‘Soo Kee’ Clan is back!

Since our last lunch together in November 2008, some of you are wondering if we will make a comeback. Well, here it is, our next gathering to meet and indulge in some Hainanese cuisines is here.

  • Date:   February 28, 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time:   12.00pm
  • Venue:   Chin Chin Hainanese Restaurant, 19 Purvis Street. (Five minutes walk from City Hall MRT)

The menu as follows:

  1. Hainanese Mutton Soup
  2. Curry Fish Head
  3. Hainanese Pork Chop or Roast Pork
  4. Hainanese Prawn Roll
  5. Egg plant with salted fish
  6. Fish Maw Mix Vegetable
  7. Fish Maw Stew
  8. Yee Buah (dessert)

Rice and Chinese Tea included at $15.00 nett!

Payment to Joy’s POSB Saving Account: 159-131645 by February 21, 2009. 

Non-Hainanese entry requirements: Must be able to speak a smattering of Hainanese dialect!


 LiangShun,Dan & Boon Liang, Alan

Those coming:

  1. Dan Huang          (Paid)
  2. Joy Chuang         (Paid)
  3. Caroline Gee       (Paid)
  4. Boon Liang          (Paid)
  5. Andrew Koh        (Paid)
  6. Mary Chan          (Paid)
  7. Veronique          (Paid)
  8. Patrick Chan       (Paid)       emoticon
  9. Gwyneth Lee      (Paid)
  10. Lim Geok Suan
  11. Annie Goh
  12. Alan Bok            (Paid)
  13. Ann Bok             (Paid)
  14. Charles Wee     (Paid)
  15. Wong Hong Jeng (Paid)
  16. Helen Wong
  17. Lina Ng               (Paid)
  18. Wee Chin             (Paid)emoticon
  19. Jonson Tan          (Paid)
  20. Ivan Lim               (Paid)
  21. Frank Kaw
  22. Helen Kuek
  23. Suzhang             (Paid)
  24. Gingko Tay          (Paid)
  25. Dennis Wee         (Paid)
  26. Anna Seet
  27. Ronald Lee          (Paid)
  28. Molly Chua          (Paid)
  29. Douglas Chan     (Paid)
  30. Douglas’s friend  (Paid)
  31. John Howe          (Paid)
  32. Nelly Soh
  33. Lee Patrick
  34. Ah Nee                (Paid)
  35. Karen Wong          (Paid)
  36. Pharis Saleem       (Paid)
  37. Chris Chiew           (Paid)
  38. Elizabeth Tan        (Paid)
  39. Agnes Seow          (Paid)
  40. Andrew Lim
  41. Agnes Lim
  42. Dolly Lim                (Paid)
  43. Oi Cheng               (Paid)

  44. CJ                          (Paid)

  45. Chin Boon

    Click here for photos

202 thoughts on “‘Soo Kee’ Clan is back!”

  1. Hi EOs.
    Thank you for organising this event. It was another occasion to meet old and new friends. This time round, most were Hainanese.
    Thank goodness there was no ‘kabiak’ or my stomach would have ‘turned turtle’, hahaha.
    Of all the items, I liked the roast pork best. The fish maw soup was pretty good too.
    So, will the next one be a ‘fusion’ style lunch, as mooted by one Hainanes ah kor?

  2. Hi Oi Cheng

    Nice to know that you and CJ are coming to feast and fellowship with us. I have received your payment of $30/-.

    See you in a few hours.


  3. Hi Dan, Joy and Boon Liang,

    Sorry to have caused you stress for not having paid up for the Soo Kee Nans’s Lunch tomorrow.

    Nelly just got back from sydney and we will be there at Chin Chin tomorrow 12noon with our payment before we eat.There are 3 of us. Annie, Geok Suan and Nelly.

    Thanks. See you.

    Geok Suan.

  4. Hi Lina,

    Good enough, but must get Dolly to say it!

    Oi Cheng, Hong Jeng is one of our member, Liang Shun or Liang Toon is your goodselves.

    Dolly, good luck on your next trip to Hainan and keep your eyes wide open!

    Chin Boon, glad to know you can join us but dun forget the password.


  5. Hehehe OiCheng, CJ’s hainanese lagi tok-kong n chim leh..

    Thks, Lina, for help. But hor, wa bo hainan kor bfs leh evendoe travellg to Haikou pretty often 4 wrk trips lor.. hmm, mayb next wrk trip during early Mar timeframe, must open i big2 2 liang sai ard n hook 1 hainan kor there lor.. hehehehe , cu all of you 2molo.. Cheers… Dolly

  6. Hi Oi Cheng, Dolly, Hong Jeng and all coming for 2moro’s Soo Kee-nan Lunch Gathering. Thank you for your support. I’m sure everyone will have a great time, great company and enjoy yourself.

  7. Hi Oi Cheng and Dan,

    My print is red too! Getting hot!

    Dolly, I lend you 2 passwords first. Dan, here goes:
    Nong Ai Do! (I love you) and
    Nong Tiang Hainan Ah Kor! (I like Hainanese men).

    Dan, passwords good enough? Teacher, my Hainanese correct or not, if not Dolly will ‘hantam’ me?

  8. Yes Lina, food is one thing, fellowship is the main dish. Looking forward to a rowdy Saturday lunch. Think we will bring the restaurant down with our yakity yak yak and laughter. Hopefully, we wouldn’t be a nuisance to other diners but that our laughter will be as contagious to them. See you all tomorrow.

    Dan, how come the font now in red har? Celebration of joy, happiness??!!

  9. Yes Lina you are right,

    I counted 20 Hainanese and 24 non-Hainanese. Wow, we been overwhelmed, must try to hold our fort together, otherwise dun know what will happen to us the ‘soo kee clan’!

    The Empire muct strike back! I mean the ‘Soo Kee Clan must strike back! Most likely to go back to the drawing board!


  10. Hi Oi Cheng,

    So glad you and CJ can come. You are attending not only for the food, but for our company as well. Cannot resist seeing all your friends going. I think they have more non-Hainanese than Hainanese attendees. Haha. See you tomoro.

  11. Hi Mary Chan,

    Glad you could make it! Yes, Dolly still waiting for your singlish Hainanese password.

    Oi Cheng and CJ, it will be such fun to have your company. Good try, counting one to ten in our dialect! Both of you came through with flying colours.

    One more day to go, see you folks!

    Dan, Joy & Boon Liang

  12. Hi Joy

    Spoken to Dan and he said CJ and myself could come. Have just transferred $30 to your account. Password hmm.. jiak nor dah di ngoh lak chi bui gao dap. Pass no pass, also must pass cos money pass through already.

