SHC Annual Swimming Day – 19 Oct 2008 (Repost)

This year 2008, instead of the regular Games Day, we shall be having  "SHC Swimming Day" in an Olympic size and chidren’s pool.  We had tried a Sunday and Saturday morning.  For many, waking up on a weekend is a problem.  So, we shall have a relaxing Sunday morning at Kovan Melody, courtesy of Ah Nee.

Now that the date is coming close, next month, it is our usual style to appoint an Event Organiser.  She is Lina Ng, a great swimmer, able to do at least 20 laps and tall enough to stand at the deep end of the pool.  Lina is assisted by Suzhang and Ah Nee.  Thank you ladies, and I am sure we shall all have a lovely Sunday.

  • Place – Kovan Melody, next to Kovan MRT.
  • Date and Time, Sun Oct 19, 2008 from 0900 – 1500 hrs

Those driving please give your vehicle number so that you can be registered with Kovan’s gate security.  Food is being catered.

Registration list:

  1. Lina Ng – Event Organiser                                 
  2. Susan Chang                                                               
  3. Lee Ah Nee
  4. Terence Seah
  5. Molly Chua
  6. Ronald Lee
  7. Bira
  8. Tim Liu
  9. Charles Wee
  10. Oi Cheng
  11. Caroline Gee
  12. Norlinda
  13. Rene Leong
  14. Celia Wong
  15. Maureen Lee
  16. Dan Huang
  17. Joy Chuang
  18. John Howe
  19. Lydia Chin
  20. Thomas Loh
  21. Ronald Wie
  22. Caroline Sit
  23. Mary Chan
  24. Ann Bok
  25. Alan Bok
  26. King Seng Lee
  27. June Lim
  28. Catherine Chong
  29. Tan Chin Boon
  30. Bernie Chung
  31. Doreen Ng
  32. Eleanor Chan
  33. Lum Fook
  34. Melissa Khng
  35. Catherine Ho
  36. Jessie Teo
  37. Roger Lim
  38. Marg Tian
  39. Rosna Rauaee
  40. Catherine Yeo
  41. Pearlynn Tan
  42. Shirley Wee

          REGISTRATION CLOSED  emoticon

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120 thoughts on “SHC Annual Swimming Day – 19 Oct 2008 (Repost)

  1. Yeah!..
    We gonna hv olympic swimming carnival on a beautiful Sunday morning!..let my ‘handbags’ sleep while i go enjoy with shcians!..ssshhh!..:)

    EO Lina…im coming definately…rain or shine hor..hehe
    so, must buy new swimming costume to parade ah?…haha, donno how to swim..but must still be cantek rite?..

    So..calling fellow frens to join the fun…so easy, no need to drive lagi bagus…stop at Kovan MRT…belakang pusing Kovan Melody oredi lor…

    JuneLim…never mind its Sunday morning & not Friday evenings..come , lets party ok,if u tired got Monday blues next day…i massage for you!…haha :)

  2. “….must buy new swimming costume to parade…..i massage for you!….”

    Norlinda, you’re so lucky. I bought 2 pairs of swimming trucks, found the XXL too large for me but shd figure-hug you nicely. Will let you hv it for free since you’re so full of the thought of parading. Ok, will accept yr massage, quite reluctantly tho.

  3. Dear all,

    I would like to add on to Lina’s post on the directions to Kovan Melody.

    Kovan Melody is close to Kovan MRT station. Coming to Kovan Melody is easy and convenience. Take the North East Line train and alight at Kovan MRT station, then –> exit A (Kovan Melody), once you exit out of the station, walk towards your right, you will see a side gate of the condo next to the Kovan MRT station. For those who are driving, upon reaching upper serangoon road, look out for St. Paul Church follow by SPC Petroleum petrol kiosk, immediately after the petrol kiosk, turn left to Flower road, if you miss this turn, made the next turn at Lowland road. At Flower road, turn right to Kovan road (Kovan Melody).

    :) Ah Nee

  4. Tim..
    U very jahat lah…tku,saya tak mahu yr trunks hor..perhaps can give others slimmer ok :)
    As for the best pal at home would love to do the job for you…since u so shy…hehe..

    AhNee…yr driving direction so complicated..saya tak tau lah!..maybe im not familiar with the roads around yr area…susah leh..

    Ah!…i got great idea..Carly & Rene..u both wanna go?..I can curi the car & we go together…u all must direct me mai?
    ooppss!…just saw Carly’s name registered!

