The Westerlies wind is blowing – Jan 30, 2010 Update!

After visiting various eateries we have decided on Safra Jurong, recently buillt to the tune of $43m. It is located near Boon Lay MRT and Jrong Point just across from the bus interchange.

Dinner from 6.00m – 8.00pm at the Japanese food Street, a wide selections of cuisines from $3.50 – $8.90 and Safra members get to enjoy a further 5 % off.

Karoeke at KBox from 8.00pm – 12.00am. The rate is $25 ++ and includes two drinks.

Mahjong from 4.00pm-10.00pm at $10.70 per hour per table in a private room.

Those who have other interest may go for or dip or laze st the poolside.

Finally,if you are still undecided how about we catch a movies at Jurong Point?

Please indicate your area of interest early.

Dan & Joy

Those confirmed coming for dinner:

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Kim Leong
  4. Helen Wong
  5. Gwyneth Lee
  6. Kristin Leong
  7. Thomas Lau
  8. Veronique
  9. Richard Kee
  10. Annto
  11. Jennifer Lim
  12. Steven Chan
  13. Vivian Lai
  14. Helen Kuek
  15. Jane Kee
  16. Pauline Chew
  17. Feztus Lim
  18. Freda Lim
  19. Lena Ho
  20. Thomas Loh
  21. Yeshe
  22. Jane Ho

68 thoughts on “The Westerlies wind is blowing – Jan 30, 2010 Update!

  1. Hi Dan & Joy

    Count me in for dinner and then follow by a movie at Jurong Point. Perhaps you will update on the movie title when the date is nearer …..

    Kim Leong

  2. Hi Tian Soo,

    Noted your coming to join us just for the dinner.

    Helen, do you intend to stay on for other activities?

    Lor Si Leng, as member of Safra it would be a shame not to avail ourselves of their facilities at a very nominal rate.

    Kim Leong, thank for replying and since movies is mentioned we will check on the title and revert.

    For better planning we would appreciate those who signed up to indicate their preferences. The closing date for KBox booking is January 16.

    Admin, how to stop comment on the old post and limit to the new updated post?

    Dan & Joy

  3. “Hi Dan & Joy, Count me in for dinner and then follow by a movie at Jurong Point…….update on the movie title when the date is nearer…”. Not many are this brave to commit to a movie knowing not what its title is, and knowing not Dan & Joy’s preferences are.

    The Dan & Joy I know danz for joy. And bcos Hindi movies have a lot of dances, it’s likely a Hindi movie they’ll watch.

    So while they danz round the coconut tree chasing each other, will you be up on topf the tree, watching as you do the head-fore-head-back & clap?


  4. “………after dinner I will go to JP2 to look see,look see”. Haha, Thomas-L, you only want to “look see look see” first so play it very safe, I like that.

    But then hor, you no good leh……poor Kim-L will be all alone by himself atop the tree and, seeing you so kiasi, he might throw coconutss at you.

    I’d have loved to join you all on the tree if my sis is not holding his son’s wedding dinner that evening, sigh………… Hopefully, there’ll also be a coconut tree there for me to climb.

  5. Dear Dan/Joy,

    I’ll be there for dinner but don’t know what to do after that because karaoke, mahjong and watching movies are not my kind of activities leh.

    About 2 months ago, I was there for lunch with a few SHC friends and we enjoyed the Japanese food there. Due to the free seating arrangement like food court, it would be difficult for the group to seat together. So, Dan and Joy got to bring more pocket tissues to “CHOP” seats hor! Hahaha…..

  6. Hey Hottie Veronique,

    Do you disco? other than your other dancing? I will be back soon and after the cabaret night we can jive if you like.

  7. My dear hot babe Geraldine,

    I really don’t expect any response to my comment at this wee hour? so, u r like me, become more energized when everyone at home is Zzzzzzzzzz.

    Hmmmm what is my other dancing huh? Yes, I love disco-ing and easily get “intoxicated” by the hot disco music.

    Going to slumberland now otherwise there will be more wrinkles on my already wrinkled face.

    C u on the cabaret nite and don’t forget u r the boss of the cabaret hor.