    My late sis-in-law was a hainanese but she spoke cantonese with my brother, and she learnt how to cook cantonese dishes. So didn’t have opportunity to learn the dialect nor the dishes.

    I have been to the restaurant at Purvis Street and I love their pork chop and mutton soup. Have never tried this dessert called yee buay so it is good opportunity to try.

  13. Dan and Joy and Boon Liang.
    Yes I can go tomorrow! Will go and make payment today if I can find an atm machine If not, please keep a place for me. I WILL be there.
    Hope the food is as good as you say.
    Cya all.

  14. Gentle Reminder!
    29 persons have paid up, still no news from the other 13 persons. Kindly response as we have made booking with the restaurant.

    Ivan, noted that your wife cannot join us. We are happy that Dolly can join in, but where is your password?

    See you folks on Saturday!

    Boon Liang, Dan & Joy.

  15. Hi HJ

    As Nor would say, “So kesian ah!” Please don’t do another transfer.

    I just need you to be very sure that you transferred on 20 Feb, a Friday. Or could it be on some other date.

    Can you recall other significant events on the day that you did the transfer? Did you bump into a long lost friend? Did you go to the Toto booth to collect your winnings? Was it your dog’s birthday? Do re-confirm the date.



  16. Hi EO/Joy,

    My spouse, Chris Chiew, has to withdraw from our lunch gathering due to last minute job assignement this Saturday. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

    Anyway, I will still be there……


  17. Hi Joy

    I am pretty sure I sent to the right account. I checked twice before I click the confirm button at the ATM. However, I already threw away the transfer slip because I did not expect anything to go wrong. What I can do is perform another transfer before the end of the week, then check my POSB Billing. If there is a double transfer, I will claim back from you. Ok ?


  18. Hi HJ and Gwyneth

    I have only one ATM transfer of $15/- to my account on 20 Feb.

    Can both of you check your transfer slip again to see that you have transferred to the correct account number.



  19. Dan, Joy.
    So far so good.Still hoping that there won’t be a class for me on Sat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Toes crossed too, hehe.
    Dan, thanks for allowing me to ‘defer’ payment till later.

  20. Hi Gwyneth

    Can you confirm if you paid on 19 Feb or 20 Feb. This is because HJ wrote that he paid on 20 Feb and I only have one ATM transfer of $15 on 20 Feb.

    HJ, let’s wait for Gwyneth’s confirmation.



  21. Hi Dan. I have already paid 2 days ago to the POSB acct indicated. Somehow my status is not reflected as “paid”. If for some reason, the account did not receive, please let me know. Thank you.


  22. So far 25 paid up, 16 more to go. Six more days to the yummy days. Dun forget to vist your friendly neighbourhood ATM.

    Bring along your password, in case the investigating officer turn up, ha ha ha


  23. Hi Dennis not the menace, but the teacher’s pet

    Payment of square root of 9 times 10 received today for yourself and Agnes Seow.

    See you next Saturday…yummy yum yum.


  24. Hi folks,

    So far 18 has paid up, Lina and her friend will pay Joy at the Cycling meet today.

    Those who have sign up, we shall meet next Saturday. Try to made your payment soon as Dan, Joy and Boon Liang will have a hard time taking in your share if you did not turn up!


  25. Hi Joy,

    Aiya, you should have let me know earlier that you want the zero, so that I can throw away the decimal point and put in nine more zeroes …………… in the front of course….. haha. Remember har…next time.

  26. Hi Ronald Lee

    Thanks for transferring $30/- to my account yesterday, being payment for you and Molly Chua. Would be good if there were a few more zeroes. No decimal point har!


  27. Hi Terence,

    A thousand apologies! Yes, Dolly have explained to me. Appreciate that we are informed. We know what to do, must learn to ‘hold the gun’!

    Dan and Joy

  28. Hi Joy and Dan,

    Sometimes, there is confusion over the names of members, especially when the contact information do not match. Sometimes, confusion do arise when new members try to make multiple registrations. Sometimes, there are spam registrations.

    If there is doubt, usually the administrator will request the mentioned names to contact admin@SilverHairsClub.com. Please do not register the persons, until cleared by admin. We do not collect members details, so would appreciate your understanding to make his/her job easy.

    Terence Seah

  29. Hi Elizabeth

    I have one other payment as at now for $15/- that is not accounted for. I suppose that’s yours. I am sure you didn’t transfer $1/-. For $1/-, you only get one sip of tea.


  30. To those coming for the lunch, please remember to visit your nearest ATM!

    Just to let you know that you have a choice of ‘Hainanese Pork Chop’ or ‘Roast Pork’ on either of the two tables.


  31. Pharis & karen Says:

    Thank You for your joyous welcome. Looking forward to meeting with you guys.

    Will transfer the money later today to Joy’s account.

    Pharis & Karen

  32. HI Michelle

    I am very sorry to learn about the demise of your brother and sister. My heartfelt condolence to you and your family.

    I hope you are coping.

    You can join us when the time is right and that you are up to it.

    Please take care and we can catch up some other time.

    Caroline Gee

  33. Hi Caroline #127,

    Sorry to say that I won’t be able to join in all these fun. I am mourning the loss of my dear beloved brother and sister.

    Michelle Lim

  34. Hi Boon Liang – great that ‘Yi Bua’ is on the table.

    Hi Caroline (Ah Mai)

    While ‘Yi Bua’ is very nice, my craving is still with ‘Art Bua’, the ‘naked and shameless’ one. It has a different taste and I can’t find it in the market. So I am glad to hear that you know how to make it.

    Looking forward to your SooKee Potluck party.

    Pat Chan

  35. Boon Liang Ah Koh @ 129

    Yippeee! got Yi Bua to eat! Ah Koh wan shui!

    Must wear apron with a big pocket in front, not only bib, so can dabao also heee!

    The Yi Bua dough is white (a bit translucent).
    The coconut is cooked in brown sugar so the filling is brown :)with some crushed roasted peanuts.

    Caroline Gee

  36. Hi Pharis Saleem,

    Welcome, welcome did you say you are Ceylonese, Shanghainese, born in Hong Kong and rear in Singapore. How interesting, we are envious of you!

    You speak good Hainanese, and we all are looking forward to meet you and your wife Karen.

    Gentle reminder, please made payment to Joy’s account by 21st, February, 2009!

  37. Hi Dan#115 – I’m back after MIA for a while.

    Caroline#125/127 – Guam Moh (this) Hainan-Mai surely knows something.

