New Chilli Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet shifted to 4th Oct ’08 (Adhoc)

Date : 4th October ‘ 08. ( Sat )  ( CLOSED )

Time : 7. 00 pm

Place : Chilli Padi Nonya Restaurant , 470 , North Bridge Road (Directly facing opposite Bugis Junction)

Price: $15.80 Nett  ( Newly revised )   

Max: 12 pax ( CLOSED ) 

Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking.
To ease payment by electronic transfer :-
Pls. transfer the correct amount into Steven Chan’s POSB Savings Account No: 086 – 15021 – 2. by ATM.

After transferring pls. quote your and date of transaction in the comment.

Registered to attend:-

1. Steven Chan ( Paid )

2. Lee King  Seng ( Paid ) 

3. Malyne Suen (Paid)

4. Catherine Ho (Paid)

5. Catherine Yeo (Paid)

6. Tan Chin Boon ( Paid )

7. Lina Ng ( Paid )

8.  Ah Nee ( Paid )

9.  Susan ( Paid )

10. John Howe (Paid)

11  Aaron How(Paid )

12. Juliet Ong (Paid )

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65 thoughts on “New Chilli Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet shifted to 4th Oct ’08 (Adhoc)

  1. Hi Steven

    I’d like to join in the buffet as u know how crazy I’m about nonya food. But you pick a date which is lousy as Sat. night is a man’s football night lah. Can you change it to weekday night, or Sat. noon time buffet which will probably attract more Nonya gourmets like Cat Yeo and Susan Chan etc?

    Er…, is this buy-10-and-get-1-free kind of buffet so you can have free dinner as organiser? :-D

  2. Hi Chin Boon,

    Saturday will remain as most of them are working during weekdays.

    And lunch buffet is too rush for the office workers.

    The free buffet coupon will be given during a LUCKY draw among the participants provided we hit at least 10 diners.

    So are you joining us and sacrificing your football for just 1 night.

    Who knows,you may be the LUCKY person who wins the buffet coupon.

    No risk,no gain. Ha! Ha!

  3. Hi Steven,

    I wish to join in the “New Chillie Padi Nonya Dinner Buffet on 4th Oct ’08. In addition, is it alright if I bring another friend who has not registered yet with SHC?


  4. Hi Steven!

    Please count me in. As for payment, can I pay on that very day I arrive? I find quite troublesome to even go to ATM & do these kind of transaction.

    Other altenative, can I pay through somebody etc…
    Or see at monthly meet @ Kovan?


  5. Hi Chin Boon,

    I was in JB when my name was being mentioned so hence the delay in reply.

    I have already been to Chilli Padi with Steven when he first organised it. However,will definitely go again if you and Sue Chan are going, how about that? So want to be the next EO?


  6. Hi Malyne Suen,

    Thanks for joining us.

    However,this activity is specially organized for SHC members only.

    There is still ample time for your friend/friends to be registered as SHC members.

  7. Hi chin boon,

    ….However,will definitely go again if you and Sue Chan are going, how about that?

    So Chin Boon, beautiful lady Cat Yeo meowing you to join us.
    Deal or NO Deal ?

    CB, you can be our next EO for the new post
    Pet Dog Lovers with Bam Bam by your side as a
    Silverfur recruiter.

  8. Alamak, with such tempting Perankan food and beautiful lady to boot, how to say no. Deal lah. You can put my name down, and make sure Cat Y’s too. Hope that I won’t need to long-chiam-pak with her again for that last piece of buah kaluak. That leaves only Susan Chan whom you should persuade as well.

    But NO deal to the next EO invite. You know how “infamous” (to quote one lady SHCian) I am after the forum. Bam Bam and I prefer to stay alive…..

  9. Hi Susan Chan,

    …That leaves only Susan Chan whom you should persuade as well.

    Well, Susan you have good companies like Cat Yeo ,Chin Boon and others too.

    Healthy food such as DIY gado gado and rojak salad are served too with free refills of coffee or tea.

