The zika threat

As if there are not enough problems in Singapore,

The zika came suddenly and added one more!

Amid intense fogging,

The zika keeps surfacing!

It is near impossible to zap mosquitoes;

A fact that adds to our woes.

Though mild the zika disease can be very dangerous;

The virus causes neurological damage to the foetus.

Expectant women are all on tenterhooks,

Fearing their new-born would get the small-head looks.

The latest news: The zika is here to stay!

Now must we triple our effort to keep it at bay.mosquito




Author: Jassmine Teo

I came to know about the SHC from eNN (Seng Kang). My interests are varied. I write on the forum regularly to improve my writing. In my autumn years, my priority is voluntary service. Hope to meet like-minded people and help initiate a programme/project for the disabled like the hearing impaired.

6 thoughts on “The zika threat”

  1. Zika comes to infect some unexpectedly caught many people by surprise- the citizen
    and the government.
    The disease seems to be unabated and the clusters have spread to more areas by the days.
    What are the long term solutions. Repeated fogging is not sustainable and will not
    offer a permanent solution.
    Perhaps we have to widen our perspective by looking something else farfeched
    and may be costly to embark on such as looking at the breeding grounds at the construction sites with a new perspective. Another area is to review and rebuild
    certain infrastructures which may be costly but necessary.
    Zika infection will cast a gloomy impact on the economy. The first industry to be
    affected is tourism which will have repercussion effect on other related industries.

  2. Today I went with a companion to a established shopping mall for lunch.
    To my surprise and delight, many of the eateries including Saizeriya, Shabu shabu, Pizza hut were offering meal at one-for-one price.
    I am wondering whether Zika has already dwelt a blow to food retailing business.

  3. Robert Ong,
    Zika virus has been around since 1946 but only becomes news because of the epidemic breakout and the harm it can do to pregnant women.
    Dengue fever is even more deadly though they are spread by the same Andes mosquitoes. You ask what is the long term solution.
    As we know for now, vaccine and “medical treatment towards a cure is not available ”
    is NOT available. Vaccine under development is 18 to 24 months away.

    The solution is to build up your immune system to fight it when you are infected.
    Officially, a doctor gave that answer on Channel News Asia when being asked
    ” How would you advise pregnant women to take precaution against this virus ?”

    I am glad the doctor did not say such things as do not get infected as an answer
    if you understand what I mean. Despite the much talk about 5 step Mozzie solution.


    1. Hi Leon
      It has been asserted that the solution to the Dengue and Zika infections is to get immunity after a person is infected with the virus.
      This measure is at best suggestive but pervasive.
      The spread of the two diseases is unabated and the number of cases have steadily increased by the days and has reached more than 12,000 for Dengue alone.
      It seems that it is not time to press the panic button yet.
      It is not impossible to completely eradicate the scourge as suggested by one writer to the press.
      The measure will be very extensive and costly but may be necessary.


  4. Jasmmine,
    Like your poem on Zika. It is a gift within you.
    An enjoyable read. Ever thought of compiling all your poems and publish it ?
    I dont normally log into SHC these days so may not reply fast if there is any question or request from me.


  5. Thank you, Leon. for the compliments. I don’t think my poems are good enough to be published, but I might diy a booklet of haiku, that is, if I can remember how to handmake a book! lol

    A popular park –
    Smack! The mosquito dies
    I quickly leave

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