The Westerlies wind is blowing. January 30, 2010

The idea has been brought forth by Rosalind and Terence and some others. We had some territorial group formed before but it faded off into the horizon!

Before the Easterlies came up with some show, the Westerlies want to be the first to jump up the bandwagen. Those who are from the West may show your interest here. We would need to locate a place to meet or possibly a member’s home, whether for lunch or dinner? 

New members are encourage to come forward and we look forward to hear all your suggestions!

Dan & Joy

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Thomas lau
  4. Vivian Lai
  5. Steven Chan
  6. Lim Tian Soo
  7. Veronique
  8. Ann To
  9. Gwyneth
  10. Jennifer Lim
  11. Eyvonne Chew
  12. Boon Liang
  13. Sam Goh
  14. Kristin Leong
  15. Pauline chew
  16. Charles Wee
  17. Kim Leong
  18. Feztus Lim
  19. Tim Liu
  20. Freda Lim

40 thoughts on “The Westerlies wind is blowing. January 30, 2010

  1. Hi Dan,

    Well done for starting the Westerlies wind. Great, give it a go again, and maybe you and others living in the West can consistently meet up somewhere convenient.

    May I suggest you have a venue first. At the same time, those who living in the west can indicate so. Anyway, it will be a good experience.

    Terence Seah

  2. Thanks Terence for the support.

    Thomas Lau, we last met at Caffe Brastilava, we will keep in touch.

    Vivian, we will keep you inform. Perhaps you can initiate the Easterlies gale and start brewing something before the Westerlies starts blowing!

    Dear Westerlies, the date is firm and we will plan for dinner. We may limit to 25 persons only. Anyone know of a good place or restaurant to meet?

    Dan & Joy

  3. Hi Danz n Joyz,

    Many thanks for initiating this idea of the ‘Westerlies.”

    I am staying in Clementi Ave 4 and pls. keep me inform of our W.gathering.

  4. Dear Dan is for Joy,

    Please include me, I stay very near to Joy.

    As for venue, I suggest restaurant at Turf City. What say you hor?

    Cheers and Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Dan & Joy,

    Yes, dinner for me too; my humble hut is located in Jurong West.

    Merry Christmas to you both,

  6. Hi Dan,

    Please include me I live in the west, Veronique’s neighbour.

    Jennifer Lim

  7. Hi, Dan n Joy,

    Please include me I live in the west too at Clementi. Keep me in the loop of our west gathering. I came across 1 boardgame cafe located near to Steven’hse at Ave 4. You may consider the place.

    Thank your.


  8. Hi Steven, Tian Soo, Veronique, Annto, Gwyneth, jennifer and Eyvonne I got all your names down.

    As of now we have 11 names, anymore? We will go ahead to plan for a venue.

    Veronique, you mentioned Turf City, are you referring to the Chong Pang Steamboat or something else?

    Eyvonne, we will pay a vist to find out more about the place in Clementi Ave 4.

    Meanwhile,Joy and I wil start scouting for a definite place, suggestions are most welcome!

    Dan & Joy

  9. Hi Evonnye @ 11 / Dan/ others,

    The place is cslled De Coder;s cafe and there will let you to play their wide range of boardgames from Chess,Monopoly to A-Z games for a small sum of money abt $1-$2 per hr/per person.

    They also served value added set Western meals for abt 8 -$10 per meal. If most of you are keen, I will get the brochure and write down its exact price. i can be the E.O. of this Makan cum Boardgames event if all of you are keen for next yr.

    The plus point of abt this place, it is less than 5 mins walk from the Clementi MRT stn, aircond, quiet and nice ambience unlike the East Coast Rd where every Tom,Dick n Harry will peek at you whenever they pass thru the narrow crowded passage way where so many fod stalls around and NOISY too.

    We can have many hrs at De Coder’s playing games n chit chatting with full of privacy. :)

  10. Hello Dan & Joy,
    Don’t forget BL from TB Hts, scenic landscape of Mountain Faber, Henderson Waves, Alexandra Ark, HortPark…. part of the westerlies. Do count me in.

  11. Hi Steven,

    Sound good, I suggest we go for it! Shall we start at 5.00pm for board games and have our dinner over there.

    Let’s fix an appointment to meet up and firm the venue, shall we?

    Boon Liang, glad that you finally show yourself, see you around.

    Dan & Joy

  12. halo ah kor dan huang ,

    we r both in west 2 , if timming swee swee & a kam hor den we surely support u . or if dolly is in china & also timming aa kam 4 me ,i will also on 1 lah…
    pls keep us in yr loop lei….

    kam siah & huat huat huat

  13. Hi Danz @15 / Thomas Lau @ 16 / others,

    Shall we had the 2 in 1 dinner meals cum games in either Jan 9th or Jan 16th. Both are Sats or any other suggestions please ?

    5pm – good suggestion ,Dan. Just the right time, perhaps we can play from 5pm to 7pm for interatn and had our dinner at 7.15 pm. OK ?

    Awaiting yr replies.

  14. Hi Dan,

    I am BL’s neighbour also from TB Hts. Please count me in.

    Thank you……Pauline

  15. Dan ,
    i am somewhere in between. Would like to join you for this session to meet Steven and return him his plant book

  16. Hi Thomas Lau @ 21,

    It was nice to meet you.