    Good Nite! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Hi Tim Liu
    Sorry to say that,karaoke and mahjong are not my cup of tea and I dislike the idea of sitting in the comfort of a confine space for 2hrs.However if any SHCians dislike going to the movie,then we can go window shopping,not forgetting that JP2 also house the largest AIR-CON Bus Terminal and the 24hrs. NTUC Xtra.
    Be with me

  9. Hi Kim Leong, Tian Soo, Helen, Gwyneth, Kristin, Thomas, Veronique, Eyonne, Thomas, annto, Jennifer and Steven Chan, noted that all of you have confirmed coming for dinner.

    Steven Chan, the makan place is Safra Jurong. Since the responses for the side activities are poor we will cancel it but will take a concensus whether to adjourn for movies or ‘look see’.

    Dan & Joy

  10. Hi Dan,
    I have to give this a miss for I’ve sign up for a cycling event organise by Segar/Fajar CC. You guys enjoy the dinner and have a memorable evening.

  11. Dan, as the Get-Together on 30 Dan 2010 coincides with my nephew’s wedding, I have no cchoice but to give the GT a miss this time. Wedding comes once in a lifetime; GT can happen as often as time permits. But if this GT crosses into the next morning, do buzz me and I shall be there from shangrila………………….

  12. “Please count us in for the dinner. Free n easy after that”.

    Rich, other than death and tax, nothing is sure & certain. So after all the rich food at the dinner, you might not find it free and easy if, in a sudden diarrhea attack, the loo attendant says pay, not free hor but richie Rich only keeps Encik Yusoff’s fotos in his wallet, not coins, OR you find the door locked and only a very brave you’ll tell me it’s easy to break it down before what yr pants hold & hide come down…….

    So it may be anything but F&E, hehe.

  13. Hi Sam and Eyvonne,

    Noted that you are not able to join us, we hope to see you in our next gathering.

    Richard and Jane Kee, we welcomr you to join us for dinner on 30 January, see you soon.

    Dan & Joy

  14. Hi Tim Liu @ 25,

    Are you Ok?
    You seem your “normal” self now ??? :( from your many of your latest postings.

    Anything bugging you lately, tai kor ?

  15. Steven-C, lao liao lah so how to be the same normal self again? Bugs all dead so nothing is bugging me but missed hugs……wanna hug me on my birdday 2 Fridays away?

    Can see the names of interesting folks meeting this 30th & wd hv loved to join in but bo bien, colleague’s housewarming in the afternoon then nephew’s wedding dinner at nite. My sis was worried like hell after her son returned from MIT. Poor boy, never knew how a T-back or GS looked like. Then one day, she called to say ah Tsiang kit funn lor……..a lightning marriage just like her own experience but very the lasting leh – they’re still holding hands, no rubber band (to tie their hands).

    Steven-C, any lightning striking yr way? Height helps but if you hold up a rod, it makes an even easier catch, hehe……

  16. Hi Tim Liu @ 31,

    So are you an Aquarius as well?
    Your birth day on 5th Feb ? if “really” 2 Fris away as you are constantly joking out of fun.

    Mine just over on the 23rd Jan ,last Sat.

    No problem.
    Tai lor will give you a friendly and warm “bear” hug provided there is no cigarette smell from you. Hee!Hee! :)

  17. Steven-C, the date of one’s birth got joke joke suka suka one huh? Like that hor, you can celebrate yr birdday until you go siao.

    But then you are actually spott on when you said “constantly joking out of fun”. I am the result of their joking, poking fun at each other, probing, poking………whatever. Serious parents doing it seriously produce very serious children….dont believe me, ask Mr Lee.

    Btw, there shd be no problem swimming in a crowded pool which averages 1.5m deep. Since few swims upright, and with the body thickness no more than 30 cm (even after accounting for Yeh Zimei like assets), one can swim on top like a sampan or underwater like a submarine, weaving in and out and avoiding people who do everything but swim in the pool.

    But do be careful with people standing still in the water, with their legs wide apart. My butty Kanapathy kana urine the other time he swam thru a pair of shapely legs and felt smthg warm coming down. Sadly, his 4D winning streak came to an abrupt end.

  18. Hi Freda,

    Noted that Yeshe is joining us, I may join to swim.

    Response to Mahjong and karoeke is poor, therefore we will have our dinner and chit-chat.

    Gentle reminder, we meet at 6.00pm for dinner at Safra Jurong!

