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emoticon  Hello, I am new to SHC and my name’s Rosalind Lee. I was referred to this club by
        a friend and I’m glad there’s an informal club for Baby Boomers aside from the
        Residents Zone/Community Clubs’ Senior Citizen Clubs.

        I am 58 years old and a mother with two daughters and a son. I’m also have two
        grandchildren so like it or not, I am a grandmother.
        My former jobs were related to training with topics ranging from Personal Grooming to
        Product Knowledge. I should say I am in my elements when addressing a large crowd
        but I’m lousy in communications with small crowds or a handful of people. I am an
        Introvert and I have often been labelled a ‘snob’. *Sniff sniff*
        I quit working since Year 2003 and I travel a lot with my husband when he goes on
        leisure or business trips.

        Most of my friends are younger than me and they keep me ‘young’ in my outlook on
        life. Well, by joining this club I hope to have more friends belonging to my same
        generation and hopefully find compatriots to reminisce about the good old days.
        By the way, I am not as staid as I sound here. :p

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  1. Hi Rosalind,

    Welcome on board!

    There are lots of members who are ‘young’ at heart, so you are in good hands and some are young as in ‘immatured’ so again, they will keep you young. Kekekkeeee.

    Hope to meet you one day.

  2. Hi Geraldine

    I like your “young at heart” sort of comment.
    Hope you did not mesmerise anyone after
    the private dinner with about ten of us (including founder
    Terence). Your present resonated the gathering with me as usual, the protagonist joker.

    A gathering to remember. Alot of laughter to close the memorable evening, and the staff also closed our section though the nite was young but the hours gave us no mercy to stay. Hahahaaa!

    Lee (Don Juan) patrick

  3. Welcome on board flight SHC 00380. The latest super jumbo.
    From your post, you do personal grooming and at ease with large crowds but not a handful of people. Strange. strange.
    Personal grooming is like image consulting, you need alot of poise and articulation to transform a kampong girl into
    the likes of Pamela Anderson.

    A sister in SHC is a well poised lady who qualifies well to be a personal groomer like you. Both can share notes. I will partake by the byline to learn the finer points of extreme makeover. A Don Juan by qualification. I need to learn from you. I am an extrovert but am not perverted. Hahahaha ! Just joking !

    Lee (Don Juan) patrick

  4. Helo Rosalind

    Lets introduce you to the rest,don be shy..pls come to our Monthly Gathering tomorrow,…its so timely!

    Welcome to our fun club :)

    Btw, Geraldine..if u change your mind…come also la..
    maybe just drop by for a while..take a peep on how we silverhairs gang mingle & laugh when we meet..u wont regret!..haha

  5. Hi Patrick! You’ll be surprised how many speakers are actually tongue-tied when they’re off the stage. :)

    Thank you Norlinda. Unfortunately, I have to be by my husband’s side when he entertains a staff from Home Office for dinner tomorrow night. Well, I don’t talk much but I’m a good listener so I’ll just eat and nod my head when the other diners talk. :p

    I would love to attend the next monthly meeting though.

  6. hi Rosalind

    Welcome a board and feel free to get to know a lot of “young at heart” at SHC. I am also a new member, we will meet one day at one of our SHC outings. cheers

  7. Hi Rosalind,

    Welcome on board! In SHC, age is just a number for us. The bigger the number, the more valuable you are, just like the carats in a diamond – remember that.

    Well, what can I day but congrats in being a grandma at your age and I’m sure there’re a few g/mas and g/pas to share with you but for me, I’m still waiting for that day and would love to get to know you better. See you at the next monthly meeting at Hans on 20th Aug ’09. Best regards, Lisa Ong

  8. Rosalind..

    U dont talk much..its fine..but don look look at the corner of your eyes hor…its scares me…haha…juz kidding la

    She oredi said not free tonite @6..perhaps she will come next monthly gathering & we can chat..while she listen..hehe

  9. Geraldine, Patrick, Norlinda, Sylvia and Lisa, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and warm welcome.

    Norlinda,it is very common that when we grow older, we lose our razor-sharp vision so if I ‘stare’ at you, it’s because you appear blurrish to me…:p

    The most unattractive part of aging is when we have aches and pains on certain days at certain parts of our bodies when it’s not at all expected. What to do except grimace in silence and that’s why sometimes we have this frown on our forehead that’s not due to old age wrinkles. True or not?

  10. Geraldine..
    I can imagine u are so cute!..with your expressions in words..i think u must be a quiet,prim & proper lady?..
    sori..just guessing only la…hehe SHC,nobody is old(right everybody?)..only the numbers a bit susah la(keep increasing,beyond our control!hee)..we have lots of activities & so much fun & laughter everytime we meet up with members..especially when travelling together!nx time,u can come & join us..then u know what i meant..really

    Looking fwd to meet you one day :)

  11. Hi Rosalind,

    Yes, besides the aches and pain even though I am only in my forties, fatigue is also a major ‘pain’!!

    Hey Sweet Nor,

    I am quiet (when I am enjoying my solitude and when I am listening to someone talking), prim – absolutely! and very proper (when some guy try to pick me up at a bar or something, I give him the finger! Kakakakkaaaa). So now you know me better. Still want to come to HK?

