Dinner & Dance “One night in JB” KSL Resort+Transport on 8-9 July 2017

Update on 5 July 2017

We have now a total of 84 guests joining our “One Night in JB”

Thank you for your support

Hotel Rooms and Coach are still available:


Please make your payment to Chan Lian Tin DBS Saving Plus 029-2-021094

Payment update will be handled by Doreen Chan

Hotel Room @ S$78,00 per room per night including 2 breakfast

Coach @ S$32.00 two ways including tour

Room Reservation

  1.  Terence Seah
  2.  Francis
  3.  Christine Teo  & Karen Ong
  4.  Loh & Woo
  5.  Woo Kwai Kuen & Woo Kwai Yee
  6.  Christine Teo & ??
  7.  Caroline Gee
  8.  Daisy Wee
  9.  Rose White
  10.  Lydia Chin
  11.  Bobby Bok
  12.  Steven Chan & Dan
  13.  Dickson & Jefferson
  14.  Jeffrey Gan
  15.  Leon Lau
  16.  Doreen Ong – & Joan Ang
  17.  Jeffrey Gan’s brother
  18.  Judy Lim & Rina
  19.  Chua K T Jolly & Evelyn Tang S L
  20.  Lynda Lee & Kwan Y K
  21.  Ken Cheong
  22.  Ong Huat Siong & Tan Dee Hoon
  23.  Doreen Chan


  1.  Terence Seah
  2.   Lydia Chin
  3.   Sally Tan
  4.   Doreen Chan
  5.   Rose White
  6.   Leon Lau
  7.   Dickson
  8.   Jefferson
  9.   George
  10.   Christine Teo
  11.   Francis
  12.   Eileen Loh
  13.   Woo Kwai Kuen
  14.   Woo Kwai Yee
  15.   Woo Kwai Kheng
  16.   Karen Ong
  17.   Lily Lim
  18.   Pauline Toh
  19.   Doreen Ong
  20.   Joan Ang
  21.   Evelyn Tang
  22.   Lynda Lee
  23.   Kwan Y K
  24.   Chua Jolly
  25.   Ong Huat Siong
  26.  Tan Dee Hoon


Doreen Chan


65 thoughts on “Dinner & Dance “One night in JB” KSL Resort+Transport on 8-9 July 2017

  1. Hi Doreen,
    Thank you for organising and arranging for the hotel accommodation. Please reserve a room and I have transferred $78 to your Dbs saving account. Regards..

    • Thank you Christine
      Regards to coach pick up point;
      Assemble pick up time is 7am
      Members taking coach, may suggest the pick up point. Final decision will be decided by the committee members of the best pick up point for all members. It will be posted in SilverHairsClub website latest before end of June 2017

  2. i prefer pickup pt at newton carpark.
    may i suggest a half day tour in goodies or side seeing instead of swimming, hairdo,massage, waste of time.



  3. I have heard from a number of members that the transport we have organised is expensive. The thinking is many members know JB very well, and it is easy to take the train or bus, cross the two immigration points and then take a bus or shared taxi to KSL. This cost a few dollars.

    Last year, we didn’t have time to organise and from members’ feedback, there was inconvenience in changing bauses carrying of bags and finding partners to guide the way.

    The planned transport is optional.

    If you do require transport from Singapore, Doreen will do some listening especially pickup points. Unfortunately, there is the cost of the guide, which adds to our transport cost.

    We still have some time. Plse feedback here. Do book your seats so that we can plan earlier.

    Terence Seah

    • Sure Daisy, we can reserve 5twin rooms non-smoking next/opposite each other

      Would you like to secure payment on your rooms as we may not have many rooms left

      Thank you

      • Hi Doreen, I have just made payment for 3 more friends. They are for coach 32 x 3 =96 and 2 twin bedded rooms 78 x 2 = 156. Total $252. Transaction Ref 7947 fr posb Rivervale plaza. Pl check n confirm. So total I have 3 twin bedded rooms and coach for 5 people.

  4. Hi Doreen,
    Please could you reserve a twin sharing room for me?
    I shall make payment once I have sorted out the flight arrangements within the next few days.
    Many thanks.

  5. Hi Doreen,
    Paid $78 ref:2365 on 23/4/17 at 1755 hr.
    Rm 1 DaisyW – paid
    Rm 2 LydiaC
    Rm 3 ShirleenK
    Rm 4 PeterL
    Total as of now 4 rms.
    Tks. DaisyW

  6. Doreen,

    Two rooms plse.
    Room 1 – Terence Seah
    Room 2 – Sompho hunmjumroon , wife Eed and son Paid. Son and mother not allowed to participate in D&D but will go shopping and markaning. Three seats for them, both ways.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Steven

    Single supplement is usually more expensive that twin sharing
    You might as well pay twin sharing S$78 and occupy the whole room unless you do not have partners


    • Hi Steven
      Hi Steven
      We will reserve a room for you since you have found a room mate.
      Appreciate your payment to avoid congestion to the nearer date
      Thank you my fren


      • Hi Doreen .
        Thanks for your reservation of twin sharing room for both a friend and me.