    Steven Chan, you an Aquarian, so am I.

    Dan & Joy

  19. Hi Ah Nee @ 36,

    Glad to know that Dan, Tim and you are Aquarians too.

    Cannot swim ?
    Never mind, can float boleh lah! I can pull you along from one end to another at the SAFRA Jurong pool. OK ? Mau tak?

    And then you can flap yr. long and sexy legs like a mermaid to the envy of others. Ha! ha! :)

  20. Jane….we are in the same boat, but hor if we happen to go for a boat ride, better we split ….otherwise when the boat get into trouble, you cannot save me and I can’t help you leh…..hahaha…… :)

    Ah Nee

  21. Wonder how “aquarian” came aabout?

    The first ah kua was born on 29 February and went by the name Ah Qua,. He worked very hard but spent all his hard earned money not on ahnee, ah lian but on durians till he died from diarrhoea, aptly, at the foot of a durian tree, holding a bottle of Aquarius mineral water.

    In his memory, they spell it as “AquariAn” and not “AquariUn”.

  22. Hi Dan & Joy,

    Hope u don’t mind a northerner join the group, as i have not visited that area after the latest development.I would be coming for the dinner first. After that I ‘ll see how it go. pls register me

    Jayne Ho

  23. hi, i was introduced by Terrence 2 years ago via the SDU dating agency course – but have not participated in any of the club activities because it somehow clash with some thing or other. i’m staying in Choa chu kang area and i’m keen to find badminton or table tennis “kakis”. i have a regular group which is Monday night at Hougang area and i’d like to find another in the westerly area. can someone direct me to anyone who is also interested in badminton/table tennis or is there an existing group that i can join? thanks a lot

  24. Wonder how many more Aquarian out there. Perhaps it time to create a new post inviting all to share their birth months?
    Hi Steven, Tim, can you swim? Ah Nee, Jane, dun worry I can swim like a fish, I can be the life guard

    Hi Jane Ho, you are most welcome to join us.

    Inez Lim, after two years you finally appear. Our badminton group meet quite regularly every Sunday from 11.00am – 1.00pm at CSC Tessensohn. We also have a few table tennis players in our midst. Do join us if you can.


  25. Hi Dan. i noticed from the calendar that there’s a group on Sundays as you mentioned. Are there any more around the westerly on other days besides Sundays?

  26. Dan-H, I either dream or swim. If it’s Steven-C in front of me, I dream of a huge tsunami sending him to Somali but if it’s a merlioness, I stop dreaming, start swimming after it, near enough but never over-taking.

    Nice to read that you’re a life guard. Nicer if you will guard a bit more…….like my wallet, sandals, underpants………..dont want to lose them after my dream or swim. Can? Pleeeeeeease?

  27. Hi Inez,

    Except for Sunday we dun play on other days. In our group Paul Kong is an excellent player and play on every other days in various venues.

    Eileen, just be a life guard as what Tim suggested to look after the barang2.


  28. hi Dan, thanks for the info. i try to have lunch with the family on Sundays because that’s almost the only time that my kids are around (- busy lives people, i mean my kids.) Would there be any one interested if i get a venue near/around Choa Chu kang/bukit timah/bukit panjang on a weekday night?

  29. Hi Inez,

    That’s a pretty good idea. KK Loh is the person you should liaise with. It would be good if you can turned up once to meet the rest of the players.

    Once a week badminton is not enough to most of us to slog it out. Right now I am nursing a knee injury but hoping to be back to playing very soon, kesian lah!


  30. Hi Dan,
    last week’s badminton game was not listed on the calendar so i’m not sure if it is a every-weekend or do i need to confirm with someone if the game is on? i’ll try to make it this week, ie 31st jan.

  31. Hi Dan Huang,

    Yes I can swim 10 laps but anymore I considered it a bonus. Since last yr. I usually swim 3 times per week with alternate days working out at the gym.

    Were Tim and you be swimming at SAFRA Jurong?

    If there are some of you swimming, I too will bring along my attire and join in the fun!

    OK? Pls. reply.

  32. Hi Steven,

    Tim is not joining us as he attending a wedding dinner.

    I can swim 10 laps free-style non-stop, want to join us. Look like I have to swim more as badminton is out for me at the moment. Anyone else joining in the swim or relaxing by the poolside after dinner?


