A day trip in jb makan, massage & shopping.

Ho ho Hahaha buddies  of SHC, Any four or five buddies like to visit JB, you will all experience the local eateries like bak kut teh, bar ber que hot Coconut,. Many sporean hit near jb check point for the eateries, food there re just average &  much expensive.. You may drop a note here or email me at gohchinhuat @gmail.com please take note, there re few dates I am not available  will see our timing  if match ya… Hoho haha Cheers

bro Sam huat

32 thoughts on “A day trip in jb makan, massage & shopping.”

  1. Hi Sam
    I m interested in the JB programme. Wd suggest you fix a date when you are free and those who can meet your schedule can join. Thanks.

  2. hohohohohoho hahahahha buddies of SHC ,

    good morning ya..hoho sister Gab ,sister Mary ,bro OR SISTER Sim hahahha ,

    sorry ,didnt know boy or girl ya…okay am busy now till after our SHC event on 23 -april .
    26-4 to 30 -04 . my MPV toyota unser a seven seater . better email for my hp nos ,
    we settle ( wow like those days gangster talk ) hahahahha in WHAT APP or thru email @ gohchinhuat@gmail.com .be a laughter & all worries gone .new healthy cells in our body ya…hahahahha cheers bro sam huat

  3. Hoho haha buddies of SHC good morning ya.. / sister Sally ,
    So cute of your comment ya.. Why pui pui don’t ya… Wait all clothing not fit.. Cham liao ya… OK sayang all, will reply thru your email Ya… Please remember to post your tai kor tai ( hp) on your email to me ya.. Hoho haha a India trained LAUGHTER YOGA TEACHER Sam Goh

  4. Good morning Sam!
    I have just logged in. Wow, you work very fast. Don’t respond also cannot. I am on and will email you.

    Terima Kasih

  5. Ah Sam ah…!

    I orso want go JB … Chiak until tummy big big!

    What I want to ask is your car Singapore licence one? I understand that from May 1st we need to register our car to masok into Malaysia…so how orh?

    If we can all squeeze into your seven seater…than I come along… I also know a restaurant in Permas Jaya where got great roast meat, duck and fish…belly cheap orso! Maybe can go there…

    Can arrange after I balek from Japan…ok? 26 April onwards can…

  6. Ha! It works!
    Shall repost my first comment and see how.

    Good morning Sam!
    I have just logged in. Wow, you work very fast. Don’t respond also cannot. I am on and will email you.

    Terima Kasih

  7. yee ha , wow wow dat awesome ya….

    belly tired ya…2 days with a bunch of VVIP ,so fun & shiok man !!! we test water on all d systems for d GRAND night ya…ok am belly busy cos besok my BIRD – DAY hor..& oso ve collection to handle ya…will reply all of u infew days time ya….

    halo retire teacher boh wear spect har !!! got put my email hor..2 time ya….
    hahahaha cheers bro sam huat

  8. Hi Sam
    Registering on behalf of Julie Guan who cannot log in as she had forgotten her ID and password. Thanks.

    My first registration is still under moderation. Some word in my posting must be banned. Can’t be me for sure…..ha ha ha

    Hi Admin
    Can you kindly assist Julie Guan so she can log in once again.
    Thank you Yoon Chin!


  9. Hi Sam

    It would be good if you can get someone to co-ordinate the JB trip from Singapore – viz: a place to meet, take a bus together etc. and to meet you upon reaching JB. Thereafter, we’ll use your Malaysian registered 7-seater and have good fun in JB. Otherwise, it may be difficult for people who are not familiar with travelling to JB alone to join you.

    I have been to JB many times albeit by package tour. Haha.

    Thank you.

  10. Akamak…Brother Goh!
    With so many interested you may have to hire a bus! Otherwise your seven-seater will be “pum chek” (flat)!
    May I suggest you charge sepuloh ringgit or RM10 per person to defray your transport costs…this can be donated to your favorite charity if you feel “paiseh”.
    Just a note: is this event for SHC members only? If so, we may not invite a non-SHC member.

  11. Hi Sam

    Since the date has still not been fixed yet and I will not be with wifi access the next couple of days, I have decided not to join in the JB trip. Hope this will facilitate your co-ordination for the trip.

    Julie Guan has also decided not to participate.

    Thank you for initiating and hope you guys have a nice time.


  12. hohhoohoho hahahaha , buddies of SHC ,

    so sorry pretty busy over in JB ..

    ok date is fix on 28 /04 thursday

    0930hr .meet @ inside kranjil mrt stn .
    six buddies will travel in my MPV car . s$ 120 per car.
    it will cover d petrol toll , parking. from 0930 hrs till 2100hrs or early or late i am a okay ya…will hit at least 4 different places…

    i ve send out some emails to those who email me ya…
    please liaise thru email better …@ times data form here very slow ya….

    hohhoohoho hahahaha,
    cheers bro sam huat

  13. hahahahaha bro kenneth ,

    tummy fat fat …ho sei liao !!! it a EC on going event ya…
    bro bobby , pls email me ..see my post & comment on 9 /4 ve my email details ya…
    hi sim kim swee , male or female har ?? pls email me ya….
    cheers laughter yogas teacher from india…..
    sam goh

  14. Hi Sam
    I wd like to clarify .. Is the cost of $120 for the use of yr mpv for each person or is it a total cost for 6, in which case, each needs to pay $20?

    Pl advise urgently.


  15. hohohohoho hahahha sister SOTONG Gab ,

    it oredli say per car ya… if six paxs only pay s$20 per head ..if less den divide lah….
    120 divide by see how many ppls lah…..hahahahha no heart feeling cos u sm sotong ,i big sotong ya….hohhoohoho hahahaha ,,,,,cheers bro sam

  16. Oh oh Sam I just got back from Japan a few days ago. Hope I haven’t lost my place in your trip. I’m ok for the 28th. I will email you now.

  17. hohohohoho hahahahha ,

    i ve re create a new post awaiting approval…anyway sister Mary Chan ,

    if we confirm gg ..u re in d boat ya…hahahaha
    next sunday is world laughter day ya….
    cheers bro sam huat

  18. Aiyah…I’m super-tired after my super trip to Jspan…don’t think I can join you guys this 28th…so sorry Brother Sam. Next time we go Permas Jaya ok?

  19. hohohohohoho hahahaha buddies of SHC ,

    wow pian so troublesome & lei chei , this event is called OFF …it will be a private arrangement liao….hahahahha..

    cheers bro sam huat

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