    Akan datang ?

  10. Hi Steven,

    Heard your calling..and no persuasion required tai-lo..

    I’d informed Cat Yeo that I’ll give those tempting gado gado, rojak salad a miss this time, as I’ll be away during that weekend. Your kind gesture is much appreciated.

    Meanwhile, do keep fit & have a lavish meal on Oct 4th!


  11. Hi Steven

    Interested in Indian food also Indian vegetarian especially makan with fingers. Yum Yum. but not able to on the 4th Oct.

    However will check your posting kalau ada.

    Kam Siah

  12. Hi Steven

    Check out this Indian banana leaf place at Chander Road (near Tekka market) INIAVAN where you could get a simple set meal of chicken, mutton or fish with free flow rice, curry and dhall sauces, papadum and a soft drink in aircon comfort. Used to be around S$6.00 but not too sure now. They also have a fishhead on some days.

    Will the Dream Trippers to Mae Hong Son care to take up the challenge of eating with their bare hands? Hahaha!

  13. Hi Lina Ng,

    Thanks for joining us.

    May I have the names of the other 3 SHC members ASAP pls ?

    I need to make a reservation . It is only 2 more weeks.

    No problem ,you may transfer later.

  14. Hey, relax, pal. I’ll transfer the $$ to you personally when we next meet. Just go ahead and make the reservation, I ain’t gonna run away with $15.80.

    Do keep in mind Kenneth’s banana leaf at Iniavan the next time. You oredy have Agnes Seow and me ready to join you.

  15. Dear Steven,

    Now that you have 11 diners, do you think there will be any problem for seating arrangement? If there is, then you can count me out so that there will be a perfect 10 for dinner.


  16. Hi Steven!

    I had transferred $15.80 to yr A/C @ 7am this morning.
    Ref no 3702. Pls reply. Tks.

    Hi Cat Yeo!

    Don’t back out la! I want to “meow” to “U” le. The most I’ll sit on a small stool, OK? We have yet to know each other better.

  17. Hi Catherine Yeo,

    I have given another name to Steven, so that makes 12. If you back out it will not be a perfect 10, but it will be an odd 11. Haha! Let’s wait and see what Steven says.

  18. “I have given another name to Steven…..not…..perfect….will be…odd 11. Let’s wait and see what Steven says”.

    Let me answer this riddle : “6s & 7s”? With a name like that, what can Steven say?

    Seriously, it does look a bit like 6s and 7s………….

  19. Hi Cat Ho-ho-ho and Lina,

    Just came back from my massage session, logged into page and lo and behold, now we have 12 people. Ok perfect 12 is fine with me, so Steven, pls confirm and I will try and drop in my payment to you then.

    So Ho-ho-ho, make sure you sit next to me, we should get to know each other a little more, ok?

    Xie xie

  20. Thanks all for transferring the payment.

    I will confirm with you tomorrow and need to update my POSB book.

    I have no NO internet account.
    Pls.use POSB/DBS ATM for the transfer.

    Xie Xie Ni.

  21. Hi Cat Yeo & StevenC!

    Make sure U “chope” a place for me loh. I’ll be “25 mins too late” (Michael learns to rock.)

    By the time my church service finish @ 7pm, I’ll rush down & find a parking lot.


    I don’t really know the place le.
    Did U check yr POSB A/C ? Those who’d transferred to alredi?

    Terima Kaseh

  22. Hi CatY & Tim!

    Tku for reserving seat for me. Noted with appreciation.

    What “bak cham” (eye needle)?? It’s a sty.(inflamed swelling on edge of eyelid) U will confused others esp non Chinese.
    U make me “lau wah yen” (short sightness) S’pore CPA, I thought U working with S”pore SPCA!
    U wait long, long, U hope to have concubines eh? Times are bad.