  5. Norlinda,

    Rene told me she is joining the fun lah. EO Lina, can put her name pls. Nor, apa macam….my direction starts only when you reach upper serangoon, not from opera estate hor, but since you curi Ahmad’s car, then Carly drives lor, I think Carly know how to go to upper serangoon. I order “hala” famous nasi lemak from the hawker centre nearby for you, their “mee siam” also very sedap. What is Ahmad’s car number? I want to buy 4-D leh, since now cannot play play financial investment. :)

    Ah Nee

  6. Hello Celia,

    A very warmth welcome to join us, I met you once at Ron Wie’s bungalow and you are in a hurry to go off to see your daughter, hope this time round you will be able to stay longer and have fun with us. I need your car number if you are driving to the Condo. Alamak…looks like I have so many numbers to buy leh….. :)

    Ah Nee

  7. Hi Lina:
    Pls register me in and also put in my share for food too.
    Ah Nee:
    Thanks for opening yr place for us all to enjoy and get together.
    Hope to see you all, wonderful people and have an enjoyable time. Cya !!!!

  8. Hello Maureen,

    You are welcome. I didn’t get to talk to you during the cycling event, glad that you are coming. Yes! we will have an enjoyable time together and chit chatting too. :)

    Ah Nee

  9. Hi all,

    Thank you Oi Cheng, Caroline Gee, Norlinda, Rene, Celia Wong and Maureen Lee for registering. We will order food for everybody, so not to worry. Registration will close at 40 pax. Vehicle numbers can be given to Ah Nee at

    Caoline will bring lots of sunblock for you. Tim, thank you for making the site so colourful.

  10. Hi Nor,

    Heard that you want curi your Ahmad’s car. Lupa saya ya ??
    I’m your tent-mate leh..can I follow your car but you driving a curi car, takut police tak ? He he..

  11. haha Bira…saya tak lupa, thot u want to drive yr jaguar lah…lagi bagus!..hehe
    aiya i curi from same its ok..nanti bisa di atur ya..great that u coming along :)

    ahnee…the spelling is “halal” hor.but indeed u very clever to attract me hor…nasi lemak is my ‘weakness’..if got otak otak…lagi sedap!

    hey…why don we pot luck some …perhaps EO’s apple crumble..very sedap leh..& Carly’s yam cake,yummy leh?..sori, just thinking only hor….if not can just buy across the hawker centre is it?..lots of sedap foods that time i visited the market after our KPE walk!

  12. Hi Lina,
    Sorry, pls count me out for this event as I had decided to follow YK to Africa 2 sells slippers but mine, is glass slippers lor..

    Hope all of you have a great time… Cheers… Dolly

  13. Hi Lina,

    Please count Dan and Joy for the Swimming day. How much do we contribute for the snack or lunch.

    What other activities for non-swimmers. How about dry swimming?

    Danz for Joy

  14. Hi Lina and Ah Nee,

    Will come to join in, but I like swimming on the table just hand strokes only, with 3 other people? Michelle you hear this or not but dont come too early?

    Swimming on the pool can but only for 30 mins. JohnH and me can try to do something right?

    Will bring your favorite cake, but what is it, Cheese? Cheers

  15. Hi Lina & Ah Nee

    Please include me and let me know what other cost involved (food). Will let you know my car number later (not sure if I’m driving yet).

    As per # 17, any activities for non-swimmers. Don’t mind MJ (friendly stakes like 20/40). Want to relax on a Sunday, don’t want to tax the brain too much.

  16. Good morning to all the lovely SHCians,

    No Mahjong leh, it’s a swimming day, so you all relax relax in the pool with Lina lor. For those who are not swimming, you may want to Karaoke or watch movies at the AV room with Suzhang. Please bring your favourite CD/DVD along. Ronald Wie, you bring your Guitar lah, John H, Lydia & Caroline Sit can sing “Beautiful Sunday”, “The more we get together”………..

    And if you just want to KLKK….”kia lai kia kee” simply join me at the function room….chit chatting….munching away lor. The Gym, Spa, AV room, Function room are near each other and have full view of the swimming pool. So actually its quite fun watching Terence wriggling from one end to the other end…..ha…ha…ha….suggest you all bring your swimming, Gym, Spa, Tennis gears and then you decide what to do lor. Cheers! :)

    Ah Nee

  17. Alamak..i was typing tap tap!..suddenly gone!..think clash with Carly & Ahnee ??…hhmmm

    Dear missy Dolly @ 16..
    Tiok bo?..u sell slippers to Africans?..they done wear slippers pun tak pakai..hehe
    no need to go so far, sell me can oredi..somemore so pretty & cute leh, glass slippers..surely whoever slip on will be cinderalla hor…haha :)

    YK..postpone yr mission lah…come join us boleh?

