THANK YOU to all at East Zoners’ 1st get-together

Out of the 33 members who indicated their interest AND presence at the get-together today, 16th January, one sent her apologies for not being able to turn up and two just simply did not turn up. :(

My heartfelt appreciation to the rest who made the effort to turn up and socialize with other members including the new members. I also want to thank the Welcome Committee for helping to keep the conversations flowing throughout the 2 + hours’.

I hope someone else will take the initiative to organize another East Zoners’ get-together soon.

Thank you


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10 thoughts on “THANK YOU to all at East Zoners’ 1st get-together

  1. Hi Rosalind,

    Thanks for taking so much initiative to organise the event. The idea of having the welcoming committee esp. for the new members was a good one.

    The term sidewalk tavern which I had originally thought was a row of dining pubs and eateries like those opposite the Starbucks cafe along East coast road.


  2. Ros,

    Thanks for organizing the event. Must say I had an enjoyable afternoon catching up with familiar faces as well as getting to meet new members, who I hope feel welcome. I personally think it’s a good idea to have such smaller groups for more meaningful interaction.


  3. Hi Everybody

    Being a “newcomer”, I do feel very welcome by all present at the event and have truly enjoyed myself chatting with the various members and learning more about SHC. A big thank you to all especially to ROSALIND for being such a graceful “host-cum-organizer”.. (^.^)

    I would also like to thank Maggie for introducing me around; Ah Nee and Boon Liang for inviting me to join them at the Drive-In Movie whereby I got to meet with Robert and his lovely wife, Kristy as well as the feisty group of lady cyclists, Rene, Eileen and Rosewhite (hope I got the names correct). (^.~)

    My sincere apologies to Andrew and I do hope I didn’t “upset” u for not letting u take my photo as I do hv a mild “phobia” with camera or video-camera… unless it is a “must” or with a group, I will try to oblige.. hope u will understand .. – gomen-nasai ne.. m(_ _)m

    To those whom I’ve a great chat with like Norlinda, Gingko, Ronald, Sam, Steven Chan, Bernie… Let’s hope we’ll meet again in future SHC’s events… ^.^

    Last but not least, it’s a great honor and pleasure to meet the “TOWKAY” – Terence in person, who have started all these.

    Cheers – Pauline

  4. Dear Rosalind

    Thank you v much for organising the get-together. I really enjoyed meeting up with everybody and felt the warm welcome by the Welcome Com members.

    Thanks to Terence for starting the SHC and it is a great pleasure to meet you for the first time too.

    Looking forward to seeing all of u in the near future.

    Gabriella Chua

  5. Hi Everybody

    As part of ‘Welcoming Committee’, I hope I did my ‘job’ or else will kenna sacked by ‘bossee’. Had really a good chance of chit chatting and of course to welcome some new faces altho not newbies. Glad to meet some new faces like Pauline Ho, Pauline Tan, Gabrielle, Philip and Alice Ou (hope I got it right), Daisy Yeo, Sam Soo, Ronald Lam, Caroline Loh and of course ‘old faces’ like Terence, Rene, Ah Nee, Nor, Rose White, Judy, Gingko, Steven Chan, Marilyn, Suzhang, Alice Seah, Boon Liang, Eileen. Apologies if I missed out anyone.

    Since Pauline mentioned the movie, I wanted to thank Rene for alerting me (thanks to Robert and Kristy as well) to this or else would have missed it. Was a great way to wind down altho the place was very windy and breezy. Discovered a new place in the East !

    Hey Robert, dun think you have my email. Appreciate if u can send photo to me at

    Cheers and have a great week ahead.

  6. Hi Ros,

    Many thanks for organizing the event last Sat! A good turnout I must say!

    I’m an introvert so pls don’t label me as ‘proud’! Give me time to warm up but it was certainly great to meet all of you.

    Maggie – Yup, you’ve our names correct and it’s great meeting you too!

    Looking forward to more intereactions with all of you.

  7. Hi Rosalind..
    I also want to say thank you(hope im not too late!) for organising & being a great charming even made name tags!
    It was indeed a wonderful & successful get-together.

    We sat till over the limit..chatting & laughing..alamak! as usual,when everybody cakap so carried away..haha..

    Yes!…met few new faces..they are ‘timid’ but cute & frenly..give them time la..unlike PaulineHo..she can chat like we know each other for so long!..that’s what I called…chemistry attracts!hehe..Yes!.sure we’ll meet again sometime:)

  8. Yo… Norlinda… it’s your super-duper fun personality la… you just know how to draw ppl out from their “shell”… (^.^)

    Will you be dropping by on Feb 28 at the North Zone gathering ?? (~.^)

  9. #9 Pauline Ho,

    I absolutely agree with you that Nor is a ‘super duper fun personality’. It was the first time I met Nor also and her bubbly personality made me feel like we’ve been friends for years! I hope when I say this no one will misinterpret it and call me a racist. I’ve discovered that the Muslim community and friendlier and warmer. I have 3 neighbours beside me who are Muslims and that’s where I got my deduction from. No offence to non-Muslims. I, myself, am a non-Muslim.

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