AIC (Agency For Integrated Care)

Hi everyone, it had been very long time since I last written post here.  So now, I am writing and hope this article will be of some help to others too as these had helped me.

When my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer during Oct ‘2013 and we were totally clueless as to what were the grants that we can apply to ease our burden.  Eventhough during that period of time, many emphasizes were on Pioneer generation but unfortunately, was time was not on my dad’s favor.  Well, that was history now.. so we will  skip this part.

My dad passed on Oct 2014 and shortly after that my mum’s health deteriorated and from then till now, she had been through 1 stroke and 3 seizures attacks which lead to totally bedridden now.  But this time, we were much well informed thru news, community centres and hospital on the AIC grants.

Through all these info given, we are told that we can apply for the following grants

  1. PioneerDAS : For Pioneer born before Year 1950 -$100/mth till as long as alive
  2. Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) grant – Cash assistance of $120/mth for family who hires a FDW to care for patient
  3. FDW levy concessions for persons with disabilities (PWD) – Lower monthly concessionary FDW levy of $60 instead of $250
  4. Interim disability assistance programme for the Elderly (IDAPE) – Cash assistance of $250 or $150/mth for up to 72mths for disabled elderly

More information can be found at, and  related to all these grants.  FYI, we applied and we got approved for these grants.

AIG also provide

  1. Care at home : Eldersitter Service, Home care and Senior home car – As we did not used these services, I am not sure and cant provide much info too.
  2. Centre-based care : Day rehabilitation, day care and dementia day care : We tried a few times but my mum was not so cooperative with the social worker and she prefered to stay at home hence, we also dropped out 2mths later.
  3. Caregiver Training Grant allows we to tap on an annual $200 subsidy to attend approved training course for better : This was very good as we send our domestic help to attend on managing an elderly’s day-to-day and preventing falls and home safety.  Both my sister and our helper had benefited from this training to be able to attend to my mum’s daily needs.
  4. There are some basic necessities, such as wheelchairs, air mattress, commode, walking sticks – All can be purchased at 10-50% discounts depending on feedback from the medical social worker assigned to access the patient’s condition – For my mum’s condition, we only paid 10% of the total cost.  Diapers also can be purchased at their designated stores.
  5. Even patient with permanent catheter, they even assigned qualified nurse from SNF to attend at patient’s home every 2 to 3mth interval at subsidised rate.  Cant remembered how much we paid but I am sure it was less than $30.
  6. Given my mum’s condition, we also applied for home medical care which mean that we can request the Doctor to attend my mum at our home once her medication is below 2 weeks’ usage at $25/trip except for CT and MRI  as these need to be performed at site.

I am sure that there are other services that AIC provided – but just that, we only took these options so I can only share these info.  Our encounters (my family members and me) with AIC had been a very fruitful as we had some financial help and other services/training given to 3 of us, i.e. my sister, me and our helper.

Hope some will find this useful when needed.

Regards… Dolly


Author: Dolly Lim

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  1. Dolly,

    Very good of you to share this info on AIC. It looks like the grants, subsidies and benefits are attractive, and that we can look at AIC during times of need. My understanding of such services is that these subsidies, etc are difficult to apply, and usually we are thrown numerous questions in the application form.

    I am sure there are many other help available; and some of us may have already applied for the grants and subsidies. I encouraged members who have gone through the process with other agencies to share with fellow SilverHairs. Either we or our families may be able to use them one day.

    Terence Seah

  2. Dear Dolly,
    Thank you so much for sharing the information. Unfortunately, I had very little assistance when my Mum and Dad’s health deteriorated for some years and subsequently their passing in 1999 and 2016 respectively. Thank God, I had a good job and understanding bosses that helped me see to all the expenses and time-off.
    It is a great help that now, with our aging population, we have Govt assistance to help the baby boomers care for their parents and other members of the family. Thank you and God bless.

  3. I think it is not easy to qualify this grant and it is time consuming. They will check and look into your household income and also taking into consideration the type of houses you are staying in…….this can be a pain in the neck..

