East Zoners’ Get-together – Latest Update

A heartfelt thank you to all who have indicated their interest in attending this first East Zoners’ Get-together.

Kindly note that additional information will be sent via email to the members in the list below this weekend.


Day/Date      :  Saturday 16th January 2010

Time              :  3 pm ~ 5 pm

Venue            :  SIDEWALK TAVERN, 924 East Coast Road 

Reserved Seats  :  26 



01.  Rosalind Lee

02.  Lee Ah Nee

03.  Rene Leong

04.  Andrew Koh

05.  Sam Soo

06.  Maggie Teo

07.  Alice Seah

08.  Frank Kaw

09.  Eileen Thean

10.  Pauline Ho

11.  Daisy Yeo

12.  GingKo

13.  Marilyn Tang

14.  Ronald Lam

15.  Angie Ng

16.  Belian

17.  Susan Zhang

18.  Bernie Chung

19.  Pauline Tan

20.  Norlinda

21.  Caroline Gee

22.  Terence Seah (THE Towkay :p)

23.  Steven Ng

24.  Tang Yat Sing

25.  Boon Liang

26.  Judy Lim

Add-ons (those okay with seating on laps :p)

01.  Alice Ou

02.  Phillip Ou

03.  Ping Hock

04.  Steven Chan

05.  David Anthony Samuel

06.  Caroline Loh

07.  Gabriella Chua


Click here for photos

Author: Rosalind LEE

Happily married. 3 grown up children, 2 of whom are married. Grandmother of 2. Stopped working since 2003. Currently spends time on the internet, reading, cooking and/or helping out with the care of the grandkids. DOJ: Sep 2009

71 thoughts on “East Zoners’ Get-together – Latest Update”

  1. Hi

    Photos uploaded. Please search East Zoners then scroll to bottom of post for link to photos.

    Happy viewing!

  2. Sorry Ros,
    Need to use your thread to get Caroline Gee to contact me via email as I’ve something to forward to her regarding some cruise package which may be useful to her to be the next EO. Caroline, can you pls email me your personal email address so that I can forward the attachment to you? My email address: lisa.ong@tmesystems.net Thanks. Lisa

  3. Hi Ros,

    Does that mean that Phil and I can just turn up this Sat?
    We don’t have to register? If we have to register, pls advise how. Thanks, alice

  4. Hi Ah Nee #63,
    Fyi, Marilyn has started a thread for parents like us, so do join in the thread and when we arrange to meet up, we’ll see you there. Rgds, Lisa

  5. Mary, Lisa and Ah Nee, going off-topic is very common in forums lah! I’m okay as long as no one use my thread to spew rubbish. :p

    We’ll get together with some other mothers of single children and yak yak yak…hehehe


  6. Hi everyone! Sorry, I just got back from Malacca and I’m amazed there are still members wanting to join the get-together this Saturday. Amazed because I didn’t expect the response to be so good! :)

    Well, as I’ve mentioned in the original thread, the cut-off date for registration was the 9th. The Tavern can accomodate 28 pax indoor and another 25+ outdoors. So there is ample seatings BUT, those who registered will be seated indoors and those who registered later have to make do with outdoors. There is no door differentiating outdoors and indoors seating so those outdoors will not be ‘shut out’.

    See you all this Saturday!


  7. Mary Chan #61 & Lisa Ong #62……

    I hope Ros don’t mind me talking about our sons / daughters having their life partners in this thread. My son hardly get in contact with girls, was in ACS (primary school) & Victoria / VJC, then army & then engineering in the UNI. So when finally he was out in the society to work, again…his colleagues are mostly (99%) guys. During that time I was kind of worried if he can get a girl friend and I kept nagging at him to find one. When he’s reaching 27 yrs, I was more anxious…luckily he found one now and then I start to worry again, hmmmmm… this girl good or not? Oh dear, and I realised… I am not ready to be a mother-in-law! hehehee…. so complex ??? as parents, we never stop worrying…think we should let nature takes its course.