        I prefer to travel to JB KSL on my own so NO transport by coach as you had arranged .

        And also payment for the Dn D event .
        I will e transfer by today.

  8. Doreen – re KSL Dinner & Dance in July, please cancel our booking (Christine Neo & Amy Yu) for the 2 day trip. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  9. Dear Amy
    Apologise for the late reply
    We, as committee members, have been very busy planning on these two days 8 & 9 July 2017 D&D event to provide the fullest evening fun, music, games, food etc
    Besides we have added tours and shopping on the first day. Tour itinerary will be posted shortly

    Our motto is to serve members and non member happy

    Thank you


  10. Hi Christina Chan,

    Pls be informed payment $72 ($36 x2) for IP and myself transferred with ref no. 18686991082. Pls check and update.

    Thank you.
    Shirleen Kao

    • Hi ShirleenK,

      This post is for payment to DoreenC for hotel accommodation and transport.

      Kindly check to which bank account was payment made as bank statements do not reflect the ref no that was given.

      If confirmed it is to my POSB account, need your help to login to the other(Terence’s) post to indicate your date of payment, this will assist us in keeping payment record proper.




      • Hi Christine
        There is a payment of S$72.00 which was transferred wrongly.
        It should be your account. I will transfer S$72 to you on behalf of Shireen Kao

        Doreen Chan

  11. Hi Doreen,

    Transferred 156 for two rooms, table 1 seat 1 and seat 10 for Sompho. Transaction 1871 4109 793 09 May 6am.

    Terence Seah

  12. t
    Hi Christine

    Have already transferred on 9/5/17 9.12am amount S$72.00 to your POSB account for Shirleen Kao’s booking D&D


  13. Hi Shirleen Kao
    Have already transferred S$72.00 booking for the D&D event to Christina Chan.
    No worry; two seats are reserved
    Bu the way, do you like to reserve any hotel rooms and coach?

    Please let us know, we will reserve for you


  14. Hi Doreen. ,
    I had e transfer $75 for D n D event and twin sharing room with a friend on 10th May 2017. .
    My transaction reference no is 6338..

    No transport is needed as I am very familiar with JB . Twice a month I would come here for massage , food and shopping.
    T.q. Steven

    • Hi Steven,

      22May Doreen had transfered to me $36 being portion for the D&D.
      For easy reference, related comment transferred back to the main event/Terence’s post.


  15. Hi Chris Chan. I tried to transfer funds to u for the dnd for 3 friends. However the posb acct number don’t tally. I will try again tmr.

    • Hi Chris Chan
      I have transferred $135 to yr acct for D&D for 3 of my friends: Jessie, Karen and Eileen. Transaction Ref 9373 from ocbc bank. Pl check and confirm receipt of funds. Thank you.

      • Hi ChristineT,

        FYI, to have a proper record, this comment has been transfered back to the Main event /Terence’s post.
        $135 — Received,


  16. Hi Doreen,

    Pls reserve twin sharing/non smoking room for Rina and myself. Update you later by tonight once payment arrange.

    Your kind assist the booking of the room appreciate it.

    Thank you


  17. Hi all members
    We still have 5 rooms available
    Please book early if you plan to stay overnight
    This year’s programme are better than last year
    Lucky draw gifts are also better as well
    See it yourself!
    Just let us know
    Thank you

  18. ChrisC n Doreen, On 13 Jun i made payment for Pauline n Lily dnd $45×2=$90 ref 5948 and $32+$32+$78=$142 for 1 twin bedded room and 2 coach seats ref 5949. Pl check n acknowkedged receipt of funds.

  19. 21 June 2017
    Hi Doreen,
    I have just recently confirmed my participation. Could you reserve one room twin-sharing at KSL for two for my wife and I – Ong Huat Siong and Tan Dee Hoon.
    Also, please reserve 2 seats for the coach to JB for both of us.
    Will transfer S$71.00*2=S$142.00 within this evening, if not tomorrow morning latest.
    H.S. Ong

    • Thank you Ong
      We will reserve 1 Twin room for Ong Huat Siong and Tan Dee Hoon and 2 seats for coach
      Will wait for your funds to transfer to us:
      Room 78 x 1 = S$78.00
      Coach 32 x 2 = S$64.00
      Correct total =S$142.00
      Thank you


  20. Doreen, i have paid for Woo Kwai Kuen n Woo Kwai Yee on 19 june but their names are not in the room list n coach list. Please update to avoid no seats n no room eventually. Twitter

    • Thank you Christine for your support
      We will update accordingly from whom have paid. We welcome members and non members to celebrate our Dinner & Dance 2017. We have booked many rooms and seats for coach. Based on your record provided, we have only 7 names as gathered. We are not sure of the last 2 names. Please provide us so we can update as soon as possible. Please find the spreadsheet below that you have paid. Please let us know if there is any mistake done; we will change to your request
      Date Names Paid Room Coach
      14-Apr Francis $142 1 1
      16-May Christine $252 2 4
      13-Jun Christine $142 1 2
      24-Jun Christine $142 1 2
      Total: 5 Rooms 9 people

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