Kulai, Kluang & Batu Pahat Tour – Confirmed Tour

Hi members

1 Day tour to Kulai, Kluang and Batu Pahat on 18 November 2017

07:20  Pick up at Marine Parade CC and Newton Hawker Cente Car Park.

07:20  Pick up at Bishan MRT station and Newton Hawker Centre Car Park

08:00 Leave Singapore to JB immigration via Tuas 2nd link

09:55  Tim Sum Breakfast.(own expense)  Location: near JB, which is on the way up to Kulai.   Please be reminded if time permits only we will stop to have breakfast due to immigration clearance.   Please advise if you could have your own breakfast before catching the car at your own pickup point

10:30  Proceed to Kulai. 10mins, drive around the old and new town.  Shopping at AEON Kulai shopping mall (45 mins).  We will arrange 1 hr massage for those who are not keen on shopping.  Have to book in advance (own expense)

12.:30  Lunch at Kulai restaurant.  Menus as follows:

1. Five Happiness Combination
2. Braised Crabmeat soup with mushroom
3. Sweet & Sour Crispy Fried Garoupa
4. Shell-less Prawn with salad dressing
5. Sambal fried four kind veggies
6. Steamed salted chicken
7. Yam basket stuffed with pork ribs
8. Iced longans
9. Including tea, rice and tissues

14:30  Est 1hr drive to Kluang.  10mins, drive around the old and new town

15:00  For those Coffee lovers;  Kluang Rail Coffee is one of the famous coffee tourist attraction.  (own expenses)  (only 20mins rest time).  Will stop to buy coffee powder if the shop is open (30 mins).  If time permits, we will go to “RM2 one-stop” shop (30mins)

16.30  Proceed to the organic farm, guided tour (30mins). An admiring and wonderful fruit and vegetable gardens/organic park. Truly a paradise especially if you love organic fruits and vegetables; there are mulberry garden, dragon fruit garden, cucumber garden, banana garden, and varieties of fruit and vegetable garden that you will definitely enjoy visiting (Total 45mins-1hr)

18:00  Est 2hr drive to Batu Pahat.  10mins, drive around the old and new town, Visit the beautiful seaside.  enjoy the scenery,  Minyak Beku Beach, Batu Pahat

19.30  Dinner at Batu Pahat.  Menus as follows:

1. Whole abalone in bamboo rice
2. Crispy roasted chicken
3. Fried bean curd in special yellow sauce 
4. S/S pork & Korea mussels
5. Sea view braised belly pork with steam bun
6. Day of dessert
7. Tea, rice, tissues

20.45 back from the restaurant to Singapore.  Drop off points at Marine Parade, Bishan MRT  and  Newton Car Park


  1.  Danny Lye – Pd
  2.  June Tan – Pd
  3.  Seng Kim – Pdiel Chan
  4.  Lydia Poh – Pdee
  5.  Pauline Khoo – PdLinda Wee
  6.  Lily – Pd
  7.  Chan – Pd
  8.  Agnes – Pd
  9.  Chan – Pd
  10.  Chan – Pd
  11.  Gabriella Chua – Pd
  12.  Doreen Chan – Pd
  13.  Mega – Pd
  14. Caroline Phua – Pd
  15. Sary Bong – Pd
  16. Joan Ang -Pd
  17. Chan – Pd
  18. Chan – Pd
  19. Chan -Pd  Tan
  20. Chan – Pd 

Thank you


Doreen Chan


57 thoughts on “Kulai, Kluang & Batu Pahat Tour – Confirmed Tour

  1. Hello Doreen, please count me in. Seng Kim

    In reply to Seng Kim: Most welcome and thank you for your support

    You are on the list. Could you please give your phone no. for updating purposes


  2. Hi,
    We are disappointed that the 18th Oct tour was not organised properly. Earlier instruction was given that there is no breakfast break and we must take our own breakfast before boarding on the bus. During coffee break one of the member Steven Chan was nearly abandoned at Batu Pahat by the driver because he returned to the vehicle last as no instruction was given as to what time he is supposed to be back. At the organic farm only the church group was told about the farm tour, the other SHC group was left to walk at the supermarket on their own and not invited for the farm tour. This is the feedback and hope organiser can do better next time to look after SHC members welfare. Thank you