    Carly..if u tak drive, come & hop in our car..we go together lah…Rene,Bira…u better know the way if Carly not with us hor…if not…banyak susah..must get map from EO!

  18. Oh ya…Joyce Tan,

    I remembered, many months ago, cannot recalled which day, what event, during our conversation, you did mentioned you love to swim…….how about coming to the SHC Swimming Day. :)

    Ah Nee

  19. Hi Lina and Ah Nee.
    I wanted to join in but not to swim. Terence’s demand that everyone had to swim frightened me off leh.
    Now that you, Ah Nee, said we can go there and “kia lai kia ki”, I would like to join you in the function room and watch “Terence wriggling……” hahaha.
    So please register me. Thanks.

  20. Hi Lina and Ah Nee.

    I wanted to join in but not to swim because, I do not know how to swim. I will follow Mary Chan to KLKK.

    Thanks Mary for leading the way.

    It is ashame that I have not been inside Kovan Melodies even though my house is just a few streets away and I have 2 colleague living there.


    King Seng

  21. Hi Ah Nee / Lina,

    Yes, it was months ago and i’m still waiting for Lina’s date. But am occupied every Sunday morning and also preparing for my trekking trip near your event’s date.

    And yes, i first met Lina during last games day.. going to miss the fun…


  22. Hi Lina and Ah Nee…I am in too…couldn’t resist watching dear Terence wriggling in the pool from one end to the other. But will be there a bit later than 9 am.

  23. Hi EO Lina

    Please remove me from ur list as I may be in Africa assisting YK and Dolly,

    Dun wan to be directionless navigating in the middle of the night and ends up in another country and with no apologies about it.

    Me also can’t swim, Terence dun allow watchers and can only sing ‘Head and shoulder, knee and ….” and that was many years ago.

  24. Mana EO, Lina…..don’t know where are you, must be shopping, KLKK….:)

    Aiya… Joyce, surely you will miss the fun, but nvm we can arrange another day, you enjoy your trekking trip.

    Mary Chan, Alan & Ann , Kim Seng and June Lim…..glad that you can join us :) ……. mingle with the group of fun SHCians.

    Ah Nee

  25. Thank you everyone for your support. And Ah Nee for manning the fort while I was away.
    Dolly #16, not to worry, another time perhaps.
    John H, sorry Michael Phelps cannot come cos he is not a SHC member.
    Joy,Dan and Caroline Sit, don’t worry about payment towards the food. Just come and enjoy yourselves.
    Ronald Wie, you pulling my leg about that cheese cake? I will make some real yam cake for you on that day, OK.
    Caroline Sit, you can give Ah Nee your car registration at her e-mail address at #12.
    Mary Chan & June Lim, am sure you can both easily pass your time watching Terence.
    Joyce Tan, you will have to fix the swimming date cos now you are busier than me. Come in the afternoon if you are free.
    Ann & Alan Bok & King Seng, thank you for your registration.

  26. Hi Ah Nee & Lina:
    I shall join Mary & King Seng in the KLKK team just not to be KK in the pool. Btw KK stands for Kallang Kaboh = sori if mispelt the words….. panicky in the waters. Ha Ha He He!!!!!

  27. Hee Maureen, June and King Seng.
    We have now formed a team to KLKK. One kia lai and the other kia ki, while the other two watch Terence wriggle. We take turns ok? That should be fun, hahaha.
    Shall we all wear ‘cha kiak’ to make more noise? Hahaha.

    On a serious note, Ah Nee and Lina. Do we have to bring something to eat? Is there a canteen or some place where we can get food?

  28. Hi Mary,

    We’ll have nasi lemak, mee siam, green bean soup, yam cake, and banana cake. For drinks we have coffee and soya bean. In case, you don’t like any of the above, please bring your own food. There is a very large hawker centre just across the road. So food is not a problem. There will be sufficient food for all.

  29. Wow!…Lina, the nasi lemak very tempting im fasting hor…don like that lah….haha

    the spelling should be ‘kelam kabut’…not ‘kallang roar’ lah…ooppss!..sori, nvm…can learn malay bit by bit ok,I be yr personal cikgu..hehe
    or is it u mean kk (kiakia=scared scared?)…rite ahnee?

  30. “We’ll have nasi lemak, mee siam, green bean soup, yam cake, and banana cake. For drinks we have coffee and soya bean.” That’s a lot to go in.

    What goes in must come out.

    ANee, be prepared to be very famous at yr condo and with yr neighbours after the swim fest………………….

