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Hi!  I love cycling, hiking and backpacking. Went all the way to Laos via land transport in 2003 after my heart op with another oldie. I cycle to school irregardless of the weather with my helmet and gloves.  Count me in to join any cycling activities in the East with people of my age group.  Nowadays, I can’t cycle as fast as I could before.   At 48, I’m still studying to get a degree with UniSim.   I join SilverHairsClub to connect to people outside of the teaching world otherwise I’ll be like a frog in a well.  

Healthwise, I’ve underwent several surgeries including aortic root replacement and St Jude’s valve, making me bionic.  But these didn’t deter me from enjoying life to the fullest.

Thomas Goh

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  1. Hi Thomas, although I have not participate in any cyling or walking activities, I know that two persons are very activitee in these activities. They are Charles Wee and Yew Kwong. Watch out on this site, and you will set meet similar SilverHairs with similar interests.

    Terence Seah

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