    Hi Patrick#122/126 and all 41 who will be at Chin Chin –

    Well, get ready your bib, “YiBuah” will be served on the table..what I’ve gathered is that the ingredients are mainly coconuts & peanuts, sweet and dark brown covered by a thick layer of coconut dough something like what Caroline mentioned in #125. It will be hand made & has to be ordered in advance.

    Lau Nua, Lau Nua, let’s Lau Nua all togather…hehe

  38. Hi Dan

    Ref: 111

    Very sorry for the complications, my wife madam name is Wong. I am not only non hainanese,but I am half chinese (let me introduce a little of myself)I am Ceylonese and my mother is Shanghainese, was born in Hong Kong and bred in Singapore. My full name is Pharis Saleem, my baptised name is Patrick, but rest assured I do know a spattering of hainanese.

    Can you reinstate my name list,ref 35(Patrick Wong)to Pharis Saleem instead. Thank you.

    In future, I will use my actual name for all events to avoid this confusion. Sorry about it.

    When I visit my in-laws, they always ask me ” Lu Ho Bo”,(How are you?) “Jia Pa Bo” (Have you eaten?) & “Jie Lor Mo Yen Tee” (sit and watch TV)

    Will see you guys on “soo kee” day.


  39. Patrick

    How come you talk about food so jiong ji lau nua?

    I also hope Boon Liang can find the yi bua for us – the one with banana skin.

    However, we are waiting for Michelle to let us have her place for Soo Kee Clan pot luck party. If it is on, I can make beh tut ut buah (thats the full name for the shameless one)and bua kia (the little worm like dough cooked in coconut milk – very yummy).

    Caroline Gee

  40. Hi Dan & Caroline,

    Yes, you are absolute right that there are two versions of ‘bua’which I have forgotten. I am referring to the ‘art bua’ which you described so well as the ‘naked one’ coated with ‘shredded coconut and mixed with a little ginger and garnish with toasted peanut’. This delight seems to disappear if not ‘extinct’

    Ooo, this makes me more ‘lau nua’. Lets see if Boon Liang could serve us this wonderful and mouth-watering dessert.

    Best regards

    Pat Chan

  41. Patrick

    Ut buah is the naked one. Yi bua has banana leaves wrap around the side and bottom exposing only the top with a red dot.

    Ut bua is the one coated with shredded coconut mixed with a little ginger and toasted peanuts. Yi bua is the one with shredded coconut mixed with a little ginger and toasted peanut wrapped in dough with banana leave on the side and base.

    I think most Hainanese desserts use coconut because we have many coconut trees on Hainan Island so our forefathers/mothers must have concocted many things making use of coconut. I remembered my mum telling me that ginger is added to reduce the cooling effect of coconut.

    I remembered my mum used this coconut scrapper that is hammered onto a thick piece of wood. She will crack the coconut into half, with shell intact and she will sit on the wood with a basin below the scraper and scrape the coconut into shreds. Coconut shredded this way is fresh, sweet and juicy cos the flesh is not soaked in water.

    My mum used to say chia kau kueh jin meaning eat until you are really satisfied (though a bit crude) and sounds a bit like Hokien style of saying enjoy very much.

    Hope this helps.

    Caroline Gee

  42. Will be transferring the payment to Joy’s a/c in the next 2 days (definitely before 21Feb09) when I pass the next ATM.
    Definitely looking forward to meeting and knowing you all and join in the fun.

  43. Patrick, for a moment I thought it was Caroline Gee who responded. Look like we have a season ‘soo kee’ here!

    How about another try, ‘hua hua chia’ how dat’s! Don’t think we met and certainly look forward to our ‘mouth-watering'(lau nua) affairs!


  44. Hi Dan,

    The mere mention of ‘Art Bua’ makes me ‘lau nua’. Hv not eaten that unique Hainanese dessert since Raffles landed (at ‘Hylam St’). I hope Boon Liang can get hold of that dish, a befitting finale.

    By the way, your Hainanese version of ‘Bon appetit’ as ‘chia shiok shiok’ is a good try, but sounds very much like peranakan rojak. ‘Chia’ (eat) in Hainanese is correct, but ‘shiok shiok’? Apa ini?

    Let me try; I think by saying ‘chia'(lets eat) is good enough, as the Western equivalent of ‘enjoy’ or ‘Bon appetit’. That’s why Hainanese are sometimes called ‘German’. Usually, the younger ones will address the elderly first.

    Ha ha, don’t know whether correct or not, I also ‘Ga Sah, Buta’.

    You know nowadays everything can, don’t say also can – just Eat First, Talk Later and that’s exactly what we gonna do at Chin Chin. ‘CHIA’ !! (oops)

  45. Hi Andrew and Agnes Lim,

    We welcome both of you to the Club and to the lunch. However your comment is under moderation pending the green light from the administrator!

    To confirm your places, just pay to Joy’s POSB Account as stated on the post.

    We have 41 pax now. Sorry registration closed!


  46. Hi Charles Chua,

    Joy is stumped too, ‘Bon Appetit’ in Hainanese I will try. ‘Chia shiok shiok’ need help here, can anyone?

    Good news, Boon Liang is negotiating for dessert to be included at no additional cost. Known as ‘Yee Bah’ a combination of peanut and coconut. Joy think it glutinous rice covering the ingredients. Any ‘soo kee’ can shed light on this. Available only to those who have signed up!


  47. Hi Patrick Wong,

    I hope I got your name correct. Your wife Karen Wong is in, did I got your name correct as Patrick Wong because she mentioned Patrick with no surname given! Refer to name list 35 & 36.


  48. Hi Charles Chua,

    I am not too sure about the background. Perhaps Boon Liang should be able to help you. I will let Joy answer you pertaining ‘Bon appetit’ in Hainanese!


  49. Hi Dan
    I have made reservation for Soo Kee lunch with my wife, Karen
    Wong who is Hainanese and her name is on the list , but my name is not on, did you miss my name out. Could you please clarify. Thanks. Looking forward to meet up with you guys.

  50. Hi Danz,

    Is this Chin Chin the same restaurant that was in the corner of Purvis or Seah St many years ago. The owner then emigrated to Australia (perhaps Perth) where he opened a successful restaurant there. He came back to open this restaurant some years ago.

    If so I remember the Hainanese pork chop and fried pomfret, covered with chilli well.

    Can’t join you but will try soon. ‘Bon appetit’. How do you say this in Hainanese? Menu looks very good tho’.


  51. Hi Agnes,

    You are nos 39 on the list. ‘Bo Butt’ dun know what?