  33. Thanks Dan for replying on my behalf.

    Sorie, Steven-C, I cant be joining you all for the safra swim this Saturday but will at the Shang pool, if my nephew wants some water grooming b4 vrooming in all the hard liquor as the toasting groom.

    Will swim with you both another day……..

  34. Hi Tian Soo,

    No problem, hope to see you in our next outing.

    Freda, the pool closed at 9.30pm. I will join those keen to swim from 5.30pm. Thereafter dinner at the Japanese Food Street from 6.00-8.00pm.

    At 8.00pm we will adjourn to the Cafe where we want to take this opportunity to celebrate with those born in the month of January. Joy and Thomas have prepared a special treat for us!

    Looking forward to see all you good folks this Saturday!

    Dan & Joy

  35. Thanks Dan, think Safra shut off the pool light at 9 pm.
    I shall be late as Yeshe maybe held up so may not come along with me. If I am early i will swim otherwise see you before 9 pm.


  36. hey dan, sorry.. some urgent matter to attend to before i travel again, so cannot come for this activity on 30 jan today. don’t have your mobile or email address, so just post here. will wait for next round.

    if there is someone who can organise weekdays badminton games/playing on tuesday or wednesday near the west. I like to join in too. someone let us know.

  37. Hi Feztus,

    No problem, we shall meet on another ocassion!

    Inez did suggested about having another session of badminton in the west sector, let me speak to him further,


  38. Hi………

    Dan & Joy – 3 Cheers to u guys for the gathering last night. The food is yums.
    Bdw, i have been paying for the Safra membership and have never utilised it. It is a requirement to buy their insurance, anyone has any other options/comments on Safra Term Insurance?

    ‘Sifu’ Freddie – Nice seeing you last night. Yeshe asked if you will conduct Mahjong-Intermediate lesson,if so, you have now 2 keen student……..

    Kim – ‘pole dancing’ …..yes I will be interested to join u when u find a suitable basic course to build up muscle strength.

    Gwyneth – forgot to say “Kwong Yee Huat Sai”……Ah Mia .

    Peggy and team – continuation on “the GARAGE men” is it better to uses the same GARAGE men to pick up our newspaper? I don’t wait for the same GARAGE men……ha ha ha


  39. We had our first Westerlies meeting with a sumptuous dinner at the Japanese Food Court followed by coffee chat at Hanis. 21 member turned up which includes 5 Easterlies.

    The group size was just manageable for chit-chating and enhancing rapport among members. As it is the month of January we have a simple birthday celebration for 5 of them born in January, one on the 4, 2 on 23, one on 28 and one on 31 January. Birthday treat of a carrot cake courtesy of Joy.

    The coffee chat at Hanis was clearly ideal as they alloted a corner just to accomodate all of us. Discussion was on for another gathering 3 months down the road. Suggestion of a trip to Malaysia or even a trip to Tioman was under consideration! Let’s hear from you folks.

    Freda, I dun think it is a requirement to buy their insurance. I renewed my membership till 2016 with no mentioned of taking up the term insurance. Sorry, I am not able to help you here.

    Some mahjong kakis are identified here, how about having a game soon? Tell us more about ‘pole dancing’ and ‘Garage men’, we are indeed curious!

    Steven, you were not able to write comment as you are on the old post lah!


  40. Hi Dan

    Trip to Malaysia – I m interested in Malaysia’s nature walk and those 40 MR/1hr massage by blind lady masseur.

    Safra – Indeed its not a requirement to buy their insurance, its when u buy their term insurance u need to be a member. Any one know of any competitive term insurance similiar to those offered by Safra?

    Mahjong – ok after the festive season.

    Pole dancing – Will share after we try it, i sure hope i will not squash my bones.

    Garage aka Garni Guni men – lst and foremost i must apologize to Jane for not excusing myself from the group before bulldozing into Peggy’s group after being distracted by their laughter. Sorry, I am not sure i am at liberty to say what was said by others but here is mine………….One day when i heard the coming of the Garni Guni man i told my dear hubby i feel like selling away some of the ‘old stuff’ we had at home, he said “how about u” shall we sell u too?

    cheers and have a nice week ahead……….

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