  11. Steven Didi (he’s a lot sweeter than didi amin), many gals will say ok to a home visit request; some will say ok to a nite’s stay but very few will allow you to stay forever in there so I dont know where yr luck stays this time.

    Thanks for yr invite to join you. I am touched and will hv to confess. Each time I see leaves I tend to look for spiders. If I dont find any, will direct my anger at the pots which hold the plants leaving a trail of devastation & debris.

    So you still want me ?

  12. Hi Steven

    In fact, I am a member of the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA), and I am helping out in OSSEA’s Orchid Show which is held in conjunction with the Garden Festival. So I’ll be at Suntec on 23-25 July. However, I don’t mind to be with our members on Monday, 27 July, at 7 pm. How many of our members will be able to make it at 7 pm on Monday?

    No, I don’t have a garden full of orchids. I started with this present collection only 2-3 years ago after my retirement, and they are all commercial or common plants. The dendrobium plants which are outside my house are all flowering, but the strap leaved vandas inside my small garden are not flowering. But you and other members are most welcome to drop by at place – 21 Jln Novena Utara.

    Warmest regards

  13. Hi Steven!

    TQ for including me. Would be interested if I’m free.
    Rather busy until after 1st Aug.

    Tim, Tim reminds me of Tim, the Tin toy soldier!
    “Eveready battery” to charge people & name people eh?
    Shall call U “eveready battery Tim.”
    TQ for calling me caterpillar, can turn into beautiful butterfly (next life ha…)

  14. Sigh, even the fact that it’s just a battery size cannot be kept away from you, Cat-Ho, you really can. So how does an AAA battery appeal to you? Surely you’re not the ravenous annabelle who alternates her sitting btwn the twin towers?

  15. Hi Steven
    @# 4

    I might be visiting the show but not on Mon (28/7) evening.

    @# 8
    I think I’ll get the gardening essentials from the nurseries at Kovan. More convenient.

    @# 9
    Sum yoke yoke three weeks ago. Now the yoke yoke is coming to a stop, so better get started.

    @# 10
    No problem ‘talking’ to plants. 1st will sing to the plants,
    then read poetry to them. Finally share ‘sum xi'(canto) with them. How’s that for a start?


  16. Hi Steven.

    This floral show sounds very interesting. I love looking at flowers. Are we allowed to take photographs of the flowers? If so, we should get all the keen photographers to come, and perhaps organise a mini photo contest amongst SHC? Calling Dan, are u keen to come & take some shots?

    I plan to join you on 28th July. Pls count me in. Are we meeting for dinner before the show?

    Cheers, Lydia.

  17. Hi Tim @ # 15,

    ….Each time I see leaves I tend to look for spiders. If I dont find any, will direct my anger at the pots which hold the plants leaving a trail of devastation & debris.

    So you still want me ?

    I will find a ” Black Widow”( Tarantula ) to cure your “unique” behavior by injecting 0.0001mg of venom whenever you kicked the potted plants.

  18. Hi Lydia,

    1 ) Thanks so much for joining me at this Garden Festival.

    2 ) V. sorry , no time for dinner. My work finishes at 6pm.
    Alternatively, you may come earlier at 6pm and eat at the food court called Food Republic at Suntec city Convention Centre and be by the ticket lobby by 7pm.

    3 ) Sure, you are allowed to bring along as many digital cameras as you can carry. In fact,members are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to bring along their digital cameras for shots.

    ……Perhaps organise a mini photo contest amongst SHC ? Calling Dan, are u keen to come & take some shots?
    ( Excellent idea, Lydia for those passionate SHC photographers like you . What say you TerenceS? )

    4 ) I will update yr name .

  19. Hi all,

    Pls. click and view the V. BEAUTIFUL slides of “dream” garden landscaping in 3 different categories, gold,silver and bronze at

    and pls. click video gallery at

    Seeing is BELIEVING!
    ” For your Eyes Only ”

    …….Each time I see leaves I tend to look for spiders. If I dont find any, will direct my anger at the pots which hold the plants leaving a trail of devastation & debris.

    In that case , Tim better not come too close.
    I do not wish the Garden Festival to be “ruined” by you.
    Ha! Ha!

  20. Hi MEGA Abdullah,

    1 ) I am V. happy to know that you are a member of the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA) and that you are helping out in OSSEA’s Orchid Show which is held in conjunction with the Garden Festival and that you will be at Suntec on 23-25 July.

