Coffee Chat on 6th April 2016

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Hi friends,

The next kopi chat will be held on 6th April 2016. Details as follows:

Date:              6th April (Wednesday)

Time:             2 – 4 pm

Venue:           Raffles City food court, L. 3

Nearest mrt:    City Hall mrt station (next door)

Topics:            Anything under the sun except MLM, sex, politics, religion (shc taboos)

Do come and join in an afternoon of fun, laughter and fellowship.  Friendship is critical at this stage of our life.  It keeps dementia and depression at bay. Leave the empty nest and join us on 6th April.  Be lonely no more!   :-)

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Gabriella Chua

Those attending:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Lily Boon
  4. Alan Ang
  5. Jimmy Longpoetih
  6. David Low
  7. Friend (MH)
  8. Dave Chong (if work schedule permits…+ Fida)
  9. Friend (FL)
  10. Tony Ang
  11. Charles Wee
  12. Philip Chia
  13. Philip Chia’s wife
  14. Joan Ang
  15. Lim Tiang Soon (+ 1 friend  PL)
  16. John Chua
  17. Richard Kwok
  18. Friend (JL)
  19. Sam Goh Huat Ah
  20. Vivien Ler
  21. Mary Chan
  22. Roy Koh
  23. Lilian Koh
  24. Linda Chan
  25. Daisy Yeo
  26. Steven Yuen
  27. Dan Huang
  28. Bobby Bok
  29. Lim Yoon Chin
  30. Magdalene Phey

Ooh la la ~  Total of 25 (9 ladies, 16 men) attended ….Ah ha ~ Terence will be glad to know that the number of men have exceeded the number of women in his shc event!


dec kopi thanks  Thank you to all supporters of the coffee chat today. A whopping 25 turned up for an afternoon of laughter, yakking, drinking and FUN!  As ‘promised’, it was an afternoon well-spent with senior active pals.  See you all again at the May coffee chat!


20 thoughts on “Coffee Chat on 6th April 2016

  1. Hi Gab,
    Will confirm attending your coffee chat.

    To all Coffee chatters,
    1 free Room at Genting Resort Hotel on 28th to 30th March 2016. Anyone interseted ? Can Apps me

  2. wow wow dat awesome ya ,

    my 2nd time , mingling with old buddies like Dan huang ,Bobby & yoon jin jie ,

    it was a very warm fellowship meet up…hi Gab jie , take gamar no share share ya…

    oso ,like 2 express my zillions thks 2 terence seah ,who i ve cock up my log in user name..haahhahaha ,now am using desktop ,dont ve to waste my hp data ya…

    thks bro !!!! cheers hohhoohho hahahaha

  3. Hi Sam

    I’m glad you enjoyed the coffee chat session.
    You can view the photos taken on the Shc Facebook.

    C u next month ya?

    Meanwhile, take care and stay healthy and happy.

    Hahaha Hohohooooo

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