Monthly Cycling-19 March 2016

Hi all Cyclists

Meet : Burger King@ECP
Time : 1600 hrs
Route: ECP to MBS for Earth Hour Day.

Joining :
1. Douglas
2. Lily Ho
3. June Ho
4. Lily’s sister
5. Judy Lim
6. YatSing
7. Allan Wee
8. Shirleen Kao
9. Andrew K
11.Ah Nee
12.Ronald Lam
13.John How

1. Ivan Lim
2. Serene Low
3. Grace Kok
4. Aaron How

7 thoughts on “Monthly Cycling-19 March 2016

  1. Hi Douglas,

    Pls include us in the Mar’s cycling gathering :

    1. Lily Ho
    2. June Ho
    3. Lily’s sister ( non member )
    4. Judy Lim

    Thank you for organising the gathering.


  2. Hi Doug,

    I told a fren that i hv not cycle since d last cycling event at d same place, nervous to get on d biycycle, she said for me “to grow balls n goooooo”

    Finger cross see u all than on 19th March!


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