    Please be inform that there is only one place left. Registration closed when we hit 40 pax!

    Dan, Boon Liang & Joy.

  52. Dear EOs

    Please include me for the lunch.

    The only word that I can think of is Bo Butt, pass to sample this culinary?

    Have a great day


  53. Hi Pat Chan

    Wow! So very the long no use internet banking already. Luckily the device still works.

    Yup, received your payment of $15/-. See you soon!


  54. Hi Dan Ah Kor #87,

    Your guess is incorrect. I am most fortunate to have a very good Hainanese tutor.

    John, your post still under moderation after 48 hours! “Do gai password bo sai jong” (your password tak boleh pakai) Haha!

  55. Elizabeth, you are in the clear and we look forward to meeting you!

    Those who coming, we appreciate payment of $15.00 to Joy’s POSB Saving Account : 159-131645 by February 21, 2009. It would help us to make a firm booking for 4 tables.


  56. Hi Ivan,

    Your wife Chris Chiew is in for the lunch. Lee Patrick you are already accounted for.

    Hi Elizabeth Tan, your comment under moderation. Once it clear, we welcome another new member in our fold!

    This is getting more and more exciting as we meet more soo kees and new members in our midst. Let’s this be an apportunity to share and to care for each others!


  57. I am a new SHClan and a first generation Singaporean who can speak Hainanese. I used to stay in Middle Road (former Empress Hotel and now the NLB). I hope you can allow me to join in the lunch??

    Looking forward to the confirmation.


  58. Hello Dan,

    Please register me, a new SHCian and a “pong kang” soo kee
    ‘koh kia’. There is another Patrick Lee (earlier SHCian) I will sign off my name as ‘Lee Patrick’ in future, so as not to confuse identity. Thank You.

    Lee Patrick

  59. Hi Steven,

    Sorry we have to miss you this round, dun worry there’s always another time!

    John, I am curious to know where to eat Hainanese noodle? Me, singing a Hokkien song, no problem ‘sio bak chang!’.

    Hi Karen and Patrick, you are most welcome! We look forward to meet both of you.


  60. Lina, password already verified and okayed electronically lah. And knowing people in high places also helped. That’s why my name is already in. Didn’t know you are screening participants!

    Hear this: Wa bo ti soo kee lang. Wa done chia hai nam mee!

    Dan, now I’ve openly come in thru the front door. So security is not breached anymore. But remember, you must be prepared when I hold a Hokkien gathering. You need to sing in Hokkien! Haha.

  61. Hi all,

    Wah! The Hainanese cuisine sounds and taste Yummy.
    Mo tak theng.

    Is it possible to change to another date?
    I would like to join but Feb 28 I will be in KL or Penang.

    Well folks, I like to share with you another password from an ex-neighbour of mine from KL which will bring the Soo Kee’s house down with anger ” For Siew Sum. ” which I just learnt the Canto proverb from the HK TVB drama serials ” Moonlight Resonance.

    She, being a Cantonese is v.irritated and has to tolerate her Hainanese neighbour who puts on the volume of her DVD players FULL BLAST with her Hananinese Pop Songs. And to add fuel to fire,she often scolds her with this “password”
    ” Mong Kang! Mong Kang!”
    Hainan Ting, Um Ting Zhao Fatt Sun Ting.

    Did i qualify for the lunch ?

    This password is NOT directed at any person but to add more “humour” to the passwords.

  62. ANee, just bcos I say hai to you, to him, to her, to a tau suan, to a mong kang, you think I will become a Hainanese if I hai at a nan, a lan or a nan nan lang? Heeehe, but dont bet on it hor…….

    Precisely, Danz. It sure is a good idea to make ANee into soup since everybody talked but nobody went to ctach turtle for soup………

    So ANee, be the selfless altruistic gal that we know you always wanted to be……….but pls bathe first hor…………..

    Credit to you for starting this Soo Kee series which gives folks many light moments in the midst of doom & gloom of a steep recession.

  63. Ah Nee, wat’s you call me ‘bong kang’? Yes, you are in!

    Tim, I am not sure of the meaning, getting Ah Nee to shout it may get her into hot soup!


  64. ANee, you no passwprd huh? I pass you more than just a word……….one phrase which sounds a bit like a wife cheating her ah lao………scream “Bu Cheat (her lao) Kong” at all & sundry as you enter the restaurant.

  65. Hello Hainanese EOs,

    I heard Hainanese cooking is superb! and this is supposed to be Hainan nan’s makan gathering. Me, Teochew can join or not? Don’t ask me for password hor, I don’t know Hainanese dialect leh, but would like to try Hainanese cuisine. Just now, lunch time…..Suzhang told me, “said ‘Mong Kang’, can already”. Hahahaaa………not a nice word leh?

    Ah Nee

  66. We welcome Wee Chin and John Howe to join us. John, how come you came in by the back door, the madam want the password from you!

    Lina, you are improving by the day. Did you engage a private tutor. If I am correct, it must be Chin Boon a ‘soo kee nan’. Come and join us Chin Boon?


  67. Hi Dan/Boon Liang Ah Kor,

    Noan bay how bay. (I want to complain)
    John bo password. (John got no password)
    Yee li jiang khan nan whu chiak hainan san.(So how can he go eat Hainannese lunch?)

    Ah Kor, ‘noan bay how bay’ sounds crude. U know what I mean?

  68. Thanks Dolly for the info on the cheap airfare to Hainan. Right now no plan yet, but will consider it at a later date.

    Jonathan, I am at a loss too. We will wait for Caroline to share with us at the lunch gatherings! Are you coming or not?

    Hi Patrick Lee, all you have to do is to register here and you are in. We can’t wait to meet you, a good-looking Hainanese man and a new member. You must have alot of jokes to share with us.

    Geok Suan, yes Nelly Soh may join us if you could make it and all of you get to sit at the same table.

    Like what Caroline said, we are into opening the fourth table!


  69. Hi Dan,

    My friend Nelly Soh .a SHCian, is away in sydney and will be back just before 28th of Feb.

    She wants to know if it’s ok to register last min for the Soo Kees’ lunch?
    Can she share Annie Goh and my table if she can make it?

    Annie and Nelly are new SHCian.

    Thank you.

    Geok Suan.

  70. Jonathan

    I think you did not give the complete sentence. If I am not wrong, its some expletive unmentionable in the forum. However, if you are attending the Soo Kee Clan lunch, remind me and I will tell it to you.

    Dan & Allan Ah Kohs

    I think Patrick Lee wants to join in the lunch and he does not know how to register. Please see his Mayday msg in his profile column.