    9th or 16th Jan 2010 or early Feb before CNY or after CNY are tentative dates.

    Not confirmed, preferred to set a date where most members can make it.

    Once agreed, I will put up the post later stating exact price of the menu and boardgames.

  17. Hi Steven & Dan,
    I wuld very much wanted to join all Westerlies but hor, I m bck till Jan 5’09 n todate, 31/12 and 3/1 oredi out 4 me as I hv prior arrangement liao.. so any times’ arrangement besides these 2 dates, I will support ok.. together wif Sam Huat

  18. Hi Sam, Dolly, Pauline and Charles Wee,

    Great to have all your support, we are still deciding on a venue. As Steven is planning a Board games and dinner we will leave De Coder out. Dear Steven, the date is fix at January 30, 2010. Hope it okay with you?

    Tonight, Joy and I had dinner at De Coder and we recce Chong Pang Steamboat at Turf City but find it unsuitable! We will continue to look around and revert soon.

    Dan & Joy

  19. Hi Dan

    I am from the West. Please count me in where ever the venue will be confirmed to be.

    Kim Leong

  20. Dan, I dont have a home so how? Can join or not? Maybe, I’ll become lucky and find a home after whetting with the Westerlies……………………..follow you home.

  21. Hi Kim Leong, Fextus and Tim,

    Good to hear from all of you, the venue is not certain yet, we shall revert soon.

    Tim, you are most welcome to join in the fun. If you still can’t find a home, we will will notify the nearest old folk home!


  22. Hi Danz 4 Joyz @ 24 , others,

    January 30, 2010. okay with me. Hope nothing crops out of the blue in K.L. as I will be flying back to Spore on Jan 29,2010. So will still be able to join you after all.

    I had not been to De Coder’s cafe b4 but since both of you mention the meal is below expectation, perhaps I will suggest only having the

    Happy hour promotion from 2pm to 6 pm.
    ($6 for non-member) and $5 for members.
    Unlimited Games provided
    Free Flow of Soft Drinks

    If most of you are ok with this,then I will proceed to write a post otherwise,I will just shelve it.

    Need yr feedback pls ASAP.

  23. Haha, Dan, heard of pol pot, ieng sari?

    The elderly are wasting their lives in old folks homes so my tasks there will be to make them live their golden years more meaningfully. Will send them back to the padi fields and vege/poultry farms…….of cos you hv to help as the duch to ensure that they are no duds but work real hard……………

    So start counting down now?

  24. Greetings

    #27/#28 Tim, there are ‘homes’ at Jalan Kayu and at Seletar Hills I think they will be glad to have you as resident with your sense of humour…..ha ha.

    #29 Dan ah Kor……i camp at my mum’s place in the West Coast so I shall be joining you guys on 30 Jan if its materialized.

    Looking forward to meet all the Ah Kor and Ah Mai of SHC……

  25. Well, Fredalim, so the thought of old folks homes too excites you?

    Ok, I cant leave you pondering in the last hours of 2009 what you can do for the elderly, but since I have already invited Dan to be the Duch, would you like to be the Duck?

    Pls dont seee it as a lesser role. While Dan danz to Joy, the Duck danz to toy, and with good initiatives, you can make them happy as hippies in many ways, hehe.

    Since we should all be happy this time of the year, my Happy New Year to You and your Loved Ones…………….

  26. Hi Tim

    I wish for you too & your loves ones………. plus all at SHC

    Stay happy, handsome/pretty & healthy always….
    Have a blessed New Year……


  27. Hi Freda,

    Noted your interest to join us, will keep you posted.

    Mahjong I am okay though for smaller stakes, hope we can find a suitable day. who’s else in the West got ichcy fingers?

    Dan & Joy

  28. Dan & Joy,
    Jan 30 out 4 me as m still in China pls count me out lor.. Dolly

  29. Hi Dan,

    I’m also from the West,Queenstown area. Pls keep me posted when the venue is fixed. Tks.

  30. Hi Dolly,

    Kesian lah that you cannot join us. We will miss your bubblyness!

    Kristin, glad to have your participation.

    Okay, we found a venue for the first Westerlies meeting. It will be at Safra Jurong, dinner from 6.00-8.00pm at the Japanese food Street. It belly value for money ranging from $3.50 for salad and rice wraped in fried egg to Bento at $8.90. Lot of choices and nice ambience!

    Thereafter to KBox for karoake from 8.00pm-12.00am. I am checking the rate and will firm up soon.

    Aha, we also have Mahjong from 4.00pm – 10.00pm or longer. Rate at $10.70 per hour per table in a private room.

    Those who dun want to sing or play mj can go swimming or just laze by the pool-side.

    I need confirmation for those coming for karoeke and mahjong to book the rooms accordingly.

    Three cheers to the Westerlies!


  31. Hi Dan

    SAFRA Jurong sounds good to me. Will join you for dinner and talk talk only.

  32. Hi Dan

    I will join for dinner on Jan 30. See you there.

    Thanks & Regards
    Helen Wong

  33. Congratulations, Dan for organizing a Westerlies’ gathering! Your programme is very interesting and I hope to emulate it one day for the East Zoners.


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