  12. Hi LP DJ SJ (what other initials u have uh?)

    Anyway I thot I better write here instead of at the other forum which is focussed on the Walk. Don’t want to take up unnecessary space on other people’s forum.

    DJ’s are known to break hearts right – so u r true to your word. You ‘ve broken mine. I met u I think at least twice – once was cycling and the other cannot remember when (must have been forgettable…haha, just kidding). I remember you are the one who speaks 80wpm (words per min), no comma or fullstop. That was my shorthand speed loooong time ago.

    Lor si leng (or Rosalind) is my long time friend, of course I have to protect her la. My mudder called her lor si leng (you know la dunno how to pronounce in english properly). Two of you can have grannies talk lor, how morantic. Just to share something with you, (Ros, hope u dun mind hor), she was a Miss Singapore 19xx and she was on the cover of Her world (can’t remember which year now). Maybe she can teach us how to catwalk? Just gelak gelak…not geylang geylang like TL suggested.

    Sorry hor no more curves oredi, more like slabs of fat rolled into one barrel like a puff pastry !!

    Glad you decided to write on the forum…keep it coming and will definitely see you around.

  13. “I must ‘warn’ you of TL. He is very quick on the draw……….a ladies’ man……….SHC jester and……….everything la……….pls don’t ‘bully’ my dear friend ok or else you have me to deal with…….”

    Well, Maggie, shall I say thank you or shall I soak you in a tank of you (oil) over 7×7 days and nites to change you into a mermaid?

    SHC ladies are nice but certainly I aint a ladies’ man but a lady’s man. In her is my commitment.

    The only deal I can make of a gorgeous dame like you is to
    approach the yakuzas famed for trafficking of pretty lasses but that wd mean a very senang job, always resting on a couch, a bed, unsuited to the active and atheletic gal you are. So, no deal for you, ok?

    Somewhere, Patrick-L wrote abt holding a candle to me. Thanks but I prefer his holding my ash tray wherever I go. He wont hv to hold it very long as I am trying hard to gice up cigarettes since my love doesnt like me puffing my life away.

    Steven-C, you said that you watched R Chan perform when you were in Sec 4 at a time when you had not grown enough hair to be an adult. Older Chinese say it’s suay to see those things (remember, one grows bak chum if one watches a dog piss). So, if you think you cd hv done a lot more in life you now know why it didnt go that way?

  14. Maggie #13

    Wow! we have a past Miss S’pore in our SHC now. Can assure this coming walk will be Ah Pek’s affair. Please specify the actual year. Is ‘Lor si leng” a Miss Singapore participant and a finalist or selected as Miss Singapore on that year. Many eligibe Ah Peks will be curious to know, though the chances are slim, to pursue further interest in view of R.Lee been married happily.

    Maggie Mee, I got to go back to basic trying to figure our
    the word “morantic” you used in your sentence. Catch no balls, though looking up the reliable Webster’s Super volume
    Dictionary. As a special tutor in English essay, do you mean to use the word “moronic” in your sentence. Please to learn from you.

    Die, die will see Miss “Lor si leng” at the walk as Mary Chan pointed out, it is on Saturday 12th Sept. Don Juan’s
    eyesight cannot see small letters but not Miss former S’pore. See you at the jalan jalan yah ! My legs will not go wobbly but my eyes may tired out with constant staring.
    Hahahaaa !

    p/s If beauties (old or young of SHC) like to get to know Don Juan more, may email me at ( for my perspective of the good life of happiness. Guys may email too, but no guarantee for a reply. Serious, this is not a joke. Am writing on an ad-hoc basis to a few establishments.

    DJ leepatrick

  15. Hi Patrick DJ/ Rosalind Lee,

    ….morantic” , I think what Rosalind meant was a combination of 2 terms ( moron ( stupid fool )and romantic )

    ( moron + romantic ——> morantic ) as in

    Veron + Unique —–>Veronique( Yew Kwong’s interpretation )

    Am I right, Rosalind ?

  16. Hi Patrick DJ,

    Now got ex-Miss Singapore, rosalind Lee to join the walk ,
    and you CUM CUM SIANG PAI TUOE to register. Ha! hA! :)

    Too bad, I MISS the chance in this elephant walk as I will be out of the country from 4th Sept to 14 Sept. :( but nevertheless will join her for future walks to have a glimpse of her.

  17. StevenC #16+17

    Steven, I can see you are drooling. The word ‘morantic’ is posted by Maggie Mee not Miss xx-S’pore. Are you focus or not? Still drooling !!

    And for bachelor sake, when you put words in cantonese lingo please insert explanation in brackets, otherwise you only catch your own ding-dong, hahahaaa! What is CUM CUM SIANG PAI TUOE. Hey! Steven, don’t get ‘sexcited’, I empathise with your plight!!

    Understand you are going on a silk road trip. Please leave the CAMELS (the female ones) alone OK! hahahaaaa!

