Going to the movies

Hello SHCians! I do believe most of us do not mind catching a good movie at the cinemas and/or live plays at the theatres occasionally. There are TWO genres of movies that are even more enjoyable in the company of friends.

1)  Horror movies – where we can scream aloud and frighten other cinema goers;

2)  Comedy movies – where it’s okay to laugh and laugh without being hauled off to IMH

For live plays, there are interesting foreign and local productions worth watching.

If you happen to like movies or live plays please indicate your interest in catching such shows with fellow SHCians.  I will be on the lookout for both categories and help arrange for day/day/time of viewing.

For your information, Senior Citizens above the age of 55 are entitled to watch movies at most cinemas IN THE AFTERNOON & ON WEEKDAYS ONLY for S$4.00.

I hope to generate some response for this thread….:p


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82 thoughts on “Going to the movies

  1. Ros,

    A great idea indeed!

    However, no horror movies for me. I watch movies to de-stress, to have a good laugh or cry, or simply to “ogle” at the handsome actors for 2 hours!

    Do keep me in the loop, but unfortunately (eh, actually, should be fortunately) don’t qualify to be a senior citizen yet..hehehe..


  2. I think I have not step into the theatres for the last 10 years. Maybe I should enjoy myself and catch a movie once a while.

    By the way I still remember watching the horror movies with the girls and that’s was a donkey years back.

    Unfortunately I am still not entitled to the special rate.

  3. #1 Marilyn Tang,
    Marilyn, your support of any wild activities I plan is very encouraging. Thank you for your kind-heartedness.

    #2 Steven Ng,
    Thank you for your response to this thread. You’ll be amazed at how good the sound system is at some cinemas. Watching a movie on the big screen is an outing although most people think watching the same movie on DVD at home is cheaper. However unless one gets the original copy of the movie, the cheaper duplicates are not only illegal but poorer in quality. Originals are expensive. It’s good you are open to the idea of watching a movie in the cinema. :)

  4. Hi Ros,

    Would like to share my preference in watching Horror movies with gory scenes e.g. Final Destination, Day of the Living Dead, Amityville Horror etc, featuring grotesque beings or zombies with appalling violence to scare the wits out of us! Not easy to get a companion who’s keen in watching such movies, and if you’re game for it, do keep me posted.


  5. Hi Ros,

    It is nice to watch a movie in the cinema; it’s a different feel altogether.

    I like both horror/thriller movies and of course comedy. I also like to watch French movies (English subtitle).

    Hope to watch a movie or two with you and some members when I come back.

  6. Dear Ros

    So glad you’ve started this. I’m a movie-craze myself. I watch movies whenever time, movie titles or reviews of the show attracts me. Wish I’ve reached the age where I’ll get discount … Nowadays it’s not cheap esp on weekends… (>.<)

    Watching in the cinema is so much fun like sharing nachos & popcorns, the ambience is so different from watching at home too. Sometimes, you can come across funny incidents inside the cinema. Once I watched a sad, true story movie and out from the dark, a guy blew his nose so loud that it lightened up the atmosphere with laughter from the rest of the audience but it also made us open up our “flood gate” even more; knowing full well that guys do cry too.. (^.^)

    After the movie, we can also chat or have a great laugh about the show over a cup of coffee / tea.

    Pls do add me in your list when you’re planning for such fun outings, ya… (^.^)

    Btw, any SHCians also interested in local production shows like : Broadway Beng, Crazy Christmas, Dolly Dim-Sums, etc ???

    Cheers – Pauline

  7. Dear Sue

    Wow… I’ve finally found a “partner” for gory movies !! I too have problems getting frens (esp ladies) to watch with me. Do call me ya…

    I think my good fren will be so happy that I’ve found someone else now ‘cos she’s too kind to reject going with me but at each mild scene, she’ll be holding up her bag to shield her face… (hahahaha…) so instead of putting her thru it, I go by myself nowadays… (^0^)

    Btw, did you watched the 300 ? Gosh, the bods of those actors… hmm-hmm.. (^.~)

    Cheers and looking forward to sharing a movie with movie-goers like yourself and Ros….

    Cheers – Pauline

  8. Dear Ros,

    Please include me in your loop. I normally watch movies at home. So it is going to be a different experience with SHC members. I like both horror and comedy movies.


