We Can Do IT Too

Four final year NTU Mass Comm undergrads have taken-on a project on “A campaign to help seniors learn how to use their smartphones better” – code name “#wecandoittoo”.

They are focusing on four Apps, via Facebook, Toggle, SG Buses & Google Maps using Apple or Android smartphones.

They, with assistance from iDA, PA and volunteers like us, have worked out the training sessions in Woodlands & Fengshan Community Clubs. Actual lessons will be held from 9 Jan 2016 to 28 Feb 2016.

My involvement is as follows (all on using Apple iPhones):

Date      Day       Time         Place                      Topic
10 Jan   Sun   9AM-12nn   Woodlands CC     Facebook
17 Jan   Sun   9AM-12nn   Woodlands CC     SG Buses & Google Maps
23 Jan   Sat    2PM-5PM    Woodlands CC    Toggle
24 Jan   Sun   9AM-12nn   Woodlands CC     Toggle

hew lee (EC)


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