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 Hello everyone at SHC, I am Patrick, 63 years old, retired.

Extrovert, volunteer at CC events, do volunteer work with SAGE.  I meditate, travelled, read and write on the net, and walking with nature.

Gracious ageing is another journey in our Silver years.  As we reminisce  our youthful days of joy and happenings, we know we will never rewind back the march of time.

And time is of the essence.  I will live my silver years with bountiful energy.  With time at our disposal, I am fortunate to come across SHC. I hope I can make more friends and acquire more knowledge and experience from the vast personalities in SHC.



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About Lee Patrick (Song Juan)

Hello! Everyone at SHC, I am Patrick, retired, extrovert, emcee at events, volunteer work, meditate, travel and walking with nature. Gracious ageing is another journey in our life. As we reminisce our youthful days of joy and regret, we know we will new rewind back the march of time. With so much time on our hands now, I am fortunate to come across SHC. I hope I can make more friends and acquire more knowledge and experience from the vast diverse personalities in SHC. Everyday is a learning. Life enrichment is through the selflessness of humankind to share and the benevolence of many to strike a melifluous chord in everyone's heart. Year 2009 may look pessimistic, but the human outlook of optimism and sharing of love will uplift the lonely hearts. The spirits of engagement and happy encounters !

21 thoughts on “Patrick Lee SJ – Profile

  1. Hi Patrick Lee,

    Welcome to the SHC.

    We joined the SHC few months ago. Met up and get to know some nice friends too. Hope to see you soon. Best Regards

    Sekaran and Dhevi

  2. Well said, Patrick!

    I agree with you on “gracious aging” being another chapter of our lives.

    To me, “gracious aging” means letting go of the past, and appreciating the present moment. Someone once wrote: “Let go of the past – for we cannot change it. (We can learn from it, and move forward.) Don’t worry about the future – nobody knows what the future will bring. Live today well, for the future is made up of todays.”

    The great Dalai Lama was known to have said this, “Life is transient, nothing is permanent. The only constant is – change.

    I wish you and all SHCians, a very happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!

  3. Thank you Jacqueline, Sekaran and Devi for your reply. Your writing shows the dynamic character in you. I read your profile too.
    I am also a simple person and enjoy the simple elements of
    existence. In this materialistic world, many of us are
    under pressure to exhibit their success through ostentations of sort. Singapore has many poor and destitute
    people who needs charity to live by. My personal involvement with the half-way house and charity homes for the destitutes give me a greater awareness of lives’ imbalance. We are privileged, as many of us in SHC have
    vast experience in life and are successful in their own rights. We can count to be the lucky Singaporeans. With
    our Lunar New Year on the horizon, I wish you and all SHCians a happy and contented Lunar New Year.

  4. Hi Patrick Lee SJ

    Welcome to SHC. I share your interest in volunteer work. My support is with the hearing-impaired.

    Being an extrovert you’ll have no problem fitting in with the ‘heterogeneous’ SHC crowd. So, here’s wishing you a fruitful time in SHC.


  5. Hi Patrick Lee,

    Welcome to the SHC family. This is one club where age is no barrier and everyone here is young at heart. Hope to meet up with you in one of SHC’s activities. Kind regards, Lisa

  6. Thanks Lisa. I manage to email Dan Huang and got a
    prompt reply as to the venue and time at Chin Chin
    Restaurant on the 28th Feb. (my mistake on my post as
    21st Feb.) FYI, during my younger years I resided in Purvis
    Rd, a predominantly Hainanese enclave.
    Looking forward to meet you all for a hearty lunch on that day. Tk U.

    Regards, Lee Pat.

  7. Hi Song Juan/others,

    Thanks and I ENJOY reading your interesting profile.

    I too am doing part time volunteering work for the Cannosian Children’s Home at the Oasis besides private and home tuition.

    Perhaps, if time permits you or others too could join us in mentoring the primary school children from Pri 2 to 6.
    Pls. email me at for details.

    What I like best abt them is that they are positive,courteous,obedient and always eager to learn.

    Even among the the weakest, they do not mind being slow and left behind but still have great determination to improve herself/himself.

    1/2 the battle is won and you will leave the place with a sense of “happiness” and satisfaction deep inside your heart which money can’t buy.

  8. Hi Steven

    Vipassana Meditation is Insight meditation. It takes time to progress to a total stage of blissful awareness of mind
    in relation to self during meditation.

    Put it simply, the mind is practically void and your main focus is just meditating. Half lotus or full lotus, with eyes closed. ( I practise Half-lotus style, meaning
    one leg folded on top of another.) Beginners will find it
    difficult not only to concentrate on the breathing gentlely, which is through and out the nostril, you will feel numbness in your bend legs after just 10 minutes.
    Beginners can relax their legs and carry on at their pace, to gradually master the technique. You will become more aware of your being and surrounding and learn the truth of things as your meditation take hold thru the years.

    I have gone for meditation retreats. In Bangkok for 5 days in 2007 and St John’s island meditation retreat for 10 days
    last year. Only breakfast and lunch were served. No dinners. All vegetarian food and absolute silence even when not meditating. Wake up at 4 am in the morning. Morning bath,
    meditate till 6 am. then breakfast and so on.

