Any SHCians from Northern Part of Singapore?

Dear members,

I would like to initiate this thread for those who are residing in the Northern region of Singapore, since members from both the Western & Eastern regions have created a separate thread for their respective group.   Special thanks to Ah Nee for calling ‘the Northerners’ out too… 

Members who are residing in Upper Thomson Road, Yio Chu Kang, Seletar, Sembawang, Yishun & Woodlands areas; you are welcomed to pen your thoughts or give any suggestions to hold a small gathering , to kick-start the beginning of a New Year 2010!

Wishing everyone Joy, Peace & Happiness as Another New Year rings in!emoticon


71 thoughts on “Any SHCians from Northern Part of Singapore?

  1. Compliments of the season to all…..

    Cheers to Sue for initiating this post. If you are also at Senkang, Hougang, Serangoon, Bishan, Toa Payoh and Braddell I beleive this group is for you!

    I am at Seletar Hills and can host a social game of mahjong (non-pro type ok?) and as Sue had mentioned I seek the advice of experienced members suggestions.

    I think Jan/Feb is a bit worn out for us due to the festive season but I should be available after that to participate in SHC activities for this group. If anyone in this group would like to play mahjong between 11 am to 4 pm on certain weekdays, may i suggest those who are keen (calling Christiana Pan) email me at so we can have a game someday sometime?


  2. Hi Jonson,

    Quick of you to respond. Will definitely keep you in the loop via sms should there be any gathering held on an ad-hoc basis. Wishing you & family another Promising New Year!

    Hi Freda,

    Best Wishes to you and your family too. Appreciate you stepping forward to support this thread. Do go ahead with your mahjong game arrangements and perhaps, a friendly mahjong competition can be held from all different zones later this year. Although I’m not a mahjong player, you can be assured of my full support.

    I’m in the midst of organising a short trip to either BKK or Phnom Penh depending on the response from interested members for the month of March/April 2010. Feel free to email me your suggestions at, to facilitate quick communication and curb the space used in this thread.


  3. Hi Sue

    I am from Hougang so I guess I should find my place here ;0)

    Do let me know about you trip esp to Phnom Penh ya

    Cheers and happy New Year to one and all


  4. Dear Sockie #4,

    Your interest in visiting Phnom Penh is noted and if this trip should suffice, you’ve lots of pictures to snap of 2 most popular places e.g. The Killing Fields (Choeung Ek) & ‘Toul Slaeng’ Museum, a former High School being converted into a Torture Chamber by the Khmer Rouge to detain & torture individuals accused of opposing the Pol Pot regime.

    Will depend on members’ unanimous choice as there’s more than 10 ‘must-see’ attractions in this fascinating & sensual city, P.Penh. A separate reply is sent to your emailbox.

    Dear James #5,

    You’re very supportive of events and overseas trips, glad you supported mine.

    Will certainly keep you in the loop. Do check your emailbox at regular intervals.


  5. Hi Sue,

    I am fr Admiralty, near Sembawang. Pls count me in.

    Do let me know about you trip to Phnom Penh.

    Cheers and happy New Year to you and the rest.


  6. Hi Sue,

    I am in your constituency so will look out and try to join whatever you will be organising for the Northern territory.

    Am also keen on visiting PP or doing any kind of volunteer work there if you or anyone knows of any such related activities.

    Happy New Year and cheers for taking the initiative.


  7. Dear Lilian #7,

    Am aware you’re putting up in Sembawang area, and do look forward to your participation in this short trip, as I don’t get to meet you at certain SHC events.

    New Year Greetings to you and your family too, will keep you posted via email.

    Dear Maggie #8,

    Happy New Year to you & your family. Your interest shown in PP trip is noted. Am still compiling a list of members’ choice (BKK or PP), and will keep you informed via email too.

    Dear Ron #9,

    Glad to note you’re keen and ready to support me in our Constituency.

    Taken note of your interest shown in PP trip too, will communciate via email.


