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Calling all retirees in the East

I have formed a retiree club in the Kembangan area wherein active retirees can:

  • gather for coffee chats in the nearby coffee shops/joints in the east
  • makan in the hawker centres/markets in Bedok, Paya Lebar and Tampines in the east
  • morning walks at 5.30 am or late evening walks at 6.30 pm when it’s not too hot
  • introduction to ukulele fun
  • yak yak on anything (ranging from current affairs, in-laws, grown-up kids to anything under the sun)
  • help and seeking advice from one another
  • cycling in the parks (I need a trike or tandem rider though)
  • ….. and so on…. the list is by no means exhaustive

The 24-hour sarabat stall at Jalan Lapang (Kembangan) may be a good venue to be considered.  It’s just a stone’s throw from the Kembangan mrt station.  Those staying in this area may be familiar with this eating place.  It’s rustic, nostalgic and gives the ambience of Singapore in the early 60s or a typical Malaysian sarabat stall of today.

These are only ideas on the drawing board and can be finetuned as we gather momentum.  A chatline has been set up for those who have indicated interest so as  to keep everyone in the loop on activities or good sharings.  As we’re retirees, we’ll keep to thrifty thrills/fun…. no lavish spending.

So far, some 20 of my friends (mostly shc) have already indicated their interest in joining this retiree club as and when they’re free.  It’s good to form friendships now before it’s too late.  One’s spouse may not be with you forever and depression may set in (if you’re too close or dependent on your beloved) and especially when you’re already facing the empty nest syndrome.  We must rely on ourselves for our own well-being and happiness.  There’s a saying:

“No one is born happy but every one is born with the Ability to create HAPPINESS”.

Just leave a message here or apps me (if you have my hp number) if you are interested in joining the Retiree Club (East). A very important requirement is no quarrelling, hitting below the belt  or gossips on my chatline (taboos for the retiree club).   We want everyone to be happy and get along well.  Any recalcitrant member will be deleted from my chatline   :-)

Thank you.

Warmest regards,


Those Interested:

  1. 23 members in my Retiree Club  (East)
  2. Just leave your name on this forum page or apps me …. tks

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19 thoughts on “Retiree Club (East)”

  1. Hi Terence,

    A pity that the pictures on this forum page are not as clear as before.

    Thank you for this platform anyway……. :-)

  2. Hi Frisna
    Tks for yr kind words ~ no worries … You can join us ‘old folks’ when you retire :-)

    Meanwhile, happy working .


  3. Hi Leow

    Btw are you Roland Leow who attended my Kopi chat before? I have PMed you re yr Hp number before I can connect you to the chatgrp.


  4. Hihi
    I am organising a gathering on Thursday, 19 May 2016. Prog as follows:

    10.45 am Meet at Kembangan mrt station
    11 am Lunch at Bedok hawker centre
    12 noon Coffee and dessert + yak yak
    – 3 pm

    Do let me know if you’re coming to join us.


  5. Hi Frank Kaw

    I have included you for the event on 19 May 2015. Pl meet at Kem mrt station at 10.45 am on that day.

    Thank you for your interest.


    Hi Yoon Chin
    Frank Kaw has informed me that he could not sign into the shc forum page. His email address is:

    The message he received was:
    “.. your email had not been sent. The possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail function.”

    Wd appreciate if you could help him. Pl contact him direct.

    Thank you.


  6. Hi Frank,
    Noticed you are using a different email address. Your registered email is in the SHC system.
    Kindly email to to confirm which email address to use. We will create a new password for you upon receiving your confirmation.

    Thanks Gabriella.

    Yoon Chin

  7. Hi Gab Are you planning to replace this so called retiree club with the monthly coffee chat at Raffles City food court. To avoid duplication can consider to scrap this coffee chat. regds

  8. Hi Chief Terence & SHCians

    “Ask not what SHC can do for you. Ask what you can do for SHC”.

    My kopi chat will continue to be a monthly event for Shc members from all over our tiny island (NSEW) as long as there’s interest and my kopi kakis find that this is a good platform for them to meet friends on a lazy weekday afternoon. This kopi chat gathering has been going on for a couple of years and everyone who came enjoyed and had a whale of a time ~ yakking over a cuppa, laughing, fellowshipping and meeting new friends. Doesn’t lighten the pocket very much either considering that most are retirees.

    The retiree club (east) is a different thingy altogether. It’s a gathering for makans, walks (east), gathering over a cuppa for anyone who needs a listening ear for those staying in my neighbourhood … it’s not a monthly thingy but can be a weekly or adhoc gathering even if there are only 2 or 3 members.

    Thank you Terence for your self-explanatory comments on another thread. Fully agree.

    Let me end with a quote:
    “If the mountain does not come to Mohamed, Mohamed must go to the mountain.”
    After all, we are only a tiny island, anybody can go anywhere.

    Everyone working or retired are welcome to the kopi chat or retiree club (east) events, although I doubt non-retirees have the time.

    My half cent worth ~ no offence to anyone.


  9. Hi

    The retiree club (East) had its first gathering today.. A total of 8 came together for lunch at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre .. We tried different dishes and also the Tiong Bahru pau ~ yummy indeed. Good chitchatting and fellowship, which culminated in a game of Rummykub. I’ve learnt something new today! A big thank you to all who attended today’s gathering.

    Look out for the next event….

    Keep healthy and happy till we meet for the next event.


  10. Dear all

    The 2nd gathering of the retiree club (east) will be held on Wed, 8 June 2016. Details are as follows:

    11 am Meet at Tampines mrt station control area
    11.15 am Lunch at Tampines Mall food court (Kopitiam)
    12.15 pm Coffee/dessert and fellowship
    2 pm Shop at the $2 shop (Daiso) in Tampines 1
    3.30 pm Home sweet home

    Pl let me know if you wish to join in this gathering. So far, 4 have registered. The more, the merrier ……….



  11. Hi
    Thanks to those who responded. About 8 -9 coming.. Just nice for a cosy gathering. C u all then.

    Btw, future events will be conducted via apps…


  12. Thanks to all (11 of us) who joined in the gathering today at Tampines Mall food court from 11 am – 2 pm. Thereafter, some of us went to Daiso for some good bargainings.

    Cheerio till we meet again at our next gathering viz: durian fiesta on 29 June.


  13. Hihi retirees

    We had another event today…. lunch in Chinatown hawkers’ centre ~ yummy tzer char (fish head, nonya style, coffee pork ribs, spinach with egg, oyster omelette), followed by dessert (walnut cream) and kopi. Value for money meal ~cheap and good! Good food and great company :-)

  14. Hihi

    We had our durian fiesta at Geylang this evening… Yummy .. Finger-licking good :-)

    Thereafter, we took a walk down the forbidden streets of Geylang. It was a memorable evening ~we had a feel of the ambience there.

    To all who came ~ thank you for yr support!

    Cheers till we meet again.

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