  31. Ok Patrick…u quite clever in that sense…
    but the correct & proper spelling is indeed ,’kelam kabut’…go check the kamus (dictionary) while its always being heard
    ppl cakap very fast till it sounded like ‘kalang kabut’..the letter ‘m’ in between the words are not emphasized
    Patrick…u cant deny that im the cikgu…u know…hehe:)

  32. Bbcat…im glad that u are coming..we can joget in the pool?

    MaryChan..wah!..come back from shiok holiday oredi ya?maybe u can tell
    us about it during our cakap2..can imagine u surely enjoyed the one mth stay?

  33. Ref #44 Nor Linda

    Glad to bow(not wearing low cut Ha ha ha) down to you
    gracefully in the face of overwhelming evidence.Must have been my bazaar Malay or memory of Baba spelling.Took Malay as 2nd language up to sec 3 so cannot beat Emak Cik(pronounce like chick)Cikgu but sure would like to verbally spank you in my dreams(only fantasy) but probably in your nightmares…Ha Ha Ha…Jumpa u memang kena maki(hope you Abang will forgive me for pulling your leg…meek laugh so he he he!). For today I have to change my tag name into the “Perfect Imperfectionist”

  34. Catherine Chong #42, Thank you for your support. Bernie, you coming?

    Patrick Khoo, I remember Mary Chan calling you in the previous Swim Meet Post. I know you are good at dry swimming. Care to show us your wet swimming techniques?

  35. Hiya Norlinda.
    I got back about 10 days ago. The trip was very enjoyable, very shiok, but I will tell you about it if and when we meet again lah. I have been missing the SHC meetings for quite a while now. Must make it a point to show my face on the 15th, but will have to be much later in the evening.
    Hope to see you there.

  36. Ah Lina Ng.
    My memory fails me, but I don’t recall ‘calling’ Patrick Khoo in the previous swim meet, which must have been about 12 months ago. I think I only met him about 2 or 3 months ago. It must have been someone else.
    If you are talking about ‘dry’ swimming, it was Patrick’s own idea and he had approached me to ‘host’ a session, which didn’t materialise. Tried to accomodate him, but time and location didn’t seem to suit many people.

  37. Dear Lina,

    I am happy and honoured that you remember me. I would love to attend the swiimming event as I can swim and enjoy a relaxing time. However, other activities take priority status and I can’t spare time on Sunday morning. I can visit you all at around 2.00 pm in the afternoon and if permissible, I will take a swim then.

    I will await your decision or permission to allow me to attend in the afternoon then.



  38. Hi ladies,

    Thank you Catherine, Bernie and Doreen for your support. You are most welcome to come anytime, Bernie. The swiimming pool and other facilities will be at your disposal. See you ladies.

  39. Hello Doreen Ng,

    Welcome you to join us, how about Christina Chua, my neighbour? Hope to meet both of you on this coming monthly gathering at Paya Lebar Kovan CC and also at the SHC Swimming day. :)

    Ah Nee

  40. Oh ya…Doreen & Christina, if you gals want to join us for the monthly cycling, I can pick both of you, afterall we are living in the same kampong. Cheers! :)

    Ah Nee

  41. Hi Ah Nee!

    So tempted to join in but wondered if I could still fit in my swimming costume.
    Can I come wif some “chwee kway” since so many SHC members
    are paddling in the “chwee”?

    I’ll join in the cheering team.

  42. Hi Catherine #56,

    Come, come, come in your swimming costume. Showing off our bodies makes us feel young and vibrant. After a few laps in the pool, we will feel good. For SHCians still thinking, I can’t stress more, don’t be observers, take a dip, even if you have not done so in the last 20 years.

    Cat, chwee kuay, yes, they were great with chillies. Two for me. Just luv them.

    Terence Seah

  43. Hi Melissa & Catherine,

    Ladies, welcome to the Swim Meet. Melissa, come whenever it is convenient. Catherine Ho, come and join us for the swim. Of course, you are welcome to bring some ‘chwee kway’. Will see you at the Bishanite meet?

    Ah Nee, besides Christina Chua, did you invite Malcolm too, since he lives nearby.

  44. Cat-Ho, you’re worried that you might not fit into yr swim suit. Dont worry lah, either tie it somewhere where it fits or otherwise just cover the ho…………that’s wnat dressing is for isnt it?

  45. Hi Ah Nee, Terence,Lina & Naughty Tim!

    Ah Nee, don’t U know cats are afraid of water! 2 of us r jux meowing our way, only Cat Yeo is smart not to get near the water be’cos of cheeky Tim!
    Anyway, pls note my vintage car no SFJ 6735A.

    OK, I’ll get U 2pkts instead of 2, it’s not enough for a swimmer like U! (2×4=8pieces)only.