    Ah Nee

  4. Terence/ANee,
    These days, applications are much faster as they had deployed quite a number of staff (mostly those in their senior years) at their respective centres, which located at most hospitals except SGH which I presumed that they are more understanding and passionate in their serving to our needs. Based on our past experiences, handfuls of these seniors were quick to give solid advices and help to speed up processes as requested.

    Of cos, basic requirement entries to these grants are expected from them such as
    1) Patient must need assistance for 3 of 6 disabilities (eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, toiling and walking/moving around.

    2) Household monthly income per person is $2600, hence, family of 4 will equal to around $10400 which is good better than now. Previously it was only $1800/person.

    3) But these scheme are applicable for those patient which are either Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident aged 65 and above and the FDW employer is a Spore Citizen.

    4) Patient staying in Singapore.

    Bottomline is simple, that is, if you need some financial and services’ needs and advices, effort at my family’s end must be enforced. Like old chinese saying “NO FREE BREAKFAST TILL YOU ASK” – That is what I concluded after getting these grants from AIC.

    Hope these further info can be of some help…. Regards, Dolly

  5. Dear Winnie,
    Thank you for the sharing. Agreed, before May 2016, there were little help and no direction as to where we can approach for these assistances – I shared the same sentiment as you too as I chose to take a non-pay 1year off when my dad had cancer. But I always believed everything happened for a reason and the reason must be good – For you, you hv a good and understanding superior helped you through these difficult times before the passing on of your parents – That is already a silver lining.. right, dear?

    For me, I am also lucky to hv a understanding boss (took me back after 1yr absence) whom is willing to work out a work schedule, i.e. works mostly from home unless urgently required to be back to office for urgent follow-ups and/or meeting. Lesser oversea travel duration so that I can spend quality time with my parents. Of cos, all these arrangements have to compromise with some deduction of my previous salary but now with some grants given, we are able to get by.

    PS: Enough or not enough is our own standard.. that is my read.

    Best regards and keep in touch too… Dolly

    1. Hi Dolly,

      May I take this channel of support for integrated care further. How long did you take to apply and successfully applied for the subsidies?

      Although I have yet to apply for these benefits, I hear it is very difficult to even start the application. In fact, AIC is not common knowledge, and while seniors mày have heard of some care, they don’t know where to start.

      I have to ask because one day I may need to apply too. Please share further your experience. And anyone who has benefitted from AIC, plse share.

      Terence Seah

      1. Terence,
        I hv added advantage as my mum is a pioneer and I had to agree that AIC definitely took a serious role in attending to those Pnr Generation members.

        As far as I can remembered, 3 out 4, I got these assistances in about 5weeks lead time. For IDAPE, it took about 2mths to process but the payout was dated back from date I applied, hence, so the first month payment, we received 2 mths, for July and August plus the reimbursement fee for doc’s certification on my mum’s condition.

        Important note to remember is must always take note name of Medical Social Worker assigned to handle the case of these application as once the need to check on the progress of these applications, just call for her and she will check and update accordingly.

        Hope these able to assist you whenever the need arises.

        Regards, Dolly

  6. Yes, most of us will not be qualified here but most of our parents are. Moreover, not all the scheme are for those born before 1950 except for PioneerDAS)…. Dolly

  7. Dolly
    Thank you for this very useful post. Until now, many ppl (like myself), have only a vague idea and probably missed out on these asistance and benefits.
    On a related subject, there appear to be many options in investing money using our CPF acc for old age/retirement. Hope someone in SHC wld be so kind as to enlighten us on the details.
    Tks n kind regards

    1. Yes, yes, HC, very true.. before that, very blur. You are rite too… now, m carefully looking at my CPF acct for better options. Will also share this too if there is opportunity to do so in near future… as right now, this is also another learning curve to me too… Cheers… Dolly

  8. Dolly Lim,

    I have not log in for a long time, lose the password and just got it reset to comment on your post.
    Thanks for your sharing. Your article on where to seek grant and assistance when someone become very ill, immobile and need long term medical care is very helpful for anyone who one day might encounter this situation.

    I am quite passionate about health and have shared or contributed to this forum previously . I like to share 2 of my favorite tag phrases which have not been posted here before.