  3. Hi Doreen ,
    I am writing the part which Bok has left out. No instruction on what time we should be back to our MPV. As such I took my time to shop for my basic necessities. However as the place was very crowded with both tourists and locals as well there
    was a very LONG QUEUE for payment . As soon as I paid and about to enter the MPV with my items Doreen reprimanded me for being late and the last person to leave the shop.
    However. , after 5 to 8 mins later another couple was seen hurrying back to theit MPV . Doreen saw them but did not reprimand them just ask them to hurry up . They were even much LATER than me why NO REPRIMAND. ? Doreen you are obviously practicing DOUBLE STANDARDS and this is UNFAIR TREATMENT towards me .
    Why are they given SPECIAL type of preferential treatment. ?
    As our tour representative you must look into our welfare and safety concerns. When Bok told me that the driver almost drove off without me . What does that imply to you ?
    That because you LOST YOUR PATIENCE you have the guts to ask the driver to drive off leaving me alone stranded at Kulai ? ? ?

    Doreen , is this the way you treat your customers ? If NOT for Bob and Stella who continously told the old and grumpy driver to wait a little while for me to return he would have drIven off because you authorise him to do so.
    Doreen , you proudly name your travel agency as KINDLY TRAVEL but ask yourself HONESTLY what you have DELIBERATELY done to Steven and left him almost alone and almost STRANDED at Kulai an act of kindness ?

    We Shc community are very discerning people and we are able to see tthrough you that as an event organiser you DON’ have the interest of SHC ians at heart and you care more for profit and not into customer service satisfaction . Sorry to say that.
    I wrote all these because I want to speak my mind and also to offer constructive criticisma so that the November tour will be better .

    Also I see that you did NOT REBUT BOK ”s comment at all which means that Bok is speaking the truth and NOT running you down in any way.
    I hope you will learn to improve more on customer satisfaction which is the most important factor to consider besides making profits from them .

  4. Hi Doreen ,
    U hv my support ! …. I’m ON .
    Is never easy to please every1 … taking the efforts to organise , oredi shd be appreciated.
    We, thank u .

    Don’t be disheartened ya !

    Lydia Poh

  5. First of all we must thank Doreen for organising the trip. We know it is not easy, looking after 70 people, young and old.

    When we paid the amount to join, we did not know what would and could happen. Now that it has happened, we want to feedback for the sake of future participants.

    No we are not trouble makers. Disappointed merry makers perhaps.

    Don’t forget we are senior citizens and naturally may display some mental and physical shortcomings. As a tour leader, please be mindful of this natural development. Clear instructions ought to be given, and as time is of the essence, regrouping time must be constantly repeated and reminded.

    Thank you and all the best in your next event.


  6. Hi DoreenC,

    I have received many feedback on your organising of travel activities for members. 95% are good, reflecting your professionalism in travel. On this note, thank you.

    Although you are in the travel business I am fine with it as I see more benefits to SilverHairsClub and its members. As a SilverHairsClub member, I am therefore glad to support your events. In fact, I have been looking for someone with your type of committment and travel knowledge to support one of SHC most loved activites. I see you fit this role well.

    Please continue your good work.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Doreen
    I’ve transferred $80 to you through ATM at Bedok Central, ref 2076. Kindly ack receipt.

    Details of passport will be sent to you via apps ..

    Thank you,
    Gabriella Chua

      • Hi Gabriella
        You are the first person to make the payment
        Appreciate and thank you very much
        Also, I have received your passport and will update accordingly

        Will keep all posted if there are any changes


    • You are the second person to make the payment
      Appreciate and thank you
      Also, I have received your passport and will update accordingly

      Will keep all posted if there are any changes


    • Hi Pauline

      Thank you for your support

      Will add you and Lily in the list

      Please arrange payment and send the passports to my WhatsApp


    • Hi Karen Thio
      Thank you for your support
      Will fix your pick up point at Marine Parade
      Could you please arrange your payment?
      Also, please send your passport to my whatsapp

  8. Hi Doreen
    I have transferred $160.00 under ref 6963
    To your DBS a/c for Lily n Pauline trip. We
    will picking up at Newton . Passport will
    Whapp you soon.
    Thanks n regards

    • Thank you, Pauline, for your support

      We have received your payment S$160.00 on 29 Oct 2017

      Both of you and LiLy are in the list

      Thank you


  9. Doreen,
    We are interested in the tour. Please include us :- Danny Lye and Tan June into the group. We will arrange to do the fund transfer of $160 to Chan Lian Tin. DBS Saving Plus a/c no. 0292021094 as soon as possible and will advise you on it together with our passport information through WhatsApp.