    Yes, we’ll meet & come out wif a plan on how to deal wif that cheeky chimney “buahya”. O.K ?

  46. Replying to thread #52 to 54:

    Thanks Lina and Ah Nee for organising this upcoming Annual Swimming Day. Will check if Christina Chua is coming along and text you ya…

    Hi Ah Nee, need to learn how to handle the “two-wheels” first before can join you guys for cycling.. :D

    Yes, will be there on Oct 15 gathering at Kovan and see you gals soon..

    Cheers..have a nice weekend..!!

  47. Hi Ah Nee,

    Sorry I have to give this event a miss as it will be exam week and I have to do my vigilante corp duty at home haha! Will definitely join you gals the next time around but don’t plan it near the exam period pls hor?

    Cat Ho – This cat here actually loves water but will need to shed some kgs first hahaha! Do enjoy yourselves and have a great time!

  48. Hi Ah Nee,

    I will let you know nearer the date if I can come. If I could, it would be after noon as my church service ends around noon.

    Warning: I’ve put on some weight so the pool may overflow when I get into the water :)

    Thanks for the invite.

  49. Hi Cat Ho, Cat Yeo & Eleanor,

    Tim is only cheeky when he writes, but when you meet him, he is a different person altogether.
    Thank you Cat Yeo, not to worry, another event perhaps.
    Will put your name down first Eleanor. Come if you can.

  50. Not sure how much cheek Tim has when he picks up his pen. But I know he will come to your rescue, as we have often seen on this forum, if he senses that you genuinely need help.

    Lena, thank you for including me in this event.

  51. Hi Lina & Cat Y!

    I know la, Tim’s the teaser in SHC! Wait till he gets to his office 2mor!
    We need people like him to cheer up the atmosphere. Jux let him be the clown!

    What a pity, U not attending.
    It’s the Chinese saying that cats are afraid of water. But U not really a cat la. U are a pretty lady!


  52. If I should seek and feed concubines one day, I shall definitel;y bear in mind all the Cats here (Chong, Ho and Yeo), Eleanor and Lina…in alphabetical order with no less love for one than the other. You gals must have peeped when I bathe to see the naked me. Heee, can grow bak cham (eye needle) one you know?

  53. Dear Cat Ho,

    Thanks for the compliment, you have made my day!

    Lina – sorry but need to borrow this thread to let Cat H know that I will ‘chope’ a place for her next to mine for the Chilli Padi Dinner of which you are going too. See you gals soon!

  54. Hi Lina,
    Its me – Pearlynn (dont know if you remember me – think we met a few times but get to know you abit only during Hotboys Kelong if correct). Was there with my 2 frens.

    Wld love to join to meet other SHCians. Wont swim but go give support to those who swim. Cant make it @ 9am. Probably ard 10.30am – hope its OK.

    Thk U. Cheers :)

  55. Hi Lena and Ah Nee

    Have to call this a miss cause will be outstation on that day. Sorry cant support u in this event again.
    Hope u will organise one another time.
    Hi Nor sayang
    Have a great time too.
    See U!!

  56. Hi Ah Nee!

    Tks for inviting us over to yr place for the carnival!

    PLs scroll back to#62 for reg of my car.
    Very easy to remember, I’m 67 & U 35! Emmm…


  57. Thank you Cat Yeo, Pearlynn Tan and Shirley Wee for your support. Pearlynn, when I see you I will remember. Shirley, just come and enjoy yourself. Gwyneth, not to worry. Enjoy yourself outstation. See you around.


  58. Wei wei all the 3 Cats… glad that all of you can make it and don’t mind to get wet early on Sunday morning ya..ha.ha.. (my cat will be meowing all the way if I say go “bom-bom”…haha..)

    CatH & CatY, thanks for the fellowship last evening. It was great!

    Have a nice day!

  59. Dear all,

    Registration for Swimming Day is now closed. We have 42 pax coming to have fun on a Sunday morning. Thanks to Lina for doing the registration and being an EO for the Swimming Day. Also not forgetting Suzhang for assisting the Karaoke enthusiasts at the AV room. :)

    Coming to Kovan Melody is very easy and convenience, the Condo is closed to Kovan MRT Station. But if you intend to drive, please let me have your vehicles numbers as required by the security officers on duty at the guard house. Remember to park your vehicles at Basement 2 Visitors parking lots. Thank you and see U. :)

  60. Ah Nee/Lina/Suzhang,
    I’m sure hv met Ah Nee & Lina but not too sure abt Suzhang. Guess all got no impression of me as seldom join.