  18. Maggie! You so evil!!!!! Who cares who I was before Year 800 B.C. huh? Ancient history, long buried in King Tut’s tomb!

    Guys remember the word ‘ex’ is no good. It refers to something past and usually used by police/prison officers to refer to ‘ex-offenders’, ‘ex-drug addict’…etc..etc..
    So the reference to my ex-title means NOTHING hor. I have lost all my looks, figure and personality donkey years ago!
    Now I just look like any auntie….

  19. Using Tim’s words, at last waited with ‘unabated breath’ our sweet ‘Ah Soh’ Rose speaks up. No more the glamorous beauty of prehistoric times looking like Cleopatra.

    My dear RoseLee, beauty to me as a Don Juan is the refined finess of a lady, be it a teenage adult, a socialite, a coporate power woman. The only similarity I admire in them is a true person of substance: caring, compassion, able to empathise with less privileged people, reasonable and intelligence, heart-warming and a dignity of unpretension.
    Put it simply, a nice and caring person.

    Rose, a sweet memory is worth reminisced. Look back with pride of achievement and never regret one’s life. As I always mention in my write-out: When the evening shadow tinges our eye-brows, (everyone yearns to relive a good life again) we will never be able to savour the satisfaction of our purposeful living. We must be at peace with the cosmic exuberance of our short but meaningful existence.

    Regrets vanquished our sense of judgement.
    Stay positive with life , with SHC activites or even watching from a perspective angle of foregoing.

    My adrenaline jumps three level with sophisticated lady like you in SHC. Nothing is past when the present is looking us in the eye.

    DJ leepatrick

  20. Hi Rosalind

    So much 4 all the no good “ex”. Now let’s move u 2 something “ex”-tremely gd 4 a makeover. Join our mthly cycling which takes place on 3rd Sat of the month n “ex”-ercise yourself back 2 where u were 18 yrs ago. Even if u cant ride, LP n TL will be happy 2 ferry u on their tandems specially fitted wif “ex”-tra 2 wheels.

  21. Hahaha.. men will always be men…hiaz. Remember I have a very good laogong (hubby) okay? He’s very open-minded about my joining social groups as long as I am happy. If I’m not happy then he kana see my panjang face lor…:p

    I’ll start with the walk first and then hopefully attend the monthly gathering, Yew Kwong. I like cycling…aunties like me go for those bicycles MUST have basket in front type one. Put water bottle, purse, snacks, etc….

    I want to know lady friends as well as gentleman friends. If the ratio is more men then I’ll pass them to my husband.

    See ya guys!

  22. ” My dear RoseLee, beauty to me as a Don Juan is the refined finess of a lady, be it a teenage adult, a socialite, a coporate power woman. The only similarity I admire in them is a true person of substance: caring, compassion, able to empathise with less privileged people, reasonable and intelligence, heart-warming and a dignity of unpretension.

    Put it simply, a nice and caring person”.

    Yes, Patrick-L, do put it simply instead of “put put” like breaking wind which also gives the impression that you’re long suffering from incontinence. Simply put, you wont be mixing adjectives with nouns…………

  23. Tim #25

    Thank you tutor for your grammar correction.
    “Compassionate and intelligent”. Sorry just spontaneous typing on the keyboard. Stilling learning.

  24. Hi Patrick Lee DJ.

    Aiyah ! Is your Cantonese so CHIAM that you can’t even decipher what is the meaning of CUM CUM SIANG PAI TUOE ( It means quickly Queue UP! ) Ha! ha! :)

    And your moderated comment on Section 337 which I was able to see in yellow has been CENSORED off.

  25. “……you can’t even decipher what is the meaning of CUM CUM SIANG PAI TUOE (It means quickly Queue UP! ) Ha! ha!”

    Last week, I was in Ahmad’s Pontian farm amd saw a rooster talking to a cockerel.

    Cockerel : “Cockado-adooo….cockcock ke cockcock ke.”

    Rooster : “CUM CUM SIANG PAI TUOE”

    Without hesitation, the cockerel jumped into a pond nearby and drowned itself.

    “The roosteer told the cockerel to go to hell instead of talking cock day and nite” explained Ahmad in Bahasa.

    Hahaha, we laughed.

  26. Hi Rosalind Lee,

    In Spore , the video shops sell in Sing $ but I buy in JB the original HKTVB drama in JB Msian dollars and 10% discount .

    Foe eg the same drama No Regrets is sold here at S$59.90 but in JB after the discount with conversion rate of 2.43 will be 59.90 x 0.9 =
    MR 53.91 converted is S22.20 . ( 59.90 – 22.20 ) = Savings of S$37.70 ie 62% . Imagine every serial title with almost 60 % savings will accumulate to a huge amount.

    However, I normally buy 3 or 4 drama serials at one visit otherwise Spore custom will ” Am Am Chang Chang ” .

    Not to worry as they are original and recorded with license from TVB HK , they will let you pass.

    At JB , I had bought quite a number of these as my body need to be hit,press and elbow almost every 2 months ie I will feel destress and sleep better after 1.5h of aromatherapy full body massage no hanky panky, good ambience similar to Banyan Tree Spa.

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