Going to Desaru using Sam Goh’s services (Trip cancelled)

desaru beach

I love Malaysia, especially its beaches.  I too love Malaysian food.  Although I travel extensively within Asia, it seems I will not have enough of enjoying Malaysia’s countryside, food, beaches and other delights.

I like to give this a try, and that is to go to Desaru beach.  I discussed with Sam Goh and he is able to provide transport and bring us around Desaru.  He knows enough of Johore to be able to bring participants around.

  • Trip proper:  2D1N to desaru camping.
  • Date/time: Not agreed yet, but it will be 2D 1N.
  • Limited:  6 pax per trip.,
  • Pickup point:  JB Sentral
  • Return point:  JB Sentral
  • Petrol:  Sam tops up to full tank and will top up his tank on return.  Participants pay for petrol and toll.
  • Food:  All participants, exceopt driver, share in the food and drinks costs.
  • Hotel: Estimated at SGD 50 per night. Participants share costs of rooms.  Driver does not pay for the hotel room share.  He will share with me, if he does not snore.
  • Service fee:  SGD 10 per participant per day. For 2D1N, service fee per person is SGD 20.  If we go out for 3D2N, the fee is SGD 30 per pax.
  • Tent:  buy your own tent.  It costs around SGD 20, and you can use it when you join me regularly.

Please keep yourself updated here.  I shall announce the date soon.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Susan Tan
  3. James Tan
  4. Daisy Wee
  5. Stella Sheng
  6. Bobby Bok
  7. We will keep this list until confirmation.  A non-refundable deposit will be required mid July 2016.

14 thoughts on “Going to Desaru using Sam Goh’s services (Trip cancelled)

  1. hohohohoho hahahhahaha pagi evrybody ya ,

    BRO terence , you miss out de toll levy charge ya… okay going up 2 desaru if we use normal o;d road..we will ve de chance 2 taste a typical old kopi shop selling awesome coffee ,tea & oso cute small packet nasi lemak & dry mee siam .located near putrie wangsa ….so after trying it .we hit for de road by using old rd again about 1 hour journey we will whack de hell of famous kota tinngle bak kut teh …we will; eat full ya , cos in desaru nothings so grand about food…unless we dr about 45minutes 2 sg ringgit for many famous seasfood resturant there ya…
    i just went these places last 2 weeks again after been there for countless of time i am still in love with it cos we can oso do detox at de beaach ya…hohohohoho hahahaha , bro terence please pen down stella sheng who she inform me she is keen to join us…cheers !!! malaysia 1st laughter yoga conference is coming in on july ….yeah yeah some of my UK buddies ve booked me on my transport…bery good very goof yeah…LY is a non religion health excerise …we dont use any praying pose…hohohohohoho hahahahahaha sorry bro ternce jump 2 wrong channel…hahahahahaha A TRAINED LY teacher from india…

  2. Thanks Sam for the clarification on toll fees.

    Tentatively, I have found a 2D1N on Wed 27 Jul and back 28 Jul 2016. How about spending the day at Desaru beach, have our sea food makan at Sugai Renggit and along the way enjoy one or two bijis of durian. Pick up JB Sentral and Return JB Sentral.

    Let’s do it this way. We confirm the trip whatever the number of participants, and have a relaxing day in Desaru. Please consider using the new or the old route.

    SilverHairsClub members are welcome to join the trip.

    Terence Seah

  3. hohohohooho hahahahahaha wow wow what a very hot day in jb ya….it like burning hot oven ya….yeah yeah so bro terence ,please oso register stella sheng .so now we ve four passengers …if u ppls re early birds like me we can oso hit pontain…which is on de other parts far far away ya….famous for pontain wan tan mee , fish dealer like our spore jurong fishery port…but here is a bit special…u can buy fresh & cross de sm street there is a chef from a local seasfood resturant cook on de spot ya….for seafood we may hit kukup few seasfood resturant …we may oso buy muar ( siow mei otak ) & bring home to eat….dat depend on all of u all ..or we just hit kota tinggle bak kut teh & sg ringgit seafoos den desaru ya……cheers bro sam huat

  4. Sam,

    I trusted you to bring us to Desaru. We are going East, not Kukup or Muar.

    But I think the trip will be fun and relaxing after JB Sentral. Tell us about Sungei Renggit.

    Our hotel budget is SGD 50. Keep a look out.

    If our trip works for Desaru, we can go next to Mersing. Testing out your services and knowkedge of Johore.

    Terence Seah

  5. hohohohohooho hahahahaha good afternoon to all SHC MEMBERS ,

    wow wow dat real awesome ya…so on hand we ve our handsome bro James ,susan ,Daisy newbie blur mei ??? leng loi Stella Sheng…so now plus terence we ve 5 paxs

    very good very good yeah !!! ok we will just hit de early plan..no going off track 2 pontain …hahahaahha no muar too far bro terence….
    cheers bro sam huat.

  6. Hi Sam,

    We have agreed to put in 5 bhind and 1 person, total 6 in your van. Can u help to lool for a hotel? We can also look along the way when we arrive.

    A hotel on Desaru Beach, please.

    Shall u and I sleep in a tent? I am thinking of buying a big tent within the next two weeks.

    Terence Seah

  7. hohohohohooho hahahahaha ,

    ah kor terence ,

    bro pull your horse 1st ya…cos if only we 2 sleep on tent hor…den de ladies will scared cos 1 member ask all of stay in hotel room better . den there re ppls spreading rumours about not safe 2 stay in tent..hahahahaha dat joker had he ever stay b4 ya…
    by putting fear on it ..it not good ..anythings TOUCH WOOD happen in any outing with me SAM GOH i will not leave any1 on de lurch ,i will shed every single strength or blood if i need to…after all it not my cup of tea not 2 help & run away like ah KUA huh ??? hahahahaha.. yes bro fews good hotel in desaru near side…pls note internet booking cheaper den walk in …lotous hotel n many nearby ve good offer..i know nuts about internet booking ya…. there re chalet ,3 star hotel oso..i ve stay all over in there many places ya..or when we reach & check it out lah…
    cheers bro sam

  8. Hi Sam and fellow Desaru goers,

    We shall stay in a hotel. We can start looking now. Buidget SGD 50 per room. We are open to suggestions.

    Bobby, you are in. Welcome. Let’s all have a relaxing trip.

    Terence Seah

  9. Hi Susan, James, Daisy, Bobby and Stella,

    I have not good news re our trip to Desaru. Our driver Sam Goh is unable to take us to the beach as an urgent appointment cropped up for him.

    Instead of trying to fix another date, as I am unable to confirm other dates, due to my other travel dates, I have informed Sam the trip is now cancelled.

    My apology. Should I plan another trip, I shall inform on this forum.

    Terence Seah

  10. hohohooho hahahhahha ,

    buddies so sorry , not dat i like 2 cancelled ya…my oversea buddy from ENGLAND
    a 1st time visitor 2 sg & msia is poping over …or any first three buddies to raise up your hand can join us ..
    we are hitting to jb after de monthly gathering in HAN . we whack desaru ,sg renggit ,malacca cameron highlands ,if time permit ipoh he fly off from KL ..there after we travel back to muar & back 2 JB SENTRAL in 31st july or 01 08 2016 .
    hohohohoho hahhahaha
    bro sam huat

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