Makan Sutra Kakis Meet on Thursday, 30 April 2015

Aprilbuffet3   Aprilbuffet1   Aprilbuffet2 Hi everyone The next Makan Sutra gathering will be held at the end of April.  Details are as follows:

  • Date:              Thursday, 30 April
  • Time:              12 noon – 3 pm
  • Venue:            Jayleen Hotel, 42 Carpenter Street (facing a big open car park)
  • Food:              Buffet lunch
  • Cost:               $13 nett (to pay on the day itself).. Please let me have the exact amt of $13 per person ~ as I may not have enough change (TQ)
  • Nearest mrt:    Clarke Quay
  • Directions:       After coming out from Clark Quay mrt station, cross the road at the traffic light or overhead bridge.. turn right and you can see Carpenter Street.. walk along Carpenter St and Jayleen Hotel is at the end of this short road.

Delicious home-cooked food: nonya buffet ~rice, chicken, fish, vegetables, popiah, garlic cheese toast, dessert, cold & hot drinks ~ The food may vary every week .. Music is provided too. I’ve reserved 15 seats at the restaurant for this event.  Please register here if you’re interested in joining.

Thank you & warm regards,

Gabriella Chua, EO

Registration List:

  1. Gabriella Chua (confirmed)
  2. Jazz Soh (confirmed)
  3. Richard Kwok (confirmed)
  4. Grace Ng (confirmed)
  5. Tony Ang
  6. Loong Say Meng (confirmed)
  7. Ronald Lam (confirmed)
  8. Veronique Lee (confirmed)
  9. Nina Choo (confirmed)
  10. SS James
  11. Susan Chong
  12. Sam Goh (no response inspite of reminders)
  13. Joan Ang
  14. Peter Loo (confirmed)
  15. Winnie Tan (confirmed)
  16. Elaine Ang
  17. John Chua SC (confirmed)
  18. Mega (confirmed)
  19. Karen Phoo  (taken as confirmed)
  20. Gingko Tay (confirmed)
  21. Wendy Lum (confirmed)
  22. Jennifer Wu (confirmed)

(All re-confirmed except for Karen Phoo)

Karen – Please reconfirm that you’re coming for the lunch on 30 April.  I wish to wrap up everything by Monday, 27 Apr.   TQ! (taken as confirmed since there’s no further response from you)

 For shc members only.  No politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM                                               

REGISTRATION CLOSED (15 places booked with hotel ~Cost is $13 nett… no discount for senior citizens (someone brought this up at the last kopi chat) )



38 thoughts on “Makan Sutra Kakis Meet on Thursday, 30 April 2015”

  1. Hi ah jie gab ,
    Loooonng time didnt log in…wow wow sound so tempting ya…
    Pls temporary put a pkt of tissue…
    Will confirm again one week before de event. Can bo ?
    Bro sam

  2. Bro Sam
    What a pleasant surprise to hear from you again after what seems like decades ago? Haha :-)

    Oh yes, you are welcome to join in this buffet lunch… sure to have nice fun. With you around, I’m sure we’ll have loads of free laughter therapy.

    Booked tentatively for you.

    Pl confirm ASAP.

    Ah Jie

  3. Hi Gabriella,
    Would like to join you for the Makan Sutra buffet lunch.
    Please register me.
    Missed your fun and laughter, as always.
    Thank you

  4. Hello Joan

    Glad that you’re joining us this time round. Registered for you.
    The nearest mrt station is Clark Quay ~think you know ya? You were there during one of the monthly meets….

    Agree, my gatherings are full of fun and laughter…. haha heehee :-)

    Today’s ST article:
    “Socialising may help the elderly stave off dementia”.

    We must thank Terence Seah for providing a platform for socialising viz: SHC.
    Kudos to him!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Hi Winnie
    Nice to hear from you again. I’ve included you for the lunch gathering. C u on 30 April. I m sure you’ll have fun and laughter plus good makan.


  6. Sam
    I’ve messaged you…. no response. Pl confirm by today.. otherwise I’ll cancel your tentative booking so that others who are genuinely interested can have the seat. Hope you understand.


  7. Hi gab jie ,
    Haha ha…i tot i say one week before de event..aiyo sorry lah
    Never mind dun put u in hard position…
    I , ve halt my singtel line for two yrs…since using msia line more often…
    Sorry ah gab jie….

  8. Hi Gabriella,
    Just to inform you that I have to cancel the Buffet Lunch
    because I am required to be around for the Big Event
    of my Company on 30 April.
    Please accept my humble apologies.
    Thank you.

  9. Hi
    Come and join the makan sutra gathering. It’s a good platform to meet friends and enjoy a meal together :-)

    [image=friendship quote4.jpg]

  10. Hi Gabriella,
    I need to cancel the lunch. Sorry about it. I’ll join in the next time around.
    Thank you and have a great lunch.


  11. Wendy Lum
    Karen Phoo

    Wd appreciate if you cld reconfirm that you’re coming for the lunch on 30 April. Pl advise by Monday, 27 Apr. I do not have your contact numbers.
    Btw, does anyone have their hp numbers. Kindly send to me as I need to contact them urgently in case they don’t get the message here.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi Jennifer Wu

    Ref our apps messages, I have included you for the lunch as requested by you. Kindly pay $13 nett on the day itself.

    C u then.

  13. To all present at Jayleen for the makan sutra yesterday….
    Thank you for all your support!
    (couldn’t put a pic earlier as my pc was not working properly)


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