    However, you don’t mind to be with our members on Monday, 28 July, at 7 pm.

    ……How many of our members will be able to make it at 7 pm on Monday? ( Well, I had to see how is the response, right now we had 2 members ) and I will update the name list at the Garden Festival post till the 28/7.(Mon)

    2 ) ……. But you and other members are most welcome to drop by at place – 21 Jln Novena Utara.( Thanks v.much. I will put up another post becos right now I am starting our SHC gardening group and so I do not know how many are really interested . Later, I will email you with 3 dates and you pls. choose the date that suits you best , most probably during Sat/Sun.

    3) In the mean time,could you could kindly SHARE with us your passion of growing Dendrobiums and Vandas in the Gardening post.

    At the main SHC homepage, type Gardening in the search box, scroll down to the 3rd. post and you will arrive at the post-Gardening ( Wed.26 Sept 2007 )

    Hope you can accede to my request.

  21. Hi all,

    Some members thru emails wanted to know why I chose Mon instead of weekends where most are free to attend.

    The date 28/7 ( Mon ) was deliberately chosen instead of a weekend ,Sat or Sun because the flowers and plants will NOT look so fresh after a lapse of one week.

    We can wait but NOT the plants.

  22. Hi Steven and all garden enthusiasts

    I’ve just booked my tickets on the website using enets to pay. I shall plan to be at the Festival earlier in the day because of parking concerns.

    For me it would be a “sight for sore eyes” as I do not have a green thumb… but am interested in vegetable gardening and also water gardens.

    Here’s a site that I found out about while in Phuket: They are a commercial organisation and developed a self-contained box to grow tomatoes and other plants. Also there are other self-made “copies” of the box concept which you can google.

    Happy gardening!

  23. Hi Steven,

    I think Mega is also joining us on 28th, is he? And he mentioned that he’ll be there from 23rd to 25th, is that right? What happend to the weekend of 26th – 27th? Why is everyone avoiding the weekends? Is it too crowded or ‘cos its double the price?

    For those who’re coming for dinner, meet me at the food court @ 6:30pm.

    Terence, will u be coming? What happen to all the other nature walkers, botanists, etc?

    Cheers, Lydia.

  24. Hi Steven,

    I’ll definitey be there. I love to watch flowers and plants – it’s therapeutic. Am interested in growing them but do not have the luxury of a garden or large balcony or time. Perhaps when I retire in a year’s time I can count on you and other SHCians for assistance in growing a few potted flowers. See you Monday week.

    Hi Lydia Chin, maybe I can join you for dinner.

    Cheers, Alice Seah

  25. Hi Steven & Mega

    On 28th July at 6.30pm my group under ANNUITANT CLUB is organising the outing to the Garden Festival, free of charge to the members, Alice and I will be with them, as planned very much earlier.

    Anyway, we are there, we can always join you and the rest of SHCians.


  26. Dear Steven,

    Sorry to reply so late but I did not read your post until recently. Ok I think I will go for this garden festival. I will probably buy my ticket at the lobby. Errh..where do we meet? If I take the MRT, which is the nearest station?

    TimL- are you some kind of a clairvoyant, soothsayer, fortune-teller? How do you know I shake all the time as you are not with me 24/7?

  27. Hi Catherine Yeo!

    Don’t you know that battery Tim? Eveready to charge people wif names? He’s teasing at yr surname “Yeo” which means in Hokkien”:- shake.
    Do U mean 16/7? He was there watching U. Beware! He..he..

    Tim L :- So clever to “liu” Never turn up for game @ CSC. Not enough players. 7 people wif 2 courts, how to play eh?
    Short of one “kaki”.

  28. Hi Catherine Yeo, Alice Seah and Alfred Ang,

    Thanks for your kind support to join me at the Garden Festival at Suntec City.

    To the Cat Y that “dances”

    i) ……..Sorry …. Errh..where do we meet?

    ii) If I take the MRT, which is the nearest station?

    i) Date: 28 July 08. ( Mon )

    Pls. meet at SunTec City Convention Ticketing Counter,Lobby

    Time: 7.00 – 10.00 PM ( Flexible hrs , if you want to leave earlier ).

    Look out for the V.TALL Giraffe waiting patiently around at the ticket lobby.

    Ha! Ha ! You can’t miss it!

    2) The nearest MRT stn is City Hall and pls. take the short cut and walk to the City Link underpass. From there look out for the sign board that will direct you to Suntec City.