  8. Finally!!! Something for those in the north!! :-))

    Hi SueChan…I live in Sembawang. I am for the small gathering for the “”Northerners”. But agree with FredaLim that ..”” Jan/Feb may be bit worn out for us “”. How abt holding one after the chinese new year?..:-)))

    LilianTeo, my Batam roommate…oh yes, I forgot that you are “”neighbour””…:-)))

  9. Dear June,

    Thanks for responding, at least I know you’re my immediate neighbour, and ‘Who’s Who’ are residing in our neighbourhood.

    Yes, I’m trying to co-ordinate a Tim-Sum or High-Tea in the month of Feb, and will start off with a small group first. Have not met you since the last D & D & Sat Nite Fever, would be glad to meet another ‘Teochew Ah Niah’ at our ‘Northern’ events soon. Could I have your emailaddress to facilitate communication?

    Dear Ann Lim,

    You’re welcomed to join us at your convenience. I do have your emailaddress, will keep you posted too.

    Warm Greetings to you both!

  10. Dear James #12,

    Appreciate your kind gesture in providing me the link for quick access.

    Will check out this place and make a comparison of the other venue I’ve in mind. Interested members will be informed via email once this ‘makan-session’ is finalized.


  11. Hi Sue Chan,

    You have not set a date for the Get-together yet. If that day I am free, I also wish to join the Northerners for Hi Tea or whatever. Thank you for initiating this gathering for the North Zoners.

    Ah Nee

  12. Hi Constance
    haha you’re indeed constantly in a very safe neighbourhood ! I’m surprised your dog is not a St Bernard instead of a Golden Retriever!

    I wud luv to see yr dog one day. Till we meet again!

    Er Eo sorry to use this thread to dig at Constance. couldn’t resist it

  13. Hi Sue & Freda

    I’m from Sengkang so will be available for both North and East zone gathering (^.~). I will attend if time and date are ok with my schedules.

    Cheers – Pauline

  14. Hi Sue!

    Is this the extension of Bishanites that Robert was talking about?
    Glad to hear that you are taking the initiative to gather all the Northernlanders!

    Sockie! Gd we can party tog!

    Cat Ho

  15. Hi June #11

    Oh yes, my Batam roommate and “neighbour” – glad to hear from you.

    New Year Greetings to you and your family.

    Take care,hope to c u soon.

  16. Cordial greetings to Ah Nee, Constance, Pauline, Jonathan & Cat Ho ~~ Appreciate your interest to join events happening in the extreme North!

    I’ve yet to finalize a suitable date & venue for our first get-together, as the need to explore certain cafe joints with the right ambience is currently underway. Hope to have your understanding in this regard.

    Cat Ho ~ Am not sure of the co-ordination Robert is working on the extension of Bishanites, and would like to highlight that all Bishanites are welcomed to join us as it falls within the Northern zone.


  17. Hi Sue

    I sure look for to the PP trip but unfortunately I have my month end reporting to do during the 1st week so if your trip timing is correct for me I will surely make a point to go.

    Cat Ho #20

    Yes I look forward to meeting you again soon and of course the rest of the northeners and non-nontherners too ;0)


  18. Hi Cat, Jonathan & Sue,

    The Bishanites are in the Central Zone. Both Cat Ho, Jonathan and I are Bishanites. Since our formation we have had a few makan sessions in our area and a bowling session.

    In view of the revival of the zonal groupings, we intend to expand The Bishanites to include residents of Thomson,Toa Payah and Ang Mo Kio as suggested by Cat Ho. We may call our Group “The Centralites”. We will be holding a meeting soon among the Bishanites to discuss this new development.

    We will call for registration of Centralites in due course.

    On behalf of The Bishanites

  19. Hi Sue,

    Although I am not from the North, will give you my support. Please count me in. I am also interested in your short trips. Do let me know.

  20. Hi Robert #26,

    Thanks for your explanation and enlightening me on your new development & grouping of “The Centralites”. I will try to join you and Kristy whenever I can.

    Hi Charles #27,

    Noted your interest to join us for events happening in the North. Could I have your emailaddress for communication purposes?