    And we are starting the 4th table liao :)

    Caroline Gee

  71. Hi Dan,

    My maternal grandma was ‘Hainan’. During my childhood, I remember she could cook a mean chicken rice with chilli. And whenever I refused to go home, she would chase after me & scold me ‘bo siew mai’. Can somebody interpret for me, hopefully not something crude!

  72. Halo halo all Soo Kee Nans.. TA offers $40 exclude taxes to Haikou 1 way now till sold out hor.. so if u r going 2 plan to Hainan Island, plan now lor.. Dolly

  73. Welcome to Ronald and Molly to join us for the lunch, have you got the passwords ready?

    Douglas, you may bring another soo kee, is he a member of SHC yet?

    Helen, Boon Liang will check on it and revert.


  74. Dan & Boon Liang

    Can we request for the “triangle” pastry with coconut filling and red dot on top as dessert. This is a specialty for the Hainanese.

    Caroline Ah Mai; you mentioned it before and I forget the name.


  75. Well, we are on our way to open a third table, we have Ronald and Molly joining us for Soo Kee Nan lunch…

    Dennis#67 – For you, no need password la, your other half already SooKee, auto qualified.

    Already Dan & I are happy to have everyone join us in this gathering and let’s bring the place down with all our chattings and laughters on 28/2.

  76. Sorry Dan, missed out your post at #63, just too many to browse thru’.

    Anyway about books to give away, yes; have about 12titles by Author Dean R. Koontz to give away if there are interests in these “Horror-type” frictions. Please let me know…as I do not monitor this thread.

    There is no need to return these books back to me after taken…just pass it on to somebody else…

    Ivan Lim

  77. Hi Charles Wee,

    Not bad, you are learning very fast! ‘MayKaiKiang’ is Hokkien I believe. Correct is ‘Mai Kay Oh’.

    Dennis, you came through with flying colors!


  78. Hi Dan Ko & Boon Liang Ko

    Gua bei sum kei, toh nik boh?
    (I wan 2 join u all, can or not?)

    Gua kong tik tik hainam wei (I speak little hainanese)


    PS – no help from wife (a hainanese)

  79. Everyday learn a little….
    MaiKayKiang means, Don’t pretend to be smart.

    choy kan mai choy, york qi mak kim kim.
    work dun work, eyes big big when see money. hee!

    na ku hor shio = very humorous

    wan too = stupid like potato

    niao niao = small small

    wah = I (when you are speaking to people of same age of younger)

    nong = I (when speaking to elder)

    Bhat gong hai nam uei bor?
    You can speak hainanese?

    Nong bo baht kong Hai Nam Wei
    don’t speak hainanese”

  80. Hahahaaha

    Its so amusing reading all the romanised Hainanese.

    Its true. I heard Gingko say the words and I gave her a pass already. So who is the Wan Too?

    I know who Vernonique’s “bong gang” is.

    Lina’s is very good. But Sue, your Hainanese is er…er… – like half Hokien mixed inside leh.

    Nevertheless, good effort everyone. So we all can “hoo jia koi bui puay koi yok”

    Have a great week.


  81. Ha.ha..Lina, like real, you know some phrases too huh? Nevermind if you know bat dit dit and I learn bat dit dit…. ha.ha… Today wo boh chor kang leh. Btw, how come stupid is “mong kang” and not “bong kang” huh? BL can you help?

    Danz #63,Yew Kwong is speaking HokEng, a new dialect. LOL.

  82. Sorry for the late reply as 22 of us from Silverhair Club just returned from a splendid retreat from Fraser’s Hill!

    Johnson Tan, you seems to have problem logging in. We welcome you to join in the lunch.

    Ivan Lim and Frank Kaw good to have you joining us again. Ivan, do you have any more books to give away or exchange?

    Helen Kuek, ‘lang boh ti lang’ is only half a sentence anyway you qualifies to join us and Suzhang you got the complete sentence and therefore are in too!

    Gingko, that was good, you really could hold a conversation with any one of us. Welcome, and see you for the lunch.

    Lina, thanks for helping to teach the newbies how to speak our Hainanese dialect.

    Yew Kwong, are you sure you are talking our dialect, I no understand!

    Charles Wee, dun think I understand you. Are you sure you are speaking Hainanese to us folks?

    Kenneth, thank for sharing us so much about our history. So it seems the Peranakan and the Hainanese do have some link in the past pertaining to foods!

    Christina Chan, thanks for the foods review. Pity you could not join us and did you said no Hainanese bf to talk to. Well, this may be your opportunity! Don’t worry, I fully support that there should be a Peranakan Trail resurrecting soon.

    Ah Boon Liang, soo kee. You mia again? Now, who can understand this ‘nan kong gu cho niaw, do kong gu teh kia’


  83. Hi Suzhang,

    Haha! You want to learn Hainanese too? Let me tell you a few basic phrases first.

    Mong Kang – stupid
    Who There – where are you going (not Who’s there?)
    Bo Bat – don’t know
    Bat Dit Dit – know a bit
    Siang Yak – taking a bath
    Chiak Bui – eat rice, having a meal.

    Next time we speak Hainanese OK.

  84. LiangShun & Alan,

    Gong hainam hueh, nong bo butt; chiak hainam kooi pooi, nong butt. Wan too!

    Haha, yesterday I had Caroline Sifu certified & confirmed that my smattering Hainanese meets the entry requirement. Thanks Caroline! So, Ah Kor, here I come. Please count me in…

  85. Ha..ha… Lina #39 & #51, didn’t know you can speak Hainanese? Next time I hope to hear you speak with Boon Liang or Caroline huh?

    Hey Danz & Boon Liang, I only can speak Cantonese. Seems so difficult for me to pick up other dialects like Hokkein or Teochew and even my own dialect Khek. The only phrase I picked up though when I was young was “lung bo ti lung, kwei bo ti kwei”. Used to hear my neigbour who lives doors away scolding her son who was seen spotting long hair then..ha.ha…does that qualify me for the entry requirement for this lunch too?

    Have a pleasant day !

  86. “Chiak hainan pooi ahm kung hainam hueh leh!
    “Lum lee lum lot nung char goi hoi sum coo bung pooi!

    So you still want to eat Chicken rice??

  87. Danz
    It’s nice to inject enthusiasm, and liven the spirit of togetherness among Hainanese men and women over a traditional lunch spread of delicious dishes such as chicken rice and mutton soup for which our minority group is famous for, also proud of, besides popular Hynam kopi and toast.

    Thanks for organising this purposeful lunch fellowship. I’ll certainly attend.