  9. Thank you Sue, Geraldine, Pauline and Francis for your response to this thread. I’m glad there are members who don’t mind catching a good movie (either horror or comedy) with me in the very near future.

    My hubby dislikes horror movies and although he likes comedy, he prefers Chinese slapstick movies (yucks!) So we rarely watch movies together as he’ll sleep throughout the show if it’s not one to his taste. Snoring away too! :p

  10. Dear Ros,
    You have beat me to it. I was thinking of planning a movie outing on a Thursday regularly at Leisure Park Kallang. The Filmgarde group has six cinemas located at Leisure Park. I used to go to the cinema on Thursday afternoon at 3.35pm or 4.15/4.30pm depending on the filming time. Normally, I have the whole cinema all by myself and upgrade myself to the premium seat. At this very comfortable seat, I slept through the whole movie. With the SHC members joining me, I may be able to stay awake. Shortlisted movies are Avatar (I have seen this movie, do not mind to see it again), Edge of Darkness (a friend has insisted that I should see this movie, she did not want to reveal the plot), The Blind Side (strong Oscar candidate for Sandra Bullock), Tooth Fairy etc. etc. I also love to watch comedy but I need to go with a group of people who can laugh themselves crazy. I dont normally go to a comedy film alone; no incentive to laught unless really tickled, but with a group, I will laugh at the slightest funny scene because my fellow group members are laughing.

    Any Thursday, after Chinese New Year, we will go to the movie and then after that, enjoy our dinner at the Mall’s food court, nice and cool outlet, plenty of vacant seats.

    After dinner, we can take a relaxing stroll along the river bank.

    For public transport, bus no. 16 from Orchard Road (at Lucky Plaza or Douby Gout, will take you there. Bus no 11 from Kallang MRT.

    Please post your interest. I will arrange to buy tickets at $4.00 each. Steven, we can bluff our age to become senior citizen to enjoy the special rate. No one will bother us.

  11. Dolly Dim-Sums? yes, me! Bdw, how about performance show by Kumar the Comedian, anyone?

    Thanks Rosalind for the info on Senior citizens rate.


  12. Pauline Dear #7,

    Glad to learn we share similar interests in watching horror movies. Thanks to Ros for having created this thread, enhancing all movie-goers to step forward and form a small group for some ‘squeals & screams’ to take place in a theatre! haha..

    I’ve yet to watch that movie -‘300’, still prefers a movie that has a good storyline & detest those long-winded historical legends that will snooze us off….Will certainly catch up with you ladies soon!

    Enjoy a Sunny Sunday!

  13. Hi Ros,

    Please include me in the loop.
    I often take advantage of my senior citizen’s status and watch movie @ half price on weekdays afternoon.

    I like several genres of movies but no horrors for me.

    Thank you.
    Priscilla Wee :)

  14. My children always go for movies with funny names, such as transformers, avatar, paintball etc. Don’t know what until I actually see the show with them (and always I blanja). Most of the time, I end up watching a “Computer Game” for 2 hours or more. Silly. Horror or laughter theme also can BUT not a combination of both. Can you imagine a person who is frightened and laughing? Count me in Ros. If the time is right why not? Don’t forget the pop corn and coke ($10 now just for tidbits…aaarrhh)

  15. Hi all! I’m now on daily watch for good movies. Please note that I will alert you once there is a horror or comedy movie that you might be interested to catch.

    In the meantime, if anyone likes Sam’s idea, please do go ahead and let him know. :)


  16. Hi Pauline Ho ho ho

    I am interested. in the local plays like Dim Sum Dollies, Broadway Beng etc. I actually saw all even the recent Jiak Liu Lian but I prefer him alone more hilarious.

    Freda I keen to see Kumar. Let me know when u all keen to see this.

    Ros, sorry to deviate from the topic but unfortunately I cannot join you and the rest in the AFTERNOONS as poor me have to work.


  17. Dear Freda #11

    Yup, am also a fan of crazy K. Last year I went to watch the show called “Singapore Dollar” and he was in the cast and the whole show was so hilarious, you just couldn’t stop laughing.. (^.^)

    My email address is FmFaBb@yahoo.com.sg. If you need someone to join you, pls contact me. Vice-versa, pls let me know your email address & I’ll keep you posted. A good fren of mine is always on the lookout of such shows for me.

