Precious collection

This is the heading in today’s Sunday Times about a jewellery shop, in commemoration of SG50, presented a Peranakan-inspired jewellery collection. I looked at the pictures of the jewellery and immediately thought of my own small collection of Peranakan jewellery encrusted with intan (diamond chips).

Under the influence of a good friend years ago, I started buying some pre-owned kerongsang,  earrings,  etc. I liked and still like their intricate designs.  Twice  I thought of selling them and took them out of the safe deposit box, but twice changed my mind when I looked at those exquisite things of beauty!

The jewellery shop chose to promote the Peranakan-inspired jewelley pieces with an updated version. Mine are the old originals.  So happy!



Author: Jassmine Teo

I came to know about the SHC from eNN (Seng Kang). My interests are varied. I write on the forum regularly to improve my writing. In my autumn years, my priority is voluntary service. Hope to meet like-minded people and help initiate a programme/project for the disabled like the hearing impaired.

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  1. Hi Jassmine

    It’s me again… I just have to say something… kaypoh or not!

    I’m a Peranakan, and kerosangs and Peranakan jewellery interest me … but only because they were worn by our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, etc. I do have a few pieces of these old jewellery but they are not very valuable in a sense as these pieces are usually made with diamond chips (the offcuts when you cut a diamond) and the gold is usually 916 or a blend of metals which make it reddish.
    The recent jewellery shop is not the first, there is one which still has the original craftsman and has been doing this for years.
    If you are keen to invest in something like this, you should take a look at their creations.

  2. Jassmine,
    I have a pendant and two bangles of Peranakan origin. They are very intricately done but the gold is of a reddish grade and the diamonds are diamond chips. Nonetheless, they are beautiful.
    My mother got them from her mother and I believe my mother distributed quite a few pieces to my sisters. I remember a pair of ear rings, a ring and a necklace, all beautifully crafted.
    I have often wondered what their worth is.
    Perhaps Kenneth can recommend someone who can tell us?

  3. Hi Kenneth, Mary
    My friend told me the value of the Peranakan jewellery depended on (i) whether handmade or machine made (ii) quality of the intan (iii) workmanship.

    Peranakan jewellery is expensive to buy and difficult to sell, unless we meet collectors or image/trend setters who enjoy wearing uncommon jewellery pieces. Most pawnshops accept them as pledges.

    Kenneth, I don’t think I want to invest in Peranakan jewellery as it is a niche market I know little about.

  4. Hi Jasmine

    After Ninety-three yrold mother passed away, will donate her intan-berlian to

    Peranakan Museum, as she had agreed more than five years ago.

    They are 1.Tiga-paku chochok sanggol 2. Anting-anting bentok Dua Anggor

    3. Kerosang bertiga yang tengah satu-satu bermanek mata
    ikan kerapu

    4. Sapasang kasot manek yang tengah bermanek bungah Rose

    5. Tali pinggang perak tersimpol sama kampek manek berchampor
    sama jiji batu manek panteh lait

    6. Gelang tangan bukan Original, guess mother bought during
    Seventies from Joo Chiat pawnshop

    Sorry Jasmine “faham” is Malay word, our Peranakan patois is “Erti” which
    is actually shortened from the Malay word “mengerti” which is “I understand from reading” whereas “faham” is “I understand what you say” but a Third-party will
    say “saya mengerti apa dia chakap=I understand what he/she said”

    Teopuchi wah si long-winded

    Regards, Abel

  5. Visited the jewellery shop which is promoting their Peranakan Collection. I have a few pieces from my grandmother which she handed down to the granddaughters before she passed on. Where is this shop which Kenneth mentioned – would like to take a look at what they have to offer.

    About Poh Heng’s Peranakan Collection – although they are a more updated/modern version, it is not worth paying for them as they are charging an exorbitant price for their collection (not just based on weight/price of gold and workmanship, eg, the pendant which would cost about $1,500 – their price tag is $3,500). Not worth it…………..unless you really, really like it so much.

    Caroline Sit

  6. Hi Caroline
    I think the Poh Heng Peranakan-inspired jewellery is expensive because of the diamonds in the jewellery. They are not diamond chips (intan) which are much cheaper. I have not seen the real stuff, only their pictures, as their designs do not attract me. I think their kerongsang is matronly, unlike mine (picture on post) – so sweet and beautiful! (lol!)

  7. Hi Jassmine

    Maybe you’re right – the diamonds on my grandmother’s pieces are intan. Regarding Poh Heng’s collection, the ones I saw are the gold pieces without diamonds. The diamonds are in the ones with white gold which I was not too interested. So without diamonds already cost upwards of $3,500 (not worth – in my opinion).

  8. Hi Caroline,
    Yes, without diamonds the pendant you mentioned is very expensive. I suppose Poh Heng hopes to make it a status symbol for the wearer. Well, good luck to the store.

  9. Aiyah…lost my comments…have to type again!

    Just saw this post…and Abel: Your mum’s jewellery sounds interesting…Dia pakay sanggul yah?
    Personally I’ve had disappointing response from the museum…Jorang tengok kita punya barang tak mata. There’s no guarantee that they will display your pieces.
    I think you should keep them for your family, and as a remembrance.

    And Caroline…the shop I was referring to does a fantastic job of Peranakan jewellery…authentic reproductions done by a master craftsman who knows how to mount the intan using the old style…beautiful but not cheap. You are welcome to contact me for their details. Maybe we all could go take a look!

  10. Hi Kenneth
    I’m interested in visiting the Peranakan jewellery shop you mentioned. What day are you free to go? Now haze season. Maybe in October or Nov?

  11. Hi Jassmine

    It looks like we can arrange a trip rather like our coin collecting sojourn…
    Yes, I would be happy to arrange a visit if any would like to come…

    And, Caroline, care to come? We need you to bring your checkbook…

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