These Hazy Days

The haze is exceptionally bad today;

The sky is a uniform sea of grey.

Nothing in sight save a still volleyball of chrome yellow;

At 9.30 a.m. is it the moon or the sun so mellow?

Heavy hangs the still, ashen air;

Still leaves on trees stoically bear.

Now the haze has got worse – the PSI is more than 300!

School is cancelled; outdoors is unsafe – life’s disrupted.

But happy the schoolkids – their ignorance is bliss.

Guilt-free  forest fire perpetrators continue to get away;

Across the sea, haze victims a change in wind direction pray.



Author: Jassmine Teo

I came to know about the SHC from eNN (Seng Kang). My interests are varied. I write on the forum regularly to improve my writing. In my autumn years, my priority is voluntary service. Hope to meet like-minded people and help initiate a programme/project for the disabled like the hearing impaired.

4 thoughts on “These Hazy Days”

  1. Dear Jasmine,
    I enjoyed reading your poem/s. They are always well-written, rhymic and also reflect the current sentiments of the day. Someday I hope all your poetic contributions can be compiled for posterity to reflect the passages of time & life in SHC.

    SHC really got talent (Two thumbs up!!!)

  2. Hi Jonathan
    My poems are amateurish attempts, hence not good enough for a collection, but thanks for the compliments.
    Here’s a poem indirectly encouraging senior citizens/retirees to join SHC :)

    The tide is ebbing; the sun is setting;
    Retirement is beckoning; Third Agers are worrying.
    But worry not active members of the Silverhair Club –
    They join the activities the Club often cooks up.
    They make more friends and keep busy;
    They force the bane of Aged to flee.

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