    Cheers – Pauline

  18. Yo Maggie

    I saw all shows too except for last year’s Jiak Liu Lian ‘cos it’s just a week b4 my exam… now regret so much of missing it.

    This year, die-die will make sure I don’t miss any – exam or no exam.. hahaha… (^.^)

    Let’s keep in touch of such shows coming ya.. (*.*)

    Dear Ros & Sam

    Like Maggie, can only watch on weekends ‘cos gotta work in order to earn enuf $$ to support my little “extravagance” on movies and theatrical shows…sigh… (>0<)

    Cheers – Pauline

  19. Dear Ros

    No worry… you’re in my mailing list oredy… (^.^)

    Thanks for setting up this topic.. now got more kakis to share laughter with liao… ^.^

    Cheers – Pauline

  20. Hi all! I just checked sistic and Kumar has a show titled ‘Stripped bare and standing up’ from the 4th to the 7th March at the Esplanade Theatre.

    4-7 Mar 2010
    Thu – Fri, 8pm
    Sat – Sun, 3pm & 8pm

    Approx 1 hr 30 mins

    Esplanade Theatre

    TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
    Standard – S$78, S$63, S$48, S$33, S$18

    Please add to above price $3 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable

    Anyone interested? I should say the S$48 is good enough unless you prefer the S$33?

  21. Hi Rosalind /others,

    Thanks for setting up this interesting post.

    Heard from my neighbour that the moving movie Hachiko is an American adaptation of the true story from the Japanese movie based on the undying loyalty of the dog for his master.

    Wonder where I could get the original Jap version of this movie with Eng subtitles.

    For pet lovers who are keen to know more
    pls. click http://hachiko-dog-story-movie-trailer.blogspot.com/

  22. Hi Rosalind /others @ 24,

    If I am not mistaken, Kumar show titled ‘Stripped bare and standing up’ from the 4th to the 7th March at the Esplanade Theatre was already played to full house last year.

    Almost die laughing from beginning to end. :) but beware esp. there are lots of sexual connnotations and body languages.

  23. Dear Ros

    Wow, you’re one super fast lady… (^.^)

    If you’re going to make reservation, pls include me… I’m ok with show on Mar 6 (Sat) @ either 3pm or 8pm and Mar 7 (Sun) on 3pm only cos next day (Mon) I’ve to get up at 5.30am… Price at $33 or $48 are fine with me too.

    Dear Steven

    I’ve sent out my “feelers” to my jap speaking course mates about the original Jap version of Hachiko. Let’s hope I’ll get some good news for you.

    Have you ever watch another Jap show called “10 promises I made to my dog” ? This one guarantee will tug at your heart-strings plus buckets of tears… (^.^)

    Let me check tml if I still hv it in my hard disk and if it’s still there, I’ll burn a copy for you… (^.~)

    Cheers – Pauline

  24. Dear Steven #25

    Hey, you’re in luck..

    I’ve just check my hard disk and discovered I’ve actually both movies there… Hachiko – jap version with eng subtitle and 10 promises I made to my dog – jap version with chinese subtitle… (^.^)

    I see if I can download them on disk & pass them to you at the CNY Reunion Dinner… I noted the above movies play thru Real Player so you may need to check if your PC has this… (^.~)

    Cheers and good nite… – Pauline

  25. Hi all

    I’m game for mainstream movies or artsy, fartsy movies (if I like the storyline), dramas and musicals included.

    If anyone has a group confirmed, appreciate if you could email me at anna2211@hotmail.com to let me know date, time and meeting place.

    Don’t mind watching the Sandra Bullock movie if confirmed watching.


  26. Dear Steven #25

    My course mates have sent me 3 websites for the Hachiko Jap version.

    If you can’t wait till CNY Reunion Dinner, pls provide me with your email address and I’ll forward the details to you via my office email.

    Cheers – Pauline

  27. Dear RosalindL,

    Thanks for initiating this thread. When I first joined SHC I remember writing on my profile page as looking for like minded people who enjoys plays, concerts and musicals. I had wanted to go for a few local productions but none of my family members were keen and I did not fancy going alone so I had to miss quite a few. However I did manage to catch Fried Rice Paradise and enjoyed it especially the songs and music.