    Ah Nee

  8. Mary #61,
    Don’t worry too much lah, kids these days have their own plans and when I told my son that I’ll introduce him to some girls, he told me not to bother and let nature takes its course. My son will be 25 in Aug this year and is currently working in London as a Fund Analyst. He’s quite tall (but not as tall as our Steven in SHC), approx 5’10” with big body structure. A few of our SHC members have met him on his last return to S’pore in Nov ’09. So if you do know of any nice girls around, let’s get them acquainted. Don’t want him to stay overseas and rather that he settles in S’pore, hahahha…Rgds, Lisa

  9. Lisa Ong # 58
    Thanks. I haven’t been regular on the website and was just scrolling through when I saw your comment.
    It’s great being a grandma. I help when I can. The best part is, I get to enjoy the little darling, then hand her over to the parents and retire home to rest and do my other activities. Hee.

    Regarding your son, how old is he? I have another daughter but I think she’s older than your son. I’m beginning to worry about her now.
    Hey, what happened to our supposed “get together one day”?

  10. Hi Mary #34,
    Congratulations on being a grandma! I can’t wish for that day myself but looks like it’s going to be a long long way……. as my son has yet to find a g/friend first. Any nice eligible daughters of SHC members to introduce? Enjoy your time with your g/daughter as they do grow up fast. Best wishes, Lisa

  11. Hi Rosalind,

    just log in and found out abt yr. East Zone activity.

    I would like to join . Ok?

    pls. reply. Thanks Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  12. Dear Rosalind

    Both Caroline Loh and I would like to join in. Both of us are staying in the Kembangan area.

    Are there enough places to accommodate both of us?

    Thank you.

    Gabriella Chua

  13. Hi Rosalind

    Can you kindly advise where Sidewalk Tavern is? Perhaps you can give me some directions/landmark.

    Wd like to join in if I know where the venue is exactly located.

    Thank you.

    Warmest regards,
    Gabriella Chua (East)

  14. Hi! Rosalind,

    I live in the East Zone & wish to join the 1st event get-together with all east zoners, would be appreciate if you could include me if space still available.

    Thank you.


  15. Hi Steven! I am so sorry for omitting your name in the list. Kindly note the mistake has been rectified.

    See you on the 16th!


  16. #48 Yatsing,

    Hello. Can you please email me at roslee.en@gmail.com as I do not have your email. I’ll be sending a confirmation email to all those who indicated their interest in joining this get-together. I will not be posting any information here as of tomorrow.

    Those who post here after the 9th stating their attendance, please email me.

    Thank you all for your kind co-operation.


  17. Rosalind Lee

    Tks. Ya I think she will have to get a maid for the next one. Baby is cute but age is catching up, hahaha.

  18. #34 Mary Chan,

    C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S to your being a Grandma! Yes, taking care of grandchildren is not easy. I could take care of my first grandchild easily…second one, must need maid. :p


  19. Hoiy Ah Nee, who else, rite! The boss, lah! Anyway, I c he will be there.
    Joyce Tan —- Ah Nia —- who? Aiya …. nx time lah! Hope to see this Ah Nia …. Mmmmmmm … so sad! :((((
    Lastly, shshshshihihih ….. dun say the # so loud ….. if you try calling ….. your ear will be surprised …… ;)

  20. Yes!…at last Carly tak boleh tahan…wanna join..
    EO Ros so clever to tarek!..

    Tak boleh cycle…cos got dinner date that nite..nx change ok..
    Alamak..Rene sure wont see this comment…she always busy cooking,preparing sedap/hip food,etc… whole day long…super girl..so kesian..oopps!

  21. Wei wei Ivan,

    Is your email address also your home number, hehehe….not allow you know??? We have the privilege being sandwiched between the NE zone, can join the Northerners and the Easterners.

