2 Days & 1 Night homestay in JB ( shopping & massage )

hohohohohoo hahahahhaha  , good morning brothers & sister

i am planning a trip on 11 th february 2017 Saturday ..

am trying to fine tune all details like pick up in spore , $$$  & arrangement !!

so log in your diary ya ..in d 2 storey homestay ,it ve majhong ,kok ,dancing .

i , will oso conduct laughter yoga & being CNY & valentine day on 14 /2  mood .,i will supply fire crackers which in spore long ago banned right !!

this homestay d boss is my long time buddy . he have 5 units all converted to homestay ..many newly wed couple book it  & also sporean for playing firecrackers & discharge from work ,family traffic  stress ..good place for relax & detoxification ya !!

very busy here in JB cos year end many shop ,houses spring cleaning ya !!

cheers brother sam goh

hohohohohoho hahahahha laugh & stay happy ya !

One thought on “2 Days & 1 Night homestay in JB ( shopping & massage )”

  1. yoyooyoyoyoo hohohohohoo hahahahha , good wet morning in JB ya !!

    with some inside information , there re 2 big groups , going outstation m

    so bo pian ,have to postpone d EC event liao !!!

    cheers Bro Sam

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