    So PaulineH #6 – do keep me in the loop especially for the likes of Dim Sum Dollies, Crazy Christmas etc.

    As for movies, will join in occasionally but unable to qualify for the cheap ticket as yet.


  28. Hi Pauline Ho,

    Since you have both movies Japanese versions of Hachiko and 10 promises I made to my dog in your hard disks , I can wait for the disc during the CNY on 27th Feb to get it from you only abt. 3 weeks away.

    OK? S moseh ! moseh !

  29. Hi Ros 24#,
    I will join you for this “Kumar – Stripped bare and standing up” , but can only watch on the 4th or 5th 8pm ,
    Got OCBC cycling 6&7,

    Pauline Ho & Catherine Yeo,
    I love local productions, me too can’t get minded people who enjoys plays, concerts and musicals, especially the Chinese Instructments Concerts.


  30. Dear Steven #33

    Mei wen ti.. request noted…

    Dear Anna#29, Catherine#31, Eileen#34 and all

    Let’s all keep our eyes and ears “open” for any such local plays and keep each other informed via SHC post. I think this is the fastest mode of contact… (^.^)

    Dear Ros

    Have replied you via email on the Mar issue… Wish I could join on Fri… sob-sob… (T.T)

    Cheers – Pauline

  31. Dear Ros #24

    Re Kumar – I am interested but only for the 8 pm show on 6 March. If majority is keen same time/date and you’re going to make reservation, pls include me. Thanks tons……

    Pauline #18 – my email address – limfreda@gmail.com. Bdw, have u gone to any of the Free concert in the Park at the Botanic Gardens? A fren has been trying to get me to join her, i am not sure i know how to appreicate that sort of music as yet!!.

    Maggie # – are u the maggie who introduced us to the complimentary pilate lesson?


  32. Okay, this is my straight-talking mode switched on. :P
    I feel that if I am to organize concerts/live performances, the ticket price will be hefty and pre-booking is a must. By the time, I start a thread on Kumar’s show, I’ll need to give time for other members to read the thread and respond. Then again, I’ll have to wait for interested members to tt me the payment for the tickets. By the time, I have everyone paying, the tickets for the slotted time might be sold out! This is a high possibility especially for good performers like Kumar.

    So how?

  33. Ros #37

    Here’s from one straight talker to another….

    There will always be some people who take things for granted, that it is the EO’s duty to make sure their requests are met,come what may. Therefore, setting a strict cut-off date & time for receiving payments is a MUST. Getting people to confirm attendance and chasing for payment, plus possibility of being out-of-pocket is no fun! Otherwise, just provide the details and all those keen to attend book their own tickets.


  34. #38 Marilyn,

    With movies at the cinema, it’s not so bad as the ticket price is @ $10 without discount. With live performances, tickets can be @ $50 per pax.

    I think what is best is whoever wants to go to watch Kumar on Friday 5th March confirmed with me via email. Never mind if it’s just one or two persons…easier in fact. :P

    Marilyn, we cannot tell members to book their own tickets coz then they’ll be seated north, south, east and west. How?

  35. Dear Ros & Marilyn

    Pls let me share with you the method that I use with my course mates and frens. It is quite similar to what you’re doing now and it works with full understanding that time is the essence in getting the tkts fast as well as the substantial amount of $$ involved for live performance and concerts.

    I normally will send out info of the show and if it’s a popular show, will also include the date & time that I’ll be going to watch. If each tkt cost more than $50, I will set the maximum # of tkts that I will be buying eg 6 which will amount to about $300++ (including booking fee la). So the 1st 5 people (plus yourself will be 6…) who responded will have tkts to the show.. (^o^)

    However, those who have last min cancellation after the tkt has been purchased; will have to find someone to take over the tkt(s) themselves. I know it sounds pretty strict but it does help eliminate the concerns on #37 & #38.. (^.^)

    Those who responded late will then get to form the next group and purchase their own tkts in the same way as the 1st group… (^.~)

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter where they will be seated cos during break time both groups can meet up and after the show, all can then venture somewhere for a cup of coffee or makan to chat and laugh over the funny episode together.

    It works with my group of frens.. so you may want to consider using this method just for the live performances & concerts… (^.^)

    Cheers – Pauline

  36. Dear Freda

    Thanks for your email and will take note of your Mar 6 (3pm) request.

