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I am Helen Huin. Though I have joined the Silverhairs Club for quite some time, I have not been able to participate nor to write in.  Despite that I have been receiving newsletters and it aroused my interest. I realised that I may be missing quite a fair bit of fun if I do not wake up to join you all.

I hope it is not too late for me to participate in your activities.

Looking forward to meeting you folks,


Helen Huin

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  1. Helen – welcome to the club. This is a vibrant club brimming with diversity. You will enjoy yourself and meet nice ppl.

    Your profile does not say much about your interest – outdoor or indoor? Are u working or retired silverhair? Don’t be shy shy lah… must tell us more…

    BTW, Feztus is organizing a trip to Yunnan on 18 Dec. If interested, pls read the Yunnan post. Look forward to c u on the 18th Nov!

  2. Thks Jacqueline. Yes currently I am working in an IT company. My interest is both indoor as well as outdoor. Like to do handicraft, cooking, badminton, table tennis, travelling, walking…

  3. Hi Helen!

    Welcome to our SHC badminton grp too. We’re playing 11am-1pm @ CSC Tessenohn rd.this Sunday 9Nov.
    I hope you come & join us.


  4. Hi Catherine
    Thks so much for the invitation. But I’m unsure as currently I’m suffering from frozen shoulder and it has caused me much pain.

  5. Helen
    been a member only a few mths. joined after Terrence was interviewed by papers; else didnt even know club existed. am still v. thankful 2 Terrence 4 starting this.
    The Yunnan trips sounds interesting but my wife wont like 2 go w/o kids & they obviously dont qualify 2 be SHC! :)

  6. Hi Helen,

    Welcome to SHC.

    My hubby suffered from frozen shoulder and he recovered after 2 years of pain. He went for months of acupuncture and physiotherapy. There are some arm & shoulder exercises which help with the recovery and ease the pain. If you are keen to know about the exercises, please email me at marytan@iinet.net.au

    You can join Catherine Ho for badminton but do not exert your shoulder… let Cat do the running..heehee

    Mary Lee (from Perth)

  7. Hi Helen Huin..
    Glad that u has come out & say helo…finally..welcome!

    Im curious, u joined for quite sometime oredi but never join any activity?..apa macam lah…u miss so much fun..hehe

    First, lets come meet us on the coming Monthly Gathering on 18 November (Tuesday)..then u can start from there…u’ll be surprise everybody is very frenly
    come lah…go register!

  8. Helen..
    You go to latest post & search for SHC Nov Monthly Gathering..
    The EOs this time are DennisWee & SusanChan..they are perfect couple!…
    one very sweet, the other very macho!…haha..

  9. Hi Nor

    Wow, wow..u flatter me. I agree SusanChan is sweet n pretty
    Me..macho? No lah! jus a ordinary man

    Helen, sori 2 use yr post 2 reply 2 Norlinda


  10. Hi Helen

    Welcome to the club. I am pretty new to the club too about five months. I usually participate in cycling/ rollerblading. I noticed that one would be able to try out all kinds of activities if one is keen, and heard many have tried & learnt dancing, handicraft, singing,MJ, etc which they had never thought of doing in the past – all these for free or at nominal cost. And also having widen their circle of friends.

    By the way I can help with your frozen shoulder. My email: kathrynlhn@hotmail.com – if you like to give it a shot, drop me amail.

    Have fun!

  11. Hi Kathryn

    Thanks for the welcome. I would definitely like to try out the various interest. It seems to a lot of people that their life evolves around work work and work. When they really stop and rest, then they realised that they are lonely apart from work colleagues, without much activities to engage themselves in

  12. Hi Helen,
    Understand that you have a forzen shoulder, I do not know that whether our Emtech machine can works on you, any way, if you have time feel free to drop by to my salon at Amaris International Lifestyle at 300, Margaret Drive, Level 3 NOOCC Building(eye centre).

    The Emtech machine have help a lot of people, We are giving 15 times free trial. Please feel free to bring your friends along.

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