  23. First, “lau wah yen” isnt “short sightness”. It is “old flower eyes” meaning you see everything as flowers, part of the ageing process. So if 1 day we see you poking spoons, forks and chopsticks into yr hair, it’s bcos you want to look pretty.

    Indeed, times are bad and that’s why concubines hv become porcupines….callously, they make holes in yr pockets.

    Btw, Steven-C is unseen for ages…………..must be in love.

  24. Hi Kenneth Tan,

    Check out this Indian banana leaf place at Chander Road (near Tekka market) INIAVAN where you could get a simple set meal of chicken, mutton or fish with free flow rice, curry and dhall sauces, papadum and a soft drink in aircon comfort. Used to be around S$6.00 but not too sure now. They also have a fishhead on some days.

    Looks like you are more familar with Indian cuisine than me.

    I would appreciate very much if you could be the E.O. for this INIAVAN restaurant.

    Already, Agnes Seow has shown interest in this Indian cuisine and there could be others too.

  25. Haha! Steven,

    I’m not very into Indian food, especially southern Indian… if it’s a choice, I prefer northern Indian.

    I will consider your request for me to be EO for this “makan” but I think I have to put it aside for the time being, maybe till later December.

  26. Hi Steven!

    It’s not everyone so quiet, it’s U!
    I wrote to yr personal e-mail also no response.
    It’s abt the exact location of the resta that I want to know.

  27. Re #4 +#8
    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for the reply. Its Ok! I understand my friends have to be registered first. My apology for this delayed reply for I have just returned from my trip to Hong Kong/China. Can I pay you when I see you at New Chillie Padi place? I will definitely will be joining the group for dinner. I hope its alright for this arrangement! Sorry for causing this inconvenience.

  28. Hi all,

    To date, Chin Boon, Lina, Ah Nee,Juliet,Aaron How,John How and King Seng Lee have paid.

    One of you has paid on 25/09/08. Who are you pls?

  29. Hi Steven

    Your hard work has paid off. So good response.

    O.K. I will help to take as many photos as possible to justify the effort you in.

    Good night

    See you on Saturday.

  30. Dear Steven,

    The mysterious payment did not come from me. Although I did mention to you on Tuesday that I would pay you I did not get round to it. Reason was that I was having such a good time dancing and singing away that I forgot all about it.

    Sorry about that, will pay you at the venue tomorrow! Thanks.

  31. Hi all,

    1) Gentle reminder, tommorow’s night is
    Chilli Padi’s Dinner Buffet at 7pm pls.

    2) Thanks to King Seng for being the photographer
    for the night.

    See all of you on Saturday.

  32. Hi Chilli Buffeters,

    1) Many thanks to all of you for your GREAT support and the wonderful memories. Good attendance 11/12.

    2) Thanks to King Seng for the beautiful shots of our event

    2) Congratulations to Mahjong Queen for winning the lucky draw prize.

    3) Money will be reimbursed to you when I next meet you at SHC event.

  33. Hi StevenC!

    If U were to scroll back to #26, I did mention abt payment thru POSB transaction to U. So it’s not mysterious anymore.

    As an EO, I sugguest U check the website more regularly & carefully. Luckily, U clearify wif me last nite, lest U think I went for free dinner! Ha.. ha..

    No heart feelings eh?

  34. Hi Seven

    Thank you for organising the event.

    I enjoyed the food as well as interacting with some of fellow SHCians.

    This is mainly due tothe table arrangement. It restrict and hinders free interation.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.

    I have sent te photos to Oi Cheng. Hope he see the ohotos posted soon.


    Kig Seng

  35. Hi King Seng,

    Thanks for your efficiency for the photos being
    posted to Oi Cheng.

    Another DHL Express service

    Never expect that quick.Well done! Keep it up!

  36. Hi

    Photos uploaded. Hope everything’s in order as my head kept nodding but just want to get it off so I don’t have backlog. Happy viewing.

  37. Hi Steven,

    I was hoping to have a glimpse of the Nonya Paranakan dishes. Guess the group must have eaten all the food, leaving nothing to be photographed.