    Anyway, thanks to all 3 lovely ladies for their effort – opening Kovan Melody for Swimming gathering, catering food for all as well as manning AV syst, etc…

    Wow! Lucky to be in before registration closes. I look fwd to mtg you all that day. Cheers ;)

  61. Hi Lina,

    I will not be able to make it for the swim as I have to attend a meeting after church service that day. Kindly offer my place to someone else.

    Thank you.

  62. Good morning Pearlynn,

    Yes, I met you and 2 other SHC members during Hotboys Kelong trip. Three of you always together…right? I see one, I will see the other 2……

    Cha Bo nite hor, “urm soh soh” (dark dark in the premises), can’t see properly leh, but got shake hand lor. I can remember Pearlynn if I see her again, anyway will be seeing her this coming Swimming Day. :)

    Ah Nee

  63. Hi Lina and Ah Nee,

    Better give you my car no. first before I forget, its 4301 so pls add to your list. U gals managed to convince me that I shouldn’t miss the fun so luckily I squeezed in before registration closed.

    Susan C – I will join you for singing as I cannot find a swimsuit to fit me, haha!

    Cat H – I did my job and choped you a place and will see you at the swimming pool, yah?

    I had a great time at Chilli Padi’s – thanks ladies!

  64. Hi Cat Y!

    Tku for that job of “chopeing”, now how do U want me to reciprocate? OK I’ll “chope” a place for U in the pool!

    As for me, I won’t be jumping in but will join the Karaoke grp.
    Yeh, we do had some fun time “yakking” all the way till 9.30pm.
    Now how abt sharing what U all did after I left?
    “Moonlighting” (admiring the moon)wif Steven, Kin Seng, Aaron & CB at ESplanade?
    I do know what’s meaning of moonlightin( 2nd job) tho.

  65. Hi EOs,
    I always the one to view website, the others dont lor so if I see sth interesting, will fwd to them but sometimes its too late eg. 3-1 event, swimming gathering… just to name a few.

    Ah Nee – you let me used yr nice powder during the kelong trip, right?? U wont see 1+2 this time round. Hee! Hee!

    As for Char Bo Nite – met so many pple & under such lightings, hard to tell leh but enjoyed the Macho striptease show, Haa!

  66. Ah Nee,
    Oops! It was 1 + 3 @Hotboys Kelong. Btw, since Eleanor cant make it, can I “chope” this place for one of them – if OK, will check with them as they may have their own “kang tau” lor.

    Lina – are you the one who drove up to meet us @ ferry point? Also brought the beer, snacks, etc…??

    Cheers :)

  67. Pearlynn,

    Ya , I remembered at the Hotboys Kelong, you used my “pang pang” hoon given by Dolly lor. The one who drove the car to the jetty to meet you all was Molly together with 3 of us (Lina, Susan & me)lah.

    Huh! the talked about Flyer cum Hippo river cruise cum makan are really hot….did you missed the boat?

    Ah Nee

  68. Hi Pearlynn,

    Not a problem if you bringing one more friend. Guess I was just helping to carry beer and snacks. Ah Nee, Susan and I went in Molly’s car when we went to the Kelong. See you at Swim Meet.

  69. Ah Nee/Lina,
    Oops! Got right & wrong ans. Need to “prog” my brain cells to record face with names.Hee!!

    Yup! The pang pang powder really works wonder – relieve the itch lor. Okie – ntd w thanks – will check to see who can. Let you know the name later.

  70. Hi Pearlynn,

    We met at the Hotboys kelong. Nvm if you can’t remember me, but am sure one of your buddy do remember me as we played mj together. Is she the one you are bringing along? Hope to catch up with you ladies at Kovan then.

    Have a nice day!

  71. Dan Huang, Ah Nee,
    I tried to write a comment on your Silverhairs Chess Cafe and couldn’t, so I resorted to using this post instead.
    I’m interested to learn Chor tai tee. May I join in?

  72. The trend now is everything 3 in 1 and this 3 in 1 thingy is really hot and I am in the 3 in 1 fever. Just to let you gals & guys know that I have booked the Tennis Court from 9.00 to 11.00 am. So we will have Swimming, Karaoke & Tennis this coming sunday morning…hehehee…got 3 in 1 right? :) Bira, June L, Norlinda, Molly, Oi Cheng & Rene, remember to bring Tennis racket & balls and swim wear hor, others who are interested can join in too.

    Mary C & Danz, we can play “chor tai tee” at the function room if time permits, but I doubt can play, because we want to support & cheers the swimmers mah. Anyway I will bring a pack of card with me on that day just in case lor.