    First Tag
    “The best gift we elderly can give to our children is to stay healthy and not be a burden medically”

    I expect debate on the validity of this statement along the line we all will get old and fall sick. I can only say with our lifestyle choice and awareness, there is a difference.

    Second Tag
    ” We owe it to ourselves to be around for your loved ones whether you are a parent, grandparent or children”

    I can relate to your predicament as my dad passed away from Leukemia after 3 years of treatment and hospitalization wiping away almost 300 k in our siblings CPF account
    75% of cancers are preventable. Prevention is better than Cure in health management. Prevention cost is a fraction of treatment (not cure) cost .
    Chemotherapy for cancer treatment usually “prolong” life by months or few years wiping out one saving. Thus it is not a cure in many cases.


    1. Hi Leon,
      Thank you and your comments are also well shared too. I believed that our parents will definitely wont want to be burden medically and if that happened, is definitely not their choice too.

      When my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and when the doctor asked him whether he wanted to have any treatment. All my dad said was that unless is 100% cure if not, dont need. I still remembered Doc telling us that your dad knew what he wanted so he wont pursue any further except for the normal routine follow-up. When both my sis and me were sending my dad on our way home, I can sensed tht my dad was abit taken back by this result. So I still can remembered telling my dad that “Papa, if you wanted to change your mind, we were all ok for you to go ahead with whatever treatment. The next statement out from my dad’s mouth was “I had lived long enough at age 83 and right now, should only considered quality and not quantity of remaining days” For this, my dad lived at his fullest for another 1 year before he passed on. We did not spend alot on my dad’s medical bills eventhough there were times he was hospitalised due to breathing issues.

      Regards… Dolly

  9. Don’t know if CHAS is under AIC. I didn’t think much of it so took my time to renew membership this year. Then I went for dental treatment at a private clinic and the receptionist asked if I was a CHAS member. I said yes unenthusiastically and she said I would get about 60% subsidy which meant I only had to pay $25 instead of $60.

    So good meh? I quickly fished out my card and the receptionist, while copying my particulars, exclaimed “It’s expired!” The expiry date was just four days ago! When I came home I quickly sent in my renewal form.

    Actually I’m still wondering if the dental receptionist had made a mistake telling me I only had to pay $25 if I had CHAS.

    1. Hi Jasmine, Nope, you did not heard or the receptionist said wrongly as long as Blue CHAS card is still valid, dental for cleaning is charged around $25 as I just had mine done at $25 too… hope that you will receive your new card soon… Take care…. Dolly

  10. I had my dental treatment (polishing, filling, x-ray)at a private clinic at $0 They told me extraction also $0 but can only do it 2x a year

    See general practitioner at private clinic also free or less than $10 depending on medicine prescribed

  11. Leon,
    I cant believed that with medishield insurance, we still need to spent so much Was it due to private hospital treatment
    How about the poor, how are they going to afford such high medical cost It will be a drain on their children

    It seems that a high % of people will get some form of illnessess or cancer in old age even if we were to watch our lifestyle

    1. Christina,

      I was just sharing this lifestyle impact on health in another social group
      and think it is appropriate to comment on ” high % of people will get some form of illnesses or cancer in old age …..”

      You are right in certain sense. The question is do we really watch our lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases like cardio vascular disease, cancers, strokes and diabetes are among the top killers.
      It has replaced viral infection since the hygiene standard has improved.

      If there is any thing we still have a choice over, it is our lifestyle.
      Life expectancy is not just the number of living years but number of healthy years and the numbers of impaired living towards the end.
      Impaired living means needing a walking stick, long term medication (like diabetes)
      up to the worse case scenario bed ridden. The average years of impaired living about 8 years in USA due to health deterioration and not accidents.
      It is our duty to lengthen this healthy life and shorten the impaired life period. This forum is too short for me to share on lifestyle goals and management. It is an accumulative of what we do and dont do in the 4 aspect of total health.

      Care to contact me at or get my mobile from those who know me. It is concerning your E Commerce store at Carousal.



  12. Christina, it seems incredible that any dental treatment can be free with chas. Even x-ray and extraction? True or not? Which dental clinic?
    What about crowning?

    Dolly, Yes I’ve got my new chas card.

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