Cooking demo – easy to cook chicken nasi bryani, Wed 13 Dec 2017

hi , i m karen – a old member but suffer a stroke n not active the past 3 years – seeing shc gathering yesterday make me want to go back n meet up with the old members n like b4 chit chat session.

date – 15 dec/2017/(friday)

add – blk 3a geylang serai #17-55 ( 1 bus stop from eunos mrt station


cos – ingredient about $50 n share by all , i will provide coffee n tea with the bryani we prepared for lunch

time – 1pm ( it will take only an hour for the demo – my maid will do the demo on behalf of me for this round

i m never a chef n cooking is never my passion too but i would like to share my ” nasi bryani i learned from a malay lady -i have invited many shc member to my place for this dish n now is my signature dish for all my friend gathering

you dont need to be a chef or able to cook to prepare this ” simple to cook nasi bryani

i have eo an event many year ago tote bag n i assure all that u don need to be able to sew to come t0 my class – trust me – i will lead u

as i m unable to do the demo myself , i will have my maid to demo to all members who r interested

we can have our lunch at the rooftop garden at level 7 in my block too – i will be shifrting out  of this rental flat in january n i want to eo a even n make use of the garden for the get together too

if u r interested , do registered early so i can prepared the ingredient enough for all

these r member in mt class who don even know how to sew n they bring back a very personal bag sewed by themselve

esp the guy – i have forgotten his name

i love to prepared food n share with other n i got very good feedback on this recipe too

i want to get back to my old self n recover soon to get back to join all shc event asap.

Karen Thio








Author: Karen THIO


4 thoughts on “Cooking demo – easy to cook chicken nasi bryani, Wed 13 Dec 2017”

  1. Dear Karen
    Kudos to you for offering this demo. I would have loved to attend this demo but I have run out annual leave so have to give this a miss. Saturdays would have been good for me.
    Anyway, I wish you all the best in your event. And also all the best to you on your road to recovery.

  2. Karen,
    Glad that you are once again in your usual vibrant self and move forward with life despite of many obstacles in those yesteryear.

    Only got to know that you had plan a lunch demonstration of nasi biryani today but regret to say that I am unable to attend. But if you are still keen on next Tues, Dec 19 afternoon, then I will be there to support. But I am not too keen to learn nasi bryani cooking.

    Let me know ya…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  3. hi dolly jie

    thanks for yr response n yes indeed these 3 years of obstacles is v tough for me but it make me a stronger person too and i want evry much to get back to my old active karen to join as much of shc event as possible n i will be seeing u in carly event on 24 feb n looking forward to meeting up with the other shc members too.

    thanks u

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