Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009- Update 3


Most of our members have some skills or talents. SHC TALENT SHOW 2009 aims to showcase their less known skills and talents to the club in third SHC Dinner and Dance 2009 on 4th April 2009. The show will encourage the participants to improve and master their skills and talents to their best.

The show will be in 4 segments

  1. Dance Performance.  In addition to Social, Latin, Ballroom and Line dances, the show encourages our members to show their skill in 1. Indian (Bollywood) dance 2. Malay dance 3. Chinese dance 4. Perankan dance 5. Folk dance 6. Others. The dances may be solo , couple  or group dances.
  2. Song Rendition (to Disc music): Members, wanting to sing, have to bring their songs in disc. Normally singers sing to Cha Cha beat. In order to have variety of music beats and also to encourage the members to groove the music, we request members to sing to O/B cha cha, Disco, Rock&Roll, Jive, Square Rumba, Rhythm, Latin Rumba, Samba, Waltz, Tango etc beats. The songs may be solo, duet or group songs.
  3. Games: The members can organise games of their own choice or they can choose the games, our committee is having.
  4. Talent Show:  Playing any musical instruments, mimicry, stand-up comedy, magic, juggling, play, story-telling, demonstration of Yoga etc.

If there are more responses from members in one or more segments, the decision of the committee is final.

Only members who had registered and paid the D&D cost in full will be eligible for selection to participate in the segment when there is overwhelming response to participate in that segment.

In order to encourage more members to participate, preference will be given to group (three or more members) participation for example group dance, group singing.


1.Francis Rajaratnan Mangalam – Dance Performance

2.Catherine Koh – Dance Performance

3. James Tan – Dance Performance

4. Edwin Tan – Talent

5. Bernadette Chung – Song Rendition

9 thoughts on “Third SHC Dinner & Dance 2009- Update 3

  1. Hi Francis

    As discussed, I will sponsor these prizes for your talent show, total worth $3,000. Hope this will entice more fellow SHC to sign up asap!

    1 x Couple Spa Voucher – $360
    1 x Dental Care Treatment Voucher – $170
    4 x JCC Weekday Night Golf Vouchers – worth $100 each
    10 x Bottles of French Wine – worth $38 each
    100 Sets of spa gifts + Silver Lining magazine as your door gift to all members attending the event.

    The bottles of wines will have to be collected no later than 12th Feb. Please contact me directly so I can pass you the claim certificates before the expiry date.


  2. Hi Diana,

    You are a very generous lady. This makes my job as a
    marketing EO very much easier.
    Are you a great philanthropist or just a very successful
    business lady?

    SHC is very fortunate to have a member like you.
    Keep it up.


  3. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for your generosity. I am speechless.

    Couple spa voucher for $360.00 is really a dream come true for for most of the members to continue or rekindle the romance.

    Hi guys. Come and show your talents. It is really worth a chance to win any prize especially couple spa voucher.

    I will contact you to collect the items in a day or two.


  4. Dear James / Francis

    It is my pleasure to contribute in a way I can for the success since I can’t dance for nuts! :)

    I am a bit of both…philanthropist and a business lady wannabe, haha! :P

    The gifts are sponsored by my clients whom I have collaborated with in the course of my work…thanks to Silver Lining magazine!

    Cheers, Diana

  5. Hi Francis,

    In the first time, I don know who told you that I am performing? For a couple of weeks, I saw my name as dance performer. Now my name disappeared from the list. Just wondering, what is happening?? Curious to know.

    susan tan

  6. Hi Francis,

    Just my suggestion only , perhaps for this coming
    3rd. Dinner and Dance ,you could add in a short segment for 1 or 2 “Bollywood” songs/dances/belly dancing something excitingly different from the usual D & D.

    I believe Hamidah, our SHC dance instructor can help you and lead the way.

    My 8cts. worth.

  7. “Can…..tell me what time will….dinner be ??”

    Karen, dinner will be when it’s time for dinner, so why this question?

    Btw, as few eat looking at the watch/clock and wont what the normal dinner hours are, they are in the evening into the night, from as early as 5 p.m. and usually notbody eats dib=nner after midnite which is really morning when the meal eaten is an early breakfast, not lunch, not tea break and certainly not dinner………

  8. Hi Karen Thio # 7

    I will be in touch with F&B Manager of the Hotel and will inform you



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