Dear Members,
Hi everybody, I am Calvin Low.  I was introduced by James SS Tan to this wonderful club.  So far, I had attended a monthly gathering at Hans Chinatown and the recent D&D in JB.

So, in return, I am organising an EC event on Wine and Dance.  Details as follows:

Time : 7.30pm till 11,00pm
Cost : Buy own drinks at the counter  (Happy hour, before 8pm 1 for 1)
Indicative drink price as follows:
1) $15++ for single drink
2) $20++ for double drink

As for dinner, feel free to try to their seafood buffet inside the hotel, otherwise,  there are many other eateries outside the hotel too.  You will be spoilt for many choices of food.

Kindly register your interest here if you are keen to join me for this event.

PS: Those like dancing, there is a dancing space to spin your nite through.

  1. Calvin Low – EC
  2. James SS Tan
  3. Terence Seah
  4. Susan Lee
  5. Betty Ang
  6. CMChan
  7. Yat Sing
  8. Edward
  9. Connie
  10. Boon
  11. Bee
  12. karen lim
  13. John Howe
  14. linda
  15. Judy Tay
  16. Robert Ong
  17. sue chan
  18. Hong Jeng
  19. mega abdullah
  20. Jane Tan
  21. Sam Huat
  22. more to come to join in the fun????

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Calvin LOW

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9 thoughts on “WINE & DANCE ON 12 NOV 2016”

  1. Hi Calvin,

    Glad to know you through this EC event. As this is your 1st time organising a dance event, we will be delighted to join you guys for a night of fun!

    Do include myself, Hong Jeng, Mega Abdullah and Jane Tan.


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