Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009, The One and Only SHC MEGA Event of 2009

Dear SHCians,

Your have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of Mega Event of the year 2009. Now the long wait is over.

  • Date: 4th April 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time: 4pm to 12 am
  • Price: S$45 per pax nett (same price, charged by Hotel per pax nett)
  • Venue: Mercury Ballroom, 5th level
  • Hotel Furama Riverfront, 405, Havelock Road, Singapore 169633.
  • Nearest MRT Station: Tiong Bahru. From the station, take bus no: 123 and get down at River View Hotel Bus-stop.
  • Bus numbers: 51, 64, 123, 186, 608 and more.
  • Some Highlights of the Mega Event 2009

  • Sit-in Dinner (round table setting for 10 pax each)
  • Your choice of 2 menus – Halal/Vegetarian. Free flow of soft drinks from 4.00 pm to 12.00 pm. Free serving of peanuts during pre-dinner activities from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm. Beer only from the hotel, chargeable. For duty-paid wine, corkage waived.
  • Live Band: Live band with a vocalist. You can groove your bodies to the music of live band alone, with your partner or with a group.
  • Professional photo-shoot sessions, for members willing to pay. Arrangement is being made to bring a professional photographer from a prominent photo-studio (subject to good response from members). He will be stationed only at the counter in the venue to take pictures. Mercury Ballroom commands sweeping views of a lush tropical forest on one side and a resort-style swimming pool on the other side. Please see the map above in venue. Hence please do not lose the wonderful opportunity to take good pictures of you with your friends with nice scenery as prop for everlasting memory by using your own cameras.
  • Informal chit-chat during the intervals:  Hotel has agreed to allow our members to use the chairs near the swimming pool on the side of the Mercury Ballroom for informal chit-chat. Hence, members need not be sitting  inside the ballroom in their chairs during the entire duration of the event in a formal way. There will be intervals during the Mega Event of 8 hours. During the intervals, members can go out, get fresh air, and take lovely pictures with their friends and chit-chat with their friends
  • SHC TALENT SHOW 2009. A rare opportunity for the members to showcase their talents in this mega event. Talent Show will be in 4 segments. 1. Dance Performance 2.  Song rendition (to CD music) 3. Organising Game shows 4. Other Talents like playing any musical instruments, mimicry, stand-up comedy, magic, juggling, demo of yoga, play, etc. Another post will come shortly inviting members to participate and showcase their talents.
  • Make-over for members participating in the mega event. A beautiful and cheerful SHC member has kindly agreed to do the make-over.
  • Dance Workshop: Members having dancing experience or not, will be taught simple dance steps of popular dances.
  • Free parking at hotel car park (limited coupons only. First come , first serve policy)
  • BEST DRESSSED GUY AND BEST DRESSED LADY:  The dresses should suit the theme of the Nite.
  • Others: Dancing floor to dance away.
  • Luck draw, games and prizes etc.

    We are appealing to the generosity of fellow SHCians to sponsor as much as possible to meet the incidental expenses like prizes, decoration, display expenses, etc. We also welcome sponsors for corporate gifts as well. They can be in the form of :

  • Gift/Spa/Movies/Book vouchers
  • Lucky draw prizes, won at other events
  • Electric appliances
  • Stationery
  • Bought and forgotten items.
  • Cash/ cash vouchers
  • Any other good items which you do not mind disposing of  like Handbags, wallets, perfumes, cosmetics, lady/men products etc.
  • Registration is open. Limited Tables. To avoid disappointment, please register now. If any member wants to have vegetarian food, please indicate your preference at the time of registration.  Thanks for your kind cooperation and understanding.

Committee Members:

  • James Tan: Marketing
  • Norhayati:  Venue, Menu and SHC TALENT SHOW 2009
  • Ann Lim :  Registration and administration
  • Catherine Koh: Dance workshop, decoration and live band
  • Bernatte Chung: Treasurer, Song rendition
  • Dans Huang: Photography
  • Gea Ban Peng: Game

32 thoughts on “Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009, The One and Only SHC MEGA Event of 2009

  1. Hi Francis,

    Just my suggestion,

    How about some MEAT dishes without pork instead of just
    Vegetarian to widen our choice of SHCians.

    Not everyone loves to eat just Vegetarian dishes.
    I must confess I am one of them.

    I am sure there are others who do NOT mind paying more than $45.

    Your comment pls.

  2. Hi Steven Chan,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The Hotel is offering two menus. Halal and vegetarian at the same price of S$45.00. If you want MEAT dishes without pork, you can choose Halal food(Indonesian Set Menu)


  3. Hi Francis,

    I am glad the committee has finally decided on the venue, F&B and price for the April D&D. I have scheduled my diary to come for the D&D, which is on a Sat, and then start our Perth holiday, on the following day, a Sun.