    If you are interested I can provide you with the Vipassana
    meditaion booklet by the Masters, for your knowledge.

    song juan

  9. Hi Patrick Lee.
    Welcome to SHC.
    I read with interest your comment about Vipassan Meditation. I attend yoga classes but on an irregular basis. I do so more for the exercises, stretches etc. I was taught some breathing techniques which I’ve yet to do so properly. I think my classes are not real yoga classes in the sense that we do little meditation but concentrate on breathing and muscular stretches.
    I would like to know if you do any chanting or intonations during or prior to your meditations?
    Also, is your yoga an extension of the Hindu or Buddhist religion as some people believe?
    The reason I asked the second question is because I recently received an email from someone, condemning (very vehemently)yoga as something evil and related to the devil. It shocked me that there should be such a misunderstanding of what I always thought was a form of exercise.
    Perhaps you could throw some light on this?
    I hope Terence will not view this as a religious discussion. If it is viewed as such, then I apologies and perhaps we can talk about this via email.


  10. Patrick Lee
    Thank you for writing. Appreciate the explanation.

    Oops. Just noticed a misspelling in #14. “I apologise” not “I apologies”. Hehe very paiseh.

  11. Hi Patrick Lee,

    ..if you are interested I can provide you with the
    Vipassana meditaion booklet by the Masters, for your knowledge.

    Thanks for your kind offer. Sure,I will be more than happy to get loan a copy from you.

  12. Hi Patrick Lee,

    …But san chai, san chai, I am holy man lah. Have to try double hard now to Nirvana.

    Holy man ? Specialist in “holes”,LOL.:)

    Nirvana does NOT sounds so simple as it seems. It takes many lifetimes b4 one can attain enlightenment.NO shortcut lah.

    …… I don’t want to be a pea – cock lah.(pea means tiny) I am just as puzzling.

    I don’t think I can attain enlightenment now since I joined SHC with ‘tai kor’ Tim around. My meditation is cracking up hahaha !

    Ya lah we can see that your concentration seems to be affected badly by our too much of harm sup and yarm sup ideas.
    Ha! Ha!

    Are u coming for cycling tomorrow ? your best to join us. It is quite FUN to cycle as a “family” And if you and your wife are able to make it, pls. bring along the book on V.Meditn.

  13. Ya loh Steven. What to do as a lay man. Just let you know a secret during one of my dhamma class, even monks and nuns harbored fantasies, so san chai, san chai, we are ordinary mortals. With so much temptation in every circle, I will be lucky to hang in mid – Nirvana,with a strong rope.

    Morning tomorrow, I have to attend SAGE’s volunteer Day
    function at Bottletree Park near Khatib MRT till about 2.30pm and will rush to meet you guys and gals for the cycling at East Coast (at MacDonald by 4pm)

    Yes, will bring the V. meditation booklet for you.


  14. Hi Patrick Lee,

    I am, going for the 3pm ride to Changi Village with Rene and others. We were be meeting all of you at bike kiosk and then to dinner.

    Thanks for the meditn booklet.

    Yes,Patrick,you need to be V.”FOCUS” to escape from the vicious cycle of the Samsara.

    Goodnight and see both of you tomorrow.

  15. Hi Patrick, this is Anne Chua here….remember I asked about your passion to volunteer for my church as Emcee?? Still interested and if so, may I ask your permission if I may share your profile with them?? No obligation though….you can email me at everson_theblueplace@hotmail for anything personal then…

    Thank you and nice meeting you Patrick or rather Leepat….


    Anne Chua

  16. Hello Anne

    For charity, I do not charge anything. Just a token of appreciation will suffice.
    It a natural synergy to connect with people that give me a
    reciprocal warm to myself and others. Thanks for the email
    address. Will keep in touch.

    Leepat (Song Juan)

  17. Hello Patrick,

    Just a gentle reminder. Please remember that the Senior Folks will be looking forward to your Harmonica recital on 1st May 09.

    Thank you.

    Geok Suan.

  18. Hello Patrick Chan,

    Hope you read this post regularly. I am looking forward to meeting you on 1st May 09 at the SJHome by 10.30am. Please confirm that you are coming.

    I understand that you are a guitarist with a 5 piece Band. I think you and your Guitar will give us and the Senior Folks lots of enjoyment for that half hour from 11am-11.30am on 1/5/09. We are expecting simple entertainment only.Have Guitar can make simple folks happy.

    See you there on 1/5/09.

    Good night.

    Geok Suan.

    We shall be there from 9.30am – 12.30pm.

  19. Hi Patrick LeeSJ / Terence S ,

    Terence S , I woke up with this vision.

    The cabaret nightclub scene will NOT be complete without those “Playboys” who come in with their rev up Lamborghinis and has BIG FAT wallets which the hostesses will “swarm” like flies to them.

    Since Patrick LeeSJ likes himself to be known as Don Juan(DJ) as well, why NOT give him this role or to others who may fit the role ?

    Patrick Lee DJ can come dress in his glossy black
    Louis Vuitton suit adorn with his favourite “Men in Black” cap, smoking his cigar being accompanied by
    2 ” Hau See Thun Took” ladies sashaying to the beat of the music.

    Just my 8cts. suggestion to make the plot more EXCITING

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