    Nobody said anything about the food, so it must be either very good or too hot and spicy for the tongue.

    Terence Seah

  38. Hi Terence
    I can vouch for that. I guess you don’t see the delicious Paranakan food on the table as the efficient staff there cleared the empty trays very quickly.

    First, there was the yellow gravy laksa and the mee siam, topped up with kueh paiti and tu-toh tng (pig belly soup both of which I had two helpings), gado-gado, before the main course of padang rice with chicken, kong-bak, chap-chye etc. Then you have an assortment of nonya kueh-kueh, desserts, and fruits to complete your meal. And not forgetting the free flow of tea and coffee too.

    But the best part is that I was trapped sitting in the middle of the table surrounded by 5 ladies and was served the food by these eager beavers and need not lift a finger. You should see how Lina served us the fruits just next to her, oranges, papaya, and watermelon endlessly. Now you know why I’m smiling from ear to ear in those photos (Gee, I didn’t know this gonna be publicized. You know me, I prefer to stay low profile).

    Next time you join us huh.

  39. Hi Terence!

    If U really want to know the standard of food, they aren’t that fantastic anymore.

    If U really love “laksa” then U better go 4 Katong Laksa.
    What to do times are bad and for $15.80 what can one ask for more delicious food?

    Maybe U can try the Straits Kitchen at Hyatt for perenakan food
    which more expensive.
    It’s more for friendship bonding. I was thinking if we pool the $$$ tog at any FD court, we also can get a variety of deli food.

    No offence, I hope, my 2cts worth.

  40. Hi Oi Cheng,

    1) Thanks for another DHL Express service to put
    the photos on the post.

    2) In one of the photos taken , the clock struck
    12 MIDNIGHT, look at Lina’s RED “ghostly” eyes,Chin Boon see,see, no touch, touch aah!
    Beware.Ha! Ha!

  41. Hi Terence,

    According to the waiter, the chef was changed and the new one was NOT in a good mood.And this time round, the food was not so tasty as before.

    The other time,I had the same buffet with the other SHC grp, Ron Lai,Robert,Cat Yeo,Dan Huang etc.., it was OK and that was why I intended to open it to the forum.

    What is most important is not just food but the companionship and time spent amongst ourselves.

  42. Hi Catherine Ho/Terence S,

    ……Maybe U can try the Straits Kitchen at Hyatt Hotel for Perenakan food.

    Yes, it will no longer be $15.80 but perhaps $50++,
    as Cantonese say ” Yat Chum Chin, Yat Chum For.”

  43. Hi Lina

    I am sorry that the photo of you came out with 2 glowing red spots.

    I also took a closed up of Susan, but it did not have any glowing red spots.

    Maybe it is the angle in which the photo was taken coupled with some external neon lighting.

    King Seng

  44. Hi King Seng,

    Not a problem as to the colour of my eyes. I should be thanking you for taking the photos.
    Congrats to Cat Yeo for winning that lucky draw.
    Steven, at Straits Kitchen, lunch is approx. $38++ and dinner $42++. But then, you tend to overeat cos the spread is wider.

  45. Hi yew Kwong,

    Saw your post of Spore Flyer.

    Wanted to pay you this morning but no bank account number.

    Can you pls. include your POSB Accnt for IBG transfer.


  46. Hi Veronique @ 77,

    Re:- I’m also lactose intolerant but drink cultured milk very day.

    Cultured milk is a milk extract with Lactobacillus culture ; a useful bacteria as it aids in digestion.

    There is not much fats in it. For skinny people like us,we have to consume more fats to achieve our ideal BMI .
    We have to go for more Nyonya kuek muei.(assorted deserts).

    Remember the Nyonya buffet at the Chilli Padi restaurant we had makan on 4/10/08 with Danz, Robert, Kristy, Cat Y , Chin Boon and the rest.

    Sedap 2. Nak makan lagi ?

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