Coffee Chat on Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Maykopi1  maykopi2  maykopi3My dear coffee kakis

Our next coffee meet will be held on 4th May. Details are as follows:

Date:                     Wed, 4th May 2016

Time:                     2.15 pm – 4.15 pm

Venue:                   Raffles City Food Court, 3rd Level (Long table near the window)

Cuisines:               All types of food,  beverages and desserts

Topics:                  Anything under the sun except politics, religion, sex, MLM (shc taboos)

Come and join in an afternoon of makan, coffee drinking, fun and laughter.  Maybe, I can throw in a uke sing-along for two songs only (as we do not want to be too boisterous since it’s a public area).  The coffee chat provides good fellowship and camaraderie among active aging pals :-) .. Keeping dementia and depression at bay.    Do not stay at home alone (empty nest syndrome) ~ come and spend an afternoon here.

Hope to see as many of you as possible.


Gabriella Chua


Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Friend (MH)
  3. Loong SM
  4. Friend (FL)
  5. Jimmy Longpoetih
  6. David Low
  7. Dave Chong
  8. Fida
  9. Lily Boon (will attend if free)
  10. John Chua SC
  11. Joan Ang
  12. Mary Chan
  13. Tony Ang
  14. Charles Wee
  15. Kent Chan
  16. Richard Tan TT
  17. Lim Yoon Chin
  18. Ronald Lee

A gentle reminder that the Kopi chat on 4.5.16 is on … See you all at Raffles City foodcourt at 2.15 pm

dec kopi thanks  Thanks to all who turned up today.  We had a great time. There are also plus points in having a smaller group.  We could mingle and communicate better.  Looking forward to meeting up in June 2016.    Cheers :-)


6 thoughts on “Coffee Chat on Wednesday, 4 May 2016

  1. Hi Gabriella,

    Thanks for organising the Coffee chat event.I enjoyed myself networking with the SH group.
    I will be there again. (applied AL, waiting for approval)

    Take Care & God Bless.

    Warm Regards

  2. Hi Joan Ang
    Glad to hear that you’re coming to join us.. Yes, we should enjoy, be happy and not work so hard at this age :-)

    C u then

  3. Hi Gabriella Chua,

    I would be delighted to be there today. I am referred by fellow SHC member Charles Wee, whom I met during last year Lunar New Year’s after dinner gathering and was ex-management staff of Scott and English Ltd,. subsidiary of Haw Par Group who used to purchase bulky office equipments and supplies from my ex-employer, Olivetti (S) Ptel. Ltd. opposite their office in Haw Par Glass Towers in Clemenceau Avenue in the 80’s. .

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