    Hi Molly #28,

    Appreciate your response & kind support. Thank you for being such a gracious ‘hostess’ @ OCC Countdown, and for guiding me well on the ‘Chinese 5-10-15-or all’ game, in time for the Cabaret event. Sure to keep you in the loop.


  21. Hi Sue,

    I am living in PP. Pls keep me in the loop for the forthcoming activities you have in mind. If time permits, will support.

    sue tan

  22. Dear Anna #21,

    Thanks for responding, albeit you’re a Ponggolian. Sounds a good idea to have a boggle game at small gatherings, and I will prompt you to bring along when a date & venue is fixed.

    Dear SueTan,

    Glad to receive your support all the way from PP. Will keep you in my circulation list too.

    Best Wishes,

  23. Hi Sue
    I am Lee King Seng living in Glasgow Road, off Yio Chu Kang Road in the North Eastern sector.
    Please include me in your mailing list when you are planning activities for members residing in the zone.
    My email address is
    Best wishes

  24. Hi King Seng,

    Thanks for responding from N.Eastern sector. Your emailaddress is added to my mailing list, and I look forward to meet you soon at a gathering which is imminent.
    Best wishes to you & family too!

  25. Hi Sue

    As Molly said although I’m not from the north I wud like to give u my support if date and time permits. Pls count me in when finalised. Thanks

  26. Hi Sue

    Thanks to Molly Chua whom I met at the OCC New Year Countdown, I came to know of this club. I reside in Sunrise, off Yio Chu Kang and would be interested to join in your activities. So keep me in the loop. My email address is
    Many thanks and best wishes.

  27. Hi Sue Dear

    I’m also Northerner residing at Jln Kayu area near the famous Prata shop. Fyi, there’s a newly opened halal Chinese muslim restn serving Chinese & Thai sytle cooking, may be next time we can organise makan2 session at this restn ok? Include me in your loop, will try to join your activities if I’m free.


  28. Dear Maggie & Cat Ho,

    Already included you both in my mailing list. Appreciate your kind support!

    Dear Renee #36,

    You’re most welcomed to join me and other zone members in SHC activities. I’ve included you in my mailing list and taking this opportunity, may I wish you and your family a Blissful New Year!

    Dear Hamidah,

    So you’re residing around Jln Kayu area….I may sms you on a weekend to join me for morning breakfast at that corner Prata Stall, next to URA car park. Appreciate your info on that new Halal Chinese-Muslim restaurant,shall be glad to check this place out with you for future ‘makan sessions’ dearie..

    My compliments to your New Look for Y2010! ~~ Anda sangat fotogenik’!

    Dear Seok Wah,

    Yes, I’ve included you in my mailing list. Look forward to meeting you and Lilian Teo at the cabaret event next Sunday. Best Wishes to you and your family too!


  29. Good morning Sue!

    Glad to report early this morning on my interest in the activities of the northerners, please.

    A great initiative on your part and shall look forward to sharing good times with you and the “peh fung rens”

    Thanks and till then….


  30. Hello Daisy,

    What an early reporting! Great to have a good conversationist like your goodself joining the Northern activities. Do check your emailbox for updates..


  31. Hi Sue,
    Have lived in Hougang all my life and since being stuck in between the Greeny Northern part and the Windy Eastern sector …. can also join the Northern Grouping, rite?
    Am interested in the Cambodia trip but not so soon in Mar/Apr2010… perhaps later part of the year. Do keep me posted/in-the-loop for future events. My email:

  32. Hi Sue

    Ok sms me when you’re having bfast there on weekend will join you if available. Oh the prata stall next to carpark is Caffeela. The restn I mentioned is Flamingo Thai Muslim Seafood further down but opp side. I find the food nice esp the Tom Yam soup shiok lah & often go there to eat or tapau food. Next time if we go makan there I can get 10% discountlah cos regular customer hee..hee


  33. Hi Ivan #44,

    Do agree you get to choose & participate in activities from both the Northern & Eastern zones since your home is ‘sandwiched’ in between’ eh…

    As regards to PP trip in Mar/Apr ’10, this is just a tentative date, subject to the majority of members who’s able to take leave & travel during that timeframe. For sure, you will be updated via email as I’d add your unique address to my mailing list.


