We shouted , we chanted, we clapped ,we jumped and then we jogged out to the field and waved to about 55.000 strong audience watching the 28th Sea Game closing ceremony last night!

It was a bit chaotic with only 10min rehearsal but it was fun and exciting!
I am glad to have volunteered for the Sea Game and have a memorable experience. The Game will come back to Singapore again in 22 years time but where will I be then? Only God knows…

By chance I found out another fellow SHCian Shirleen Kao also volunteered, so last night we sticked together chasing all sort of athletes to take picture with. And in the process hit by the big balloons several times ha ha!

Wonder if any other members have volunteered as well? (Either this or other national scale events). Perhaps you would like to share your experience with us too?

Hooray Team Singapore for achieving 84 record Gold Medals!

(PS. I volunteered for youth Olympic too in 2010.another memorable experience dealing with media.officials.athletes and had a close encounter with prince Albert of Monaco)

7 thoughts on “YAY TEAM SINGAPORE!

  1. Hi Frisna & Shirleen,
    Well done girls, nice photos. Am sure you enjoy in the closing ceremony and other events too. Keep it up. Cheers..

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