hohhoohoho hahahahha 1st Laughter Yoga Excersie @ chinese garden Wed 7 Dec 2016

wow x 3  , this is going to be crazy ya ! let do d laughter therapy  in chinese garden ya .

date 07 th december wednesday

1030hrs . meet @ chinese garden MRT outside d control station .

it been ages  for me not been there ! used to performed security duties when i was in d force !

please bring your extra tee shirt ,small towel ,best a water bottle of warm lemon water lor !

be prepare to de stress ,thru laughing !good cell in our body to kick up ya !!if possible surf d website youtube or whatever thot in Laughter Yoga !

no religion ,no praying come & expereince  it for free  only to SHC.

as i am oredli a trained & qualified teacher ! for public normally we charge ya !!!

hohhohohoho hahahaha


brother Sam Huat

4 thoughts on “hohhoohoho hahahahha 1st Laughter Yoga Excersie @ chinese garden Wed 7 Dec 2016”

  1. hohhoohoho hahahahha. Good morning bro Sam. Heard a lot about this Laughter Yoga Exercise but hv not done it before (for fear of people calling me MAD!). Will join you to learn more.

    1. hahahahha , welcome bro Mike Tay …wow x 3 what a wet day in JB .whole day raining cats & dogs unable to do much on recycle collection ya !! …good for you ve heard b4 ya ! it really awesome eye opening for those who ve yet to try out . ok noted your keen interest ya !
      bro sam goh/

  2. Hmmm , bro Mike Tay

    we have to cancel off this Laughter Yoga ..only 2 of us !

    till we meet again ya ! & thanks for your sole support !

    cheers !!

    bro sam huat from JB

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