  34. Hi Sue

    Greetings from Sue @ Central to onlySue @ Northland… Hehe..
    Thanks for taking the initiative to start the ball rolling for the Northlanders. Please keep me in yr loop for activities too as will support if I’m available.
    Glad to know too that Robert’s going to expand the Bishanites to include the Toa Payoh, Thomson & AMKers. Think we should include the Balesteiers & Shunfuners too. So, we are known as the Centralites?

  35. I’m getting all confused… where is north and central and north-east in all these postings?

    I would love to join a group, but which?

    So I’m going to throw away my compass and stick with the groups that seem to be closest to home. So Bishanites, Toa Payohrites, Thomson and AMKers, Shunfu and Balestierites: Please include me in your activities.

    So is it Centralites or Northernites??

    Best regards


  36. I’m also getting all confused…..why are they called “Bishanites, Toa Payohrites, Thomson and AMKers, Shunfu and Balestierites??” Wont it sound better to call them :

    Bishaneighs, since they are quite vocal and vociferous.

    Toa Payohahas, with their home riding on so many upgradings, folks are getting richer and laughing to the bank.

    Thomsonaps, since these people are very quiet and must still be sleeping.

    AMKiss, many there enjoy kissing AngMs, so I learn.

    Shunfuns, the hor fun and lor shifun stalls there are good.

    Balestierats, cos despite NEA working round the clock, they don’t seem to round up all the rats.

    Btw, why are folks who have made their habitat last and permanent in Lim Chu Kang not saying anything here? With so expansive a compound, they can host anything there, especially in those hours when traffic is slow and sparse. C’mon, speak up !

  37. Hi Sarah,

    Glad to ‘meet’ you in this thread. I’ve included you in the mailing list and a separate email sent a while ago.

    Look forward to see you soon.

    Hi Kenneth,

    haha..its definitely not easy to determine exact routings of North, North-East etc. Anyway, I’ve included you in the mailing list for activities in the North!


  38. Ya, it’s easy to be confused using “area/region/location” as the means of smaller grouping ….. after all, Singapore is so small ….. just a (tiny winny little) red dot.
    Someday, who knows; if Serangoon North can be part of Marine Parade …. what’s stopping Boon Lay becoming part of Changi Beach???
    Anyway, as an alternative, try using the Postal Codes …. may be it is easier to identify with each other in the smaller grouping …..
    All living in Postal Codes 53XXXX, one grouping, all in Postal Code 23xxxx; another grouping (but this one I not there even if living there); so on and so on ….
    Can be done?
    Tim-L, your views …….. beyond the box.

  39. “Tim-L, your views …….. beyond the box”.

    Ivan-L, how the hell you know I am in that long box? Ok, for you, I am climbing out, leave hell for a while to reply.

    Demarcating and zoning…….but why? Already birds of a feather are flocking together and private gatherings to share common interest are not uncommon.

    It will be sad if the women shouting themselves hoarse in the AWARE saga with their clamour for “inclusiveness” fall in deaf years so soon. Will the Sentosa-resident EO only welcome IR sentosa gamblers and those living in the waters of the Waterworld, and shut the doors to Terence & his whole gang who live in Hou Gang or to our Encik Panjang from near Pasir Panjang?

    Like you, me also think that SG is too small for SHC-purpose zoning. The first-come-first-served practice, subject to a quota if need be, has served us well, and if it works why fix it? If an event is successful, organize it again, like the Padang trip. If an event neither enthuses nor amuses but leaves the EO musing then, even if it’s open to all, the event may eventually be cancelled as has happened.

    If, however, there must be zoning then I agree that the use of Postal Codes is a refreshing option, as much as it is to use height, weight, similar idiosyncracies………..even common sexual inclinations to determine who may attend an event.
    And so you see, I am a detractor of zoning.

