A singer and entertainer, and a non-professional

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If you can sing, love to sing, in English, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi or just about any language, comfortably and with your own music media, we would like to hear from you.

Continuously 4-5 songs, dont have to be a professional.  It is ok to fumble once in a while but can get out of it and laugh at oneself, this would be great; I am looking at an entertainer and singer.  I dont expect your entertainment to be free.

Songs, memorable, love, known, evergreen, songs that most of us know, male or female.  Romantic also can.  Hatred also ok.

I dont need you to have a good professional voice, but if you can carry through throughout the 4-5 songs, without looking at the scripts all the time, you are the person.  Sure, you can have a partner.

You know who to contact: +65 94894360.

Terence Seah


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