any one keen to join me to bentong pahang

hohhohoohoho hahahahaha ,

i am planning of going up 2 bentong  next middle of d june ,

as durains season will just kick off on it top peak ya..actual date i am a okay for d majority

to choose from any five buddies to respond ,secure it place ya .beside d durains farm ,bentong is oso famous on it ginger ya…hahahahahaha , we may plan as we go along on it stay ya… please take note ,this is a EC event ya…hohohohohoho hahahahaha

cheers brother Sam Huat


5 thoughts on “any one keen to join me to bentong pahang”

  1. hohohohohoho haahhahahaha , a very good evening 2 all SHC buddies ya ,

    okay bro Tony , so sorry i cant ..only pick up @ jb sentral den will shoot to Bentong ya…hahahahaha ,

    ah Lydia Chin , very funny ya..response seem so poor 1 ya bo seng lee ( no business )..okay if on 30th june i will try & bring 2 disabled adult .. ( not wheel chair bound ) a male 30 yrs old look normal but very low IQ & like dwarf short but cute ya… so now i am calling Frisna ah jie , u ve WHAT APP my MOBIL & ve interest not in me lah….in d bentong trip…so i might change 2 d dates 30 th june .it will be a 2 or 3 days one or 2 nights..for sure 1 night in bentong , coming back ,we will whack malccaca & muar d otak otak….b4 heading back 2 JB sentral…
    cheers bro sam huat +600107666056
    hohohohoho hahahahaha

    sam huat a india trained qualified laughter yoga teacher….

  2. Hi Sam,
    I do not need your transport. I will transport myself to meet you and can also bring you to Kraut to look at the “Mau San Wang” plantation invested by the China Enterprise.

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