    As Ros is planning to watch on Mar 5 which I can’t join, I’m planning the next group on Mar 6 (3pm or 8pm). My best fren who’s under 45 has sent me note that she’s keen on the same date & time as yourself so most probably I’ll go with Mar 6, 8pm show as 1st choice. If that’s not available, 2nd choice will be Mar 6, 3pm. Am now left with 3 more seats… Any takers ?

    Am targeting to get the tkts on Wed (Feb 10) so pls reply by then.. (^.^)

    Freda, I will email you my mobile #.

    Cheers – Pauline

  37. Oops.. what I mean is I’ll be checking out the seats and tkts availability tomorrow and if it’s selling like hotcakes, I’ll try to book by this week…

    Must be the late / early hours muddling my chain of thoughts…

    Cheers – Pauline

  38. dear ros/pauline/marilyn
    thank u all for organise this event, maureen lee”shc member” and myself are interested (kumar show) & wld prefer 6/mar – sat 8pm slot. kindly advise how we can transfer $.
    tq :))

  39. Hi Freda #36
    yes I am that Maggie u referring to. That was so long ago. did I go?

    Hi Ros and Marilyn
    The role of being an EO is never easy so I say kudos to those who volunteer to be one as it takes a lot of time and patience which I have neither! sorry hor. Some have it and some just dun have it to be an EO and I dun have it leh.

    I fully agree with Pauline #40. Just give a deadline for response and end of story. They want to come they will respond if they don’t they won’t. Because everybody’s schedule is so hectic it is difficult to suit everyone.

    Albert and I ok for Mar 5 at 8pm. Hi Cat, Marilyn, Sue u all coming? come la.

    Pauline sorry to hear u cannot make it. wud have loved yr co. can ponteng or not?


  40. Hi all!

    For the Kumar Show, at the present moment we have the following members interested in going for the 8 pm show on Friday 5th March.

    1) Eileen Thean
    2) Maggie Teo
    3) Albert Tan
    4) Marilyn Tang
    5) Rosalind Lee

    I have not created a thread for this because of the uncertainty in obtaining tickets. Eileen is helping to check out the availability and will contact me asap.

    Anyone else wants to join, please hurry and indicate your interest.


  41. Dear Freda

    Sorry ya.. typo mistake at #41.. instead of 8pm I dunno why I put 3pm.. (^.^).. I must continue to blame the late / early hours and definitely it has nothing to do with my eyesight or age… (kekeke..)

    Dear Irene

    Will add you and Maureen for the Mar 6, 8pm show.

    Regarding about payment, let’s do it this way.

    Once I get all replies by this Thu (Feb 11) or earlier if target # is met.. I will go and see if can get the tkts – aiming for the show price (as mentioned by Ros) at either $33 or $48 ya. If these seats are sold out, will consider the event as “cancel”, ok ? Else if you pay 1st and I can’t get tkts.. susah la… Too little amount for me to even consider “running away” with it… (^.^)

    Oh-oh.. if can’t get all 6 in a row, can I split the group but definitely will get at least 2 together so got company to “cry” togther mah.. pls let me know if this is ok…

    Then I will inform you where and when to say “bye-bye” to your $$ … (o^.^o)

    Dear Maggie

    Cannot “saboru” la (jap for poteng).. boss not travelling during that period… scare he gives me the “walking certificate” if he needs last min O/T from me.. den no more $$ to watch plays liao.. (>o<)

    Calling Cat, Sue, Anna… last 2 seats but can make exception for one more since this is my 1st time organizing (kekeke…)…

    Cheers – Pauline

  42. #45 Pauline Ho,

    You’re doing a great job Pauline! By right, Terence will want us to set up threads promoting our activity but I hope he’ll understand that due to time constraint we cannot dilly dally and wait for more members to join us. We just have to ‘chio’ those we know hoping they read the forum and quickly respond. :p

  43. Dear Ros

    Thanks for letting me know the rules… Hope I didn’t get you in trouble and kena “whipped” by the BOSS later… (kekeke)… will he anot hah ??

