Room reservations at KSL IN 23 Apr OUT 24 Apr 2016

We have now almost completed our target of 80 pax for our D&D Cabaret Night 3 on 23 Apr 2016.

Hotel room bookings are now open.  Closing date and payment:  30 Mar 2016.  All bookings with KSL hotel will be handled by SS James who is our liaison man with KSL hotel.  Our corporate rates are:

Room category
OPTION 1: Superior (Double/twin) RM 258 Nett per room, per night (with 2 breakfast)

OPTION 2: Superior (Double/twin) RM 208 Nett per room per night (without breakfast)

* Room guests have free access to dinosaur water theme park.

* Members may stay in any other hotels of their choice. Members can also book through any other channels.

* If booking through SHC, payment will be in cash and in RM only.
Bookings and payments closed on 30 Mar 2016.

Booking confirmation:

  1. SS James           6 + 1 rooms (all without breakfast)
  2. Andrew Koh        1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  3. Terence Seah     1 room (without breakfast)
  4. Judy Lim             3+1  rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD200)
  5. Ann Lim              2 rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD100)
  6. Daniel Chan        1  room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50) 
  7. Rose White         1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  8. Cecilia Lim          1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  9. Lydia Chin           2 rooms (without breakfast) (Will pay in cash to Terence)
  10. Bobby Bok          1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  11. May Woo            2 rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD100)
  12. .    23 rooms todate.

Please hurry to do your hotel rooms booking now.  If you are lookiing for a partner, please make your reqest here. A number of members will be staying 3 pax per room, altho the hotel will only provide for 2 pax only.

Entrance to Dinosaur theme water park is free, for hotel guest.

Dinosaur Water Theme Park

Terence Seah


Author: Terence Seah


36 thoughts on “Room reservations at KSL IN 23 Apr OUT 24 Apr 2016”

  1. If you are looking to share a room with another member at KSL hotel, either 2 or 3 to a room, please indicate your interest here. Someone might just be looking same as you.

    Terence Seah

  2. To start, I am sharing a room with Sam Goh, our MC for Cabaret Night 3. If you like to share our room, to make it 3 to a room (without breakfast), please indicate your interest here. Can save some money.

    Terence Seah

  3. 16 hotel rooms have now been booked. Please book early. After 30 Mar 2016, if you need a room, please book directly to KSL hotel. Corporate rate will not apply, if you book directly with the hotel or with online portals eg

    As the hotel requires us to pay in RM, it is likely that we will ask for a non-refundable deposit of SGD 50. The balance, which we will advise after our next meeting with KSL, will be payable direct to the hotel on the day you check out, after we determine the exchange rate.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hoho haha bro Kent Chan, & buddies,
    A very early pagi ya.. We welcome u to our room with four extended hands n bear hug ya… As bro terence seah @” 17 /3 “2112hrs, ve request for buddy ya..
    Hoho haha, be happy, laugh for ten minutes alone ya…

  5. Hi Kent, you are confirm to bunk in with Sam and Terence.

    Judy, noted your 4 rooms requirement.

    Hi everybody, all room bookings closes 30 Mar 2016. We are looking at how to conveniently pay in RM as required by the hotel. Will advise you this week.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi all KSL room bookers,

    We thot how we will make room bookings earlier for everybody. Our defficulty is we have to pay the hotel in RM and also to confirm our rooms or we will lose the non-refundable deposit.

    To confirm the number of rooms you require, please pay a non-refundable deposit SGD 50 per room POSB Current:  951-00428-6 before 30 Mar 2016. This SGD 50 will be refunded to you on the night of the dinner.

    On Sun when you check out, please settle the full bill to the hotel in RM.

    So, please go ahead to make the SGD 50 per room deposit. Do indicate your transaction reference here.

    After the 30 Mar, please make your own room arrangements. The Corporate rate will not apply.

    Terence Seah

  7. Just transferred today 28/3/2016 @ 10:41 hrs amount S$100 to your
    POSB current acct being deposit for 2 rooms. Transaction ref 5984.
    Please update. Thanks.

  8. Hi Terence

    We would like to book 2 rooms. Please reserve the rooms under Option 2, no breakfast.
    Room deposit of S$100 has been transferred at 1649 today, 29/3/2016. Ref 8607. Thank you

    Regards, maywoo

  9. Hi Terence

    My 2 rooms are confirmed needed, without breakfast. I will pass to the deposit to you in cash, when we meet up next week.


  10. Hi Dan,

    I am back in Spore. Your $50 will be refunded.

    As to why your comments are in moderation, I don’t know why. Plse look at your contents. I leave it to the system logic to handle this.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi all KSL guests,

    If you book a room before end Mar 2016, and has given us your bank transference number, we will have your room/s reserved.

    If you had cancelled your room booking before end Mar 2016, the $50 deposit will be refunded. Plse advise your bank acc details.

    Please note only transaction ref on this post are valid. Not for whatsapp as I don’t track them.

    22 rooms will be reserved with KSL. No more bookings of rooms will be reserved thru the Club.

    Thank you everybody.

    Terence Seah

    1. Hi Dan,

      I just arrived in Singapore. I get msgs from you, Daniel Chan asking for refunds, transfer of rooms, cancellations, and I am all confused.

      I get more confused when one room room mate ask for a cancellation, and nothing is heard from the other.

      We don’t have club resources to handle nitty gritties. Please make it easy to understand requests from every corner.

      Terence Seah

  12. Hi Terence,
    Sorry to put you in such a position.
    As both John and I are not attending, we request a refund for the dinner. The room we booked will be taken over by Daniel Chan. He will refund us for the room booked by us.
    Hope this make our stand clear?

  13. Dan,

    Yours and John Howe names will be taken out. No problem.

    Plse provide your acc number for a refund back.

    As for your room, it will be changed to Daniel Chan. This is fine.

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi… Terence, I have just returned to Sg too. I was in the hotel when I saw Dan H’s booking cancelled, and I was afraid you would go ahead to book 22 rooms. Not convenient to write lengthy messages using a smart phone then, hence I whatsapp you immediately. That was quite early in the morning and I was about to go to the airport.

    Sorry if that added to some “confusion”.

    Now you are booking a total of 23 rooms for 23 April, and it is correct.
    On the Booking Confirmation list above, grateful if you could remove the strike-out line for “6. Dan Huang….”, so as not to confuse the person doing the booking.

    Thank you. I shall buy you a beer on the 23rd, if any. Cheers.


  15. All room bookings close end March. No more please. We are consolidating the numbers at 23 rooms.

    SS James will confirm this with KSL this week.

    Only the names on this registration list will be booked with KSL.
    Pleasure that the names on the room bookings is as per your passport to avoid checking in problems.

    Thank you Gabriella for keeping this list in good order.

    Terence Seah

  16. WOW WOW WOW hohohohohohahahaha buddies ,

    so early awake likw a dragon ya..yesterday too many collections in jb . too damn exhausted zzzzzzzzzzzz at 2000hrs ..hahahaha kwai kwai ya..

    okay for those of u who like to charter a 7 seater mini van . from sg to KSL hotel ,
    i ve double check it ..a standard market price is s$ 70 ..any additional pick up add s$ 10.00. it a per trip charge. i ve source out 3 lobongs ya…interested drop yr msq here or email me @

    less than 16days to our big night ya….yee ha…
    cheers bro sam huat

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