  88. Hi, all Soo Kees!

    Following what Boon Liang @36 said about the early Soo Kees coming as seafarers… I have heard that those from Hainan island were refugees and political exiles. They were a hardy lot and survived on a barren, wind-swept island; eventually making a life and, also migrating to far-off shores.

    The first migrants to Singapore were usually poor and had to find work, and somehow established themselves in several areas of activities: so we have Hainanese dhobies and barbers.

    And, very fortunately, Kobi Liam ah kors. Also many worked for British families, serving as cooks and housekeepers. And also learnt the skills of preparing “ang moh” dishes. This has spilled over into the “soo kee” cuisine, so we have the pork chops, stews, etc.

    Another interesting note: Some soo kees got into the employ of peranakan families as cooks, too. And they learnt and mastered the art of peranakan cooking. So we have the famous Peranakan restaurant, Guan Hoe Soon, whose founder served the traditional dishes of the Peranakans.

    Yes, Boon Liang, do not regret the disappearance or “fusion” of traditional soo kee fare… there may still be a few pockets of true, authentic cooking around. Soo kees are also responsible for making other foods like peranakan cuisine alive and available for the present generation.

    Soo kees, I salute you! And may you have a great lunch gathering, full of laughter and joy!

  89. Hi Tim,

    You are most welcome! You nearly got it right there. It has something to do with eating.

    I have got another one, “KIM MAY NONG SWA DU HU MOR EE”.

  90. “Since the two phrases I provided earlier are impolite, let me make it up …….by saying something nice……“KIM MAY GWA NAN HU CHEW LAU CHIA DWA SAN.”

    Well, let’s see what it means and it means this :-

    “Tonite cut (the) nan got beard the old fella eat (then become) big skinny”. Can this be a make-it-up, really? Heeee…

    Anyhow, many many thanks for being 1 of the 3 pretties in here to remember my bird-day and sent me very kind wishes.

  91. Hi Dan/Boon Liang Soo Kee,

    Since the two phrases I provided earlier on are impolite, let me make it up to all of you by saying something nice. Here goes, “KIM MAY GWA NAN HU CHEW LAU CHIA DWA SAN.”

  92. #31 Kenneth, sorry just saw your comments… give me a haller b4 11am any Weekday mornings that you are coming to Beach Road, we can go Hainan Second Street restaurant… set!

    Btw, how abt you or Charles start the Peranakan Trail.
    My favorite is the ayam buah keluak. Indulge in Peranakan food long time ago……. never remember the names of the restaurants(just eat!). Was planning to visit the Peranakan museum soon also would like to try the newer joints managed by the younger gen. How’s dat?

    Dan/Boon Liang & all Soo Kees, my apology for para 2.


  93. #25 DanH, I know some Hainanese taught by ex colleauges some 20yrs ago but no Soo Kee BF to practise so most of it returned to teachers. Soo Kee lang is not easy to learn as compared with Hokkien & Teochew.. wonder which stream of influence it came from.

    Whenever there is good food… I will go but on this date, already committed to MJ lesson#1 so, must stay put!

    FYI, yesterday, I brought my colleagues to Chin Chin… sorry I didnt intend to jump queue but the food list is too tempting cant wait any longer leh… hehehehe
    We had Mutton Stew, Prawn roll (a little different from Hokkein styly ‘hei chou’); chap chye & pork chop.. all taste good. The pork chop meat is very nice not chewy but must dip in the sauce otherwise very bland. It was a good lunch.
    The Mutton soup is available only on Fridays, Sats & PH. Will go there 1 Friday to try it hahahaha

  94. Hi All

    Let me try.

    Soo (house) kee (edge/corner). Like what Andrew said, people who live next door or in the same village or of the same kind – sort of related by blood or proximity. Its like what Teochews will say ka ki lung.

    Dua lou boh kia kia niau lou – I remember when I was young, my sisters and I will squeeze into small lanes or balance ourselves on the edges of the longkangs. Sometimes we slip or trip and fall so my mum will say, big road dont walk, walk on the small and see what happens.

    I hope this helps. Maybe others have their own 2 cents worth. Lets hear it.

    Looking forward to the loud outing – soo kees got built in amplifiers and speakers right? Associate members must start training your lungs heee!

    Have a great weekend everyone :)

    Warmest Regards
    Caroline Gee

  95. Looking forward to hearing Soo kee Boon Liang’s grandmothers and grandfathers’ tales. Now a little less blur… master a few words as ammunition in case provoked by a Soo Kee.

  96. Hi Boon Liang at #38

    “Thia Lian Now Tian, Sum Jiok How Now”….”Hwa Hwa lo”! Let me try. Literal translation is :-

    When writing in the post, must use brain. Slowly la.

    Hi Dan at #43

    It should be “Dua low bo kia, kia low kee!”


  97. Hi Dan,

    The actual meaning of the word Soo Kee in Hainanese is neighbour. When I was young I did ask my mother how related we were with so many relatives we met from the paternal and maternal side. What I found out was that many were not blood relatives at all but were from the same village and yet very close. So I guess we use Soo Kee to mean we are neighbours and of the same kind. Later on perhaps, we call all Hainanese Soo Kees to mean that we are of the same kind. This could be due to the fact that we Hainanese are in the minority in Singapore or even elsewhere and we tend to support our own kind. I even have special treatment overseas when I spoke Hainanese in Bangkok and Indonesia and even in Singapore. Can other Soo Kees elaborate more on this.

    I will interpret Joy’s tua lo bo kia, kia neow lo. It means big road don’t walk, walk small road. I am not sure of the meaning. Perhaps, some Soo Kees can enlighten what she mean.

    Andrew Koh

  98. Karen,

    I am stumped for a moment. “Soo Kee” means buddy brother or litle brother. I think i need help here!

    Joy have this to share, ‘tua lo bo kia, kia neow lo’, ha ha you are stumped!


  99. Hi Lina,

    You are fast improving, help Charles he don’t seem to manage somehow! ‘Nan bo ti nan, kui bo ti kui’, now how shall I interpret that. It mean neither man nor devil or somewhere in between! Or hard to explain happenings.

    Tim, good try!


  100. Boon Liang asks : “Tok Kang”, “Chin Toi Kang Tok”, Thia Lian Now Tian, Sum Jiok How Now”….”Hwa Hwa lo”!
    Anyone can translate the above SooKee Lingo? I can.

    Tok Kang = the tongkang which went down with a boatload of kangkong, mongkang and phua chu kang.