    Dear Terence

    If you’re reading this, pls excuse me for not knowing the rules and “dragging” Ros into breaking your rules too..
    Sorry… m(_ _)m

    Cheers – Pauline

  44. Dear Freda, Maureen & Irene

    I was staring hard at the layout of Esplanade Theatre via their website and realised S$33 & $48 seats are mainly located on level 3 & 4 with a handful on level 2 which is at the side of the stage. Visual to the stage from these location is not that good – either too high up or at the corner.

    According to my fren who attended shows frequently held at the Esplanade Theatre, she recommended the $63 on level 1 (foyer stall) or last choice is level 2 (circle 2) just in front of those VIP boxes.

    Pls let me know if you still want to stay at $33 & $48 or willing to “upgrade” to $63 ?

    Am going for class tonite and will pass by a SISTIC counter to check out the status of these 3 categories…

    Cheers – Pauline

  45. #47 Pauline Ho,

    Methink Terence not so ‘xiao chi’ but it might be better if we email those who are interested direct. I better do as I suggested also.:p

    This thread will run on because aside from musicals/standup comedies etc we still have movies to watch. :)

  46. HI Pauline Ho @ 35

    Thanks and look forward to see .

    @ 48,
    No need to go all the way to SISTIC to buy yr tickets. You can do so in the comfort of yr own home at any time 24hrs. by buying on line using a VISA card and u can also choose yr seat from the very clear seating plan of the auditorium.

    In this case it is SAFE , it is www. https and www. not http.

    Enjoy your show gals. :}

  47. EileenT #34 and MaggieT #43 – Good, now we have established our interest for the same we will keep each other in the loop. Although interested in musicals and plays, I am afraid I am not that keen on Chinese classical music so you can count me out for that.

    PaulineH #45 n #35 – I hear you calling but I have caught Kumar’s performances quite a few times already so I will not be joining in for this particular show. Thanks for asking.

    I also concur with Maggie that you set a cut off date for registration and payment so as to ensure no unnecessary ding donging which adds to the headaches of an EO. (I also have no patience, like Maggie and will never volunteer haha)Once registered one will have to find own replacements or just honour the payment. This will then facilitate all planning and payment up front by the respective EOs. There my 2 cts worth!

    Have fun at the movies and the standup comic show!

  48. Hi guys, have been out of action for quite a while so much to do so little time. Love to join for movies (no horror) & musicals, standups, sometimes opera. Just went to see La Boheme – so so only ! For month of Mar, sorry cant join in anything got projects to do.

    best Alicia Lim

  49. Dear Steven

    Thanks for the info but like I say, not very tech-savy leh.. last time I ge-kiang, go online to book budget airline to send my maid home, instead of sending her to Jakarta, I click wrongly and got her a tkt to Bali instead… (T.T). Cancel kena charged.. rebook again kena charged oso.. ended up the tkt cost more than if I book directly with my travel agent !! (_ _) (-.-) (_ _)

    Anyway, also good excuse to go out & jalan-jalan abit mah… (^.~)

    Dear Ros

    Good suggestions…noted with thanks.. Irene / Maureen, could you pls provide me with your email address… Freda.. I’ve yours oredy.. thanks…

    Ros… let’s get back to movies so that we don’t give Terence a chance to test out his “cane” in the air like my mom used to select the thinnest piece by sweeping it in the air for the loudest “whooosss” sound to be used on us…(hahahaha…).. Wolfman going to be shown on Feb 18… wanna watch… Calling Sue… horror movie leh…

    Cheers – Pauline

  50. Hi Pauline and Ros,

    you have done well to stay relevant within your Post. No issues.

    I am in Hyderabad and Chenai this week, so I will go to a Hindi movie then. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  51. #54 Terence,

    Hindi movie? Bollywood movies better lah. I love Bollywood movies because the main actors/actresses are very very good-looking. I particularly like Shah Rukh Khan. Wahhhhh *dreamy look*….:p Every Saturday on Tamil channel there’s bound to be a Bollywood movie. Sometimes they show Hindi movies. More moustached men….I have one at home (my husband) so don’t need to see more. :p

    Have a great time in India, Terence!


  52. Dear Pauline #53,

    My apologies sweetie, too busy clearing heaps of papers piling in my office ‘In-Tray’! Will sms you separately with regard to watching horror movies, and Feb 18th is definitely out for me as I may be out of town.

    Thanks for calling ya…


  53. Pauline, any luck in getting tickets for the Sat show?
    On my side, we’ve decided not to go on Fri evening because all the $33 and $48 tickets sold out!