  40. I have to agreed with you that Singapore is just too small for zoning as far as participation for activities (I mean for SHC) are concerned. You may have noticed that one of them even have to source the venue in another zone.

    I thought the purpose of zoning is to organise the event in a more informal way and in your neighbourhood – something like having a coffee break with your friends/colleagues residing around your area at a spur of a moment, maybe a week later but not one or two months later. It became like a normal SHC event.

    That’s my thoughts and hope it does not offend anyone.

  41. Dear Steven #55,

    Just to highlight that as far as events are concerned, an EO reserves the right to scout for the best venue to accomodate a considerable group of members to gather and in doing so, affordability & easy accessibility takes precedence, regardless of zones. Main objective is to allow members from other zones to participate and interact with one another if its centrally located.

    Taking into consideration, certain cafe outlets in most shopping complexes in all the different zones are usually crowded with shoppers and teenagers deeply engrossed in their studies,one will need to forego the idea of getting seats in these premises.

    Impromptu coffee-chat within members from the North do take place occasionally..

    Without any offence, that’s my personal view.

  42. Hi Sue,

    My thousand apologies if my previous message appear offensive to you. If my wordings/sentences give the impression that I am questioning your rights as an EO my apology to you again.

    I am just expressing my thoughts that zone events appear to be a normal SHC events. What I am thinking – is there any way to make the so-called zone events more informal and spontaneous for a group of like-minded SHCian to meet regularly or at a spur of moment. Following are some examples which will make it more clearly:

    (1) You have the habit of having coffee break at Yishun coffee shop (as an example) every morning at 9. It will good to gather a few likeminded SHC to have coffee at the same time for social networking instead of having your coffee alone.
    (2) You jog regularly at the vicinity of Toa Payoh or AMK Avenue 3 early in the morning at 7. You could gather a few SHCians to do the jogging together.
    (3) You have been having high tea regularly on every Saturday or Sunday with a friend. Maybe you could gather a few SHCian to join you.
    (4) etc etc etc

    There are many niche activities which you participate and some time it would be good to have more people join you in your activities. This is where SHC can come in to make it more enjoyable, fun and the opportunity to meet more people from all walks of life.

    Having said that, I believe the current format of the SHC blog would not be able to cater to such variety of activities and yet remain users-friendly. Personally I feel it’s time to revamp the website to cater to various tastes and activities of ever-increasing SHC members.

    This is just my thoughts to make SHC more users-friendly. If it is in any way appear to offend anyone, please accept my thousand apologies.

  43. Greetings Steven Ng

    Cheers to you guys for contributing your thoughts that makes this site interesting to read.
    I appreciate your starting this ball rolling for the Northerns who at a spur of moment would like gather together…….here i go:
    I swim (whenever possible) and aim to go every tuesday at 8.00 am to the Senkang Indoor Pool…..anyone?

    Sin Nian Kwai Le to you and family ( Did I corrupt the hanyu pinyin?)


  44. Hi Steven,

    Its perfectly alright for you to pen your views online. This is a trivial issue, no apology is required.

    Notwithstanding the fact that some zones will hold their get-together within their vicinity, I’m sure EOs of all zones will consider the no.of participants, cost etc. before a venue is finalised.

    I believe the Founder/Administrator will take note of your suggestions highlighted on para 5. Will meet again sometime at forthcoming gatherings.


  45. Hi Ronald #53,

    Paiseh ‘Teochew Hiah’…overlooked your comments. Your name is added to my mailing list for future events.

    Will meet you at monthly gatherings ya.


  46. Hi LaiFong,

    Welcome to join us in the North!

    Already included your name to my mailing list, and look forward to meeting you this coming Sunday @ Shanghai Castle Niteclub.


  47. #3 Sue,

    If you’re planning a trip to Bangkok or Phnom Penh, they’re, so to speak, my backyard. Phnom Penh is the road less travelled while Bangkok would be a bit jaded for most people.