    Ok? Any further enquiries, pls. let me know.?

  29. Hi Mega,

    …I am also a member of the ( NTUC Annuitant Club.)
    OK, I’ll meet all of you at 6.30 pm on Level 4, Suntec.

    Mega, what time will you be seeing us the ( SHC group )at the ticket lobby? Pls. clarify. Thanks

  30. Will be there. Please start off from Level 6 Main entrance. I can guide the group of you through the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens before bringing you down to Level 4. Thereafter, you can take yout time to shuttle between the 2 floors for upto end of the day (10pm), with your “chop” on your hand, as long as you don’t wash it off!

  31. Hi Steven

    Ron and Alice Lai and members of the Annuitant Club will also be at Level 4, Suntec, at 6.30 pm. I think we should meet at the Ticketing Counter.

    Since you are meeting the SHC members at 7 pm at Level 1 Ticketing Counter, I suppose we go down to Level 1 by about 7 pm.



  32. Hi Mega Abdullah and other GARDEN festival members,

    ……Since you are meeting the SHC members at 7 pm at
    Level 1 Ticketing Counter, I suppose we go down to

    Pls. meet at Level LEVEL 1 TICKETING COUNTER at 7pm.
    Pls. be punctual and do NOT forget to bring along your Digital Camera to capture your BEST flora shots.

    Sorry folks, couldn’t made it earlier as I had my voluntary mentoring work and it ends at 6 pm. at Novena.

    See you at 7pm. no matter rain , shine or snow!

  33. Hi all,

    All others it is still NOT too late to join us.

    Pls. look for the ” GIRAFFE ” at the ticket counter esp the NEW SHC Members who has no idea who you are going to meet.

    EXCLUSIVE to SHC members only.

  34. Hi Steven & Mega

    Correction, Alice and I with the Annuitant Club members will be meeting at Level 1 (Information Counter), where distribution of tickets to our members of (AC) will be assembled at 6.30pm.

    At the same time, will be meeting Steven to hand over to him ticket to the HEART ROCK CONCERT.


  35. 1) Thanks Mega,Catherine Yeo,Alfred Ang,Lydia and Alice Seah for a wonderful ” FEAST for the EYES” in joining me at the Garden Festival at Suntec City and the wonderful fellowship.

    2) Thanks esp. to Mega who came to see us despite his hectic schedule as an exhibitor

    3) Thanks to Ron lai and Alice who had reserved for me and sold me the Heart Rock Concert ticket at Level 6.

    4) We met Janet Heng, Liu and Grace Wong at the end of the show at Food Republic on the grd.floor of Suntec City.

    5) For those who are contemplating to see the show, BETTER HURRY,some of the flowers esp.the non hardy ones and and even some of the orchids are “WILTING”

    6) The BEST in show and Gold Award Winner goes to Far East Flora for their ” Seeking Shangri La” landscape category theme. They won because of their “INGENIOUS” concept of depicting the sunken Shangri La building with water waves and with many types of plants that give the coral reef effect.

    7) The next Gold Medal winner was from China which shows the landscape scenery of an “Ancient” Chinese village complete with a pond with lotus plants and wild ducks.

    8) Seeing is Believing”
    Thr 3 hrs, was NOT enough to view so MANY of the exhibits. They are so many categories both international and
    local ones as well(schools and residential communities.) competing against one another.

    Maybe if I have the time I will go on the last day, this coming FRIDAY to do some last minute “shopping” on garden plants and accessories.

  36. Steven @ #46

    Really nice photos especially “Mascot of Garden Festival”. Who’s the small creepy character on your right? Really nice picture of you with a great toothy smile and in an unusual green costume. Did any girls try to sit on your lap.


  37. Hi Wong KT,

    …..with a great toothy smile and in an unusual green costume.

    Green costume ? I think you need to “upgrade” your reading glasses to higher power.

    FYI, I was wearing a dark blue shirt with red stripes.

  38. Hi Wong KT,

    ….Did any girls try to sit on your lap.Hee-hee.

    Ya lor, what if it ” stands up ” for attention?
    Paiseh ,paiseh….Ha! ha!

  39. Hi all,

    300 000 visitors to the Garden Festival can’t be wrong.
    If you had missed it,wait for another EXCITING event in

    See you then.

  40. Hi Ron Lai/ others,

    Thanks for your nice photos again taken at the garden festival.

    For convenience, I had placed your hyperlink at the post for easier access. Seeing is believing.

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