    Marilyn, would you like to join Pauline’s group for a Saturday show?

  54. Dear Ros and All

    As a closure to our initial excitement about going for a fun show together, we too were not successful… Tkts at $33 & $48 were “snapped” up like it’s for free… (T.T)

    Last nite the SISTIC staff showed me what’s left of these categories.. single seat here and there… (-_-) who wants to sit alone ??

    So I too, have to “announce” that our Sat evening is cancelled…

    Never mind, next round let’s try to be more “kiasu” … too bad cannot “choop” seats with tissue papers – (^.~). If can, I’ll even “choop” with the whole box !!

    Hmmm… Guess, we’re now back to your (Ros) original post of “going to the movies” ???… hahaha…

    Cheers – Pauline

  55. Pauline and all,
    Now that we have some members indicating their interest in either comedy/horror movies we actually have a small group of movie kakis already.

    Anyone can suggest a movie or email the individuals who are interested in the same genre to go.

    I know there’s a good movie opening on the 18th Feb. “All’s Well that ends Well Pt 2” (Comedy) and ‘Wolfman’ (Horror).
    Unfortunately I’ll be away on that day and won’t be back in Sg till the 23rd. Please do go ahead and gather the kakis. :)


  56. Hi Ros
    I’m interested in comedy movie,pls include me in your ‘funny’ loop.

    Hi Sam Soo
    Am interested in watching movie on thurs (though not every week), pls include me in your group. my email frispjt@yahoo.com

    Hi Pauline Ho
    May i be included in your ‘local plays’ thread too? thanks!

  57. Yo Frisna

    Got your message and your name and email address is now “carved in stone” on my “tablet” of keen local plays fans… yeah…. !!! (*.*)

    Oh-oh… almost forgot… (+.+) … GONG XI FA CAI to all SHCians… (o^.^o)

    Cheers – Pauline

  58. Hi

    I will going to watch Kumar on 5 March and Deep Purple on 12 May.

    Anyone going too? If anyone else is going, maybe we can meet for coffee before the show.

    Many thanks.


  59. Dear Lokz Tan

    Noted your request and have sent an email to you and presently waiting and (0.0)ing out for your reply …


    Cheers – Pauline

  60. Hey Carly #70

    you lucky gal going for the Kumar show. None of us were able to get ‘reasonable’ priced tickets so none of us going….so sad. Tell us about it after you have watched ok ?

    Deep Purple – whoa very chim…are they not the hard rock metallic group type? Sorry I heard of them but don’t think I ever heard their songs.

    Have a great time ya and tell us all about it !

    Pauline – pls keep me in the loop for movies (not so in favor of horror movies but for company sake I might sacrifice myself !!). I believe you have my email address and mobile number. Don’t forget me hor or else I will haunt you !! haha. Oh, pls do not put me on your ‘tablet’ hor(very scary). black secret book can like those overseas secret bank accounts, Zurich or something.


  61. Dear Maggie

    I bought my tix sometime back. Its easier to get tix for one.

    Deep Purple is one of my fave rock band. Aiya xiang dang nian. Going to watch them not so paiseh cos its an “old” band. Music is in my blood and veins. Love attending concerts but if they are the young sets, too paiseh cos the youngsters will look at me and prob ask themselves how come got aunty down here ah?

    No worries. Will tell you all about the shows.
    If we want to go in a group, we definitely have to cheong as soon as the lines are open for booking.


  62. Dear Maggie & Caroline

    Am also going to watch Kumar on Mar 06 (Sat) at 3pm (^.^)

    My good fren went to buy the tkts first and then “forced” me to pay for it at S$66 (including booking fee) and then made me reshuffle all my appointments on that day just to go watch with her… (>o<)

    Her reason ? She WALKED all the way to a SISTIC counter, browsed thru EVERY SINGLE show date & time and HARRASSED the tkting staff for the best seats… (#.#)

    So how to turn her down since she went thru such “extra” miles ?? (^.~) .. die-die oso must go and pay for it lor… (T.T)

    Maggie.. yup.. got all your contacts.. I normally watched movies on weekends : Sat or Sun… but this month due to CNY, all booked for the woman’s worst hobby… “makans”…(*.*)