    Chin Toi Kang Tok = it’s part of a 2-phrase Chinese saying, the 2nd phrase, spoken in cantonese is “Kiu Orr Ah Sook”

    Thia Lian Now Tian, Sum Jiok How Now = Somebody took ah Lian away leaving her bf Tian behind….and I agree, How Now?

    Hwa Hwa lo = Well, this “lo” is just as bad as a hum sup lo.

  101. Hi Dan/Boon Liang Soo Kee,

    I understand I must know a smattering of the Hainanese dialect to qualify for this lunch invitation. I have known this one and only one for donkey years – ‘bong kang’. But I just learned this new phrase: ‘nan bo ti nan, kui bo ti kui’. Hahaha!

  102. Karen#27&34 –
    It’s a la carte and Hainanese Pork Chop is 3rd in the menu. Sure hope you can come join us.

    Bo Butt – Don’t know??? like evrything don’t know…act blur haha.
    Bo Butt-ti, similar to cantonese Mmm Chee Sei or Hokkien – Mmm Chai Si.
    Bong Kang sure is stupid
    Whatever it means, it’s fun to use them but don’t get blue black eyes, hah!

    Andrew#5 – From feedback, Turtle’s have been classified as protected animals, therefore it’s banned from landing on our dining table. These turtles are considered wild creatures captured from the ocean. Meat from wild turtles is a little firm, somewhere between that of poultry and fish. However, those sold popularly in Geylang, Guillemard or Havelock areas are captive-bred ones.

    Dan – “Tok Kang”, “Chin Toi Kang Tok”, “Bo Ai Lor”!
    “Thia Lian Now Tian, Sum Jiok How Now”….”Hwa Hwa lo”!
    Anyone can translate the above? SooKee Lingo

  103. Hi Karen,

    ‘Bo butt ti’ sound crude. Literally mean ‘dun know how to die’. There’s your lesson for today!

    Helen, finally you showed up. We are happy to meet you at the lunch gatherings.

    Soo kee Boon Liang appear suddenly from nowhere. Come and listen to him telling us more grandfathers and grandmothers tales!


  104. A very warm welcome to Joy, Caroline Gee, Andrew Koh, Mary Chan, Veronique, Patrick Chan, Gwyneth Lee, Geok Suan, Annie Goh, Alan Bok, Ann, Charles, Hong Jeng & Karen and more who will be signing up soon.

    We would also love to meet up with non-Soo Kee brothers & sisters to come and join us in this gathering…any clans, any dialect, no restriction…It would be nice to share our culture, food and some old traditional Hainanese ways or exchange ideas/values among ourselves.

    Well, I must admit, some of our forefathers, many whom were seafarers had settled down to be good chef and cooks in top restaurants or “KOBI LIAM”. But sad to say many have also left us without imparting their culinary skills to the younger generations. What we have today is a mixture of local and M’sian cooks (resulting in fusion cooking).

    Generally as customers come from all walks of life and have different palates, opinions do vary albeit sometimes widely. Many restaurant owners always strive to turn out yummy and delicious food to attract and keep their customers coming back. However, this also depends largely on the chef and his mood for the day!

    Life is full of adventure; it’s another opportunity for us to meet for fellowship and food.
    Yum Seng!

  105. Dan

    Thank you for making this date earlier for the Hainanese clans. Really appreciate it. I want to go …. I want to eat all these home cooked food.


  106. Hi Charles,

    Good that you can join us but I have not got your password! Kenneth there will be another opportunity, perhaps you could organize the Peranakan and the Hainanese get-together.

    Hong Jeng, welcome to the club. We are looking forward to meet you.

    Boon Liang soo kee, ‘du hu tei?’ where are you, have you gone into hibernation?


  107. Alamak!! Dan!!

    All SHC events on Saturdays and weekends are out for me… unfortunately; I’d really like to join you guys.

    So I send Charles Wee who is an able representative of us Peranakans to sit in, enjoy the food, absorb a little culture and learn a lot of “soo kee” swear words.

    By the way, Charles can also acquaint you with as many “peranakan” words that are not in “The Little Nyonya” vocabulary.

    Christina: You are right… Chin Chin does not have the best food tastes… I prefer the Hainan Second Street restaurant which is just down further into Purvis Street. And I can also make it in three minutes if you’ll buy the lunch!

  108. Hello Dan, ladies and gentlemen

    I was referred to this club by another Silver Hair gentleman. Since I just joined and I am a “Soo Kee”, I thought this is the best place to start. My old folks always ask me “chia bui bo ?” meaning “Have you eaten ?”.
    Yes, I like to join in the eating. I have tried the chicken rice at Chin Chin. Yummy !

    hong jeng

  109. Hi Karen,

    Well, do you really want to know? It’s an exclamation which mean ‘dun know how to conk out’. Hope that help!

    The lunch is a seven course affair. If you want just ‘Pork Chop’ I will get Boon Liang to fix another arrangement, how about that?


  110. Dan

    When i read “Soo Kee” , I tot u are talking about diamond and i open up the post to read , then i realised is “dialect”

    ANyway , curious – what is bo butt ti … i heard that very often.


  111. Hi Charles and Kenneth,

    You seem to have a lot of valid questions to ask the ‘hainam kors and hainam mai’. Do we take that both of you are coming?

    Welcome to Alan and Ann Bok, glad you can join us again. Has Ann managed to master some hainanese dialect?

    Christina, why dun you join us and learn some dialect too!


  112. ‘alo DanH, I go to ChinChin for lunch once a while or should say once a long while, their zi char dishes not good leh, n’vr try those you have listed, didnt know they got good food! I go now see any of those dishes available, can taste right away :D

    Few doors away Kafei Dan (also Hainanese)which I frequent is known for their stewed pork.. sadup! their bread toast also yummy & chicken rice not too bad.

    Should you come by during lunch, let me know I’ll be there in 3mins! as office is that near lor.

  113. “When i went for my haircut during my younger days at a Shanghanese barber shop in Serangoon Gardens i heard the ‘bo butt ti’ expression used invariably in every conversation among the barbers”.

    Yes, Charles-W, that was yr first hair-cut and I remember it too……….I brought you there and I heard their conversation.

    It wasnt “bo Butt ti” but “bubble tea”……….they were talking about that chio bu selling bubble tea whom they all were dating. Can understand why you got it wrong……what you knew then was only bubble gum and blowing bubbles, and you had never heard of bubble tea……….

  114. Don’t know much. When i went for my haircut during my younger days at a Shanghanese barber shop in Serangoon Gardens i heard the ‘bo butt ti’ expression used invariably in every conversation among the barbers. Was told this dialect group make excellent barbers and cooks. What else are they good in?
    Steven ,you got answer?

