Chilli Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet (Postpone )

Date : Postpone Until Further Notice

Time : 7. 00 pm

Place : Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant , 470 , North Bridge Road (Directly facing opposite Bugis Junction)

Price: $15.80 NETT  ( Newly revised )   

Max: 20 pax

Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking.
To ease payment by electronic transfer :-
Pls. transfer the correct amount into Steven Chan’s
POSB Savings Account No: 086 – 15021 – 2. by ATM.

After transferring
pls. quote your and date of transaction in the comment.

Registered to attend:

1. Steven Chan ( Paid )

2. Lee King  Seng ( Paid ) 




29 thoughts on “Chilli Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet (Postpone )

  1. Hi all,

    I had checked the Calendar of Activities and found it does not clash with any monthly SHC activity.

    V. Sorry in the past it was by private invitation because I would like the SHC members to give feedback on this restaurant before opening this forum to all.

    First 20 only .
    Those late will be on waiting list.
    Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking and confirmation.

  2. wow!..any dish with cili padi sure shiok power gila!..hhmmm sedap!..
    Steven…u always love to eat so much of anything, but u don grow fat hor! envious!
    Saya tak boleh join sebab bulan puasa..hehe

  3. Hi Norlinda,

    You lagi STM.
    Sudah chakap dalam koment dulu, the initials of my name are C.S.F. ( Cannot Store Fat ). How to grow fat leh!

    You give me some kilos, I exchanged with you some of my metres. Boleh?

    Walau ! and then both of us will have ideal height and weight.

    ……Saya tak boleh join sebab bulan puasa..hehe
    Tapi restaureant ini tAK HALAL.Mana boleh join?

    Next time, I will search for a Halal restaurant so that you ,Mega Abd and Zariah can join. Lu boleh rekomend? Mana yang ada makanan yang sedap sekali.

  4. Hi Norlinda,

    Mana yang ada makanan yang sedap sekali?
    ……Where else but Norlinda’s house! Ha ha

    Norlinda, can we have a Pot Lucky Party to savour your home cooked dishes? M’sia boleh. Awak Boleh ?

  5. Hi Food Connoisseurs/ others ,

    I would appreciate v. much if you could join this Nonya Buffet diner and have a wonderful time chit chit char char……

    If you could recommend delicious food,good ambience restaurant and reasonable price which I will KIV for next yr. Food Events.

  6. Steven@3…
    apa itu STM?..saya tak faham lah?

    alamak i know yr restaurant tak halal..u know me..always want to kacau2 only..stir fry make it crispy like kropok!:)
    anyway,don jemput saya as i always wont be able to make it..cos weekends…its my family day..remember?

    missy Lina..don pecah rahsia…its my mom’s cooking hor, not mine..ssshhhh!…saya tak pandai masak, only know how to fry mee goreng…ask ahnee/suzchang..haha

  7. Hi Norlinda,

    ….apa itu STM?..saya tak faham lah?

    STM kalau translate into Bahasa Melayu, erti nya

    PENDEK MASA FIKIRAN. Faham sekarang ! Hee! hee!

    main main sahaja, jangan NAIK DARAH.

  8. Steven like that huh, you’ll have to put up an invitation for tender with no closing date. Gals today are very independent, earn their own keep and so have the $ to buy & eat a lot………………you may hv to look far away to the countries where the impoverished & undernourished live.

  9. Steven@8…
    hey..I still dont get what STM means leh??..maybe yr translation salah…hhhmmm
    btw…Tim is rite…..u hv to go Africa..plenty of skinny girls, with long earlopes, broad smily face..ever ready waiting for you lor….LOL..:)

  10. Hi puan Norlinda,

    ./.u hv to go Africa….plenty of SKINNY girls, with long earlopes, broad smily face..ever ready waiting for you

    AlamaK! Semua TULANG, saya suka makan ( PUN PEH SOW ), mesti ada “isi” yang SUCCULENT. Ha! ha!

    STM?????????. You ask Ah Nee/Tim maana nya.

  11. Hi Steven

    I will join you. Will transfer the amount to your account later.

    I am sure you will get more SHCians signing up nearer to the date, as by which time they are more certain of their commitments.

    Good work.Keep it up.

    King Seng

  12. Hi KING Seng,

    Thanks v. much for your PROMPT reply and support.

    I made a mistake this time by starting the post too EARLY and I can understand their concerns.

    Will ALERT them again when the date draws nearer.

  13. Hi Steven Foo,

    Nice to meet you and

    Just logged in the password from SHC admin and you can start to comment.

    Do familarise yourself with this SHC forum and you will find it so much fUN.

    As for your INTERESTING profile, Terence Seah will be posting it later.

  14. Hi Steven Foo,

    I heard not seen any of your comments yet.

    Be free to express your opinions.views in iur SHC forum.

    Terence Seah Kim Seng , pls. update Steven Foo’s Profile which he had sent you 2 weeks ago.

    Good night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  15. Hi Steven Foo,

    Give it a try and write your comments in those posts which you think are thought provoking.

    Give it a try. Nothing to be “shy’ about.

    We are here to LEARN from one another.
    And no one is PERFECT.

  16. Hi Food connoiseurs / others,

    The Nonya Dinner buffet consists of many varieties of Nonya dishes such as the following:-

    i) ayam sioh

    ii) ayam buah kulak

    iii) babi ponteng

    iv) pig stomach soup

    v) salted vegetable soup

    vii) DIY laksa and mee siam ( DIY = Do It youself )

    viii) plenty of kueh mueh

    ix) DIY rojak

    x) DIY popiah

    xi) DIY chendol

    xii) free coffee and tea on the house

    xii) many others ..too many to name.

    Seeing, Eating is Believing.

    For those who had NOT been to this place, it is a good opportunity for you to try out their DELICIOUS and mouth watering Nonya dishes and desserts.

  17. Hi King Seng / others,

    …..Do you have Steven Chan’s email address. I need to contact him regarding the lunch at Chilli Padi.

    I was not able to locate the thread. The post moves down v.quickly as there are other many posts after this and hence you will not able to locate it.

    It is NOT advisable to scroll down and search for the relevant post.

    In future, for EASIER ACCESS:-
    At main page,type Nonya in search box and click search, you will arrive at the Chilli Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet(Adhoc) and pls. write in your comment.

  18. Hi all,

    The Chlli Padi post will be postphoned until further notice.

    Thanks King Seng for agreeing to this postponement.

    And the new post will be out within 2 to 3 weeks before actual date.

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