    Oh, you mean the Hougang Teochew “Ah Hiah”, Terence is it?
    Then where is the Hougang Teochew “Ah Nia” Joyce Tan, aren’t you joining the Walk near your neighborhood? ;)

    Ah Nee

  22. Wow, many posts on East Zone ….
    Thot that I should just make known that I am from HG and stuck in between the Greeny Northern part and the Windy Eastern sector.
    For this particular get-together, will not be attending but do keep me posted/in-the-loop for future events. My email: IL63873828@yahoo.com.sg
    THK U!
    p/s: Ya Ya …. Ah Nee, I can hear you complaining ….. now then he show face that he is from HG…..:)))

  23. Hi Angie,

    Nowadays there is such thing call “Google”. Just google and you will get the relevant map. For your easy reference here is the url – http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_1/travel_site_71468/ . Click on the bus icon and it will show the relevant bus services available in case you are taking a bus to the place. For the details of the bus services you can visit sbstransit.com.sg

    If you are driving, just press on your mouse and move the map according to show you the route from your home to the venue.

  24. Norly,

    hahaha not singing queen lah. More like shower singer. They way I laugh, mesti rosak :(


    No worries. Let me know if you want to park at my place.


    Alamak made appointment for facial and massage. Looks like must cancel lah and go to Easterner’s get-together. On lah Ros. But if I talk or laugh too loudly, pls shshsh me ok?
    Thanks and see ya.

    Sorry borrow the thread.

    Congratulations on the arrival of your granddaughter.


  25. Hi Cyclists

    Although there is no official cycling on that Sat, u can still cycle. As Eileen had suggested, u can go for a longer rider on Changi Coastal Road. I will be cycling there as well. Can meet u after your makan ends.

  26. If there is still available space for me to sit, do you mind register for this event?

    Thank you.

  27. #31 Ah Nee,

    Bring your bike lah, we can go for a longer rider after the gathering, along Changi Coast Road and back..

    Rene, Nor cycling on..?


  28. Rosalind Lee
    I’ve been MIA because I’m now a grandma! My lovely grand daughter, Amber Collins Kai Li decided to come 3 weeks earlier and arrived on the 15th of Dec., Santa’s early Christmas present,hahaha.

    When I saw your post, I wanted to join in but realised that her one month celebration falls on the same day, which is the 16th of Jan.

    I will have to skip this one and wait for the next one.
    Have fun!

  29. Hi Rosalind,

    I live in Hougang, and I like to join the East Zoners gathering. Please register me and I will be there.

    Keep it up, welldone, and great kick start. Meantime, we keep finding a few East SHCians to continue running this gathering.

    Terence Seah

  30. #29 Caroline Gee,

    Caroline, since you have friends attending this event, you can still join us mah. Drink lots of water (FOC) or Tea with lemon. I’m sure the new members will be inspired to participate in future SHC activities if they see how members are able to click with each other and become good friends.

    I put your name in the list can?


  31. Dear carly & Nor Sayang…..

    Thank you for your kind offer….hehehe that’s why I like to go to the East. Thot the FUN is to bring my bike and park my car at Nor’s house and from there we, Rene, Nor, Ah Nee & may be Eileen Thean can cycle together to the makan place “SIDEWALK TAVERN”. But if I don’t bring my bike, then I will park my car at Carly’s house lor. Will see how…. and let you know later nearer to date. :)

    Ah Nee

  32. Dear Carly Wurly..
    Oh ya la..forgot u the singing queen that nite..better dont,if not sure rosak suara!…haha

    Yes..missy Ros let me join her tavern,thats so nice..thank you,if not..i sure go by backdoor!..LOL..

    AhNee..forgot about Carly’s parking lot..lagi bagus,so near..no need to cycle!

  33. Wei Wei Nor Sayang

    I “dare not” register to attend to go for this 16th one because I will be singing on 17 Cabaret nite. You know how I talk and laugh – so loud and so much, sekali no voice or kena sore throat how right? Thats why keep quiet only. But since you mention my name, I better say something.

    Aiya Ah Nee can park at my place because it is only two minutes walk from my place. Let me know ok?

    Sayang, no need to worry, EO put your name down already for this gathering. I already got so throat so must drink liang teh and not eat toast.



  34. Hi Rosalind

    I am an easterner,but think its too late for me to register…
    so I shall just go & peep peep!..boleh?