  115. Hahaha!!

    You Soo Kees are going to have a rolling good time!

    I can just picture you all at the Chin Chin Restaurant tucking into the turtle, mutton, pork chops, what have you. And with the loud chatter of soo kee language to the shouts of “mong kang” and “boh butt” to the other non-Soo Kees around.

    There’s really nothing to stop us non-Soo Kees from occupying the next tables (unless you’ve booked a private “up-stairs” room) and engaging with our own dialects and patois. Then you’ll hear shouts of “lobang”, “referee kayu”, “makan suap” emanate from the tall and short-of-“otak” non-Soo Kees!

  116. Steven Chan
    Why are you so obsessed by the word ‘lobang’? It could refer to those potholes in the roads across the waters or a hole in those peephole shows or perhaps the space where your brain should be???

  117. Geok Suan
    Don’t know if we have met, but your “bo butt ti” was an improvement of my “bo butt”. What does it mean? Has it got anything to do with a pig?
    Well, at least I can say I now know 3 Hainanese words which include, “mong kang”. Hahaha. Now, who should I use it on I wonder??

  118. Hi Dan,

    Annie Goh wants to be registered for your Hainanese Lunch too.

    She will speak Hainanese on my behalf too.She remembers the turtle meat dish that you and others discussed earlier.See, she is a Hainanese ah mei alright.

    Wah, looks like this forth coming lunch date is going to be even better than the 1st. Yummy yum yum.

    Thank you for including us for the lunch.

    Geok Suan

  119. Hi Veronique,

    Yes, you are in ‘ah mai’ means miss. Just barely scrape through.

    Patrick Chan, good to hear from you and we are looking forward to meet up with you

    Gwyneth, see you then and we will get to speak Hainanese dialect. Better get some intrepreters around for those who may seems lost in our midst.

    Geok Suan, you sure have improved a lot with ‘bo butt and bo butt ti’! By the way, who are you calling ‘mong kang’ or stupid. Hope your friend Annie Goh can join us too.


  120. Ok Dan and Boon Liang,

    If bo butt qualifies, then bo butt ti provides one more word. Also moong kang and kaki nang sure win me a seat in Chin Chin among the soo kee nans. Sorry lah only these words were spoken to me today. What a coincidence.

    I shall persuade my friend, Annie Goh a new SHCian who is an ah mei to come along so that she may enjoy the hainanese meal too.

    Please register me.I was (associate member) at your last Hainanese lunch at Kim Moh in nov 08.

    Thank you.

    Geok Suan.

  121. Dan
    Good I’ll put that down in my calendar next to my turtle dive expedition, which I will do, but not in pjs nor swimming trunks.
    Now, I will have to find out the exact location of that restaurant and also go get myself the skimpiest bikini to wear, hahaha.

  122. Dear Ah Kors

    I believe you both heard me speaking your dialect and understood my smattering Hainanese, so I should be qualified for the Soo Kee cuisine which is too tempting for me to resist.

    I used to feast at Victoria Restaurant with my “German” friends and we never missed the mutton soup(Yung Yoke Hor). I’m now craving for it lor, include me OK?


    Ah Mai

  123. Hi Mary,

    You are in, that was a good start ‘bo but’. You will get to know more after mingling with us!

    According to Boon Liang the turtle is an endangered species. It is banned many years ago and we got to blame it on the animal right group.

    Tim, thanks for adding colors to this post. You are sorely needed to spice up our life!


  124. “I want to join in, can? Can you or Joy teach me a few words so that I can qualify? Please? Oh yes, the only word I know is “Bo but”.

    To qualify, you need to catch turtles for them. Learning their dialect wont help since what difference does it make if there’s 1 more person to speak Hainanese which minutes ago was learned from them? Also, whether you “bo but” or produce “a big butt” wont count much if you cant produce any turtle.

    Oooi, come back lah, you cant just dive into the longkang to catch turtles in your pyjamas. At least put on a pair of swimming trunks mah.

  125. Dan
    Your menu sounds so tempting, I want to join in, can? The problem is that I can’t speak a word of Hainanese. Can you or Joy teach me a few words so that I can qualify? Please?

    Oh yes, the only word I know is “Bo but”. Can qualify now? Hee hee.

  126. ” I heard that this dish has aprodisiac value. Or is it not easy to catch the turtle anymore!”

    Joy, I dont think you enjoy swimming non-stop for 3 days but I suppopse if it’s to look for turtles, then to swim another 3 weeks, 30 days shouldnt be an issue.

    Love knows no limit………………and Danz, I envy you.

  127. Hi Andrew,

    Last night I was with Boon Liang at this restaurant. We requested for this special dish and was told that it is no more available.

    i will ask Boon Liang again to persuade them. I heard that this dish has aprodisiac value. Or is it not easy to catch the turtle anymore!


  128. Hi Dan,

    Count me in. We discussed this during lunch last Saturday and I never knew you would post it so fast. You have left out the Hainanese fried turtle meat. Many people including the Hainanese do not know that we have such a dish. From my recollection, the dish consist of turtle meat, bamboo shoots, pineapple, chllies and others I can’t remember. The taste is very nice. My late father used to pop over to Purvis Street to savour this dish before going back home when he goes to town. Very long ago, they do serve this dish at Purvis Street but not sure now. Perhaps you could
    ask them to prepare this dish for us for the lunch gathering as a special order. Looking forward to meet all the soo kees.

    Andrew Koh

  129. Welcome on board to Joy and Caroline. Thanks for starting the balls rolling!

    Steven, if the response are good there will be a repeat. Don’t be envious about the ‘lobang’, it merely means you must have the right connection, ha ha! Certainly hope you can join us.


  130. Hi Danz and Boon Liang,

    1) I saw your interesting post and on the Hainanese cuisine.Yummy! Yummy that reminds me of the Hainanmese mutton herbal soup at Toa Payoh, next to Courts at a coffee shop.

    If I had no personal commitments at KL and Penang , I will definitely join you guys. Were this event be repeated ?

    2) Caroline Gee
    Eh! Joy not fair leh. You got LOBANG right thats why you get to register first.

    I sometimes really wonder why the word “LOBANG ” or hole in Malay is used to describe an “opportunity”
    Does it had something in common to do with the “female” ?

    Not to offend any female but still CURIOUS.
    Why “Lobang” ,why not another term then. Sa-xist ?

  131. Eh! Joy not fair leh. You got lobang right thats why you get to register first.

    Never mind, Ah Kohs, I am in as number 2.

    Many thanks.

    Caroline Gee

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