Macrame Plant Hanger & Table Top

Hi All

I will be conducting a class for Macrame in June for the above mentioned Craft.

The Plant Hanger show in this picture is about 4-5ft long and u can display it with a pot of plant in the basket or used it as a table top when u replace it with a round glass.

(The pic with the money plant is the project I am teaching)

As for the Table-top ( photo with the orange background) , I fixed a Yellow bulb to act as a dimmer for the Hall).  With simple knots that u learn in this course, u will be able to make beautiful belt , pouch , wall hanger deco ..etc..

Cost of Course including material : S$100

  • Material : Imported from USA – SUitable for such big project like the table top
  •                 Very suitable for Plant Hanger/Table top , easy to wash & it dry very fast
  • Colour of Code : Dark & Light Brown only
  • Wooden Beads : Red is best for the above two colour of cord

Date :  14/June/09 & 28/June/09

Time : 11am – 5Pm

U will need a full day in my place to finish this simple project but if u cant complete the project on the same day , I can arrange another day at my place again.

I can only take 3 members at a time cos I only got 3 sorong hook on the ceiling (that the old ceiling hooks for my 3 sons when they were young)

Any interested party, please register here…

Karen Thio
(email :

Registration List

1. Sockie ( 14/June/09)
2. Pauline Tan (14/June/09)

Author: Karen THIO


4 thoughts on “Macrame Plant Hanger & Table Top”

  1. Yo Karen

    Thanks for your patience and guidance.

    I am very happy with my finished product and am sure it would be a centre piece in my home…when I get the handy-man to istall a hook for me…..any volunteer out there hahahahaha

    Must say you are a very talented lady who can think on your feet and do not have to follow any set pattern.

    I am planning to do a few more as presents for my friends and may have to tap in on your expertise and advice when the need arises ;0)

    Oh yes and thanks for the teochew muay lunch oso hor


  2. Sockie

    Thanks for the compliment la …and your support.

    If u plan to do more , u better start buying the cord on line . The price I bought the cord is double the price they show on line.

    Next project – One beauitful Pure WHite macrame without any wooden bead – that will be very classic.

    I will start making my then show it to “how Lian” to u soon.



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