    Alamak!, AhNee..this get-together thread very laku..so fast bo liow!…haha..
    Nonetheless,u still can park at my house & then cycle there la…if not, I tell u where to park at a ‘secret’ place & for free..ooppss!..sshhh! :)

    Pls let me know,if there’s any future eastern gathering..perhaps we should organise a picnic at eastcoast?..
    Im sure Carly would be delighted!..hhhmmm..

  35. Dear all,although the cut-off pax I’ve stated in my original post is 15, I’ve adjusted it to 16 as I omitted to include Belian.

    I’ll be doing the booking of tables on the 10th whereby I’ll drop by at the venue to check their teatime menu.

    I’ll continue to add the names of members who would like to join and hopefully by the 9th, I don’t overexceed the seating capacity in Sidewalk Tavern. I’ll inform all of you of the outcome when I’ve visited the venue.


  36. Hi Rosalind,

    I would like to attend the gathering. I did not find time to log online to register earlier.

    It is okay if you cannot accept more attendees. Do let me know your decision.


  37. Hi Ros,
    Is it possible for me to join? I know the place as I live in Bedok.
    I have e-mail to u 2 days ago to join the gathering.


  38. Hi Rosalind,

    Hope to join you in next time. My duty for stage manager is on the next day and still very nervous !! Enjoy !!!

    Cheers !!!

  39. Dear Ros

    Noted with thanks and am looking forward to meeting all of you too.

    I think you’ve sent it to my office email which I’ve access only when I’m in the office. It’s ok, I’ll read it tomorrow. I can’t remember if I’ve also given my personal email on my profile when I register myself with SHC using the office email (hahaha).. it’s FmFaBb@yahoo.com.sg and for this I can’t get access to it when I’m in the office due to office IT security reason… susah rite ??(sigh…).

    Anyway, the most important thing is I can get into the link for SHC in both location.. (yeah…. !!)


  40. #11 Pauline Ho,

    Pauline, I’ve emailed you the details. Have you received it?
    I’m sure the others going and myself are happy to get to know you.


  41. Dear Steven

    Sori ya.. am so excited abt attending my FIRST SHC event so 4got to say from where.. ^.^

    Thanks for the info on sbstransit.com.sg. Wl go look into this to find my way there.

    Thanks again… – Pauline

  42. Hi Pauline at message #11

    Ai yo yo Pauline must say from when?

    In fact it is easy to check out. Just go to sbstransit.com.sg to get the information on the available services to Siglap.

  43. Sorry guys! I tried to post the url to the venue and bus routes but was unsuccessful. :(

    Never mind, I’ll resend the details to those who’ve registered again.


  44. Hello again. For those who did not receive an email from me with details of the venue, please refer to this thread’s original post.

    Thank you


  45. Hi Ros

    Pls count me in. I’ve already marked the date on my calendar. By the way, anyone can tell me how to go to this place by MRT or bus ? Am not very familiar with Siglap area. (>.<)

    Thanks – Pauline

  46. Oh dear it seems that Terence#5 also got the date wrong,

    “Cabaret Night” is on 17 Jan (Sunday) right? The gathering is 16 Jan (Sat), please correct me if I wrong..

    eileen thean

  47. Hi Rosalind #6,

    The cabaret night is on 17 Jan, how can you got the date wrong,huh?

    Please count me in for the gathering, I and Rene will be cycling there.

    eileen thean

  48. Hello Ros
    Thanks for the email advice.
    Please register me for the gathering.

  49. Hi Terence, the Cabaret is in the night, right? Mine is in the afternoon. Small group only……


  50. Hi Rosalind,

    Gee you are indeed a fast starter. I see you have chosen the same date as the Cabaret night. Maybe you will have participants from those who are not going to the cabaret nite. Guess, I wont be able to join you. But, do note.

    Terence Seah

  51. The following have emailed me and requested their names be put on the list.

    1) Rene Leong
    2) Andrew Koh

    Admin, please update the registration list. I do not have the ‘Edit’ function on my thread title.

    Thank you

  52. Hi Ros,

    I am not from the East, but wish to join you all if there is no cycling on the 16th Jan (Sat). Thank you for organising the East Zoners’ Get-together.

    Ah Nee

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