Drink coffee!

Drinking ordinary coffee is a simple pleasure, but now the latest studies on coffee show a strong association between coffee drinkers and longevity! (ST 12/7, pg A18. )Yes, coffee drinkers appear to live longer compared with non coffee drinkers.

For decades coffee was considered an unhealthy drink.  I was drinking coffee regularly and of course was worried. However a colleague pooh poohed the whole thing. She said her father-in-law was a coffee addict and drank coffee every day like water. He passed away at age 88years!

My favourite brew is kopi-O lightly sweetened with raw sugar. Sip it hot. Refreshing!  If at coffee shop I will order coffee sweetened with condensed milk.  Delicious!

Great news about coffee prolonging life.

 coffee berries

Author: Jassmine Teo

I came to know about the SHC from eNN (Seng Kang). My interests are varied. I write on the forum regularly to improve my writing. In my autumn years, my priority is voluntary service. Hope to meet like-minded people and help initiate a programme/project for the disabled like the hearing impaired.

15 thoughts on “Drink coffee!”

  1. I used to be a tea person. But as I grow more matured, I have come to enjoy my coffee with fresh milk, which I drink every morning on weekdays in the office as we have the Nespresso machine in the office. Anyone has the same problem with me that is I can’t drink coffee after 3pm or I will be tossing and turning in bed, eyes round round. Now that coffee is beneficial to our health, it’s a bonus!

  2. I started drinking coffee way back when l was in secondary school. My mother would make a big pot of coffee. I would have a cup of coffee and 2 half-boiled eggs before leaving for school.

    It has become an ‘addiction’. I just don’t feel right if l don’t start my day with a cup of coffee.

    Yes Carly, l have the same problem as you. I don’t drink coffee after 5pm or l would be tossing and turning like roti prata at night, not being able to sleep.

    Glad that drinking coffee is linked to longevity!


    1. Hi Kristy, nice to hear from you. Haha! When that happens, I will pull my trolley to NTUC supermarket and jalan jalan or I bake a cake. Don’t want to be a roti prata on my bed ????????????

  3. Hi Carly and Kristy
    Thanks for sharing your coffee drinking habits. Coffee used to keep me awake and that was how I started drinking it, but now it has no such effect on me.

    Actually I was thinking of cutting down on coffee and switching to green tea when the good news about coffee appeared. Now I try to take kopi-o kosong to get the longevity effect as well as to lose weight. :)

    1. My pleasure Jassmine. Huh? Lose weight? You are already slim. Drink coffee for its health benefits. Me too, I like my kopi or teh kosong.

  4. Dear Jassmine, Carly n Kristine,

    Coffee used gives to me d spark, without d “must hv” in d morning I m listless….n true as years goes by I need stronger n stronger coffee to keep me alert…than my stomach n heart begin to protest so I tried “cold turkey” to give it up but I cud not find a alternative to replace my morning drink. So now have to make do with “Robert Timmn” coffee which does not give me d “high” hahaha…initially any caffeine drinks after 3 pm will keeps me awake, now it is as early as 1 pm.

    I use to do my emails etc. in d dark when I cud not sleep until my eyes hv issues. I think d blue light on our smart phone weaken d eye immune systems n I contracted conjunctivitis which takes a long time to heal so now whenever I could not sleep I said d rosary …..

    1. Hi Freda,
      Nowadays, I function not as well if I miss my cup of coffee in the morning. So if ever you meet the cranky me, you know what I have missed in the morning. Oh dear, I play with my phone in the dark too. Better stop doing this.
      Nowadays, if I want that coffee after 3pm, I take the decaf one, but of course there is not much kick in it. But better than no coffee.

    2. Lol, Freda!

      Can’t help joining in this interesting thread and recount my own experience with coffee or tea.

      My coffee/tea curfew time is 3.00 pm and I’m not a regular coffee drinker, the most being just one cup in the morning when I need it to accompany my occasional bread/biscuit breakfast.

      One night at dinnertime, I forgot about my sensitivity to caffeine and drank one whole glass of the Chinese tea. Of course my eyes and brain went into hyper mode the whole night without sleeping a wink. Sure hilarious that Carly goes grocery shopping at NTUC, but hey thanks, that’s given me an idea if I have sleepless nights again. As for me, I cleared my wardrobe and drawers and threw out old things – thank goodness for my sleepless night to do such productive work and all ready to greet the morning sunset and ready to work!

      Have a good day, folks.

      1. Susan,

        At least you spent your sleepless night fruitfully. Unlike Kristy who becomes a roti prata LOL!

        Have a good day too Susan.

  5. Carly, do you want me (roti prata) with fish curry, chicken curry or mutton curry?

    When l can’t sleep at night, l would watch Korean drama. Would feel lousy the following day.

    If l want a cup of hot drink after 5pm, l would drink Milo kosong.

    1. Hahaha Kristy, I like mine with sour fish curry. And me too, I Like my Milo O kosong after no-coffee hours.

      Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Friday!

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