    Probably will resume movie-outing in Mar (after the Kumar show).. (o^_^o)

    Will keep all interested parties posted via emails…

    Cheers – Pauline

  63. Dear Pauline,

    I like your facial expressions in your comments…..like this one (^.~)and many more…… &(^_^)& and (*.*) and (^.^) and #()# and (o^_^o)…….. ;)

    Ah Nee

  64. Dear Ah Nee

    Thanks for the compliments… (#^_^#)..now u’re making me blush and paiseh liao… m(_ _)m

    But I hope everyone enjoy it like you do… ^o^

    Cheers – Pauline

  65. Caroline #73
    “the youngsters will look at me and prob ask themselves how come got aunty down here ah?”

    Recently, I decided to go to a Disco to soak the atmosphere. On arrival at the entrance however, there was a long que of youngsters at the door waiting for their turns to be let in. Standing at the entrance was a bouncer, a burly man with a savage look. I went up and said to him ”I have to go inside to look for my daughter ”. He nodded and I was in.
    Gee, aren’t we aunties and uncles the most privileged people.

  66. Dear all.

    A little in responding. But better late than never! I am interested in movies too. Mainly in the comedy & romance & musical genre. There’s a movie that just started yesterday, “Dear John” which I was thinking of watching this afternoon in Tampines. If anyone is keen to go, do drop me an sms or an email.

    CHeers, Lydia.

  67. Hou Chong #77

    Hey good move :)

    You always have interesting and humorous anectodes to relate.

    So just be oblivious to the surroundings and be in a world of our own and enjoy whatever is served right?


  68. Yooo…Everybody…

    Good news leh… TWO more funny shows opening in Sep 23 and Dec 02…. at the Drama Centre Theatre 0^_^0

    Tickets for the Sep show (by Hossan Leong) will be on sale in MAY… (!_!) …. So start saving ya.. ($_$)

    To those who have provided me with your email addresses, pls check your “Inbox” as I’ve emailed you the short intro to these 2 shows…. ^o^

    Those who didn’t get a copy, it may be that I do not have your email address.. gomen ne…. (x_x)

    But not to worry….you could still drop me a line at FmFaBb@yahoo.com.sg and it will be sent to you… (^_~)

    Cheers – Pauline

  69. A contribution from a fellow SHCian who wishes to remain anonymous…

    Things You Would Never Know Without Chinese Swordsman Movies

    1. Being the hero’s parents will always be unlucky and will usually be killed by enemies when the hero is young, and the hero will become an

    2. When a man is wounded and dying, he always manage to catch his breath and speak a few sentences to reveal the killer before dropping his head and declared dead.

    3. Skilled people are able to fly over roof tops, up trees and across distances without any sweat. But when travelling to towns and villages, they still have to walk or ride horses.

    4. The heroes need not have to work for money, but will always have gold and silvers with them to pay for their dishes.

    5. The heroes and villains will meet each other very often no matter how big the country is and no matter where they are.

    6. Healing internal wounds in the body is as easy as sitting down cross-legged, palms on the knees and smoke coming out from the head.

    7. They can keep a lot of stuff in their sleeves and waistband and never drop them (carrying especially lots of those gold and silver ingots)

    Things You Would Never Know Without Indian Movies

    1. A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating but will wince when a woman tries to cleanse his wounds.

    2. The hero cannot fall in love with the heroine (vice versa) unless they first perform a dance number in the rain.

    3. Once applied, make-up is permanent, in rain or in any other situation.

    4. Two lovers can be dancing in the field and out of nowhere, 100 people will appear from god-knows-where and join them in the dance.

    5. In the final scene, the hero will discover that the bad guy who he is up against is actually his brother and the maid who looked after him is
    his mother and the chief inspector is his father and the Judge is his uncle and so forth.

    6. Key English words used in the movie (usually said out loud between sentences) are No Problem!, My God!, Get Out!, Shut-up!, Impossible!,
    Please forgive me!

    7. They drop down on the ground and roll and roll while singing and came out with different clothing.

    8. They can run around the coconut trees, singing, battling eyes-lid, and throwing glances at each other and change clothes all at the same
    time without being out of breath.

  70. Point to Note : The reference to Indian movies should not be taken as a racist attack. I do believe Francis can see the humour of it.


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