    For a change, please put me for the vegetarian set.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Francis

    I & partner will attend. I will be happy to sponsor some spa, golf and cooking school vouchers plus the latest issue of Silver Lining magazine for all attendees. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


  5. Francis,
    How come cant get buffet spread – that wld be good lor. Maybe you can enlighten us what are the dishes for Halal as well as Vegetarian Set Menu??


  6. Hi Diana Loo,

    Thanks for your support for the Mega Event.

    Wow! My appeal to the generosity of the members is a big success. I am very grateful to you for sponsoring spa, golf and cooking school vouchers plus the latest issue of Silver Lining magazine for all attendees.

    Please give your contact detail to discuss my requirement. Otherwise, Please do contact me. My email address is


  7. Hi SHCians,

    Yesterday, I met Bessie Lam and her hubby, Andrew SP in dancing jam in Serangoon Garden Country Club. She volunteered to sponsor items for lucky prizes, games and other events. I thank Bessie for her generosity.


  8. Hi Francis

    Having Terence to start the ball rolling is not enough. You need to list the members participating in this event. I suppose your list should have 8 names (Terence plus your 7 committee members) at this stage otherwise nothing is conclusive.

  9. Hi Pearlynn Tan

    The menus have not been finalized. Indonesian (Halal) menu includes chicken, prawn, fish, vegetables, etc. Vegetable menu includes cold dish combination, shark fin soup, green vegetables, mushroom, etc. Once finalized, I will let the members know.


  10. Dear Francis,
    Thanks for reverting. Set Menu of either Halal or Vegetarian means you get only 1 serve per pax. There is no 2nd serving, right?? Any soup, greens, dessert/fruits or free flow of coffee/tea?? Seem rather restricted on choice. Prefer buffet style – at least can choose what you like. Had a great time last year – good selection of location – Pinetree Club was great – food aplenty & nice, ballroom spacious & prog superb. All of us had a truly fantastic time – laughed till tears rolled down cheeks!!

    Wld suggest you confirm & list down what are the items for each Set Menu. Might give it a miss this time – still considering.


  11. Hi Pearlynn,
    For last 2yrs D&D, we had buffet style so I think it wuld b a good idea to hv a set menu instead for this yr lor.. I m vry sure dat 4 set menu, there will be sufficient food 4 everyone in that round table lor..

    I am sure the EO and the committee members will definitely ensure that programs planned will definitely be enjoyable and entertaining lor.. So try to support la..

    For me, I will definitely support but will hv to confirm later due to some work commitment rite now.

  12. Hi Pearlynn Tan #16

    Thanks for sharing with other members, the fantastic time you had in the last year D&D. I sincerely hope that you will attend this year D&D. I am sure you will also have a fantastic time.

    MS Norhayati, the committee member in charge of venue and menu is finalising the menus. The menu will be published very soon.


  13. Hi Edwin Tan #15, Jeffrey Ang #17, Helen Kuek #18, Steven Chan # 19

    I personally thank all of you for your support

    Hi Steven, MS Norhayati, the committee member in charge of venue and menu is finalising the menus. The menu will be published very soon.


  14. Hi Dolly Lim, # 20

    Thanks for your very valuable comments. I am very grateful to you.

    Yes, you are right. Since last two dinner and dance nites were having buffet style, this time, the committee wanted to have sit-in dinner. The committee also took into consideration the following points.

    1. Some members may be shy and prefer to be served.
    2. The members can relax for the night and have waiters / waitresses wait on us and are entertained by music while eating and not have to queue for our food.
    3. Annual dinner should be different every year. That’s where the fun comes in.

    Thanks for your support


  15. I thank Ann Lim for supporting the Mega Event by registering for the following persons

    1. Ann Lim
    2. Anna Seet
    3. Ros Rauee
    4. Helen Quek
    5. Chua S K


  16. Hi Francis

    Thanks for the hard work you and your committee will be putting in to make this year’s D&D a refreshing one.

    I confirm to come n also sponsor a bottle of red wine for this Event.

  17. Dear Yew Kwong,

    Thanks for your support. I am really touched by your encouraging words. Your encouraging words will definitely give our committee members a big boost to put their best efforts for Mega Event.

    I am grateful to you for sponsoring a bottle of red wine.


  18. Hi Alfred,

    Thanks a lot for your sponsorship.

    I will be attending the Monthly SHC meeting on Wednesday on 25th Feb 2009 at SMU Admn Building.


  19. Hi Kwan Pearl #31

    Thanks for your keen interest in joining the D&D 2009 on Saturday.

    The list is closed. Like you, I had received SMSes from other SHC members, wanting to join the Mega Event. Some are ready to be put on waiting list. Please send an email, giving your full name and mobile number to me.

    Some of SHC members, who had registered for the Mega Event, may be unable to attend the event due to last minute urgent personal or official commitments. Please do not worry.

    Please do write a comment in this post or write an email to me or better SMS me due to urgency. The forum does not allow me to leave my mobile number. You can contact any of the committee members or some of helpers for my mobile number. Then I will arrange for the transfer of registration to other members, wanting to join the event. But the arrangement of payment is private.


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