    Karaoke lovers, please rememeber to bring along your favourite DVD/CD and sing to your heart content. Others simply eat & chit chatting & laz around on a sunny sunday morning lah…….see you gals & guys soon……

    Ah Nee

  73. Hi Ah Nee

    thank q hor……me the last registrant.

    Me kia pak jit one (scare of sun la) only play moonlight tennis….. hehe!! Ah swee bo pian ………is e court 9-11am hot or not or shaded huh?

    Got sun, i go function room and learn another new skill in shc……. dunno wat tis ‘chor tai tee’ abt

    10q hor

  74. Hi Shirley,

    Bring your swimming costume & Tennis racket along and then you decide what to do lor. Sure got morning sun what…a little bit of morning sun is good for our health mah. Okie okie I see your this coming sunday. :)

    Ah Nee

  75. Hi Swim Meet Attendees,

    Just a gentle reminder that Swim Meet is on this coming Sunday 19/10, at Kovan Melody, from 9am to 3pm. Your names have been submitted to security. For those coming on the MRT, use the front entrance. For those driving, use Lowland or Flower Road, off Upper Serangoon to get into the condo carpark, located behind the condo.

    Remember to bring your swim wear, tennis rackets, tennis balls,(tennis available only 9 to 11am) and gym shoes. Other facilities inlcude spa, steam bath, sauna and karaoke.

    Come and enjoy yourselves for a morning of fun and makan! See you all gals and guys.

  76. #102 #103

    EO/Ah Nee

    Having a fever n on mc, please remove my name (No. 42 from your list)…. let someone else take over. It is an event not to be missed. Am sure it will be another success just like our Monthly Kovan meeting. I thoroughly enjoy it.

    Also Catherin Chong (bbcat, No. 28) will not be able to make it, she cant rush there on time)


  77. Hey Shirley W.

    Sorry to hear about your fever as I was hoping to meet up with you tomorrow for our chat. My cell-phone ran out of battery earlier and our conversation stopped abruptly.

    Will see you another time and do get well soon!


  78. Hi Lina

    I apologise for not being able to make it to the Annual Swimming Day.

    My eldest daughter is in town and will be leaving for Sydney with her hubby and I would probably see her again next year.

    So my children, son-in-law and I would be chilling out together tomorrow.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Many thanks

    Caroline Gee

  79. Hi Lina,

    I need to apologise as am not able to attend the swim meet tomorrow, as I have to stay back in church for some yum jou cha activities for the chinese members. My apologies aagain.

  80. Ah Nee.
    Thanks for having us over to your lovely condo. I had so much to eat and so much fun, playing card games. Terence beat us at a new card game,”Golf”, which I had just taught him. He looked sleepy, but his mind must have been whirring quietly.

    There was so much food. I especially like Lina’s mee siam and John How’s ootau kow and steamed tapioca. Yummy!

    The weather was beautiful too, except for the shower later in the day, but everyone had already adjourned indoors by then.
    Thanks again for a very enjoyable Sunday!

  81. Hi Swim Meet Attendees,

    We all had a great time at the Swim Meet on this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. We are very honoured that the occasion was graced by our founders Terence and Margaret. I would like to thank Ah Nee for the use of her condo, Susan for her assistance and to the photographers, Dan, King Seng and Charles. Also special thanks to those who brought food and drinks, and most of all, to each and everyone who took the trouble to come to the Swim Meet to socialise and have brunch!

    Some of us swam, while others sang, played cards and chatted in the 2 air-cond rooms overlooking the crystal clear waters of the swimming pool. We had nasi lemak, chicken wings, chui kueh, egg tart, mee chiang kueh, muffins, grean bean soup, cakes, yam and tapioca cake, mee siam, kueh bulu, fererro chocolates and fruits. Ah Nee, what else have I missed out? John Howe, thank you for taking the trouble to wake up so…. early to deliver your yam and tapioca cakes.

    Oi Cheng, I know you like mee siam. There were still some left even if you had come late. Another time, OK? Catherine Yeo, pity you could not join us. We were waiting for you to come and sing. It was also a pity that some of you could not make it, but hopefully we could have another one like this, cos I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    Mary Chan #110, Glad you enjoyed yourself and for the compliments. John Howe, since we are both jobless, how about selling ootau kow and mee siam, online?

  82. Hi Mary

    Thanks for teaching us the “golf” game we had yesterday. It was fun and I truly enjoyed it though I didn’t managed to win after taking over from Dan. wonder he wants to quit cos he was losing….ha.ha… Mary, Terence was pretending to be sleepy and we also “bun chan” him many times lah… rite, Pearlyn?.