    We will be at Newton Circus Car Park Hawker Centre pick-up at the stipulated time @ 8.00am. Please ensure there is a representative present to guide members to the right bus to board.

    Thank you.

      • Hello Danny

        Appreciate if you could transfer payment S$80x 2 = S$160 to A/C Chan Lian Tin DBS Saving Plus a/c no. 0292021094
        Please send me your passport via Whatsapp

        Thank you


        • What is your latest transfer date ? I will do it asap. Presently only a few have paid up, what happen to the rest of them ? What if should there be a cancellation due to poor response, will the money be refunded ? Please advise for follow-up. Thanks.

          • Thank you, Danny, for your reply
            You can pay as soon as possible
            There are a total of 13 people confirmed including yourself and your wife; 7 people have paid
            We will close on the first 10 people who have paid on the first come first serve basis
            and will continue and so on


  10. Hi Linda Wee

    Appreciate if you could transfer payment S$80 to A/C Chan Lian Tin DBS Saving Plus a/c no. 0292021094
    Please send me your passport detail via Whatsapp for insurance purposes

    Thank you


    • Hi Linda Wee

      Thank you for your participant
      We would like to know if we should still keep a seat for you
      We will have to cancel your seat if we do not hear from you in a week’ time
      Appreciate your reply


  11. Hi Doreen…my “periodic cycle” struck me at the most inappropriate time. I mean my gout flare up. Doctor’s warning : “No crabs, prawns and abalones for the next one month” . So I have to give this trip a miss. All the best.


  12. Hi Doreen

    Please register us for the tour:
    1) Sary Anny
    2) Caroline Phua
    Have transferred payment to your account. We will go to Marine Parade pickup point.

    Thanks and regards

  13. Hi Caroline

    Could you please send the passports of yourself and Sary over to my Whatsapp

    Need to update Insurance purposes

    Thank you


    • Hi Joan

      Do you still want us to reserve the seat for you?
      I have been calling and messaging you for the payment
      The time is running short; appreciate your co-operation

      Thank you


  14. We have just cancelled Christina Phau due to her health problem
    We have also cancelled Margaret Soo as being a tour mate with Christina

    Thank you for your interest

    Take care


  15. Dear Dorèen

    Thank you for organising the JB trip for us. It was an enjoyable and fun trip for me. The company in our mpv was good and we had an overdose of laughter therapy.

    Looking forward to joining more fun trips that you’ll organise in the near future.

    Cheerio till we meet again.

  16. Hi Doreen,

    Tks for the hard work in organising the above short trip.
    Really enjoy alot and with great companies in our vehicle.
    Food was excellent and i have got what I was looking
    for in this trip.
    Looking further ahead for more short trips.

    A satisfied participant.

  17. Thank you, Doreen for organising the 1 day tour to Kulai, Kluang and Batu Pahat which all the old and new SHCians enjoyed the fellowships and merrying together. Here is the Google Photos link for your viewing and sharing. Hope you all like the photos taken and permission is granted for you to upload and share with your friends, family, etc.


    Happy viewing. Hope to see you all again in the near future trip together. Take care and be Happy.

    • A big thank you to all 20 participants’ support
      A big thank you and hug to Gabriella, Jeffrey and Danny for your feedback and compliments, that worth, putting all my hard work and effort for this tour
      Another thank you to Danny who has done a very good job in photographing. Clear, sharp and well-organised pictures


  18. Congrutlation !
    You have good feed back now.
    That is what a EO for ?
    Our folks happy we are happy ?
    Right ?
    Keep.it up.
    Looking forward to tour next tour.

    Cheer !


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