SHC Flea Mart & Games Day September 26,2009 (Tentative)

Dear fellow members of Silverhairs Club, in response to Terence’s dreams of things to happen, i am planning a flea mart and games day.

The place: Safra Mount Faber

We will have a flea market on this day, the cost per booth is $35.00 for Safra members and $40.00 for non- member.

Other activities:

  1. Swimming – from 10.00am – 12.00pm                Member free/Non-member $3.20 per entry
  2. Bowling    –  from 2.00pm – 5.00pm                   Member $3.80 per games
  3. Dancing    – from  7.00pm – 12.00am                 Social and Latin Night/$15.00 with 2 drinks
  4. Mahjong  –  from  10.00am – 1.00am                Per table at $5.35 per hour/4 tables booked
  5. Flea mart  –  from 10.00am –  7.00pm              GS table provided
  6. Karoeke   –  7.00pm  –  1.30am                        7.00pm – 1.30am/Every 4 hours $19.00 with 2 drinks

I need helpers and if you are a Safra member it would better to take  charge of each activities, I will overseas the flea market. Joy will help with the dancing session.

There is a common mahjong room which have four mahjong tables which I planned to book on that day. We intend to have a  mahjong competition!

Please indicate your interest, more detail will be given once we have member willing to participate to make this event a success! Whether this ideas get off the ground will depend on Terence, Dolly and Yew Kwong’s recommendation and support!


Dan & Joy

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  1. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your support and ideas, a Carnival Day sound very interesting. As Ronald Wie suggested we will have a brainstorming session at the monthly meeting tonight.

    Hi Ron Wie and James Tan, let’s meet and start the balls rolling! Anyone keen to contribute idea are welcome to join us.


  2. Hi Dan, Ron Wie and James Tan,

    Since my name has been mentioned, I am responding here.

    Yes, it’s a great idea to hold a ‘SHC Carnival Day’ which brings together many of the perenial and well supported social activities of the club into a full day gala event.

    I see this as a coming-of-age for the Silver Hairs Club, if not, certainly a milestone in the the SHC calendar of events.

    Doubtless, its an enormous task to organise an event of this scale which requires very much members support, financial resources, groundwork planning, manpower, suitable venue, sponsorships (if permitted) and the whole works. Now, the qestion is who is able and willing to be the EO ?

    So, at this juncture, Dan is right in saying “Lets stick to a few selected activites and judge the response before we go further”.

    Dan, having said that and should you ever decide to ‘just do it’, I wish to assure you of my support along with Ronald Wie ( who initiated this conceptual idea) and other interested fellow members/musicians.

    In the event, I am thinking along the lines of a star-spangled “Musical Jamboree’. The highlights shall include ‘live band’ performances involving SHC singers/dancers (like stars-in-concert), well known celebrity singers (guest artists), afternoon T-Dance (covering various dance forms), musical tributes (to Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles or Teresa Teng), Talent Quests and the like._

    Well, until then, we can all perhaps think about it – this idea of a ‘SHC Carnival Day’.

    Cheers, Pat Chan

  3. Hi Ronald Wie,

    Thanks for the new idea and support. As it is the response are discouraging, guess i have to do more hard selling. I do like the idea of a SHC Carnival and family day. It also a good idea to have all the activities that are ongoing at one venue. This would enable us to promote SHC and attract new member!

    In order to get Pat chan and Jeff Gan involved we would need a proper venue. Let’s stick to a selected activities and judge the response before we go further. Are you ready to shoulder the responsibility of organizing the mahjong competition? We are looking into having an alternative date possibly in October to give us more time to plan.

    How to have two days of activities when not enough interest are forthcoming for even one day. I need helpers for each activities before we can move further.


  4. Hi Danz, Ron,

    Support your idea of a Flea mkt/Games day/Monthly gathering/
    Danz nite/K-O-K event mega-event day n nite.

    With so many activities to take part or take care, maybe 1
    day is not enough. How about 2 days n 2 nites?


  5. Hi Dan

    Great idea of having an annual games day, flea market and maybe add on the Autumn festival (mooncake) and also an SHC open house day. We can try to get the badminton, bowling, dance and other groups (cycling/walking) to plan their venue day too for this special day.

    How about also asking Pat Chan and other SHC musician like Jeff Gan and all to have a jam session cum karaoke,cum line dance/social dance (Hamidah and James Tan and gang), too bringing it to one big annual SHC carnival day.

    Well Dan, hope many other like minded people like you and Joy are willing to come forward and support this event in one way or another. Most importanly too hope Terence can change his appt and be there or maybe we can change the proposed date when he can be around.


  6. Hi Terence and all

    I have included a link to the Safra Mount Faber website that provides information on how to get there. Hope you will find it useful.


  7. Hi Terence,

    I will check on the public transport and revert.

    The Safra venue is open to member and the public. There is a host of activities and courses conducted for the member and their friends. It has Ya Kun, the Potter Cafe by the poolside, large billiards room, gym, Japanese and Chinese Restaurant.

    We are in the planning stage, the date may be change. I am hoping for member to indicate their interest before going ahead with the booking!


  8. Hi Dan, Joy,

    I have not been to Safra Mt Faber, can you give a brief summary how easy is the public transport access.

    And for the air-condition lobby, is this accessable to Safra members. Can you give an estimate on the Sat crowd.

    As for now, I have a concert appointment on this date, so will have to see if I can give it a miss.

    Terence Seah

  9. Let’s me give an idea why Safra Mount Faber was chosen. As a member of Safra I have been frequenting the club for it various activities. On certain day flea mart are held and I do notice the great crowd. We have a choice to book the whole air-conditioned open lobby. 10 table space is sufficient to occupy the whole area and it would cost us $700 to take all the table spaces. GS table are provided. Just for our info, a table space actually cost $70 per day but we haggle them to give it to us at $35.00!

    I foresee that member who want to take part are concerned that the cost at $35 may be too much. My suggestion is to get Safra member from among us to book the tables. If two member could share the table the cost will be halved. Otherwise we open up some of the table space to member of the public. 10 tables to peddle our wares may be just sufficient, if we just settle for 5 tables our purpose to hold a flea mart is defeated.

    The various activities are for member to come forward to participate and to get to know it other like our monthly gatherings. So member, the balls in yout courts. Make it our happenings and enjoy the fun and fellowship of each other company!

    Just for information, the Safra Benefits Club is holding a singing (Karoeke) competition on the same day and open to all. Expect a large crowd, my suggestion is to have a booth when new member can be sign up on the spot. This would entails some ground work where all the SHC activities are on display to attract the new member!

    Dan & Joy

  10. “3. Dancing – from 7.00pm – 12.00pm”.

    Not sure how many can still walk up to me to say “good afternoon” after dancing overnite and for 17 hours?

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