    Special thanks to :

    Lina, for the sedap mee siam and those “special” coffee…he.he.. Ah Nee, for the condo’s facility and also the yummy nasi lemak. RonaldL, for fixing up the sound system.

    John, for making an effort to wake up so early on a Sunday morning to come for this event. Your MIL’s homemade yam cake & tapioca cake was yummy.

    CatH, for the chwee kueh. Alan & Ann, for the min-chan kueh, though I didn’t try any. Oh Jessie, I couldn’t stuff in your chicken wings and also Marg’s muffins anymore. Oh yeah, Lam Fook for the fruits too. Gosh, there were too much food, I didn’t managed to try everything lah. Sorry if I have missed out those who have contributed ya.

    To all who came, thanks for taking your time to be with us and also your contributions. Hope all of you have a great time.

  83. Many thanks to Ah Nee, Lina and all others who contributed so much nice yummy food.

    It was really fun to share the day with everybody there.


  84. Dear Chirpy LiNeeSu,

    Wow! Cannot resist the wide variety of yummy food spread on the table. Unstoppable eating. No wonder, Terence commented that we, Singapore girls eat too much. Anyway, many of us (gals) will be tortured during the MHS trip with him.

    Take note that I will have a long break in Dec to take up cooking lessons from Lina and John Howe in preparation for the crisis ahead in case no more tapioca leaves left on the race track in 2009

    Thank you very much for a wonderful Sunday afternoon.


  85. Dear Lina,

    Yes it was a pity I couldn’t make it to your gathering due to a last minute change on the home front. I tried to text you but discovered that I did not have a lot of contacts on my new cellphone. Now I know that you have to save most contacts on the sim card instead of phone memory. Thankfully, I managed to text msg both Ah Nee and Susan Chang to convey my regrets to you.

    Hmm…..sounds like I missed a lot of food eh? Well never mind I will certainly await your next gathering eagerly so pls organise another one in the not too distant future?

    Oh and last but not least, can I be included the cooking classes?

    Thank you and have a nice day everyone!

  86. Many thanks to Lina & Suzhang’s help in the organising of this Swimming Day. I am very happy to see everyone enjoying themselves. :) Its really very fun to KLKK…in & out of the pool…Karaoke room, function room, spa room…
    Norlinda, apa macam, after eating then decided to swim. You so poor thing lor, have to swimm solo, who ask you to jump in the pool so late. And after so much of eating, Bira & Marg Tian decided to head for the Gym, Terence almost fell asleep in the cosy Karaoke room…. Rene for the first time, have makeup her mind to learn how to cook Lina’s yummy “mee siam” and John Howe’s delicious “yam cake”. Hey, this new game called “Golf” seems to attract all of us, thanks to Mary Chan for teaching us and Danz for showing us how to play “CTT”. Cat yeo, I was trying to figure out who’s message was this untill Lina said it was from you…see! you have missed so much fun…… :)
    I also want to thank all of you for so generously bringing the food & fruits & drinks to the gathering. Thank you guys & gals for coming to the swimming day. Danz, Charles, Kim Seng, quickly send the photos to Oi Cheng for uploading leh, looking forward to see the memorable photos taken..Cheers!

    Ah Nee

  87. Thank you Oi Cheng for putting up the photos. That was quick!

    Cat Yeo #115, Not to worry, I got your message loud and clear through Ah Nee. It would have been fun with you around. Have noted that Rene and Cat Yeo are interested in cooking lessons. We’ll have to wait patiently for Ah Nee’s invitation. But first, we have to bring in John’s MIL for her ootau kow demonstration.

  88. Hi Ah Nee,Susan & Lina!

    A big thank you to the 3 of you. It was a well-organised event. Everything just seemed to fall in place very well.
    With such a lot of variety of food. What a beautiful Sunday morning!

    Tks Ah Nee for booking the function room for us and Lina & Susan for playing hosts! I loved the “mee-siam” & ” yam cake”. How about another round on 9th Nov (Sunday )? I’ll bring more food.

    I really enjoyed myself tho I can’t swim & almost thought that my girl’s car when I can’t find it. I parked it at B1 but went to level 1 instead!

  89. Marg Tian says:

    Dear Lina, Ah Nee and Suzhang
    As I still can’t log onto the SHC website to leave a comment, I wld like to record my appreciation via email to the 3 of you for the hard work and efforts put in to organise the successful swimming day.
    Wish I cld have come earlier to join you all in the swim but I had to attend the Sunday service as I couldn’t go for the Saturday one. Perhaps the next round. At least I enjoyed myself at the gym and all the abundant food – esp the fried mee siam – sedap!
    Once again thanks very much


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