    75% of the tourists going to Cambodia head for Siem Reap, in particular, Angkor Wat. But then you really want to spend at least a week there. Some years back I did Angkor Wat (including the surrounding temples) in 3 days and it was very rushed.

    Phnom Penh has its own attractions but I find it a bit depressing that here you have the capital of a country and of the 2 main attractions, one is a torture centre (Tuol Sleng) and the other a mass grave (Cheoung Ek). Nevertheless one should visit them at least once.

    In Phnom Penh I regularly stay at a boutique hotel at Sisowath Quay, which is the main entertainment area along the riverside. It’s a small cosy hotel, Singaporean owned, of 12 rooms.

    If you can organise a group of 24 we can have the whole hotel to ourselves and that would be fun!

  48. Hello Jeff,

    Glad you’re able to lend me a helping hand with regard to hotel accomodations in Phnom Penh. Seems this hotel has the best location since its situated along the renowned Tonle Sap/Mekong rivers, with ‘tuk tuk’ aplenty prying around for passengers, and restaurants serving exotic cuisines found in close vicinity.

    Its definitely alluring for the whole group of us to stay at a boutique hotel all by ourselves; and with an encouraging number of more than 10 members’ interest registered todate, I reckon to achieve the target of perhaps 10 rooms will not be an issue.

    Still in the midst of collating info & nitty gritty details to look into, I will enlist your help once I’ve got a significant number of members confirmed for this trip.

    With your sound knowledge & familiarity of Phnom Penh, the position of a CO-EO is vital, hence you play an indispensable role. Thank you for nodding your head…


  49. Hi Dimple Sue

    If your Phnom Penh trip materialised, I would like to be included please. Early part of April is a good time for me to take leave.

    Thank you. :)

  50. Dear Lily,

    How sweet of you to register your interest. You’re most welcome to join us once a firm date is determined. With your competence & good leadership in organising overseas trips, its indeed an added advantage to be able to share your views/suggestions to ensure a hassle-free smooth trip.

    For planning purposes, 2 dates are tentatively identified:~ Apr 8-11 or Apr 15-18, 2010. A firm date will be determined latest by the third week of Feb 2010. Members who’ve indicated their interest will be updated accordingly.

    Appreciate members’ kind understanding & patience in this regard.


  51. Hi Sue ,

    Once your Phnom Penh trip itinerary is ready, pls. include and update me.

    I think it would be FUN to enjoy travelling to Phnom Penh with SHCians just as we did at Padang where we can yak yak yak anything under the sun unlike with own family members. :)

  52. Hello Steven,

    Will certainly keep you updated with regard to P.Penh trip.

    With your flair & interest in visiting countries rich in culture & historical sites, this sensual city is bound to fascinate you.


  53. Hi Sue Chan / Jeffrey Lim,

    I am now still in K.L. after attending my cousin’s daughter wedding last night. I will be back by this Fri and looking forward to Dan’s Sat event at the new SAFRA.@ Jurong point. :)

    It would be good if both of you could organise a short 1/2 day trip to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap besides Phnom Penh. The latter being one of the 7 Wonders of the World and an UNESCO heritage site ; a great tourist attraction.

    It is just my suggestion and hope both of you can kindly considered adding this to our Cambodian itinerary.

  54. Hi Sue,

    I am a new member residing in Seng Kang West.
    Please include me in your activities.

    I am also looking for a badminton group to play with.
    If there are none, I can help to book courts in Seng Kang.

  55. Hi Alan,

    Welcome aboard SHC! Very timely of you to join and register your interest in this thread. Coincidentally, a High-Tea get-together is organised for coming Sunday Feb 28th @ The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC), located @ 51, Circular Road. I shall be pleased to introduce you to other members if you’re able to join us.

    Do check out my posting under heading: High-Tea~Get-Together from North Zone to get more information pertaining to transportation + cost etc..

    As regards to Badminton game, I shall get some of the players e.g. Dan Huang, KK Loh or James Tan, to contact you if there’s a game scheduled @ the Civil Service Club.


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